David Clarke letter to The Prison Govenor Winchester Prison


To: Claudia Strut

HMP Winchester

Romsey Road,


SO22 5DF


11 Hayling Close



PO14 3AE


14th August 2013


Rt Hon Steven Brine MP Member of House of Commons Select Committee

Rt Hon Theresa May Home Secretary

Nick Hardwick Inspector of Prisons



Dear Claudia Sturt,


Re: Prisoner rehabilitation


I have read with interest some of the problems being faced at Winchester  prison and would like to offer some help if you find it appropriate.

Please find enclosed a draft copy of my new book, Borstal Boys, which is a rewrite of my original book, sent your chaplaincy and the section responsible for mental health at Winchester, earlier this year.

I also enclose a copy of the  program of our  punk rock musical, which I believe may be very useful to encourage men to read my story.

I write to propose that our band perform this musical opera at Winchester Prison for the benefit of inmates with a view to inform them of my story as told in my book.

My brother  and I were both criminals in the 60's and the story is briefly outlined on the back of the book.  As a young criminal I was virtually illiterate and could only read comics because of their pictures

When I realized my need to change and turn from crime I learned to read in order to educate my self. I feel  that telling my life  story through the medium of rock music will encouraged men to read my book as I am sure many convicted prisoners will identify with me and they may be helped should they wish to turn turning  from crime .

My brother and I who were both Borstal Boys and are living testimonies to the fact men can turn their lives around for good after a criminal past.

I have had the privilege to tell my story in person at HMP Lewis recently,  and I understand the RVO's and inmates greatly appreciated my story I hope good will come of it.


P.S.My original book was requested by prison chaplains and sent to 30 prisons  and over 400 copies by way of donation,  have been requested by chaplains in HMP Belmarsh, HMP Manchester, HMP Risely and HMP Parkhurst

The rewrite was prompted by the positive feedback recommendations that I received from prison chaplains, editors minister of religion and friends.