Trojan Warriors

a true story

“Objective “Setting Captives Free”

By David Clarke

Abshott Publications

First Published in The Philippines

11th September 2002 brought forward from 16th September Final preparation 19th September 2002

Sent from Jerusalem

Release on 27th September 2002 11 Hayling Close

Fareham Hampshire

PO14 3AE England U.K.

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ISBN 0-9539473-1-9

Reason for the publication

The driving force behind this publication is a belief in the

ancient prophecy: Rev. 12 verse 11. “And they overcame

him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony and they loved not their lives unto the death.

David’s Citadel Flag


Israel Flag along with Jerusalem Municipality flag

Isaiah 2 verse 3

For out of Zion shall go forth the Law and The Word of the Lord from Jerusalem Psalm 121 verse 4

Behold He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.

Quoted by Alastair Sutherland 2001 Published to: “Set You Free” Cover Design

By: Michael J. Clarke


By: Kulay Group of Artists Maximum Security Compound New Bilibid Prison Muntinlupa City




The Whole Israel of God” (Rom. 11 verse 26) Also:

General Sharon, Prime Minister of Israel

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, President of the Philippines

H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth II and H.R.H. Prince Charles Rt. Hon. Tony Blair, Prime Minister of United Kingdom

“The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard

shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.” Isaiah, 11 verse 6.

We come in peace and desire that the Latin and English temperaments work together in the cause of peace.

We believe through the love of משיח shed abroad in our hearts.

(Psalm 59 verse 26) David Clarke

On behalf of: Trojan Horse International C. M. 16th September 2002


Special thanks to God, who without His direction and Inspiration this publication could not have been realised.

To all the inmates of New Bilibid Prison, Muntinlupa City, Philippines.

To My wife Helen and daughter Rebekah.

Also to the Wife and children of my first marriage


Isaac, Esther, Ely, David and my wider family Special thanks to all my helpers:

To Josie Bliss

Josie Bliss image

Miss Josie Bliss (I call her Josie Wells), for all last minute the typing, spelling and proof reading.

Josie was sent to us. We took this as last minute answer to prayer.

Also Capt. Alastair Sutherland without whom I could not have finished this book on time; and all my other helpers. Thank you all.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. David Clarke: 16th September 2002



New Bilibid Prison (Maximum Compound) Muntinlupa City, Philippines

“The Big House”

Recounts the mission of the Trojan Horse to the Philippines in order to bring assistance and help to many converted criminals that had turned from crime to Christ in New Bilibid Prison in the Philippies.

This is an amazing collection of life giving testimonies of former convicted criminals housed in one of the largest National Penitentiaries in the Far East

Some hardened criminals are struck with fear when they learn their sentence is to be served in this jail. It houses over 33,500 inmates, in three compounds. The Maximum,

Medium and Minimum Compounds. The Maximum Compound houses over 13,000 men in a most unique way, In this compound there are over 1200 “Death Convicts”, one of which is Alfred R. Nardo, a “Trojan Warrior”. He was converted from crime to Christ and scheduled to be executed by lethal injection on the 16th October 2002. He is the Mayor of “Death Row”. And is now a fisher of men, seeking to direct men to Christ and freedom, which is the message of this book. His is the first of the 66 testimonies recorded for your reading.

In October 2001, a Teacher Training College was formed, from the original NBP Theological Institute, which was run exclusively by reformed convicted criminals. Some of which are the most notorious in the world. Some were murderers, killers, kidnappers, terrorist, drug traffickers and rapists. They too have been converted from crime to Christ and this book contains their testimonies. This is the fulfilment of the ancient prophecy; Rev. 12 verse 11: And they over came him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony and they loved not their lives unto the death.

2Foreword by Jose C. Calida

Undersecretary of Justice


The Undersecretary of Justice Department of Justice Manila Philippines

I am honoured to write the foreword of David Clarke’s book entitled “Trojan Warriors - Objective: Setting Captives Free.” The intriguing title of the book alludes to the Greek mythology about the rescue of Helen of Troy by using a wooden horse that hid the warriors. I can understand the literary license that the author employed to catch the attention of the reader because a book, to be of any use, must be read. However, this book is not about deceptive tricks to mislead the enemy.

The underpinning premise of this book is that all men have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). This being so, we are captives of sin, imprisoned in our own futility, and therefore, in need of a redeemer. Some are literally imprisoned behind bars and barbed wires, like the inmates in the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa for sins they have committed to society. Many however, are incarcerated in spiritual dungeons, without bars, without guards. One is no better than the other. Both prisons eventually lead to destruction and death unless God intervenes.

God’s loving intervention in man’s history is the core

message of the gospel and of this book. The good news is that we are not shipwrecks, floating aimlessly in the sea of hopelessness. There is a God who loves us tremendously, who desires to salvage us and make us useful once again according to His original plan. This is what salvation is all about.

When Jesus read the scroll of the prophet Isaiah in the synagogue that he was sent “to proclaim freedom for the prisoners” (Luke 4:18), he was, in fact, stating one of the profound truths of his ministry. And that is, there is hope of forgiveness and healing because of the cross he had to endure for our sake. The choice whether we should remain prisoners or not ultimately rests on us. I encourage the reader to read the lives of the prisoners depicted in this book in the hope that they will see that only Jesus can truly set us free.

Jose C. Calida.

3Foreword by Richardo Macal

Director of New Bilibid Prison


Matth 25 verse 36

Director of Bureau of Correction Muntinlupa City Republic of the Philippines

It is both a privilege and pleasure to write the foreword

of this book in my capacity as Director of the Bureau of Corrections. By the grace of the Almighty God, I accepted this challenge with the knowledge that people are put in prison, not for further punishment, but rather that they may benefit from their confinement and re-enter the community with positive attitudes.

The Bureau’s mission is the orderly rehabilitation of its wards when clearly their spiritual upliftment is of major significance. A former prisoner, Reverent Lucas P. Dangatan, Jr. Founded the New Bilibid Prison Christian Church and Theological Institute in 1989 after his release. Just recently, he was appointed President of the Trojan Horse International Christian Ministries (Philippines) Incorporated, in recognition of his spiritual guidance extended to past and present inmates.

The work of Trojan Horse Ministries and other similar organization is truly impressive as manifested by the sixty- five testimonies of former hardcore criminals who have been imbued with the Holy Spirit. This book focuses on these people who are a small, but important illustration of how “faith moves mountains”. Clearly any guidance of this nature is wholly empathetic with the Bureau’s mission and I, as Director, will ensure the prison records of those who have “positively found their way” will attest the same in support of “Executive Clemency” application.

It has been said that people are responsible for the result of the organisations that they serve. Nobody can really argue with that statement, but it remains most apposite in the “correction” industry. All of us must pull together in

ensuring the Bureau of Corrections succeeds in its mission and objectives. Accordingly, I extend my thanks and gratitude to all the “Trojan Horses” in our community and wish them success. Ad infinitum.


P/Col Ricardo B. Macala. Hon. Director Bureau of Corrections.

“Bilangguan Man ay Paraiso sa Patakaran no Maka Diyos at Maka Tao”

Authors Introduction

The issues I write about are not to level unjust accusations against any culture or judicial system but rather to bring light to those areas that I feel need to be addressed in a modern globalist world.

When first I heard about the awful nightmare and fearful injustice suffered by Albert, I felt compelled to investigate the realties of the legal systems that seemed to be very unjust by comparisons to British Standards. My conclusions are that the British system is unjust but for very different reasons. In Britain once an immoral act is perpetrated a person is considered innocent until proven guilty, thus the victims of crime often suffer injustice. In the Philippines a person is considered guilty until proven innocent and the innocent

therefore often suffer injustice.

It now appears most legal professionals serve mammon rather than justice, they are in fact not charitable organizations, thus confirming the ancient proverb;

It is the love of money that is the root of all evil”.

I have tried to chronicle all my findings in the most logical way I can. I have also pointed out and suggested a way forward for reform, to those interested to rectify some of the problems of injustice that I have found.

As a result is has been discovered that the actions of one man in particular Fr. Shay Cullen, of Preda Foundation, though he meant it for evil, has brought to light the testimonies of these Trojan Warriors, who have been justified by a higher court.

I now offer a challenge to all good men, to reconsider how they work in business and society. Let our “Trojan Warriors” be the ones who point them the way and be the instrument in the hands of Christ to set free those that are bound in chains. My commission now is to set “The Captives Free”.

I hope my contribution serves to make way for a better world system of justice.

David Clarke

Hon. Director Trojan Horse International CM.

Jerusalem: 18th September 2002.

Why Trojan Warriors?

Surprises can be exciting how ever they are not necessarily dangerous.


The exciting thing about a surprise present is that you never know what might be inside. That can also be the danger.

According to Greek legend, the war between the Greeks and the people of Troy was a long and bloody one, and at the centre were Helen, the most beautiful woman in all of Greece, and Paris, the Trojan prince who loved her.

Paris was the son of the King and Queen of Troy. When he was born, his mother dreamed that she was giving birth to a flaming torch. Fearful that this was a bad omen, King Priam ordered that the child be left on a hillside to die.

Paris was saved and when he grew up he was tricked, by the goddess Aphorist’s, into saying that she was the prettiest of all. This was because she had promised him the power to win the love of the most beautiful women, Helen of Troy.

Paris went to Sparta believing he had got this power, convinced that Helen would fall in love with him. He snatched Helen from her husband and took her back to Troy.

A huge fleet of Greek heroes set sail to Troy to try to bring her back. When words failed, they laid siege to the city. After nine long years of war, someone in the Greek ranks hatched a plan and built a huge, hollow, wooden horse on wheels.

One morning, the sentries at the gates of Troy woke to find the extraordinary horse left outside. The next thing they noticed was that the Greek armies had gone. Reports soon reached Troy that the Greek fleet had been seen sailing away. The war was over! A captured Greek soldier claimed that the horse had been built as an offering to the goddess Athena so that she might give them the wind for their sails. Helen, who, as Aphrodite had promised, now loved Paris with all her heart, was suspicious of the wooden horse, but none of the Trojans would listen to her. They wanted to bring this offering to Athena inside the walls of the city.

That night, while the city slept, the Greek fleet came silently back to the shore and the armies made their way to the walls of Troy. Inside the city, there was a movement from within the horse. It was full of Greek soldiers who had been hiding there all the time

They opened a trap door in the horse’s belly, lowered a rope ladder and climbed down under the cover of darkness.

Overpowering the sentries, they opened the gates and let

in their comrades. There were some dreadful deeds done that night, ending with the city of Troy being burned to the ground. The dream of Paris’ mother that he was a flaming torch had indeed been a terrible omen.

Trojan Warriors and the slogan of the horse have been adapted solely from Greece Legend and myth as a means of explaining our same objective, “Setting Captives Free”.

The victory was actually achieved by the Greeks not the Trojans. This story is without biblical reference. However it is a story of great significance for our “Trojan Warriors” are Gods army.

The City represents Satan’s Kingdom and the prisoners represent the portion of human race of unbelievers who are still in bondage. It is therefore our duty to be a true effective “Trojan Warrior” for Christ who is our supreme Chief in Command. We are under orders to give our redeemed lives in bringing about the ultimate Victory by “Setting the Captives FREE”.

On a personal note from the author this story is true but tells another. One where another enemy had taken him and his Helen captive. He was delivered and was engaged by Lord to join rank and wage war on the real enemy of mankind. To achieve this the lord directed him to appointment multitudes of “Trojan Warriors”. These too are sent to “Set men free” by preaching Christ and Him crucified. This David too is a Trojan Prince.

Michael speaks from the Philippines

Michael audiotape that was set to me whilst he was awaiting his trial in 1996. Click here to listen to his tape sent to our mum and Dad, Jessica, Margaret and David. Hello Mum and Dad (Click here)

Chapter 1

  1. Extreme injustice in the Third World


    Michael John Clarke,

    Dorm 8A1, New Bilibid Prison, Muntinlupa Prison, Philippines. October 18th 1998.

    Dear David and family,

    I trust this letter finds you all well. I haven’t heard from you in over a year since you last sent the photos of your wedding and informed me of your new daughter. I did reply to say that I too got married to “Fe” last October 23rd 1997.

    My case is still under Appeal and could be another year before a decision.

    This country is really crazy; many foreigners are getting

    convicted of Alleged Child Abuse and getting long jail terms. Even last week another British Guy Suny Wilson got the Death Sentence for raping his 12-year-old stepdaughter. I have spoken to him several times on Death Row. The former husband and daughter framed him up, even the Embassy knows he is innocent but can do nothing.

    If you ask me how I am, well to be honest with you I am not at all well. I am very, very thin and old. I’m getting more and more depressed and just cannot come to terms with being in prison for a crime I did not commit. Last September 5th “Fe” died of blood cancer, which has left me in a state of shock.


    Regards Michael.

  2. A sixteen year Prison sentence

    Life can be very difficult, even at the best of times, and when news comes home about one’s own brother, like I am about to relate, particularly when your own marriage is on the rocks, the future can look very bleak indeed.

    Surely such injustice cannot take place in the 20th century was the natural thought that came to me when I understood the whole story of Albert E. Wilson and my brother Michael John Clarke.

    I first heard the bad news of my brother’s arrest and

    detention in the Philippines, via the I.T.N. headline news, one Wednesday evening in 1995. I was stunned and shocked at this awful event. I knew my brother was no angel, as one local newspaper reporter had already reckoned we were both notorious gangsters in our hometown of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, during the 60’s. However I believed Michael was not at all involved in the alleged crime for which he was eventually convicted.

  3. At first I though he deserved it

    At first the first instance I felt Michael had got what he deserved, because of his wayward ways. I remembered his times in Thailand and all the troubles he got in whilst there. Also all the troubles he caused and had expected our mother to sort out for him there. She had become fed up with it all and my sister and brother in law had virtually disowned him through it all.

    Now he had this new venture His “Paradise Express” tourism business was, from my point of view, an unacceptable activity, as it went against those values of Christian morality I had adopted. This you will see as the story unfolds. I felt, with a measure of strange satisfaction, “at least if Michael was inside prison, society will be safe from him”. Such was my response to this news, and I had no sympathy for him. My brother’s story and history may be read in my book “Converted on LSD trip”. However I did not believe he was not guilty of the crime for which he was eventually condemned.

