HRH Prince Charles

Clarence House



11 Hayling Close



PO14 3AE


18 August 2013




Dear Sir,


A Drugs Problem in Stubbington Village - Developments.


Further to my letter to you of  20th January 2013.


Just to keep you informed of our work and developments in our project, Borstal Boy, a punk Rock Opera, telling my  story in my book  Converted on LSD.


You may recall I sent you a video tape in 2002 showing the drugs problem in Stubbington Village among young people. And also my book,  which was written to warn of the dangers of harmful drugs and crime.


The video I sent to you:


My book has since  been requested and sent to 30 prisons in the UK and a request for over 400 copies of the book has been requested for inmates by prison chaplains from HMP Belmarsh, HMP Manchester, HMP Risely and HMP Parkhurst. I have re written the book which is now called Borstal Boys that is a special addition written for prison inmates. This  takes into account the criticisms and improvements suggested by prison chaplains, ministers of religion and friends.


Further to this we have now written a punk rock opera to be performed by The Asylum Seekers from Gosport, that  tells  my story as  a musical. This is to encourage people to read my story. I have also sent a copy of my book and details of the opera to the governor of Winchester prison with a request we play this  opera to inmates in the prison.


Further to this we have an  appointment with Rt Hon. Mark Hoban MP for Fareham,  on the 23 rd September to discuss our project, with a request to facilitate our intent . Also my daughter has an appointment with Rt Hon. Caroline Dinenage MP for Stubbington and Gosport, on 6th September, to inform her of our project and to seeking her advise.


Please view the DVD which outline our project that I feel you might like to be informed of.


Yours  Very Sincerely





David Clarke



Video Track 1  Jamie Roberts and Borstal Boy


Video Track 2  Borstal Boy Punk Rock Opera


Rt Hon Caroline Dinenage  MP (Gosport and Stubbington)


Rt Hon. Mark Hoban MP  (Fareham)