Name secured 11th February 2003IntroductionArticles Of IncorporationKNOWN ALL MEN BY PRESENTS:AND WE HEREBY CERTIFY:Primary PurposesEncourage and support,Educational learningCorrectional and Prison Institutions,Promote a sense of missionEducational activitiesTo provide appropriate assistanceTo assist socially disadvantaged familiesMoral reformArticle 3Article 4Article 5Name Nationality Residence (Complete Address)Jotlet L. Lopez FilipinoJonnet L. Lopez Filipino,Virginia C. Caranay FilipinoArticle 6Name Nationality Residence (Complete Address)Article 7Articles 8Articles 9Articles 10Articles 11Articles 12Articles 13OUR HANDS AND SIGNED THESE ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION THIS THIRD DAY OF MARCH 2003 (O3/03/03). IN THE CITY OF MUNTINLUPA.1 Dolores A. Nava 2 Jorlita L. LopezMembershipSection 1: Qualification of MembershipSection 2: MembershipSection 3: Types of MembershipSection 4: Privileges and ResponsibilityMeetingsSection 1: Annual MeetingSection 2: Special MeetingsSection 3: Notice of MeetingsSection 4: QuorumSection 5: Voting MembersSection 6 : Election of The BoardSection 7: Order of BusinessOrder of business:The Board Of DirectorsSection 1: Composition, Controlling PowersSection 2: Tenure of Office of the Board MembersSection 3: Remuneration Of Board MembersMeetings of Board of DirectorsSection 1: Regular MeetingsSection 2: Special MeetingsSection 3: QuorumSection 4: Place Of MeetingSection 5: Notice Of MeetingsSection 6: Order Of BusinessSection 7: Minutes Of The MeetingsFunctions Board Of DirectorsSection 1: Implementation Of The ObjectivesSection 2: Promulgate PoliciesSection 3: Appoint Staff Officers And PersonnelSection 4: Inspire ConfidenceSection 5: Act Of ReportsSection 6: Work OpportunitiesSection 7: Fund CampaignsSection 8: Enter Into Contracts And ObligationsSection 9: Provide Realistic And Economic BudgetSection 10: Security Measures For PersonnelOfficers The Board Of TrusteesSection 1: The OfficersSection 2: VacanciesSection 2: The Vice- ChairmanSection 3: The SecretarySection 4: The TreasurerThe Executive Staff OfficersSECTION 1: Elected OfficersDuties And ResponsibilitiesOf The Executive And Staff OfficersSection 2: The SecretarySection 3: The TreasurerSection 4: The Executive DirectorSection 5: The Social ServicesSection 6: The Alternative LivelihoodOrganizationSection 1: Number Of DepartmentsGeneral AdministrationThe Social Services (Education And Rehabilitation)Section 2 Social Services And EducationalDivision 1: EducationDivision 2: RehabilitationThe Community WelfareThe Fair Trade Products5 Co-Operative Building SocietyFinancesSection 1: SourcesSection 2: Minor ExpensesSection 3: Safekeeping Of FundsSection 4: Fiscal YearAmendments of LawsDOLORES A. NAVA JORLITA L. LOPEZ JONNET L. LOPEZ VIRGINIA C. CARANAY DAVID CLARKEDAVID CLARKENOTORY PUBLICSecretary’s CertificateDOLORES A. NAVANOTORY PUBLICName Nationality and Residence (Complete Address)Secretary’s CertificateNAME: DOLORES A. NAVA (Secretary Dolores)NOTORY PUBLICSecretarial Certification ATTESTED BY MENAME RES. TAX CetVerification of the chairmanRepublic of the Philippines)NOTORY PUBLICAppendix 01 Trojan Horse InternationalArticles of Religion We maintain:These Articles of Religion are those of the Bierton Strict and Particular Baptist Church foundered in 1832 and that I joined in 1976David ClarkeCreateSpace eStore:CreateSpace eStore: https://www.createspace.com/5138049Borstal Boy is a Punk Rock OperaA Nice Cup of TeaSentenced To DeathFrom Abshott PublicationsOther PublicationsConverted LSD Trip 2nd Edition ISBN: 0953947355The Bierton Crisis ISBN 0953947348My Testimony Audio recording:Michael Clarke’s TestimonyMary, Mary Quite Contrary