  4. Set up by Fr. Shay Cullen

    It was Albert, a taxi driver from Kent, who had been sentenced to death for a crime he did not do, who brought me, like a Christmas present, the good news and evidence of my brother innocence on, Christmas Day 1999. This was in the form of a National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) report1. This report also contained the incriminating evidence against Michael’s sole complainant, Fr. Shay Cullen,

    NBI Report 1995: See appendix 01 an Irish priest and head of an organisation called Preda Foundation, in Olongapo City, Philippines. I now also had the evidence which proved that the I.T.N. reporter Adam Holloway, and Christian Aid worker, Martin Cottingham had been involved in a classic case of entrapment together with Fr. Shay Cullen. They conspired against my brother to “Set him” up for a crime he never committed. In order to unfold this story it is best to read the statement of fact entitled “Money is their god” written by Michael him self from New Bilibid Prison and deposited with the Department of Justice in June 2002

  5. Money is their God

    The following Article was lodged with the Department of Justice in the Philippines called “Money is their God” and will serve to explain the story. It is commonly reported that money is the governing factor throughout the Philippines Judicial System. It determines the guilt or innocence of a person, irrespective of the TRUTH. I am not alone in my

    opinion as it is believed by many and proven in the case of Albert E. Wilson, the Englishman who was finally acquitted in December 1999, after being sentence d to death, for a crime he did not commit. This is written by Michael’s own hand.

    MONEY IS THEIR GOD, by Michael J. Clarke

  6. Looted by Don Kirk

    The following information is a statement of FACTS relating to my activities during May 1995, prior to my arrest on June 5, 1998. Read also “Looted” by Don Kirk.

    These facts were given to my state appointed attorney in- order to gather evidence to prove to the court the true nature of my business, as opposed to the FALSE claims of prosecutors, who happened to be very close friends of Fr. Shay Cullen!

    Although my attorney said he would defend me, he made it quite clear that in order to secure this MUCH NEEDED evidence, it was my responsibility to shoulder the expenses. “No money No honey!”

    My financial status at that time was almost zero as most of my assets were tied up. I didn’t even have enough cash to post bail, let alone finance the gathering of defence evidence.

    My position was hopeless. The fact that I was appointed a state attorney was in fact the same as having NO ATTORNEY, because he could not build any worthwhile defence, unless he received payment, which made me very upset, as I was

    under the Impression that he was under the court order to defend me FREE of charge!

  7. A denial of due process

    I truly believe that the following story will show that I was in fact denied the due process and my case was rail-roadbed through the courts in order to support the government’s stand against child exploitation. A guilty verdict was a must, at any cost! And I was sentenced to 14 to 16 years imprisonment.

    The following is a list of events taken from my personal diary during May 1995. I still have the diary! (Yet to be published)

    I arrived in the Philippines onApril 29th 1995 after spending 2 months in England setting up my Paradise Express travel business. Prior to which I had taken a 3-week holiday during February in the Philippines, which was my first time to visit the country. It was during this holiday that the idea to start a travel business came to me.

    At this time, I was staying in the Southern Star Hotel, Balibago, and Angeles City, where I eagerly awaited my first influx of customers.

  8. Martin Cottingham, Adam Holloway

    On May 2nd, my first customer arrived: Martin Cottingham and Adam Holloway. They also stayed in the Southern Star


    During the evening of may 2nd; my clients insisted that I show them the nightlife hot spots at their expense. After a couple of hours of bar hopping, we ended up in DREAMS A-go-go, where my clients paid the bar-fine for two dancers to spend the night with. (For security reasons all establishments with working girls are obligated to keep records of all girls being bar-fined).

    The girls were then checked into the Southern Star Hotel, one girl each, in separate rooms. One with Martin and one with Adam.

    The following morning, we all met, including the girls for breakfast, where my clients seemed very happy with their newfound playmates! Both girls were very attractive and appeared to be aged mid to late twenty.

    That morning, I left to spend a few days at Baloy Beach, Olongapo City to arrange Beach excursions for future holiday clients.

    On May 4th, I sent a fax to the Hotel inviting my clients to Baloy Beach. I said they were welcome to bring their girlfriends or if they wished, they could enjoy the Baloy girls who were extra special. (My reference to girls did NOT mean children as they later implied and I still have the original fax transmission paper).

  9. Entrapment by the British T.V. Crew

    On May 7th, my clients arrived at the Beach with T.V. crew- They told me that they wanted to know why I had invited them to have sex with children.

    They then informed me who they really were and accused me of all kinds of untruths. They began to film young children playing on the Beach and accused me of being their pimp. I told them that these children were here on vacation with their family, most of who were business people from Manila. After about five minutes of filming our heated confrontation, I called the Beach security that chased the crew off the Beach because it was private property.

    That evening I had a meeting with the owner of the Beach, Carlito Baloy. I told him the whole story and he too was very shocked and upset and promised to report the incident, as this was not the first time his Beach had been under attack by people trying to ruin his good reputation.

    The next day I returned to my Hotel in Angeles City and relayed the whole incident to the owner- He too was very shocked, as he knew I was not engaged in child prostitution in any shape or form. He told me that my bogus clients had checked out, but confirmed that the Hotel records showed they each had over-night girl guests staying in their rooms on May 2nd.

    The next day May 9th, I decided to put the incident behind and get on my main objective of producing a promotional video titled: “The Nicer Side of the Philippines” which would

    later be used in England to attract future clients.

    During the following two weeks, I contracted the services of VIDEOSPACE of Angeles City Tel. 26286 to make the promotional video.

    I also met Ms. Sol Medina the head of the Tourist Board Angeles City Tel. 6020507. She was delighted with what I was doing and even supplied a member of staff to assist in the filming of the venues which were filmed are listed: Sakaba Karaoke, Wanjai Nightclub, Karaoke Omae, Lady Boxing Arena, together with general footage of Fields Avenue.

    To be included in this film was the Beach Party at Baloy, which for reasons yet to be revealed, did not take place. However the following preparations were made.

    I contracted an artist at the Tattoo shop at the beginning of Fields Avenue to make a poster titled: “Your Chance To Be A Movie Star” which featured a crazy cartoon2 of the excursion and Beach Party. It also stated that tickets could be obtained from the travel desk at the Vistillano Hotel, Balibago, and Angeles City. Date of excursion being June 8th 1995.

    Posters that were Xerox copies of the master were placed all over town including the Tourist Board and Angeles City FM 99.1 radio station. (I still have the original poster).

    I also visited the Licensing Inspector at City Hall with a view to getting a permit to make the video, Tel. 602-3310.


    He informed me that no permit was needed as I had engaged the services of VIDEOSPACE.

    Appendix 02: “A Chance of a Life Time”

    I also contracted the Travel desk at the Vistillano Hotel to handle the bookings. It was not my intention to make a profit from the excursion, as my main objective was just to make the Promotional Video. Ongoing excursions would be handled completely by the Travel Desk at the Hotel until I obtained a work permit.

    I also contracted Angeles City FM 99.1 Radio Station Tel. 602-2477 where Mr. Rody, the marketing manager instructed Ms. Malum and Mr. Perry to make an audio cassette to promote on air this exciting excursion and Beach Party. This was done and for several days I was given prime airtime.

    After about ten days hard work, everything was in place and I asked the Radio Station to do live coverage together with requesting a representative from the tourist board to oversee all operations.

    All of a sudden, my name was in all newspaper headlines as well as being on the T.V. News. All was accusing me of promoting child prostitution. Together with a Red alert for my arrest. Many of my friends told me to keep a low profile or even leave the country, as they believed that some trigger- happy Policeman might shoot me. One Hotel owner even gave his security guard instructions to shoot me if he saw me anywhere near his Orchid Inn Hotel in Balibago.

    All this scared the living daylights out of me, so I fled to Baloy Beach seeking advice from Carlito Baloy.

    It was decided that I should give myself up to the NBI, so I could explain the whole story. But before I had the chance to do this an NBI team came to the Beach and arrested me. They took me to Manila where I was detained for three weeks while they did their own investigation. Their report was put into writing as a Disposition Form, which I have a copy of. Their report clearly stated that they could find no grounds to Charge me. But Fr. Shay Cullen found a way of over-riding them! (See main case file on the website; NBI Report).

    Prior to my arrest, I had in my possession a copy of the film footage that Videospace had taken so far. As well as a copy of the audiocassette from the Radio Station.

    I gave both these tapes to my state appointed attorney, Ernesto Gonzales, Jr. in Olongapo City. When he tried to submit them as defence evidence to be aired in court, the judge dismissed his request as being irrelevant! Atty. Gonzales still has these tapes.

    As you can clearly see, I was denied due process. If a proper investigation had been undertaken together with personal affidavits and actual witnesses, it would have clearly showed the court that all allegations claiming that I was engaged in child Prostitution was groundless.

    It is my prayer that someone will smell a RATand investigate my case with a fine tooth comb, with a view to clearing my

    name completely as well as protecting future victims, which for me is the main objective, as what these people are doing is not only bad but also EVIL. They themselves should be prosecuted.

  10. Bogus Clients

    Include a Press officer Christian Aid

    I also believe that my bogus clients: Martin Cottingham, a Senior Press Officer for Christian Aid Charity London and Adam Holloway, the I.T.N. London T.V. reporter, should be fully exposed regarding their sexual activities, especially Martin Cottingham, who claims to be a Christian and happily married. It is also my contention that the I.T.N. video was heavily edited, i.e., cut and spliced deliberately to mislead the viewers. I also believe they worked hand in glove with Fr. Shay Cullen in order to fabricate the case against me, to generate large cash donations worldwide to support their cause, whatever that may be!


    Michael J, Clarke Post Script:

  11. Shay Cullen

Fr, Shay Cullen is an Irish Roman Catholic priest and runs

his own children’s Home near Baloy Beach and courthouse, which convicted me. Fr. Shay Cullen convinced one lady Judge only- with NO JURY to believe the story of the Christian Worker Martin Cottingham and to accept the truth of ITN’s film footage. He also convinced her to believe that my Beach Party was in fact a sex orgy involving children who were going to be spit-roasted and eaten and I was going to make a sex movie.

In my case, there were NO child victims or complainants. Hence the title of this paper “Money is their God”. Question: Do you smell a RAT?

A set up from start to finish

Michael J. Clarke British National N96P-23543

New Bilibid Prison Muntinlupa City, Philippines.

3 See Appendix 25. Urgent letter to NB1

Chapter 2


  1. An amazing telephone call

    I was amazed and filled with gratitude at this telephone call, on Christmas day 1999. Here was a man who had just been released from “Death Row” being a death convict. He had brought me news of my brother who was then (and still is) serving a 16-year prison sentence in the Philippines.

    This man too had been “set up” by an evil man, Pio Pasco, and sentenced to death on 16th September 1996 for a crime he had not done.

    Albert had just been acquitted on the 23rd December 1999 when he walked out of DEATH ROW, a “dead man” but ALIVE. The Supreme Court of the Philippines had found the accusation against him, “NOT WORTHY OF CREDENCE”; the Solicitor General had found it, “BUT A FABRICATION”.

  2. Death no respecter of persons

    This man like another had died for his principles and now resurrected as a living testimony. A “dead man” thus walked free but the man Pio Pasco, whose greed and jealousy put him there, never came to trial for his actions, he died soon after in on the 23rd June 2001 of heart failure, which was believed to be brought on by apoplexy. Justice is mine, sayeth the Lord, I will repay!

    Suny Wilson


    Albert on “Death Row” 16th September 1996

    Pio Pasco Death Certificate 23rd June 2001

    Suny Wilson Video (Click to view)

  3. Is it really true?

    The natural questions which came to me due to the feeling of incredibility was, “Is it really true, had a man been sentenced to death for a crime he has not done? Is my brother really innocent of the charge of “Promoting Child Prostitution”?

    These were the questions that I was determined to seek an answer to, for the sake of conscience, law and equity.

    I, moved with concern and having learned to fear no man, or system of laws dictated by man, feared the Lord only. I was a Christian I felt I must do what must be done. This was my burning desire. I had no guide, no one to direct me and no one with any such experiences to help. I committed my ways unto the Lord and it is He who directed my paths, and went

    before me as this story relates.

  4. A Foreign Pig

    Albert (a taxi driver from Kent) had been sentenced to death! His only crime was to cohabit with the mother of his stepdaughter V P D, nicknamed N. N P was 12 years old and had brought about this charge of rape against Albert, her stepfather, in order to get back at him for being firm with her due to her misbehaviour. It was her opinion that Albert, her stepfather had been too strict with her, as he wanted her to be in by 9.30 p.m. each night, where-as her grandmother allowed her out to come and go as she pleased. She considered him to be a foreign pig, she hated him. Why didn’t he just go away and leave her, her mother and her brother to live in peace. Such feelings I too have been a victim of during my second marriage, and know the painful awful reality of. These feelings are not uncommon and are held by many children of second marriages. They are real problems and not to be lightly ignored. It is here that I would like to express the unfathomable length and depth of the mercy and love of God towards those who do not deserve it.

  5. Sentenced to Death

    The Lower Court had sentenced him to death on the 16th September 1996.

    Her father, Pio Pasco (now deceased), supported this charge

    in order for him to obtain 1,000,000:00 Pesos in order for the case to go away. When Albert informed him that he did not have such money his reply was, “Ah! You have a housing lot worth P600, 000 that would be for a start, then just the difference in cash”.

    Wilson was a foreigner, all foreigners are rich, or if not they know foreigners who are.

    Pio Pasco was the sworn enemy of Albert. Pasco who was a Filipino, from Valenzuela and the father of N P, his twelve- year-old girl, now living with her mother, his estranged wife and the common law wife of Albert.

    He had promised to kill “The son of a bitch, the Kano) being a colloquial term used by all Filipinos when referring to all non-Asian foreigners, It is a shortened term of Americano), as Albert had become the common law wife of N P’s mother.

    Albert was an innocent man who had been “set up” for a crime he did not commit.

    In an act of revenge N P falsely accused her stepfather of rape, an act that automatically carries the “Death Penalty” in the Philippines.

    The whole story is told in a book entitled “Sentenced to Death”, by Earl K. Wilkinson with Alan C. Atkins.4

    Sentenced to Death, by Earl Wilkinson. ISBN 3-935508-


    00-X Book of Dreams.

    Such was the reality. It was through revenge and hatred, for this foreigner and his enemy’s love of money, that such an injustice was able to take place. It was because of a legal system, similar to medieval Britain, when a women accused of being a witch could only be proven innocent if she died when forcibly drowned. These things ought not to be.

  6. Several cases of injustice discovered

    We have discovered several cases of this kind of injustice and these have been written about. We could mention the cases of the following men who protest their innocence: Victor Fitzgerald, an Australian, Michael John Clarke, an Englishman, and a subject of this book. John Pidden, from Great Britain and Marcial L. Llanro Jr.5, a Filipino currently sentenced to death for a fabricated charge of rape. Raymond Jackson a Canadian, Marcel Nghia, a Frenchman and Oliver Wisseman a German. Such cases, which have been caught up Document reference RA0008105 Malacanang Palace 5th September 2001 in this legal system, really ought to be examined. I am sure this story “Trojan Warriors” will be of help to many and people may make up their minds about the “Death Penalty”.

