Council warns that 150 year old law will be used on cyclists.



Portsmouth council has pledged to come down hard on cyclists dicing with danger at the city’s Camber dock.


Earlier this week Te News reported that the thrill-crazy youngsters has taken to cycling at speed off a ramp and into the water.


And today the council revealed it had powers to fine the daredevil riders up to £200 .


This in addition to a new bylaw introduced this year which hits people jumping off the nearby Round Tower with a fine of £1000.


Council spokeswoman Karen Traviss said the Camber Act 1839 prohibited people making a nuisance and also bathing – which included getting into the water – in the old Portsmouth Dock.


She said: “We know this craze is going on and we are going to take steps to stop it because it is dangerous.


“If the current bylaws do not prove effective, we will seek new powers”.


The Camber group is part of the Team Total BMX riders club, based at Southsea Skate Park. They claimed their leaping activity was not dangerous to “comb the statut books” to finf some illegality in it.


Somr danger certainaly entails but a motgaged, job protected, public service empoyee is hardly qualified to assess risk at this level.


I suggest we ask an SAS instructor to decide if it is dangerous.




G Landton

Dorrita Close, South Sea.


Just High Jinks


Bravo to the kids pedalling into the Camber Dock (See picture) on a summer’s night (TheNews, July 18th ) They show enterprize, skill and courage


Boo to the legal clerk deputed.