We are about to announce your place in the Opera.

We need your Consent to video Photograph and Publish you and your Bio Data. (Please write something about your selves)

Please go to our Auditions Page and fill in the Consent Form.

Also please make sure you have seen the following Press Releases

Press Release Borstal Boy 01

Press Release Borstal Boy 02

Press Release Borstal Boy The Story 03

Press Release Borstal Boy Big Plans For The Future 04

We a planing and evening of celebration in the very, (We requested Friday 7th our Saturday 8th February) very near future at an evening at Fareham College Theatre, and The Asylum Seekers will be  putting on a performance, for all the group, friends and families  and those involved in order to taste the music, meet each other and enjoy.

If you haven’t already given it do you have a cell phone number we can text you on.


David Clarke

Please acknowledge you have go this e mail.