  7. Albert’s Prayer to the Pope of Rome

    InAlbert endeavours to help the many cases of injustice that


    he personally encountered whilst seeing justice for himself he wrote the following letter and sent it, via a friend Mr. Earl Wilkinson, to the Pope of Rome with a request. Here is his letter; it is in the form of a prayer:

    18th February 1999 Your Holiness

  8. My murder in the Philippines

    It is perhaps not my place, for I am neither Roman Catholic or Filipino, but I want to thank you for trying to save the life of Leo Echegaray and thus others sentenced to death here, not forgetting many around the world.

    I did not know Leo very well, although I share his fate, because we were only together a short while and I am English but I am sure he and all of us here thank the Lord for His justice and mercy.

    It is not all we have since neither justice nor mercy exists among the Philippine judiciary or government.

    I do not know if Leo was guilty or innocent. I know only that he could not have received a fair trial from a flawed and corrupt judicial system.

    I beg a simple response of prayer for us all, for no man is without sin, but as a man who truly knows, of 900 sentenced, more than 300 of us will be murder victims for our sins which

    do not include the crime we are sentenced for.

    May your letter of prayer give us hope and God have mercy on all our souls.

  9. The indirect reply to Albert’s prayer

    The Papal Response Dear Mr. Wilkinson.

    I am writing to acknowledge your letter to His Holiness Pope John Paul II regarding the case of Mr. Albert and I assure you that His Holiness will remember your concern in his prayers.

    In such cases the Holy See generally makes an appropriate appeal on humanitarian grounds through the Papal Representative and through the Bishops of the country involved.

    With good wishes, I remain Yours sincerely +G.B. Re Substitute.

  10. When men fail, what can you do?

    Albert touched down in England, at Heath Row airport

    just a few days after his acquittal. He brought me the good news of my brother’s innocence and the needed evidence of proof. When listening to Mr. Albert “Dead man alive” I was convinced of my brother’s innocence, and my prayer was directed towards heaven, to the one who does answer prayer.

    A fire had been kindled in my soul and silent words of ancient scripture came “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us”. This was the cry coming from within my heart. I was to go. I would to be the one to seek out and to save my brother from this state of “Death”.

    This story “Trojan Warriors” is Gods answer to my prayers and the prayers of many.

    Good news and rays of hope had already begun to come from New Bilibid Prison where my brother was. He had been writing to me and he too had been convinced of his sins and that he had need of salvation, and he had called on the Lord’s name and was saved.

    The remarkable change in his letters could not be denied. A letter he wrote a year previously could not help but move any one with compassion, and a year later a complete change had come about and I was delighted.

    Albert’s news was the confirmation of Michael’s salvation. Here are extracts from Michael’s previous letter followed by the letter that convinced me he was truly converted. I could believe my brother was telling the truth he had been set up for a crime he had not done.

  11. Michael’s letter a change of mind and heart

    Dear David, 7th May 1999

    With regards to me writing my life story etc, etc, for you to include in your book! Please David forgive me but I am so screwed up, I just could not handle it right now. It takes me all my strength to just write this letter to you…

    I am so very pleased that you are concerned for me and that you include me in your prayers and your fellow Christians. I do believe in God and Jesus Christ but even though I pray and ask him to please forgive me for all my sins and to help me to be a better person and to take over the rest of my life on earth and to lead me into heaven - I do not want to go to hell because I know that what I am suffering now is nothing to the perpetual hell which would await me after physical death on earth. My faith is not strong enough and I am so very, very, confused. Even if I get out of here what am I going to do with the rest of my life. I am looking very old, skinny, withdrawn. I have not smiled in almost 4 years. Where am I going to live? How can I earn a living in my condition?

    Oh, David I am so very afraid of the future and it hurts me so much to even think about it. I have become old before my time and all I can see is loneliness in some dingy rented room and no chance of ever finding some one (a lady) to love and share things with. Oh, David what am I going to do?

    The only thing that stops me thinking about suicide is that hell will be waiting for me and the torment there will be a

    million times worse.

    Will I ever smile again? Will I ever love again? Will any one love me again?

    Is it possible to be happy again? I do not have any reason to live and that is so very frightening.

    Oh, David I know you have your problems that may be greater than mine and to be honest I do not know how you cope. How do you manage to keep working and keep your home going, the loss of you wife must be absolutely unbearable? May be you can suggest how I tackle my problems of the future, for me there simply is no light at the end of the tunnel.

    When I leave here I don’t even have a pair of shoes. I will have to start all over again but the question is how do I start all over again?

    I simply have no will to live and I just could not cope with living on my own as I know I would not be able to fend for my self.

    To think of buying a property is really out of the question. What do I do? What do I do?

    Another reason why I cannot think of writing my life story is because I am truly ashamed of many of the things I have done and I don’t really want to broadcast my evil past for every one to read. I have confessed to the Lord and I just hope He will forgive me.

    You asked me how I felt about you becoming a Christian 30 years ago. Well I was quite proud of you but felt you were a little over the top but I never mocked you in any way. My heart break with Karen Mead and the collapse of Tudor Charm and my divorce I will expand on that some other time so please David not at the moment, you may have to wait until I am released.

    At the moment I am taking each day at a time and I keep praying that I will be acquitted of this horrible conviction, which I hope will give me added strength to face the future.

    I am sorry my letter is so depressing, all I can do is pray to out the Lord for strength and guidance.

    Once again David thank you again for not forsaking me and I am sure you will be always there to give me support.

    Please give all my love to the Children Regards Michael.

  12. One year on and a change takes place

    Just after one year I noticed a remarkable change in Michael’s outlook and his state of mind. All for the better. I gradually felt able to read and digest the National Bureau of Investigation Report (NBI), which clearly clears Michael of charges made against him. This record goes on to a recommendation that Fr. Shay Cullen, Michael’s Complainant, be deported on the grounds of him being and

    undesirable alien in the Philippines. (See report appendix 01)

    Here is Michaels letter:

    Dear David, July 3rd 2000

    Just a few lines wishing every thing is o.k. with you and you are being to sort out how you will be able to see your daughter on mutual terms.

    There is not movement with regards to my case with the Boar of Pardon and Parole because as of today my prison records have not been sent from the prison document section to the Board. Every thing moves so slowly it really drives me crazy.

    I am still reading a lot of Christian books. The one I am reading now is “Joy Unspeakable” by Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones.

    It is all about the Holy Spirit and I believe that baptism of the Holy Spirit is some thing distinct and does not always, as some people think happen automatically at conversion.

    The Holy Spirit is within every believer at conversion YES but the baptism can come at any time when Jesus Christ chooses to out pour it upon us. And if us Christian’s are not aware of this and do not seek this ultimate experience I believe they are quenching the Holy Spirit, by not praying for it, and not just for them selves but for the whole Christian Church.



    Your are always in my prayers Michael.

    The Plan unfolds

    As you can see from the above God had demonstrated His goodness to another undeserving sinner. Michael John Clarke. This was indeed good news to say the least.

    Armed with this good news and my intentions, I told my story to the religious correspondent at The News Portsmouth, Lizzy Millar.

    The story appeared as media news Article of Portsmouth News 12th August

  13. The News Saturday, August 12, 2000


    News Text Reads

    ON THE left is Dave Clarke - college lecturer and committed Christian. On the right is his brother Michael - currently languishing in a prison cell in the Philippines.

    Dave spends much of his spare time trying to help young people turn away from a life of crime.

    Now he is on his most important mission yet - trying to save his brother’s soul.

    Dave converted to Christianity almost 30 years ago after sharing a life of crime with his brother in their youth. But his brother Michael went further off the rails and is now in a jail in the Philippines.

    Dave, 52, of Hayling Close said, regular letters from his brother showed he was sick of his lifelong criminal past, and was thinking of becoming a Christian.

    He said: ‘Michael wrote to me saying he was despairing and suicidal and asked me about my faith.

    ‘I’ve been praying hard for him and believe he has now come to know the Lord as his personal saviour. I think he is listening to what I write.

    Both brothers were notorious criminals in Buckinghamshire where they lived in the 1960’s. They were jailed for malicious wounding, which involved shooting a woman in the face with an air weapon at Margate.

    Dave said: “When I came out I knew everything there was to know about crime. It was a good school”.

    “I was determined to have the best of everything and went about it with determination. “I was riding on my brother’s reputation. I though he was cool but others may not have done. I set up a garage business for stolen cars.’

    Dave went to borstal for 12 months while his brother, who denied the charge, went to Maidstone prison for two years.

    Father-of-five Dave went straight after converting to Christianity in 1971. He moved to Fareham where he began teaching electronics at the town’s college, and became involved with the Christian Gospel Church.

    His brother went on the run after being given home leave from prison but was recaptured and served his full sentence.

    Michael is now four years into a 16-year jail sentence in prison in the Philippines for promoting child sex tourism. This crime he has always denied.

    MICHAEL Clarke discovered the Philippines and its cheap sex business in 1995 when he set himself up as a tour operator.

    He placed an advertisement under the name of Paradise Express in Exchange and Mart and produced crude brochure describing a 12-night holiday as the dirty dozen and with Photos of bikini clad woman as well as giving details on how to find a Filipino wife.

    Michael Clarke, who is divorced with a daughter, had been arrested: for agreeing that under age prostitutes could be procured, after he had been captured on a hidden camera. He is appealing against the conviction as an Irish priest set him up.

    Dave said he hoped his brother would now find God and give up crime.

    He added “ regret the hurt and pain I caused, but I realise I had to go through what I have because when I talk to kids to keep them of trouble I have credibility.

    Lizzy Millar The News

    12th August 2001 Words in italics added

  14. Dismay of some- you must keep quiet

    I was convinced of my brother’s innocence after meeting Albert Wilson and also reading his letters to me from the jail in Muntinlupa City. When I realised he had become a new man I realised I had the conclusion to the end of my book. A book I had been compelled to write had its conclusion and was to be published.

    To the dismay of some but delight of others, even by those who aught to know better, my autobiography was published entitled “Converted on LSD Trip” in which I told the story of my own conversion to Christ, reformation from crime, drugs and promiscuous sex, over 30 years previously, up to the time of my brother serving “Time” in New Bilibid Prison.

    I felt it important to obey an ancient instruction to, Go and tell the world of all that the lord had done for me” rather than listen to the words of men. The result was however, like ancient times, men in authority sought to forbid the publication of our good news, whilst others looked on in wonder. It would seem that the book brought embarrassment to some, as I spoke and named a paedophile and other people. I was informed my methods were questionable.

    Like many others I had been converted from a life of

    crime in the 60’s. Both Michael and I had been convinced of crimes and sentenced to prison for malicious wounding and possessing a firearm without a licence.

  15. A bad report

    Thestoryof“ConvertedonLSDTrip”wasanembarrassment also to others including the Principal of Fareham College. My employer, Malcolm Charnley wrote,

    “I do not wish to be associated personally or professionally with a book entitled “Converted on LSD Trip” with it’s over reference to drug taking”. October 2001.

    My Book


    Converted on LSD Trip, published 11th February 2001

    This was presumable because the book had been published whilst I was working at Fareham College. In my true story I mention my work at the College and my turn away from God

    and so was probably an embarrassment to the College. It was remarked that my story might have been just too much for the College to cope with. The strange thing was that whilst all this was taking place the College was under considerable pressure from the Health and Safety Executive who were examining it for not dealing correctly with problems of asbestos on its premises.

    The College was later fined (February 2002) on four counts, a sum of over £23,000, for exposing staff and students to asbestos dust. This however was after I finished work at the college in August 2001. This was because my job had been made redundant, which also made it possible to complete our Mission to the Philippines.

  16. A good report

    The irony was that at the same time Dr. Philip Fleming, the consultant psychiatrist of the Kingsway House, the centre for Substance Misuse Service, Portsmouth had written a forward to the second edition. The forward reads,

    “This is an inspiring story of a life that has been turned from crime to a positive account and may be of help to others who find themselves involved in drug misuse.” May 2001.

    Knowing these things I felt that middle class morality stank and not all men have faith to see beyond and outward show of righteousness.

    Some went so far as to say “I must withdraw the book from circulation”. They believed it would do harm and not good.

  17. A commendation from Prince Charles

    The work I was engaged in brought encouragement and caused alarm but I was not totally without support the Prince of Wales was very supportive. Here is his letter of encouragement:

    To: David Clarke, Esq.


    From: The Office of HRH The Prince of Wales

    7th February 2002 Dear Mr. Clarke,

    The Prince of Wales has asked me to thank you for your letter of 22nd January in connection with the work which you and others in you local area are undertaking in relation to young people and drugs.

    Your reasons for writing as you did are appreciated and His Royal Highness is grateful to you for taking the trouble to draw your very worthwhile efforts his to his attention.

    The Prince of Wales has asked me to send you all his best wishes for the future success of your work.


    Yours Sincerely

    Mrs Claudi Holloway

  18. Should I obey God or Man

    I was not so easily moved off course because, by the fear of the Lord and not man, I chose rather to obey God and not be directed by the wisdom of the men without faith towards God or men of this world. I call my readers to look at the results of this publication, as it is my opinion that Christ has been honoured and that God has been glorified.

    Chapter 3

    Our Mission to the Philippines

  19. Michael’s Baptism

    The news of Michael’s conversion to Christ and baptism was delightful and I shared this news with all I could. I even sang my new song to the congregation of our Church, meeting at the Langston Hotel in Hayling Island U.K. This song “ Spirit of the Lord come down” has become our theme song for Trojan Horse International Ministries. (I do how ever

    drive people mad when I keep singing it and I tell them that it is/ will be a number one hit single. Such is my passion for the true of all I stand for.

    A soon as I heard of Michael’s conversion I wrote to him with the following instructions to him regarding baptism:

  20. Michael is Baptized by Rev. Lucas Dangatan


    Michael being baptized in an oil drum

    by Rev. Lucas Dangatan, in New Bilibid Maximum Compound, Muntinlupa City, Philippines Prison: 16th September 2000

  21. A variety of responses

    Soon after are web site was put up and I began to speak out and inform many of my intentions to do all I could regarding my brother I began to receive various responses. Initially I had a response from one of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo helpers

    when she was working in the Department of Social Welfare. This was before President Estrada had been impeached and found him self in prison. I took this as a step forward because in many cases I felt like I was just hitting a blank brick wall.

  22. David’s Press Release

    This press release was very effective and we had a request from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to tone it down: PRESS RELEASE 18/09/00

    Michael and Jessica


    Gentlemen and Ladies of the Press

    I am seeking to clear my brother, MICHAEL JOHN CLARKE, from the charge of, “Promoting Child Prostitution”. And obtain his release from prison in the Philippines. He was sentenced to 16 years 4 month, 1 day, prison on 14 th. October 1996 and is now in the New Bilibid Prison, Muntinlupa City, Philippines.

