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Subject: Punk Rock Opera Borstal Boy UK Prisons

Dear Caroline,

Thank you so much for your time and encouragement that you gave Rebekah and I in respect to our project Borstal Boy a Punk Rock Opera.

Please forward this request to Jeremy Wright MP Prison Minister as I am sure we could be of assistance in the process of rehabilitation of offenders in various jails of the UK. As mentioned I have already requested the Governor of Winchester prison to consider our request to perform our opera in Winchester Prison.

Kind Regards

David Clarke


I would be grateful for a simple letter of support like a endorsement for our work. An email response would be fine.

P.S. Each of these hyperlinks are live. Please watch the first one. A Drugs Problem In Stubbington Village 01

You May find the News Article helpful.


For Whom It May Concern

Borstal Boy (History)

My brother and I were criminals in the 60’s and were sent to prison.

On leaving Dover Borstal I 1969 I have a three year career of Undetected crime

I had a bad experience on LSD on16th January 1970 and calle out to God for help. Jesus spoke to me I decide to turn my life around.

Learning to Read To Educate Myself

I learned to read as I needed to educate myself. thee were so many differences of opinion among the religious people that I had to know myself the truth about religious matters. I was virtually illiterate and my reading and writing skills very poor. This led me, at one time to write down over 4 pages of full scape legal paper of words I needed to understand. Within one year I had a fairly good understanding of the doctrines of grace and understood them to be true.

Confession To The Police to 24 crimes

It was then that I was able to confess to the police 24 crime that I had committed since leaving Dover Borstal in 1968. I was remarkably conditionally discharged for a period of 3 years to the amazement of us all.

Turned My Life around

I turned my life around at the age of 21 and learned to read in order to educated myself. I then got a technical, education became a service manager for Granada TV Rentals.

I later trained to be a lecturer, graduated with a Cert Ed, became a Baptist minister and taught electronics for 22 years in Luton College of Higher and Fareham College of Further Education.

Joining The Bierton Strict And Particular Baptists

I continued my studies and eventually after 6 years in 1976, was able to join the Bierton Strict and Particular Baptists and this was because the maintained and taught the Doctrines of Grace.

In 1982 I was called by the Lord and I was ordained by the church and sent to preach to gospel to where ever the lord opened the door.

Michael’s life to Prison In The Philippines

Mean while Michael continued his flamboyant life style became the company and managing director of Tudor Charm a manufacturing company in Milton Keynes. His company went into liquidation and he into depression. He went through a divorce and eventually went to Thailand to start a new business called Paradise Movies. There he got into various scams that were reported in The New Of The World. The he went to the Philippines and was arrested and sent to prison for 16 years.

News Of Michael Conversion

After 5 years of Michael imprisonment he too was converted after reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. It was then I decided to publish my book Converted on LSD Trip.

I then went on our first mission to the Philippines the we called Trojan Horse International and we work with many notorious criminals in New Bilibid Prison and other Jails. It was then that Michael and I wrote our book Trojan Warrior’s that contains the testimonies of 66 notorious criminals who had turned their lives around and been converted like Michael and I .

See Our Book publications o our web site (Click to view)

Asylum Seekers

On my return from mission work in the Jails of the Philippines in 2004 Michael died of Tuberculosis before our vision of bringing help to many was realized and I discovered very few people i the Uk found time to read my book Converted on LSD Trip, or could not read so I decided to put my story together as a PunK Rock Opera. Mike Fisher the band leader of The Asylum Seekers agree to do this and we are seeking to play the opera not only at venues in Hampshire but also in Winchester Prison. To this end we have the help of Caroline Dinenage MP for Gosport, Stubbington and lee On Solent, Mark Hoban MP for Fareham and Steve Brine MP for Winchester.

See YouTube Video’s

1 Stubbington Village A Drugs Problem 01 (This is an eye opener)

2 Stubbington Village A Drugs Problem 02

3 Jamie Roberts 01

4 Jamie Roberts 02

5 Rob White Drugs and Crime Stubbington

6 Jamie Roberts Chasing The Dragon (This is very serious)

7 Stubbington Village 08 a Drug Problem 10 years On (Some thing needs to be done)

On my return from mission work in the Philippines I learned very few people found time to read and my story as told in Converted on LSD, was not being read. I had just written another book called Trojan Warriors, about our work in the Jails of the Philippines.

See Youtube Videos:

1 Undersecretary of Justice Philippines, Jose Calida

2 Director News Bilibid Prison C/ol Ricardo Macala

This moved me to devised a new idea to tell my story and I worked with Mick Fisher from Gosport, a former student of mine and his band The Asylum Seekers, to put my story together as Punk Rock Opera. The musical opera is designed to encourage people to read my story. Originally the Band wanted to portray the life of Carolin Dinenage MP but she declined. As a result I have been chosen along with another who has also agreed to be sung about.

At the same my book has been received by over 30 prison chaplains in the UK and I have spoken to many inmates at HMP Lewis, telling my story. As result requests have come for over 400 copies for inmates at HMP Belmarsh, HMP Manchester, HMP Risely and HMP Parkhurst.

As a result of the feedback that I have received from prison chaplains, and all sources, I have re written the book and this special addition is called Borstal Boys and intended for prison inmates.

See YouTube Video:

Borstal Boy Punk Rock Opera

HMP Winchester Prison

I have written to the Director of Winchester Prison with the support of Mark Hoban MP Fareham and Steve Brine MP for Winchester with a request to play our opera to prison inmates at Winchester. This would be for the benefit for all concerned to encourage them to read my story as I believe it will help any on their road to reformation.

Rebekah and I are to appear on Express Fm Radio on on Sunday evening with Terry Powell to tell our story.

What we would like

We would like you to support our work.

May be you could suggest ways to make this project successful.

We request you come as a special guest along with others who you might suggest at our first or one one of our events

Your could help by writing a letter endorsing our work saying that you support our work.

1 We endorse the role of Street Pastors in Stubbington

Gosport Street Pastors

Coordinator: Lesley (Lee) Davis 07758 716437. Email: gosport@,

Features about The Asylum Seekers

1 Asylum Seekers are the Best Punk Rock Classic Cover Band In Hampshire

2 They Headed the Revolution Festival in January 2013

3 The Featured in The Gosport Festival this Summer

4 The First Band to Put together a Punk Rock Opera Telling a real true story.

This will be released as music DVD and CD. They are to release a single for the charts called Borstal boy.

5 They are Punk Rock Bad having a range musical sets including middle of the road Rock tracks

6 We are taking booking for our Punk Rock Opera Borstal Boy Now

7 We have made application to play out opera at Winchester Prison via our MP’s.

8 Asylum Seekers take booking for all kinds of functions, Pubs, Clubs, Celebrations of all kinds, prisons youth clubs and night clubs.

Goto our website for details:


See our current Promotions our link to Letters and Correspondence page

Our recent letter to Caroline Dinenage MP (Above)