Please come as our Special guest to tonight’s last performance (Saturday 16th May) and celebrate with us at the Queens afterwards.

I play the part of the father of the Railway Children.


David Clarke

REVIEW: The Railway Children

Titchfield Festival Theatre

The railway Children was publish as a children’s book in 1206 before undergoing adaption for television. film and radio and stage and currently showing at Kings Cross Station, with a real steam train.

Competing is quit some task, but Kevin Frazer and Alan James pulled off a spectacular set in a tricky venue, complete with smoking train.

The story switched between family cottage and the railway annoyingly often for stage but design and crew/cast manages this as well as could be hoped for.

Alan James is a man of many talents, also playing Mr Perks, who narrated the story,The real star of course , the railway children, Peter (Ben Harris), (Phylis (Casey giblets) and Roberta (April Hornsey), who worked well together and showed great maturity. Their mother (Sara Miatt) showed depth of character, as she his her pain at the incarceration of her husband with great fortitude and kindness.

The show felt stilted at times, which I suspect was just first night nerves, but the audience, young and old clearly enjoyed this family-friendly show,


Daily Echo Fareham