    I am in receipt of the National Bureau of Investigation

    Report (NBI), which clearly clears MICHAEL JOHN CLARKE from the said criminal charge but indicts a certain Fr, SHAY CULLEN, who now has a warrant out for his arrest on a charge of rape of a 7-year old girl.

    Judge Eliodoro Ubiadas of the RTC Branch 73 issued a warrant for the arrest of Fr. SHAY CULLEN, an Irish priest, who operates the Preda Centre for prostituted women and children of the city of Olongapo, on the 8 th. August 2000. CULLEN, according to, Bataan Assistant Provincial Prosecutor Oscar Lasam (also the acting city prosecutor), “wilfully, unlawfully and feloniously had carnal knowledge” with a 7- year old girl against the latter’s will and consent and while she was deprived of reason or otherwise unconscious”.

    Issued filed 8 th. August 2000.

    See Inquirer article aug14/hometown/hom 5.htm

    This report is published on the World Wide Web site: www. under the title Michael John Clarke’s story.

    It is intended to bring attention too the miscarriage of justice, toward MICHAEL JOHN CLARKE, by the PHILIPPINE legal system and in particular, Also to bring attention to Fr. SHAY CULLEN to confess his sin and so bring about MICHAEL’S acquitted and release from prison. David Clarke 07970 755567 mobile UK. 17/09/2000

  23. The first response

    Here is the response, which I received from the Vice President of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s Office (This lady is now the Philippine President):


    FROM: The Assistant Secretary for Field Operations (Luzon Cluster)

    SUBJECT E-Mail of Mr Dave Clarke

    DATE: September 26, 2000 We are referring to your attached e-mail of Mr. Dave

    Clarke dated 18th September 2000, addressed to the Vic President and DSWD Secretary Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, requesting Assistance/intervention from our office so his brother, Michael John Clarke can be cleared from the charge of promoting child prostitution in the Philippines.

    Please facilitate coordination with and reply to letter sender on this. We shall be awaiting feedback on this as soon as possible.


    Cc: Mr Dave Clarke Dir.Alicia R. Bala

    Program and Special Project Bureau DSWD-Central Office

    Philippine News Paper report

    Lest any should think lightly of this subject this was the new reported all over the Philippines about Fr. Shay Cullen.

  24. Priests seek paedophile’s retrial


    February 24 th 2000 PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER

    OLONGAPO CITY – The Catholic bishop and 27 other priests in Zambales are calling for a retrial and possible release from detention of an Australian convicted of child prostitution her in 1996.

    The conviction of Victor Fitzgerald in 1996 was a result of a successful prosecution by another priest Shay Cullen who runs Preda Foundation Inc. a centre for child abuse victims.

    Bishop Deogracias Iniguez of the Diocese of Iba said, “ Cullen might have exceeded boundaries in influencing the children in their pursuit against paedophiles.”

    In an affidavit he signed on Feb. 2 a copy of which was obtained by the INQUIRER, Iniguez said a new trial might put Fitzgerald in another light

    “I feel that the pronouncement of guilt against Fitzgerald was not one beyond reasonable doubt.”

    Inigues in a statement, after speaking with alleged child abuse victims, their mothers and other people who, according to them, “expressed views and convictions about the innocence of Fitzgerald.”

    On Feb. 7, 27 priests from the same Diocese, in a gesture of support, also signed a statement expressing doubts about the guilt of Fitzgerald and seeking for a retrial.

    “So we also ask that this case, which is now pending for reconsideration in the Court of Appeals be reopened and the new trial be granted.” The priests said.

  25. Abused in custody

    One of them, who asked not to be identified, also lamented the manner in which Cullen, in soliciting funds from foreign funding associations, had actually abused the girls in his custody.

    He cited as an example a documentary film shown abroad to attract donor institutions.

    In that film, the priest said the producers aside from flashing

    the child victim’s face from the camera in violation of the rights of the abused not to be identified.

    In an interview on the same issue last year, Cullen defended the film producers by saying that is was “therapeutic for child abuse victims to come out in the open.”

    Another priest told the INQUIRER that they had no option but to come out with the statement considering the injustice being done to Fitzgerald id indeed he was innocent of the charge. Cullen branded the priests, including Iniguez a “paedophile” protectors.”

    “They (Bishop Iniguez and the priests) were persuaded by, maybe they got donations from….who knows, from tourist industry,” Cullen said.

    “Why did they not sign statements when these girls were being abused and raped?” a visibly irked Cullen told reporter here.

  26. Reveal sources

    “You have to read my press release in order for you to know how sleazy lives these priests are leading” Cullen said. The priest also tried to press reporters to reveal their sources.

    “Who gave you the copy of the statements? How can you expect me to give you information if you will not reveal your sources, like this s—t that you wrote before?” he told the reporter.

    Fitzgerald has been in jail since 1994. Cases of rape and child prostitution were filed against him in 1994 based on affidavits signed by two alleged sexual abuse victims who were brought under the custody of Preda.

    However the girls escaped from Preda and recanted their statements three months after their complaints were filed.

    After their escape, the girls claimed they were pressured into signing the complaints against Fitzgerald and that Cullen offered them P50, 000.

    The rape cases were subsequently dismissed but Judge Leopoldo Calderon of the Olongapo City regional trial court found Fitzgerald guilty of child prostitution.

    In 1996, another alleged rape victim filed an Affidavit of desistance.

    She claimed the staff at Preda pressured her into signing the complaint and Cullen threatened that she and her mother.

    Because of her non-appearance in court, notwithstanding a warrant of arrest against her obtained by Cullen, the case was dismissed.

    Ansbert Joaquin, PDI Central Liazon Desk. Retrial ordered by the Court of Appeals in their Resolution dated 25 th. August 2000.

    Chapter 4 Fulfilling a Promise

  27. Where is the Philippines?

    I did not even know where the Philippines was when I knew I had to go and help my brother, nor could I speak the language. Albert could do both. I had heard of the awful fate that had befallen many foreign visitors to the Philippines and it had been reported that tourism was at an all time low, due to the kidnapping and murder of missionaries and foreign visitors in the Philippines.

    There are in fact 1506 Jails in the Philippines and they were all full but the Hotels are reported as “all-empty”.

    News Clip

    We had heard evil reports from every side. Corruption in high places and money ruled every thing. No one in their right mind would wish to go to the Philippines on such a mission as ours, at such an unfortunate time.

  28. New Bilibid Prison

    Albert had however made a promise to do all he could to bring help to three fellow inmates who were left behind in New Bilibid Prison, Muntinlupa City, and Philippines. These men were: Michael John Clarke (My brother), John Pidden and Azure Evens all British subjects. These men he believed were innocent but incarcerated by a legal System whose wheels that did not move. They were almost without hope, in need of all the help they could get. Albert wished

    to fulfil his promise and he offered to come to be our guide, helper and interpreter.

    These men were housed in the “Big House”. It is New Bilibid (Maximum Compound); National Penitentiary of the Philippines the most feared prison in South East Asia. People have entered that prison and never been seen since.

    It is divided into three compounds Minimum, Medium and Maximum Compounds. In all it houses over 23,500 inmates (June 2001 count).

    The Maximum Security Compound houses approximately 13,000 inmates and inside this Compound is “Death Row”. There are some 1200 “Death Convicts” and the figure is rising that are all due to be executed by “Lethal Injection”.

    Albert would also go to the Department of Justice to collect the statutory compensation of £230 for which he was awarded for his unlawful detention as a “Death Convict” for over a period of three and a half years. This money he wished to donate to the “Trojan Horse Mission to the Philippines” fund.

    The Lower Court had sentenced him to death on the 16th September 1996 and the Supreme Court has acquitted him on 21st December 1999. The Solicitor General had found the accusation “Not worthy of credence- but a Fabrication”. His crime was the alleged rape of his 12-year-old stepdaughter. He was an innocent man but had been “set up” for a crime he did not commit and he felt the compensation an insult.

    His sworn enemy was Pio Pasco (now deceased), a Filipino, from Valenzuela and the father of V P D, nicknamed N, and a twelve-year-old girl living with her mother, his estranged wife.

    Pio Pasco had promised to kill “The son of a bitch –the Kano” (Kano) being a colloquial term used by all Filipinos when referring to all non-Asian foreigners, It is a shortened term of Americano), as Albert had become the common law wife of N’s mother.

  29. An Act of Revenge

    In an act of revenge N falsely accused her stepfather of rape, an act that automatically carries the “Death Penalty” in the Philippines.

    Albert had been too strict with her, as he wanted her to be in by 9.30 pm each night where as her grandmother allowed her out to come and go as she pleased. She considered him to be a foreign pig, she hated him why didn’t he just go away and leave her, her mother and brother to live in peace? Such feelings are not uncommon by children of a second marriage and are a real problem not to be lightly ignored.

    The whole story is told in a book entitled “Sentenced to Death”, by Earl K.Wilkinson with Alan C. Atkins

  30. News from the Philippines

    In July 2001 just before we left for the Philippines we has good news for the Philippines John Pidden had been released and cleared of an awful criminal charge. It was a privilege for Albert Wilson, Vicky and I met him at Heathrow airport and did what we could to help. Here is the news release we put out at the time.

    From: “deadmanalive” <>

    Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 20:11:01 +0100

    Subject: ANOTHER INNOCENT FREE 02.07.01


    Another innocent Englishman will touch down tomorrow after FOUR YEARS of torture in the appalling prison conditions of the Philippines. Arrested on the 6th August 1997 under a Philippine Law, (introduced after pressure on the government by an Australian who now admits his worse fears have been realised), and sentenced on the 9th July 1998 to (14 years) FOURTEEN YEARS, John Pidden was acquitted of the charge by the Appeal Courts last month.

    According to a secret e-mail sent to “dead man alive” at

    00.29 (Phil’s time) on the 20 June 2001 John had left the prison at 0620H that morning for the immigration department and was to fly back that day. There was, however, further torture to come. In a face saving move he was sentenced to

    thirty days for lascivious behaviour and was required to pay tourist visa fees for the time he had spent in JAIL.

    During our preparations to visit the Philippines news came of the imminent release of John Pidden from New Bilibid Prison via a mobile telephone from within the Prison. Through such news we were able to organise some support for John. John had been one of the men Albert had promised, as he had every reason to believe that a Philippine person too had entrapped him. John was innocent of the alleged crime for which he had been sentenced to 14 years imprisonment, and relieved when he won his appeal with the help of Andrew McCooey of the International concern called “Freedom Now”.


  31. John Pidden is released from New Bilibid Prison John Pidden

    John Pidden sentenced to 14 years for a crime he never committed

  32. A Clear Case of Entrapment

    John Pidden case was a clear case of entrapment, and as a result the Foreign and Commonwealth Office now inform travellers to the Philippines to watch out for many dangers such as: Terrorism, Highway robbery, entrapment and kidnap for ransom. The particular warning against entrapment was the result of the allegations and wrong imprisonment to of Albert, Michael and John Pidden.

    According to Albert John is just another victim of a small segment of Philippine society who has learnt that the “rich foreigner” can be a source of income. People on holiday spend money loosely thus many Filipino take them all to be rich. John sat at an outside restaurant table chatting to a young mother while her child sat between them. The case against him was that he touched the child on the cheek, the arm and the leg. The mother presented it to the court, since the child did not testify, and then after doing so the mother disappeared. It was supported by a taxi driver to whom the mother later complained but later investigation by Australian Earl Wilkinson, (the man who helped introduce the law in the first place), was to show the taxi driver did so for the promise of a new taxi for his “share”. The mother had dangled what turned out to be a stolen cheque before him.

    In reality simple common sense, applied when reading the transcripts of the case, shows that the mother could not possibly have seen what went on under the table, it was not made of glass so at best John was convicted on hearsay evidence not permitted in British Courts.

    Not always the most polite of men John had upset the wrong Filipino and she knew if John was arrested he must pay to get free or spend years in jail. She knew that at anytime she could write a letter, (affidavit) of desistance, for which John would pay highly in order to be free of the appalling jail conditions. It was only after testifying she realised he simply had no money and no friends to pay for him so she left him there in anger.

  33. Other British men in prison one on Death Row

    It was the same type of extortion method, well know in the Philippines, that had put Albert Wilson on Death Row, only to be released after international effort by many in December 1999. The Supreme Court of the Philippines described his case as “not worthy of credence” while the head of its prosecution service described it as “but a fabrication”. He spent 3.5 year in prison in New Bilibid Prison, Philippines.

  34. John Pidden not the only one incarcerated

    I soon learned from inmates in the detention camps Diwa and Bicutan, run by the Bureau of Immigration, many more people were being imprisoned and suffering extortion and the loss of all they owned. Some were beaten and suffered abuse and wrongfully deported. A new web sight helped draw international attention to their plight.

    Some of these men were as follows:

    Raymond Jackson (Canadian) Oliver Wassermann (German) and Marcel Nghia a Frenchman. When I heard of their plight I did all I could to help whilst others seem unmoved by such injustice.

  35. News Release

    Albert Wilson wrote in a “News Release” regarding my efforts to help such men as follows:

    David Clarke has sort the assistance of “dead man alive” in his fight to free his brother Michael. No one is claiming Michael is totally innocent because he, like many, was captivated by the now “famous” Dream Girl” syndrome. If Soho was to be taken as descriptive of the whole of Britain we would be horrified but not so the Philippines. We all know it by its reputation for “girls”. Michael chose to set up in a tourist business advertising what so many believe to be the Philippines and paid a very high price for it. He was arrested, despite an NBI report-declaring there to be no case against him, and sentenced to FOURTEEN YEARS. Under Philippine Law, however, had he received fair and equal treatment to a local he would now be free but he is trapped, “for a possible exchange of prisoners pursuant to foreign Service Circular No. 97-94”

    There are others such as Azare Evans whose co-accused has already been released, said to be with the help of the American Embassy while Azare, who is very sick indeed, appears to remain simply because prison officials cannot

    get his name right. When documents were called for so his possible release might be considered the request was not in the same forename as appeared on their records so they simply did nothing.

    We have a list of many wrongfully imprisoned prisoners from various nations

  36. Mission to Philippines

    (2nd August-22nd August)

    Many people were informed of our Mission to the Philippines and we had various responses for different sources here is what Albert wrote:

    David is going out to the Philippines on a “Trojan Horse Mission” to preach and to pray for those in the prisons, to preach and pray for the 10,000 prisoners and (1200) ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED PLUS HUMAN BEINGS,

    on DEATH ROW in the Philippines, he is going to plead for the freedom of his brother (and celebrate his conversion to Christ). The President and our Government are aware of this mission.

