IntroductionArticles Of IncorporationArticle 1Article 2Primary PurposesSecondary PurposesArticle 3Article 4Article 5Article 6Article 7Articles 8Articles 9Articles 10Articles 11Articles 12Articles 1300 MembershipSection 1: Qualification of MembershipSection 2: MembershipSection 3: Types of MembershipSection 4: Privileges and Responsibility01 MeetingsSection 1: Annual MeetingSection 2: Special MeetingsSection 3: Notice of MeetingsSection 4: Quorum Section 5: Voting MembersSection 6 : Election of The BoardSection 7: Order of Business02 The Board Of DirectorsSection 1: Composition, Controlling PowersSection 2: Tenure of Office of the Board MembersSection 3: Remuneration Of Board Members03 Meetings of Board of DirectorsSection 1: Regular MeetingsSection 2: Special MeetingsSection 3: QuorumSection 4: Place Of Meeting Section 5: Notice Of MeetingsSection 6: Order Of BusinessSection 7: Minutes Of The Meetings04 Functions Board Of DirectorsSection 1: Implementation Of The ObjectivesSection 2: Promulgate Policies Section 3: Appoint Staff Officers And Personnel Section 4: Inspire ConfidenceSection 5: Act Of ReportsSection 6: Work Opportunities Section 7: Fund CampaignsSection 8: Enter Into Contracts And ObligationsSection 9: Provide Realistic And Economic BudgetSection 10: Security Measures For Personnel05 Officers The Board Of TrusteesSection 1: The OfficersSection 2: Vacancies06 Duties And Responsibilities Of Each Officer Of The BoardSection 1: The ChairmanSection 2: The Vice- ChairmanSection 3: The SecretarySection 4: The Treasurer 07 The Executive Staff OfficersSECTION 1: Elected Officers08 Duties And Responsibilities Of The Executive And Staff OfficersSection 2: The Secretary Section 3: The Treasurer Section 4: The Executive DirectorSection 5: The Social Services Section 6: The Alternative Livelihood 09 Organization Section 1: Number Of DepartmentsSection 2 Social Services And Educational 3 The Community Welfare 4 The Fair Trade Products 10 FinancesSection 1: SourcesSection 2: Minor Expenses Section 3: Safekeeping Of FundsSection 4: Fiscal Year11 Amendments of Laws12 Verification Of The Chairman And Founding Director13 Secretary’s Certificate01 Board Of Director’ S Certification02 Secretary’s Certificate03 Secretarial Certification04 Verification of the chairman Appendix 01 Trojan Horse International Articles of Religion For the consideration of Inmate PastorsOther PublicationsOther Publications