A Secular View of Borstal Boy

There are many who believe there is no God but accept there is just good and evil. These say that Dave is deluded and that his experience on LSD has affected him. That his interpretation of his experience is completely wrong. It is suggested Dave had simply come to his senses and had realized that he should amend his ways. They say that this story, whilst absolutely true, is not the result of God’s intervention but rather Dave’s own change of mind.

They accept Dave change his life overnight but they say it was nothing to do with God at all. This is because according to them God does not exist. Full Stop.


David was called by the Lord and sent to preach the gospel by Bierton Strict and Particular Baptist Church, in 1982. He graduated from Wolverhampton Polytechnic, with a Cert. Ed., in 1978 and taught electronics for over 20 years in Colleges of Further and Higher Education.

David published his book Converted on LSD, on 11th February, 2001, with a view to help many turn from crime and miss spent lives to Christ. He then did extensive missionary work in the Jails of the Philippines and publish a joint book, with his brother Michael, called Trojan Warriors.

He now presents his story as a Punk Rock Opera called, Borstal Boy and it’s Debut World Premier is to be performed at Kings Theatre, Southsea, on 26th April, 2014.

Dave believes this is an ideal time, for those concerned for their friends, to persuade those who do not believe, or and not committed to follow Christ, to get them to listen. This event is not for the religious.

David Clarke

23 rd March 2014

11 Hayling Close

Fareham, Hampshire, PO14 3AE

A Christian View Of Borstal Boy

David had lived a life of crime and other villainy until he was 20 years old. He testifies to the fact that he had his cloths, girls, sex, drugs alcohol, crime and the like, but in all that he was empty had no real purpose or understanding as to who he was, or what life was about. David knew his conversion experience was real and he began to read the bible for him self. He learned very quickly that Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty that was due to him, for his sins.

He accepted the reality that the bible was true in all that it taught and read extensively other books to educate himself.

He learned that his experience was described in the bible as being born again.

He understood bible to teach that the debt of his sins had been paid for in the death of Christ and that he had been give the righteousness of Jesus Christ, and that in that righteousness he could stand before God and have a real personal relationship with God.

David knew God had saved him from his sinful past life and had given him new life.

Dave states that God had done this work and it is fully described in the bible as salvation by Jesus Christ.

Dave says it was this knowledge that enabled him do what he believed was right to be done and wanted to help others. He learned to fight all opposition and ridicule and face the world for what it is. His confidence was in Christ and believed all that the bible says what he had done for him. His confidence was is Christ and not in himself. The Opera is true with some poetic licence used to tell the story.