    There is much more to this story but I have opened it for David because he is not so good at pen on paper. He will receive this as you do and then he will telephone you. I hope you receive him with consideration and understanding because where Michael still is, I was, and in the eighteen months I


  37. Refuge in Fareham

    As the momentum increased speed I considered it a privilege to offer my home to assist John Pidden on hi release. He had nowhere to go or live and simply came back to Britain with not option but to start all over again. Albert Wilson wrote concerning John release and return to Britain as follows:

    A look at John’s body tomorrow will be all the evidence you need of what else happens to a poor “rich” foreigner in the Philippine Bureau of Corrections where extortion is a way of survival for prison official and inmate equally. David Clarke at Fareham in Hampshire, originally from Ruby, will care for John Pidden.



    Chapter 5

  38. Our Invitation to the Philippines Joseph Kim Here is the letter of invitation


    Our invitation

    Our invitation to preach in the Philippines came through Rev. Joseph Kim of The Reformed Presbyterian Church of the Philippines. Inc. Here is the original invitation.

    Rev. Joseph Kim

    Joseph Kim and his wife are Missionaries from Korea and have worked this way for over 20 years in the Philippines. Joseph Kim is also the Director of The Presbyterian Church of the Philippines Inc. They have trained over 200 missionary people through the work he established in the Philippines.

    Joseph Kim


    Joseph Kim and his wife

    (God bless them both)

    Here is a list of some of the ministries he has helped and was involved in our invitation to preach the gospel in the Philippines in August 2001.

    The six groups who had invited us to preach were Jesus in the Christ Evangelism Movement Followers of Jesus Christ ministries

    Jesus to the World by Radio

    First Inter-Denominational Seminary Prison Ministries Organisation. Reformed Theological Seminary

  39. Informing the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

    I felt it necessary to inform the British Consul and the various VIP’s in the Philippines of our Mission, so here are the letters I sent:

    James Watt

    Head of Consular Division

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office Hampshire

    London SW1E 5HE

    29th April 2001 CC

    The President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

    The Executive Director Board of Pardon and Parole Reynaldo

    G. Bayang

    Secretary Department of Foreign Affairs Ian Sergeant HM Consul

    Dear Mr. Watt,

    Re: Our mission to the Philippines 2nd August 2001- Albert (Dead-man-alive), David Clarke and Gordon Smith.

    Please be advised of our mission to the Philippines. Our mission involves preaching in New Bilibid Prison, Angeles and Olongapo City and any other venue organised by our host Pastor Kim of Muntinlupa City.

    Representations will also be made to the officials or Secretary, Department of Foreign Affairs and Officer of European Affairs, and the Board of Pardon and Parole. In respect of Michael John Clarke.

    We seek and request he be released according to the executive clemency ruling and he return with us to the UK in August 2001.

    In the event of our successful mission please ensure that any over stay visa charges are not levied to Michael accounts. So that upon his release he can leave the Philippines immediately.

    Please give us written assurance that we will have the privileges of FCO security on our visit the Philippines between 2nd -22nd August 2001.

    Yours Sincerely, David Clarke

    My God blesses you.

  40. Michael’s Letter and the Bad news

    About this time Michael wrote and informed me of his bad

    news. Here is his letter: Dear David

    The Board of Pardon and Parole have just informed me that my case is too early for parole/ release by deportation, because of the lack of good time credit being credited to me.

    They have instead recommended that my sentence be commuted to 8-13 years with my release date being early 2003! At the earliest but could be longer. The problem is that they have only credited my good time since Final Judgement of my Appeal-- only about 6 months, because my appeal ended in September 1999.

    Now according to the rules, good time can be credited for all the period since my arrest since June 5th 1995 provided I obtain a manifestation or Agreement that I agreed to abide by their rules and regulations whilst in their custody. I.e. Olongapo Jail, N.B.I. and Bureau of Immigration and here.

    This I did but they all failed to mention the Agreement all they said was that I abided by their regulations and was a model prisoner etc. I was only told to obtain a Manifestation of good conduct there was no mention of the assessment when I asked them what they needed.

    Now I am told after 2 years of the Prison Document Service Section receiving their manifestations that they all lacked this Agreement including theirs.

    When I submitted the Manifestations to the Document Section I asked them clearly in writing to notify me if they were sufficient and if not I would secure all the requirements. They did not inform me either way so I presumed that every thing was in order.

    By the way it took me over a year of repeated requests to secure all these manifestations. The Prison Authorities do nothing to help prisoners and say it’s the responsibility of the prisoner to produce all paperwork.

    If the Board of Pardon and Parole had received from the Prison my full credit of 17 months I would on the 5th June this yea, have served 7 years 5 months which would have qualified me to be recommended for release/Parole/ Deportation because of the rule stating that once a prisoner has served half of his minimum sentence he qualifies. Now because I did not qualify they couldn’t recommend me. They could only commute my sentence because I had only served 1/3 of my sentence, which is the requirement for commutation of sentence.

    It is clearly the fault of the Prison Document Section that this problem came about.. I am due to speak personally with the Director soon and I am sure he will understand and do what ever he can to rectify the problem. However this will take months and more letters trying to get the correct paperwork and once this is secure it will need a fresh petition to the Board of Pardon and Parole explaining the problem of the 1st instance (if they give one)! However the Board will once again take months and months because they will once

    again have to request my prison records and treat my case as a fresh application.

    In the mean time there is nothing you or Sunny can do until you arrive. By then I will have prepared a typed report with the help of the prisons inmate Para

    Legal Dept. It will clearly state the facts that I was denied due process. During you visit you can then go personally to the Prison Director, Board of Pardon and Parole, Foreign Affairs, Secretary of Justice, The Office of the President and the Ambassador at the British Embassy.

    I am sure that this is the only way. All it needs is some high-ranking official to support me and request a priority Intervention to cut through all red tape and request the President to grant my deportation A.S.A.P.

    You stated that you are prepared to stay longer than 3 weeks so I advise you to allow for staying 2 extra months. Extending visa is obtainable in Manila. So leave your house in capable hands. Pastor Lucas will let you stay with him just outside the prison and will go with you to all government offices. You will be able to live on a very tight budget so don’t worry I can help if need be.

    Your prayers to save my soul have been granted but now you have to pray for my release. So be prepared for a battle, which is beyond your imagination. This in not England this is Crazy Land.

    Do not leave your car at airport because it will be expensive for this long period- take the train. Special gate passes will be waiting for you at Gate 1. David Clarke, Gordon Smith Albert. Can you bring 10 copies of your book to give away to the right people? I look forward to seeing you on the 3rd you’re booked in as guest speaker in Pastor Lucas Chapel here on Sunday 5th 9.30 am. Then again on the 9th in another NBP prison church “Joseph Kim’s” and the main event on Saturday 11th August Your Brother in Christ. Michael.

  41. Our letter to our Queen

It was apparent from my communications with the various people in the position to advise very few really could. I felt without the support of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office I must write and inform our Queen of our activities, this I felt was the thing to do so I wrote to our Queen. Here is the letter:

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Buckingham Palace

11 Hayling Close Your Royal Highness,

Re: Diplomatic aid - your prayerful support

We have had difficulties in gaining support from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for our proposed missionary visit

to the Philippines this August. Please find our letter to Mr. Matthew Gold at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which is for your information. Many of your subjects have suffered sever injustice during their stay in the Philippines. Mr. Albert on was wrongly accused and sentenced to death for a crime he did not do in 1996. Thankfully he fought to prove his innocence and was acquitted on 22nd December 1999. The former Prime Minister John Major knows all about this case. There are still other inmates in New Bilibid Prison in the same situation. My Brother, Michael John Clarke, is another who has suffered such injustice- however we are visiting him and others in the Prison (God Willing) this August to share the gospel and to give support to many. I was compelled to write my autobiography called, “Converted on LSD Trip”, published February 2001, which contains the story of my brother’s wrongful arrest and imprisonment in June 1995. Please accept the enclosed copy as a gift. We value you being aware of our visit and any response you may feel appropriate.

Yours very Sincerely,

David Clarke, Gordon Smith and Albert


  1. The Response from Queen Elizabeth II Letter from our Queen

    18th July 2001. Dear Mr. Clarke,

    The Queen has asked me to thank you for your letter of 25th June telling Her Majesty that your brother is in prison in the Philippines, and sending her a copy of your book on the subject. The Queen has taken careful note of your comments, but this is not a matter in which she can intervene directly.

    As a constitutional Sovereign, Her Majesty acts on the advice of her Ministers, and I have, therefore, been instructed to send your letter to the Right Honourable Jack Straw, MP, the Secretary of State for Foreign and CommonwealthAffairs, so that he may know of your approach to Her Majesty on this matter, and may consider the points you raise.

    Yours sincerely,


    Chief Correspondence Officer

    David Clarke, Esq.

  2. Further Correspondent to VIP’s

Further to my letter to the Queen I felt it only right to communicate with all in authority, as we were to be visitors in a foreign Land and had no offer of help from Embassy in the Philippines. I felt I was on the Kings Business and so we were. Here is my letter to The President:


ARROYO, New Executive Building, Malacanang Palace Compound, J. P. Laurel St., San Miguel, Manila

11 Hayling Close, Fareham, Hampshire, PO14 3AE. Tel: (44) 7970 755567. Fax: (44) 7970 755568)

Dear Madam,

Re: Our Mission to the Philippines- Michael John Clarke- Prisoner New Bilibid Prison

I am Michael John Clarke’s brother. Please be advised of our visit to the Philippines between 3rd and 23rd August 2001. Our visit is a two-fold mission.

  1. To preach the Gospel in New Bilibid Prison (and other venues) and share the good news of Michael John Clarke’s conversion to Christ. He was baptized as a Christian on 16th September 2000 in the New Bilibid Prison. You are personally invited to our meeting(s) in the New Bilibid Prison to hear

    the gospel preached and to hear the personal testimony of Michael Clarke. It would be an honour to have you present and an inspiration for the prisoners. 9th August 2001.

    Our host is Rev. Joseph Kim ( and Rev. Lucas Dangatan, Jr. NBP Theological Institute, Maximum Security Compound, B.O.C.

  2. To make personal representations to Mr. Reynaldo G Bayang, the Executive Director of the Board of Pardon and Parole, and Mr. Teofistot Guingona, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs. Requesting that Michael’s application for parole is given due consideration. Please see enclosed copy letters.

    It is our desire that the necessary procedures are executed to unsure Michael John Clarke is released on parole and he return with us (before 23rd August) to the United Kingdom by way of voluntary deportation.

  3. Our prayers are for you. May the God of all grace bless you and keep you and grant you wisdom to govern your beloved country. May you be a peacemaker and may He give you peace. May you be used to promote and preserve the good name and honour of our Lord Jesus Christ in your country?

Yours very respectfully,

David Clarke & Gordon Smith (Ambassadors for Christ)


(Our contact in Manila: Pastor Lucas Dangatan 0917- 7482713)

  1. Our letter to the Office of Foreign Affairs

    Secretary of Foreign Affairs

    Room 211 PICC Building,

    PICC Complex, Roxas Blvd.,


    11 Hayling Close


    Cc President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

    Mr. Reynaldo G, Bayang, Executive Director BPP

    James Watt, Head of Consular Division FCO. United Kingdom

    Dear Mr. Tguingona, Guingona

    Re: Michael John Clarke - Executive Clemency- Parole Further to your letter to Albert, United Kingdom, of March

    20th 2001, in connection with Michael John Clarke, Criminal case No. 258-95 [CA G.R. No.20265], I am Michael’s brother.

    I now understand Michael’s case is overdue for consideration for parole, as he has served more than one third of his sentence.

    I this connection I write to advise you of our proposed visit to your office, to make or personal representations to you on behalf of Michael.

    We respectfully request you do all within your power to make the appropriate arrangements to release Michael John Clarke, on parole, according to the terms of executive clemency.

    Our visit to your office (God Willing) with be on Tuesday, 7th August at 2.00 p.m. Please advise if this is not convenient. Persons in attendance will be:

    Mr. David Clarke (minister of the gospel and brother of Michael John Clarke) Mr. Gordon Smith (minister of the gospel).

    Mr. Albert (who was released from Death Row on Muntinlupa Prison on December 22nd 1999 following his acquittal by the Supreme Court of the Republic of the Philippines).

    Our wish would be that all necessary arrangements be made so that Michael John Clarke be released during our visit between 3rd -23rd August 2001 and he return immediately with us by way of voluntary deportation to the United Kingdom.

    May we wish you Gods blessing.

    You are also cordially invited to attend our preaching ministry in New Bilibid Prison on the 9th August and at other venues.

    Yours very Sincerely, David Clarke

    Gordon John Smith (Ambassadors for Christ). Albert

    (Our contact in Manila: Pastor Lucas Dangatan 0063 9165249530)

    Chapter 6

  2. Harry Joost and Objections to the Mission

    Shortly after this I was taken by surprise when I learned not every one appreciated our Mission objectives. The following letters show a response from Harry Joost just one amongst others. He is the Liaison Officer of Baloy Beach Residence Association, near Olongapo City, Philippines.

    Date: Monday, April 23, 2001 5:38 pm

    E-mail from: Harry Joost To: David Clarke

    Subject: Fwd: Michael John Clarke-Prisoner for exchange-

    Branded Paedophile-New Bilibid Prison, Philippines Dear David,

    I cannot go along with many things you are publishing but understand your grief. I know this case from the beginning but did not have the time, the money and openly admit, did not have the feedbacks to help. I alarmed the Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines and went with them to see Michael. You got the report of that Commission. They did a very good job and their finding was CLEAR, there was no victim, no complainant and what else. A guilty criminal was needed and was produced with the help of a British journalist who was pressured.

    I will honestly admit that I read stories in the papers, saying that a child sex tour operator was wanted nation wide. These stories appeared every day. The stories claimed that Michael was protected by the NBI. I admit I called the NBI as ordered by the administrator of Baloy Beach, Olongopo City holiday resort, Mr. Carlito Baloy. The NBI told me that there was no complaint pending and the stories in the newspapers were baseless. That was o.k. For me. I was victimized with this kind of stories before (later on it turned out that these stories were fabricated by Shay Cullen, forgive me to say, for sensationalism.

    Later on at that day I was called by Shay Cullen (forgive me not to call him FATHER), who wanted to have it verified if Michael was here. I confirmed in the believe that if a priest was watching the case, it was under the very control of the

    church. I confirmed that Michael was here at Baloy Beach. The rest is history. Please forgive me for that. I trusted Cullen and took the stand for Michael when I found out that there was an attempt to “get your brother” by all means. I tried my best to help but was helpless against Cullen and his fanatic prosecutor.

