The Archbishop Of Canterbury

Rowan Williams

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3rd September 2014

Dear Archbishop

Please find enclosed a copy of our book Borstal Boys, along with a DVD that outlines our Punk Opera, along with a letter of support from Mark Hoban MP and letters from HRH Prince Charles (

This opera has been designed to be performed in our British prisons.

It’s depute world premiere performance, at Kings Theatre in Portsmouth, was postponed earlier this year and has been reschedule to be be performed in HMP Aylesbury Prison. BBC South wish to televise this debut performance.

The DVD video Borstal Boy Opera is self explanatory (

We would be very grateful of you could read the book, which is a true story of a bad lad turned good, with a view to write a foreword to include in the next prison edition and the Libretto for the opera.

Two hundred and fifty (250) copies of Borstal Boys have already been sent to 20 of our British Prisons.

Now available from Amazon. (

Your very Sincerely in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ and in His service.

David Clarke

Lambeth Palace Reply

From: Lambeth Palace <>

To: “’’” <>

Sent: Tuesday, 9 September 2014, 17:19

Subject: 17878 Borstal Boys

Dear David

Many thanks for your letter to Archbishop Justin and for including the DVD and books.  The Archbishop was interested to hear about Borstal Boys but I am afraid that due to the very many pressures on his time it will not be possible for him to write a foreword for the next edition or to provide a for a quote for Punk Opera.  I am sorry that this will not be the response you had hoped for but please be assured of the Archbishop’s best wishes.


With best wishes




Jacqueline Balfour | Archbishop of Canterbury’s Requests Officer

Lambeth Palace, London SE1 7JU

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My Reply To The Archbishop at Lambeth Palace (tongue in cheek)

10th September 2014

Dear Jacqueline,

I fully appreciate how busy Justin is and I thank you for very your kind reply.

Currently I am playing the role of The Bishop of Carlisle, in King Richard II, a Shakespeare play ,  at Titchfied Festival Theatre and my colleges have suggested that I write a response  to you in that role that I am cast. 

Please pass this on to Justine: (Our Thespian humour)

Fear not, my lord: that Power that made you king (Archbishop)

Hath power to keep you king  (In that post)  in spite of all.

The means that heaven yields must be embraced,

And not neglected; else, if heaven would,

And we will not, heaven’s offer we refuse,

The proffer’d means of succor and redress.

May I suggest that we have an opportunity to reach out to those who need the power of Christ in their lives to make those changes needed. Your help could be of great help.

God willing, when we perform the first ever punk opera in a English prison, designed with a view to assist in the reformation of former criminal lives, we would like to it to be successful. This we consider to be a privilege. And will be inviting Justin, as a special guest, along other VIP’s to that debut world performance, of our punk opera,  in HMP Aylesbury Prison. 

Please find enclosed or letter of encouragement from Prince Charles who is supporting our production.

Yours in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

David Clarke

The Bishop Of Carlisle