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Dear Cliff,

We are about to perform our debut world performance of our punk rock opera called Borstal Boy, at King’s Theatre, in Portsmouth, on the 26th April 2014.

We would like you to give us a cameo appearance to sing your song Devil Woman in our opera.

Here is the recent news press release about the opera

Borstal Boy News World Premier

In the opera we have a woman appearing as the devil who is a seductoress.

Here is the libretto of the Opera.

Working (draft)Libretto

We would like you to appear to sing a few lines of Devil Woman at appropriate points as this is most appropriate and in keeping with the Gospel of salvation to sinners.

The opera is a true story of David Clarke’s book Converted on LSD and its Special edition for prison inmates called Borstal Boys, which has been sent to over 20 prisons, via their chaplains, in the UK this Christmas, with a view to encourage inmates to read the story and help them in their process of reformation.

This opera has been designed to be performed in the Prisons of the uK and serious consideration is being given to this objective by David Rogers, the Prison Governor of Winchester Prison. Also HRH Prince Charles the Prince of Wales has sent me a word of encouragement regarding our Borstal Boy Opera. He was invited as a special guest but has other commitments that keep him from coming on the 26th of April.

Please give me a call once you have looked at the information that I have sent you, in order to convince you that this is a very real and sincere request to promote the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ.

Yours Sincerely

David Clarke 6 March 2014