    I studied the case well and honestly I could not see any crime committed by Michael. Cullen needed a “pig to be slaughtered” and with a lot of, I believe, criminal energy, it worked. The most important thing was, Cullen got what he wanted. He got a donation-laden conviction. I realized that a paedophile was needed and it was produced. In fact, Michael was, forgive me the bad language, a dumb guy who wanted to make a living in a small-scale tourism. He just agreed to everything put into his mouth, to get his first customers without to promote child prostitution or child sex tours. Michael was just innocent, exact what Shay Cullen needed to “promote” his childcare centre, in fact a good running factory for furniture, handicraft and dried fruits, which actually didn’t care for “all the children of the Philippines”. At that time they were only 14 children at Preda, Inc. As stated in court documents.

    I will just refer to the report of the Commission on Human Rights and the reports of the NBI. MICHAELWAS WASTED FOR A CRIMINAL MANIAC, who for himself ( Cullen) might turn out to be one of the biggest child abusers of the Philippines. Please look in this connection to the Rudi von Ballmoos case. The now Vice President of the Philippines acquitted von Ballmoos, after almost three years. This man was framed up in a manner, which reminds on horror or

    better on the witch hunt centuries ago. The German Court made a half page ruling, which explains all. Still, this man is roaming around free.

    David, I cannot go along with your begging letters, saying Michael was a criminal and you told him not to get involved with what else. Michael was not a criminal in this case. He became a human sacrifice for a pervert. Forgive me my involvement in the case. Let us pray for Michael and I am sure, even it will take long, it will be proven that Michael is innocent.

    Sincerely yours Harry E. Joost

    Wed, 11 Jul 2001 17:08:57 +080

    Further e-mail from Harry Joost Dear David,

    May I tell you one thing I believe in? Please accept it and quit your STUPID mission to the Philippines. I honestly believe your brother was innocent and became a victim of somebody who “slaughtered” him like a goat. It is not needed to say who that somebody is. All of us we know it. It will not help you to please some people saying, he was “a little bit guilty”. Michael was dreaming about to make some money by guiding tourist around in this beautiful country. He failed. Believe me, I know the case from the beginning

    and expected an acquittal. I even informed the press about the upcoming acquittal but got my lesson.

    Only the NBI Report explains the real thing behind it. Somebody who was trusted very much at that time made money out of your brother’s faith (tourism venture). That is all and it is history. Your remarks on the Philippines are uncalled for. The Philippines are more democratic than other countries in the world. But slow. Do not blame the country, blame yourself. As I told you before, only a little bit money would have done it that Michael would have been out on bail and would have had a good chance to defend himself. Did you help him? NO YOU DID NOT DO IT! Michael had no money to pay his lawyer, his bail and what else. Now comes his HERO BROTHER WITH PRAYERS! Forget it and stay home. Give your money you are wasting to a good lawyer to speed up Michael’s release.

    I understand Michael’s situation well. Let us make the best out of it. With your terror stories about the Philippines you will not gain anything. I am willing to help and I am willing to do it on my own expenses as I did in all the cases the accuser of Michael, this sick Irish Priest is involved. Let us do it, but agree, that your damn Mission is the wrong way. We had too much Religion involved in these cases, we do not need more. We need facts and action. More important, we do not need to insult my host country, as you are doing it. Come to your sense and all of us will help. If you are coming with accusations and uncalled prayer rallies, leave us alone. Please agree that my friends and I hear the word first hand over here. Don’t make a commercial gimmick out of your

    “DEAD MAN ALIVE”. I was sh-t on as our lawyer was too. We are not calling ourselves that cr-p.

    If I do a work, I do it the legal way and respect the Philippine Law, the Philippine Culture and the Philippine Penal System. This system is not nice and needs review, according to the worldwide standard, which is changing all the time. Please respect in this connection the letter of Alan Atkins. I hope you understood me!

    Regards Harry E. Joost

    (A man alive because he understands and respects Philippine Laws, Culture and Mentality)

  3. Alan Atkins’ Article From: Alan Atkins

    Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 16:35:49 +0800

    To: David Clarke

    Cc: Harry Joost and Ian Sargeant (H.M Consul)

    Subject: Re: FW: Michael John Clarke-Shay Cullen - Mission to the Philippines

    This e-mail was published in June’s Issue of Immigration Today

    Dear David,

    From your many messages, and reading your various publications, you seem a genuinely good person who has a genuine desire to help your brother to “get out of jail free.” I understand that you gave your life to preaching about Jesus, and giving advice to others. Then, David, I hope that you are as good at taking advice as giving it, because I must endorse what Harry Joost is advising you, and beg you to postpone your intended mission to the Philippines. Basically, it can do no good, and only do harm. You see, you are looking at the small picture of your brother Michael and his problems caused by Cullen. You are looking at curing a patient while there are a growing number of people who are working at eliminating the disease. Your proposed timing could just not be worse. In fact, your proposal, should it go ahead, will ensure that at least one person washes his hands and vows to let every foreigner who gets into trouble in this country to go to hell. I think that Harry would join me. We will sometimes sit in his restaurant and enjoy a beer instead.

    After many years of suffering abuse, insults, threats, lawsuits and worse from a vicious and cunning adversary. I believe that Harry is about to turn the tide. He hasn’t done this for money. It has cost him money and reputation. He hasn’t done this in the name of Jesus. He has done it as simply a good man who believes somebody has to do something. Just when he has something about to happen, that if won, would be justification to hold an inquiry into all cases brought about by Cullen, you intend to blow in and set public opinion firmly against foreigners at totally the wrong time for us here.

    How do you think this will help Michael? Do you think the

    authorities will say, “Oh, dear. His brother has found Jesus. We must release him. “ Rubbish”. Please see if you can find an immigrant Filipino who speaks good English and get him to explain hiya and napihya to you. It is important that you fully understand this before you open your mouth even once in the Philippines. Your action may please the British press. They may even pay you for it. It is a good story - for them. It is tomorrow’s fish and chip wrapping. I will tell you what it will do for Michael. It will ensure that he never receives parole and serves out the full sentence. Ask Suny how we were punished just because one of his stupid foreigner mates upset the commander of the guards.

    What are you hoping to get Cullen to do? Admit that he is a fraud? Confess to the authorities that he made false accusations? You know exactly what your visit will achieve

  4. Why do you believe you know better?

    Now, knowing you will show this to a man I spent nearly a year of my life worrying about, Suny, who childishly has adopted a silly name, Dead Man Alive, which I refuse to use. Why in heavens name does he want to return here? The least amount of damage he can do to you is attract a huge crowd from Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption, who will not only howl for his blood, but yours and your brother’s. They alone will ensure that Michael receives no parole, ever. They still have a poster in their office, which says, Bring the Briton Back.

    Although being played up for publicity, his life is only at risk if he returns to his old area in Valenzuela. Mind you, I think I could strangle him myself. Why do this after all the work to get him out of here? How, in three weeks, is he going to actually help his fellow convicts in Muntinlupa the reverse? If he were genuine, instead of wasting an airfare, he would donate the cost of it to these fellow convicts, as he is well aware of the importance of funds in that prison.

    If N--- is not granted her visa to UK before he comes, or worse, if she is totally refused her visa, she then has nothing to lose. All other accusations she made against him can still stand. Just because evidence was listened to in court regarding

    other alleged rapes, he was not on trial for any one of them. This was pointed out in the decision handed down by the Supreme Court. He cannot therefore claim immunity from prosecution. Is he really confident that under great pressure from Gabriella, VACC and her own father, that she will not press these charges? Are you really sure, Suny? Because, I am not, and if it happens, I promise you, you are on your own this time, and I hope you are as competent as you projected to the UK press. Did you pay Ortega and Co? If not, you could face arrest on this outstanding bill. What are you going to achieve? Stand on the steps of DOJ with your reimbursement money, stating how disgusting it is, when it is the amount specified for Filipinos, by law. As a foreigner, do you think you qualify for more? In the current climate, there will be anti-foreign press, and what will you have achieved? Absolutely nothing but publicity for yourself and damage to those you promised to help. For goodness sake!

    I, like Harry, want nothing to do now with your mission. I think it is detrimental to all the work we have achieved and had hoped to achieve in the future. You want to wreck it? On your conscious be it.

    However, if it goes ahead, I will distance myself by sending this to all those on your mailing list.

    Sorry David,

    but this is how I feel. Alan Atkins.

  5. Our letters to Fr. Shay Cullen

    My intent in writing this account is not to dwell on Fr. Shay Cullen but to draw attention to the fact that evil men connive together in the name of justice and purport to be good people for various reasons. Reasons which some say are to gain personal attention to themselves and gain the favour of people in order to gain money and support. This is the charge levelled at Shay Cullen by others. It is not my intent to judge Fr. Shay Cullen in this issue but to declare how his methods of injustice are in fact evil. I was moved with a right principle and so I wrote to Fr. Shay Cullen. I felt it only right to give him the opportunity to come clean or defend himself.

    I have already explained how I was convinced of my brother’s innocence and was aware that Fr. Shay Cullen had been the sole complainant against Michael. I was also aware that the Christian Aid Charity worker, Adam Holloway and

    I.T.N. news reporter, Martin Cottingham had been involved in making a video to expose child abuse, along side Fr. Shay Cullen. I had viewed the video documentary produced by Network First, entitled “Children in danger” which appeared on I.T.N. Meridian television in England in November 1996, which was about Fr. Shay Cullen and his unorthodox ways and mission.

    I now realised that this video made exaggerated claims about various people and so called syndicates with no substantial facts. The video purported that Fr. Shay Cullen was a just man seeking the good of abused women and children who were all victims of the sex trade particularly in the Philippines.

    I now believe this documentary is but a fabrication and is very questionable. I say this because of my personal dealings with Shay Cullen since as he has proved him self to be a master at deformation and slander in my own case.

  6. Letter One to Shay Cullen

    My “Easter” letter to Fr. Shay Cullen

    From: David Clarke

    Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 10:32:20 +0100

    To: <> Subject: Child Prostitution Dear Fr. Shay Cullen,

    Re: Michael John Clarke

    I too was horrified at the actions of Michael John Clarke, when I saw the T.V. headline news on I.T.N. in 1996, in England.

    I too support your work in bringing an end to all kinds of abuse including Child and any type of prostitution. I am a Christian and evangelist.

    I warned my brother Michael Clarke, before he went to the Philippines, his trade in sex tourism was immoral and I

    was against him.

    It was only in July 2000 that I was able to read the NBI report on Michael’s case and was able to hear Michael’s cry for help. This was because of my feelings of horror and shame of Michael’s doing. He deserved being stopped and being dealt with.

    I now believe that he is speaking the truth and did not do the crimes for which you testified against him.

    It is for this reason I write to you as, God willing, we shall be coming to the Philippines, this summer to preach the Gospel in the New Bilibid prison, and other venues. It is hoped God willing Michael will be able to give a clear testimony of his repentance from sin and towards God and faith in our lord Jesus Christ.

    I have written to you before but my e-mail’s have been ignored. Please acknowledge my correspondence. It is for this reason I have published our new Web Site seeking to help Michael John Clarke, believing you are an enemy of truth.

    I believe you have been responsible for Michael’s imprisonment for a crime you fabricated.

    Michael, now, a true penitent, has expressed he has forgiven you for your wrongful actions and prays for you, even though he felt this was contrary to his first reactions when he was arrested.

    Michael was absolutely wrong in all his doings and the challenge to you now is; are you being honest in your methods in getting Michael imprisoned for crimes (not sins) he did not do. Etc with the I.T.N. T.V. crew back in 1995/6.

    He too acknowledges his ways were wrong and has recently turned from sin to the Lord Jesus Christ seeking forgiveness for his sin. He now has living faith in the person and finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I have suggested Michael contacts you himself to sort this matter out.

    I would like to speak to you personally and resolve this matter. I fear God and am his servant of our Lord Jesus Christ and do not wish an unnecessary battle with you over this issue.

    The media in Britain have expressed their interest in Michael’s Story and they are invited to come on our trip to the Philippines this summer to report events. We may be accompanied by a T.V. crew to broadcast our visit and preaching, which may include Michael’s testimony of repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and your involvement in his imprisonment.

    I have written a true story of my life- how I became a Christian- and this has been published and I would like you to read it. I will send a copy to you if you like as it speaks about you and is being used to help my brother’s release. Please give me your address.

    If you are offended to any material I have written I invite you to respond so I may put matters right.

    A copy of my book,” Converted on LSD Trip” has been sent to Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo the President of the Philippines as I am seeking her intervention regarding Michael’s case. Also the Rt. Hon. Jack Straw, Minister of State, Home Office UK, has received a copy.

    I have also received acknowledgments from the Chaplain General, for the prison service in Great Britain, Rev. TM Jones (fax 020 7217 5090) and Also from the Principal Education Officer for prisons, Mr. Anthony Harris, with encouragement’s to circulate the book in 150 prisons in the United Kingdom.

    I am telling the story live on Radio on May 13 Th. May 2001 at 10.45 (GMT) to which I invite you to listen <http://>

    You will need real-player or something similar to listen too it.

    Please give this matter you utmost attention, Yours in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. David Clarke

    Easter 15 th. April 2001.

  7. No response from Shay Cullen

    I received no response from Shay Cullen, which served to confirm my suspicions that he was not Christian and was not governed by the Word of God but by another principle.

    Elymaus the Sorcerer

    I now call Cullen “Elymaus the Sorcerer” because he has proved him self to be en enemy of the Lord Jesus Christ. I point this out later on in this story as I discovered how Shay Cullen worked. He wrote to the Undersecretary of Justice on the 4th August.

    As a Christian I felt it right to speak to Shay Cullen directly so that I could ascertain for my self if he were a Christian or not. I discovered that he was not because of his behaviour and slander towards me. This I will show and as a result you will be able to see how God will deal with Cullen. We hope he will come to repentance otherwise his fall will be great. Having received no reply from Shay Cullen I decided to write again nearer the time of our intended mission to the Philippines here is my letter to him.

  8. Letter two To Shay Cullen

    Dear F. Shay Cullen,

    I am David Clarke from the United Kingdom and am Michael Clarke’s Brother. We are coming to the Philippines on a Christian Mission between 3rd and 23rd of August. I

    am the guest speaker on the Crusade, in New Bilibid Prison, Olongapo and Angeles City Jails. We will be preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ at other venues during our visit to Manila, including drug rehabilitation centers and hopefully detainee Camp Bicutan.

    This is an evangelical mission and we shall be celebrating the conversion of Michael John Clarke to Christianity.

    I have encouraged Michael to write to you as when he first was sentenced he felt very bitter towards you. Like the Demoniac in Luke’s Gospel Jesus directed him to go and tell all the people what the Lord had done for him. This I have directed Michael to do and he is doing it.

    I am enclosing Michael’s letter to you.

    I will also send a copy of this via snail mail and include a copy of my book “Converted on LSD Trip”. This is my testimony as to how the Lord Jesus delivered me from a life of crime, drugs and sex over 30 years ago. Michael became a Christian 30 years later. We shall be sharing the story in the Prisons in the Philippines this summer.

    We would like to visit Preda Foundation during our visit and view/obtain a copy of the video tape used against Michael in his trial in 1995. Would this be possible?

    It is believed that the word of our testimony will be used for the salvation of many in the Philippines.

    Yours Sincerely David Clarke

    Ambassador for Christ 16th July 2001

    I received no response to Shay Cullen.

  9. Letter Three Michael’s Letter

Dear Shay Cullen,

Re: Christian Mission to the Philippines

“The Trojan Hose Mission” team from England will be staging a major event here in the prison at 11 a.m. on August 11th, 2001.

My brother David is the team leader and it is his intention to broadcast it live on the internet. I will be giving my personal testimony of my amazing conversion.

I have forgiven you completely for fabricating the case against me.

It was God’s will that you were to be used by Satan in order to save my soul. Praise the Lord. Petition prayers worldwide are answered.

Please honour us with your presence onAugust 11th because I believe it is important that you hear my confession of how I have truly separated from my former life and have been granted eternal life by the GRACE OF GOD ALMIGHTY.

It may be hard for you to believe my sincerity that I truly do want to embrace you as a fellow member of God’s family.

The truth will set you FREE. R.S.V.Pvia David@dclarke49. and

Yours truly

Michael John Clarke New Bilibid Prison July 16th, 2001.

65 I write to the Editor Immigration Today

19th June 2001 To The Editor,

Immigration Today Junes Issue 2001

I am David Clarke from the UK and the Director of a Christian Mission to the Philippines.

We have been invited to preach the gospel in New Bilibid

Prison, Angeles City, and Olongapo City Jails. Also in drug rehabilitation centres and possibly the Detainee Camp Bicutan. Our mission is between 3rd-23rd 0f August 2001.

As you know New Bilibid Prison is called the “Big House” and 13,000 inmates are imprisoned in the Maximum Compound and some 1200 are on Death Row.

My brother Michael John Clarke is an inmate in New Bilibid Prison and is due for release in 2003. He was originally given a 16-year prison sentence for “Promoting Child Prostitution”

This mission is the first ever of this size in New Bilibid Prison and many VIP’s have been invited to attend the various venues of the mission. It is hoped live coverage of the event will take place via radio or even T.V..

We are celebrating the fact that Michael became a Christian and was baptized in a 45-galleon oil drum on 16th September 2000 whilst in New Bilibid Prison. This baptism took place in an oil drum due to gang warfare preventing the use or a normal baptistery in the prison chapel. We declare that The Lord Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners. God is no respecter of persons.

Michael will be giving his testimony to the inmates, on the 11th August, and permission is being sought to take Michael with the mission team to the other prisons to bare testimony at these prisons too.

Harry Joost and Alan Atkins both believe this mission is uncalled for. Harry calls it a stupid mission and can serve no good cause. Alan threatens an e-mail blitz to all on my mailing list if the Mission goes ahead. Please see his enclosed e-mail and I also refer to Alan Atkins article as published in “Immigration Today” magazine. (Please Editor could I obtain a copy)

Now that our mission is “noised abroad” through your Immigration Today) I am seeking publicity of all kinds, as the message we bring is good news to all concerned. I invite you to publish my letter of reply to Alan Atkins’ article, (a journalist/correspondent) which you published in June’s issue of Immigration Today.

Iwouldbepleasedtoinformyouofanyfurtherdevelopments in the mission and to give the true story behind the Trojan Horse Mission.

PS. Our Prime Minister Tony Blair is aware of our Mission and so is our Queen Elizabeth II.

See our Web site Yours Sincerely

David Clarke Mission Director

Telephone: (44) 7970 755567

Please view regularly because it is continually being updated.

See Itinerary, letters, invites etc.

Praise the Lord - you are all welcome to our meetings. We arrive on 3rd August 11.30 p.m. Manila Airport.

  1. My response to Harry Joost to Alan Atkins’

    Article in Junes Issue “Immigration Today” Dear Harry,

    We have never met however I do value your feedback because by that means I know from where you are coming.

    With respect to Michael John Clarke my brother. I too believed neither Michael was nor guilty of the crime he was sentenced for in the Philippines. However he was of guilty of immoral activity in promoting the sex trade that I find unacceptable. I was shocked by the T.V. news on I.T.N. Television in 1996, which was organised by Shay Cullen and conducted by Adam Holloway and Martin Cottingham of Christian Aid. I was so shocked that my hearing was stopped from listening to Michael. I felt he deserved to get a bashing and perhaps the prison sentence would at least stop his activity.

    It was not till Albert was acquitted on 21st December 1999

    and made him self-known to me on (December 25th) that I began to listen to Michael. He brought news with him of Michael and others in New Bilibid Prison who he believed were innocent. As has been proved by the recent release of John Pidden. He brought the National Bureau of Investigation report (NBI) regarding Michael and Shay Cullen. I realised then Michael had been set up. Yes he was foolish.

    When Albert left New Bilibid Prison he left a few things behind. These items were in a carrier bag together with much paper back books- one book “Mere Christianity” written by the famous English writer, C.S.Lewis.

    It was this book that was the instrument used to open Michael’s eyes as to his condition and state before God.

    This book was given to Albert by Roger Stone a missionary and bible translator working in the Philippines. Through this book Michael became a Christian by exercising faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. This was whilst doing time in New Bilibid Prison.

    His baptism in the oil drum on the 16th September 2000 was due the problems in the prison of gang warfare preventing the use of the normal baptistery in the Prison chapel.

    I was in June/July 2000 that I was fully convinced of Michael’s innocence of the said crime and I had the evidence before me- it was the NBI report and the fact I was able to believe Michael himself. Over that year his letters changed he had become a Christian. Please go and view these letters

    on his web site ( under the heading of Michael’s Letters.

    I knew Michael had been foolish and sinful man doing the things he had been doing, as are all who do the same. I too however cannot throw stones- read my testimony “Converted on LSD Trip, by David Clarke (February 2001) http://www.

    Every good father, mother and king would be ashamed of such a sons. I became a Christian after Jesus spoke to me during a bad experience on LSD on 16th January 1969. I turn from my former sinful way to Jesus Christ on that day.

    I have written to Shay Cullen but I have had no reply. So too has Michael. It will be interesting to see what comes of it. I have asked to meet him- we will see. The battle is not mine it really is between him and Michael.

    I am on the side of the righteous as I hope you all are. You wait and see.

    It is not for me to interfere with the politics of another nation but I do have a mandate to preach the gospel to every nation. I have been sent particularly, at this time to the Philippines. To preach the unsearchable riches of Christ, to the inmates and staff officials in New Bilibid Prison, Angeles City Jail, Olongapo City Jail, Angeles City, Drug rehabilitation Centres- bars in Olongapo City, bars in Subic Bay bars and Fr. Shay Cullen.

    Our Queen Elizabeth II, Prime Minister Tony Blair, Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, your President Gloria Macapagal

    -Arroyo are all aware of our “Trojan Horse Mission”.

    I believe the wind or tornado of which you speak will in fact be the MIGHTY WIND OF THE SPIRT OF GOD. The

    Lord Jesus Himself will be baptising men and women with the Holy Ghost and fire. Saving them too from sin death and hell, as he has done Michael and I and many others. Every Christian man and women in the Philippines will rejoice at such news - You ask them? I hope your word is that of prophecy. But be comforted if it were not of God then nothing will come of it.

    No man wants religion- that is devilish-no man wants falsehood that is of Satan. I speak the truth I lie not. Taste and see for your selves.

    Harry you and Alan I sense are men of experience however I am certain you have never met a man like me before. I love you both- though we have never met- I want to win you both for Jesus Christ- as would your President. She too has been invited to our meetings.

    I wish to leave political issues out of this. I have no intention of stirring up problems that you have to deal with. I have heard your former concerns. I wish to lay low on certain issues. I respect your wishes.

    You say you would like to help. Well now as Alan published a quotation by German Premier Otto von Bismark,

    in “Immigration Today” -read it. You would like to “but”…...

    Is that just another way of saying you will do nothing to help? If you are a sincere man wishing to help promote righteousness and moral up-rightness in the Philippines I am asking you to suggest ways you can help me ensure the Mission is a success. It would be invaluable if you Alan Atkins’ would be our religious correspondent, just like Luke was to the Apostle Paul in the New Testament.

    Yours very sincerely David Clarke Mission Director

    Ambassador for Christ. 17th July 2001.

    PS: Since Alan’s article appeared in Immigration Today please ask if my letter to you can to be published by way of a reply.

    Chapter 7

  2. One man sews another reaps

We were amazed

Both Gordon and I were truly amazed at the Good work of God that was going on in New Bilibid (Maximum

Compound) Prison. We discovered in almost every quarter- converted men working together to promote the gospel of Christ. These were real men, convicted and reformed men. They were notorious criminals now converted to Christ. As you scan the list of the crimes of our “Trojan Warriors” you will find many of these men had lived lives of wine, women, strong drink, violence and riotous living in the past.

We list their crimes not to glorify crime but the Lord Jesus Christ who has delivered these men from their past lives. Some of these men are killers, gang leaders, pimps, rapists, hired killers, scallywag Cops6. This prison houses them all. It is the National Penitentiary where all the long-term serious offenders are sent. If there has been a crime committed then these are the sorts of men that have been involved and are the ringleaders. On the outside some men have not yet been caught but I am sure these will know them by some means or other.

The convicted criminals, both rich and poor, have one thing in common; they meet together in this one place. Muntinlupa City, New Bilibid Prison is called ‘The Big House”. A reminder of death, in fact the similitude is a good as both rich and poor, all end up in one place, the grave “death” takes them there. Then after death “The Judgement”.

The difference however is that in New Bilibid Prison life has come to many and this has been through the power of the gospel as they simple believed the truth about them selves and Christ who came to save them. The gospel was working

6 Scallywag: local word for a bent policeman

in these men’s lives and it was the sense of this that caused great waves of delight to role over us as we contemplated the reformation, which was taking place in this prison before our eyes. Some of these men, we now call them our men, have been rescued men from the “ fall”,7 been made alive unto God. They had been saved through faith in Christ. Not all of the prisoners8 but many. God was among them. Christ had come and was working reformation in their lives: It cannot be denied.

  1. Not one man or women

    Such a work, as I have described cannot be down to just one man or women. Over the years God had sent missionaries to speak the gospel and share Christ in this prison. There have been many workers of which in will mention some9. These are just a few whom we were privileged to meet and work with.

  2. Olga Robertson

One lady missionary Olga Robertson was away during our visit but she latter sent a copy of her book in which she


7 All humanity is fallen and in original sin. There is no one righteous. See articles of religion: Appendix 05

  1. There are 13,000 inmates in the Maximum Compound, 23,500 in N.B.P

  2. Olga Robertson, Corrie Ten Boon and Sister Claudette Staples

    mentions Corrie Ten Boon10 and Lucas Dangatan.

    Olga must be now quite old; we did not meet she but gave permission to use her book. She had been a single mother and missionary having twin girls, Kitty and Kat. Her book has been written and entitled “The Men in my life” all 9000 of them. She was and is a testimony to the miraculous grace of God: an inspiration to us all.

    Working as a single mother she shared the gospel with hundreds of men in new

    Bilibid Prison. It would seem her speciality was working with “Death Convicts”, as also was Corrie Ten Boon after she survived the war and until she died. She came along side her men, when the religious authorities, in the form of a priest or Muller would argue about needful arrangements of dealing with a man about to die. Some one had to deal with his possessions and his body after death and report to his family, children or relatives. Before such a man was strapped to the Electric Chair to be electrocuted she would slip in along-side the guards and speak the comforting words of Christ to such a man, who in just a few moments would have 3000 volts drive the deadly electric current through his body. Electricity being no respecter of persons. She writes of many cases of her men dying “In Christ” with a smile of triumph, in the electric chair, as they too had received Him whom to know is life eternal. These men shall never die.

  3. The Nazis placed corrie Ten Boon with her sister in Ravensbrook Concentration camp for saving Jews. Her book “The Hiding Place”.

Olga writes in her book11 of one Lucas P. Dangatan, a former inmate of New Bilibid Prison for two counts of robbery with violence and illegal Possession of Firearm He was “born again” in Baguio City jail after hearing a testimony of one bible student who conducted bible studies in that jail. His first birth was in 1956 at a place called Saganda, Mt. Province.

  1. Lucas P. Dangatan Robbery with violence

    He was sentenced for robbery with violence with illegal firearms and was transfer to New Bilibid Prison after 4 years of his 8-year sentence and then he was released under Parole in 1985. He immediately enrolled at a Bible School. After which he graduated then went back into New Bilibid Prison- not longer because he of a crime but as a prisoner of Christ. He has now served almost 13 years in full time work within New Bilibid Prison.

  2. Lucas Baptises Michael

This man was the man who baptised Michael as a Christian, on 16th September 2000 in this prison. His baptism date was in fact 4 years to the day of Albert’s wrongful sentence to death. Albert was sentenced to death on 16th September 1996. It was Albert who gave Michael the book by C.S. Lewis, an


11 Olga Robertson, ”The men in my life” (all 900 0f them). Republished by Trojan Horse International C. M.

English writer called “Mere Christianity”. It was this book, which had a great effect on Michael and was instrumental in his conversion to Christ.

  1. President of The Teacher Training College New Bilibid Prison

    Lucas Dangatan was chosen as the President of our “Teacher Training College” now in New Bilibid Prison. He had established the New Bilibid Prison Theological Institute after returning to the prison on his release as a mission worker. We understand our Teacher Training College to be the only one in the world run but former convicted notorious criminals. We have over 30 members of staff mostly convicted reformed criminals.

  2. Official Opening of the Mission Office

    Such a work commenced officially on the 21st October 2001 and continues to this day (See chapter 10). These men teach others how to share/preach the gospel and take encouragement to other prisons not only in the Philippines but our vision is through out the whole world. Our “Trojan Warriors” are sent with a mission to ”Set the Captives Free” wherever the lord opens to door to them upon their release. It is our remit to support these men on their mission.

  3. Riots on Death Row

    It is not my intention bring fear to those men who may be sentenced to New Bilibid (Maximum Security Compound) but to point out its history and show how Christ in men can change the future. Olga Robertson wrote in her book:

  4. Quote from Olga Robertson

    “The Men in my life” (See Appendix for the forward) From a distance, the approaching traveller can see lonely

    turrets jutting out from the white, massive walls of what looks like a medieval castle. They seem to warn curious onlookers to keep a safe distance or be thrown into gloomy, dreaded dungeons. Though not as massive as the Great Wall of China, nevertheless, these forbidding walls certainly seem menacing to an outsider. You can’t help wondering what terrible secrets are guarded behind the impregnable walls of this strange castle. The reality of the prison, however, is underscored by the lacing of steel spikes and electrified barbed wires across the top of the walls.

    Muntinlupa is a world within a world, almost completely detached from the frenzied lifestyle of an ever-growing metropolis that sprawls around it. “Insiders” stare at their visitors” as if each meeting will be their last chance to see a friendly face.

    Muntinlupa is a name that brings terror to many since that

    prison is reserved for the most notorious criminals. Bloody riots are frequent between the rival gangs, and there is little hope for those imprisoned there. If they are not killed by their fellow-inmates, the cruel wheels of “justice” will probably end their lives. They truly “sit in darkness” in spite of the brilliant Philippine sunshine.

    As I approached, I was acutely aware that my Bible School training had not prepared me for this kind of ministry. Nine thousand men were waiting on the other side of the forbidding walls and I hardly knew what I could do to make a difference in their lives. Still, I had God’s Word and it needed to be planted within those walls, even more desperately than it was needed outside. I hoped to share God’s truth and hope with a few of those forsaken men.

    The superintendent made it clear that there would be no proselytising; only if I had followers there already, would I be welcome. Without Mrs. Thompson’s thirty converts, I would never have been allowed inside Bilibid Prison at that time.

    The superintendent called Pedrosa, the leader of Mrs. Thompson’s group, and he welcomed me heartily since the men were from varied religious backgrounds and needed teaching in the Bible to help them grow spiritually. I returned home rejoicing.

    About the turn of the year in 1958, there were prison riots, which discouraged some of the people who had helped me, so sometimes I went alone to hold the services. It took a

    long time for the guards to get used to having a lady minister there. One particular Saturday, I arrived only to be told that there were riots in the cell-house on Death Row. Other groups turned to leave, but I decided to make a stand. “Sir, this is the time the men need to hear the Gospel so they’ll know that Jesus will forgive them.” Only after I signed a waiver releasing them from all responsibility was I allowed to enter the prison that day.

    I asked the commander of the guard to tell me what really had happened. He told me the horrifying story: One gang rushed down from the top floor, barricaded the gate and burned their gang rivals in their sleeping mats, cutting off the head of one inmate with a sharpened nail and playing ball with it until the guards could enter and stop the free-for all. One prisoner broke loose and tore the flag from its pole, wrapping himself in it. The guards could not shoot the flag so it was a while before they could grab him and put him in leg irons.

    Then, he had eleven “troublemakers” brought to me, handcuffed and in leg irons. They wore only trousers and their bandages were in plain view. They saw my white uniform and supposed I was a nun. “Mother, give us a prayer book - a rosary,” they begged of me. “No,” I said, “but I will teach you how to pray from your heart.” They were made to sit on benches and I stood before them I mixed my English with whatever Tagalog I knew and realized that, for the first time in my prison ministry, I was talking to murderers! I wanted to show even these hardened men that God loved them in spite of their sins.

    Their tattooed bodies testified to their gang membership and the violence of their lives. The stockades that housed them had been built of the steel matting the U.S. Air force had used for landing planes during the fighting in the Philippines during World War 11.

    The senseless killings disturbed the entire prison, and for severalweekstheatmospherewasturbulentandunpredictable. The slightest movement inside a cell would cause all the men to run for cover. Many were attacked with whatever weapons the men could devise. I saw one man, cringing near the gate, begging to be transferred to another dormitory. He, and many others, were acting like scared rats. Riots spread to Davao Penal Colony and there was retaliation among the gangs incarcerated there. Men were killed upon the slightest provocation.

    Those who were caught taking part in the riots were put into leg irons, made to do hard labour and to sleep on the cement at night. Early one morning, it was raining and still quite dark when some prisoners sneaked out of their cells, crawling along the prison grounds. They neared the prison gate where the rioters were held in the leg irons. These helpless men were killed before the guards knew what was happening.

    After nine months, the stockades that held these men were destroyed and they were returned to the New Bilibid compound where they occupied Building Four. I continued to minister to them there. The day came when one of my elders baptized eighty members of the Sputtnik gang in the

    water tank of their dormitory.

    “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me. Because the Lord has anointed me to preach good tidings to the poor, He has sent me to heal the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound.” (Isa. 61: 1)

    We influence change by the grace of God

  5. A Visit to the Prison

    This is a quotation from Sentenced to Death” By Earl Wilkinson and Alan Atkins, Chapter 14.

    Meanwhile, Wilkinson also had been very busy. The lawyer, to whom he had given both the transcript and a check in order to obtain an opinion, returned both with apologies. The reason he could not take on the task was that his firm specialized in prosecuting paedophiles, not defending them. As Geoffrey Robertson Q. C. wrote in one of his books, “The most unpopular task any lawyer can undertake is that of defending paedophiles.”

    He decided that it was the turn of Atkins to pull it apart and see what could be found that might assist in the Appellant’s Brief that had to be considered when the case came up for review before the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, he invited Atkins to accompany him on his next visit to Wilson. The visit was so traumatic that, upon return, Atkins wrote it up in

    his computer while the emotion was fresh. It said:

    We sit on the concrete bench, smoking our cigarettes, looking out into the valley of lush grass and banana palms, enjoying the cool of the early morning. To get here at this time, we had both risen before the sun. Dawn had witnessed us in a taxi, being driven down the South Superhighway, away from the city of Manila and towards the town of Muntinlupa, home to Bilibid Prison. Our mission? To meet Albert Ernest Wilson, British subject, incarcerated on Death Row, waiting for his final appeal to be considered by the Supreme Court of the Philippines. For him, rejection will mean being, well, as he puts it, “murdered,” in a semi-ritualistic manner. He will be strapped to a trolley, arms outstretched as though being crucified. Needles will be inserted into his veins and three substances will be injected into him, the final of the three being lethal. All for a crime that he did not commit. One of which he is totally innocent. That of raping his twelve-and- a-half-year-old stepdaughter.

    Our names are called and we pass through into a wire- meshed cage, to be searched. Not only the body, but also the contents of the bags containing food, magazines and writing materials.

    We go into a small adjacent covered area. At the desk, we hand over our identification documents, Earl his passport, me my driving license and we receive a gate pass. We offer our right arms and two stamps of blue indelible ink are made. The first clearly states VISITOR and Gate 4. The second is the outline of a Yale-like key, a very symbolic motif in this


    Thus adorned we approach the guard, who again conducts a body search and asks our destination. We tell him and he shouts, “Coming through for one-D” and ushers us through the gate. Then along a narrow covered walkway, meshed both sides to a sharp bend and here is the final guarded entry gate into the jail itself As we pass, a prisoner in an orange- coloured, loose-fitting jacket, takes hold of the bags and says, “One-D? This way. “He turns and starts to walk very fast across an open area, around the sides of which lounge men in shorts, singlets, and slippers. Cries of; “Hey Joe,” assail our ears. We are nervous. We are walking unguarded through an area that contains some of the most notorious criminals in the Philippines. What is worse, the prisoner with our bags seems to be getting too far in front. We hasten our steps to catch up. The layout is confusing, with many large, two-storey blocks around us, each with its own high-mesh fence surrounding it.

    We come to Block One-D, one of the high security blocks set aside for those condemned to death. We wait at the padlocked gate while our guide locates the trustee who has the key. Behind the fence, a set of steps leads up to the wide-open door. Men are cramming into the small open space between building and fence; the only open-air portion permitted them. They are all staring through the fence at us. “Here he is, “ says Earl next to me, who has the benefit of the experience of an earlier visit. I see a bearded man who has just emerged from the darkened interior of the building. Tall, gaunt and, above all, white, he stands out among the hoard of bustling Filipinos around him. His face first registers astonishment,

    as we are not expected, but a smile comes on his face as he descends the steps to the gate. At this moment the trustee arrives and unlocks the padlock while Earl tips the guide. The gate is opened, we step through, and it is locked behind us. We are now alone inside a compound with 260 men, all of whom are condemned to die unless their sentence is adjusted by the Supreme Court appeal.

    It is perhaps not an appropriate time to visit the very block, which, four days previously, the very first man to be executed in the Philippines for over 14 years, Leo Echegaray, called home. The atmosphere was bound to be tense, and yet, no guards appear to be inside the compound or even within viewing distance.

    The Water Hole


    A water hole on a dry and on a wet day

    Introductions are made. “Come to my cell, “ he invites. He turns and goes up the steps. We follow.

    Inside—my God—I just do not believe this. It is like stepping in a time-warp machine. We have surely just been

    transported back 100 years. We are in a central corridor, which is about twenty feet wide. It runs the length of the building. Small twenty-watt fluorescent lights are spaced widely apart down the centre. Some of the gloom is relieved by the fact that every cell door is open allowing a little natural light to spill out. People are everywhere. Some sit on wooden, home made stools and benches. Some squat on their haunches. Some on small plastic stools. A religious motif cut out of plywood and lovingly painted with pictures of the Virgin Mary forms a small barrier and hides the television set already blaring away behind it. Men are squatting down outside cells, with paraffin stoves, cooking for themselves. Others are walking with old plastic bottles in their hands either to or from the one tap at the end of the corridor, collecting water of doubtful quality for their cell. People stare as we pass them. Some say, “Visitors, Suny?” and he nods and smiles. None speak to us. The inmates’ rules, developed and applied by themselves, and enforced by the ‘mayor’ of the block, are very strict. Nobody is allowed to talk to a visitor without being asked to by the visited person.

    We arrive at a door that is the same as all the many others. “Wait a minute, “ says Albert Wilson, “I will ask whoever is still in here to vacate and leave us to talk. “ He enters. A pair of legs appears, preceding a large Filipino off a bunk, who picks up a cup from a shelf, smiles and passes us. “Come in. Wait here and I will try to borrow some stools.” We enter.

    The cell itself measures eight feet by ten. To four men this is home until they leave, carrying their meagre possessions, through the gate of the compound. Once through the gate,

    they will either be led to another cell in the main prison as the Supreme Court will have commuted their death sentence into a term in prison, or be led to the small, newly constructed compound to wait in solitude for a few hours for their appointment with death or, and an almost impossible dream, be led to the exit and set free to go into the world and sin no more.

    Four bunks are in the cell. A double bunk along the longer wall and two fixed above the shortest, crossing the room at either end. The bunks have plywood bases resting on steel bars. If one cannot get a visitor to bring in a mattress or some foam, the concrete floor would probably be no harder.

    One barred window without glass lets in light and air. It is not only barred, but has steel shutters made from old, military paving-sheets, with the large holes allowing passage of light and air but acting as a partial barrier to sun and driving rain. Storage space is at a premium. We stand there, wondering how men can possibly endure such conditions and remain sane. Were these dog kennels, in many other countries they would be closed by the authorities and the owners punished. Wilson returns with two blue plastic stools and we sit, with himself using the bottom bunk.

    With my nervousness of the location and the inhabitants starting to ease, I relax and look at this man about whom I know so much and yet have never met. Suny Wilson sports a grey week-old beard that partially covers what was once a handsome face. “I only shave about every ten days, “ he explains. “It limits the chances of infection.” His hair has

    gone prematurely grey. He is only 44 years old. He apparently used to be a bulky man, who now has slimmed, so that one would suspect, in different circumstances, that he was a regular jogger. The eyes show the continual strain of

    Earl Wilkinson has brought a load of papers, press clippings and news. He has written a list of things he wishes clarified. He, like many others, is working to try to get the courts to recognize Suny’s innocence and set him free. At the time of the visit, he has spent over two years incarcerated, away from his common-law wife and her son and mother. Stressful enough if one is guilty. Doubley stressful if innocent.

    We sit and talk about the case, about his previous life. It is dreadful to hear him state emphatically that he will be murdered in the Philippines. The genuine love that he has for his common-law wife, Vicky. The sadness that because she is in hiding from warrants of arrest for a trumped-up charge in connection with his case, that she cannot visit him. The fear that his stepson may turn to drugs, as he has no father present to discipline and guide him. Even the fear of what this whole case is doing to his stepdaughter, N. While carrying out my own research, I have come to dislike this girl very much. She is the one who has put him here on Death Row. Suny, surprisingly, expresses worry about her mental state now that she is under the full influence of her natural father.

    A banging of a rod against iron rings through the place. “Just a minute, “ he says, standing. “It is a head count. I’ll get out of it. “ He is out and back in less than a minute. Earl asks him about the small electric fan the British Embassy had

    tried to deliver to him. He smiles. “They didn’t understand the system, “ he explains. “There is a standard bribe to the guards of P 500 (US $ 17.00) to allow the fan in. The guy that delivered it wouldn’t pay it, so it wasn’t allowed.” Clearly, you needed an outside source of income to be able to survive in jail. The food allowance is just P 32 per day, less than $1.00. Purchases of supplementary food can be negotiated with the vendors who are allowed to roam around the compound every day.

    Between discussing the points of the case that Earl needs to raise, we learn a little about life in this jail. There are other foreigners, but they are either Japanese or Chinese. Suny is the only Caucasian in this block. The Chinese are generally left alone. There are a lot of Chinese-Filipinos outside who tend to be rich and powerful. Touch one of theirs in here and you do not know what they could do to yours outside. The Japanese, and of course Suny, have nobody on the outside, so they can be bullied at will. We meet one of the Japanese prisoners who has been sentenced to death for having in his pocket just five grams over the legal limit of marijuana that would have defined him a user, while outside in the main jail, Filipinos are serving a few years for being caught with kilograms. It is explained that his embassy gives him P 10,000 every month, which he willingly shares with all of the inhabitants of his block. He is now having problems, because they are pressuring him for more than that, which he does not have. Suny is lucky. Visits by his Consul, and growing publicity in the press have made the Superintendent of the jail nervous. He has instructed the ‘mayor’ to provide

    two “minders. “ An injured Suny could mean many problems for him, which he does not want.

    My mind wanders. In every country, in every prison, you can hear the claim of innocence and dismiss it. Having studied just this one case, here you can believe that many of them are innocent. Just the previous weekend, Amnesty International had issued press releases concerning the case of a deaf mute who had been charged, tried and sentenced to death without having the benefit of having anyone communicate to him what was happening. Suny fetches him into the cell. He is very shy about meeting foreigners and he cannot communicate. Suny calls in one of the prisoners who have taken him under his wing. The boy had never been taught the hand language of the mute, neither is he literate. This prisoner has developed his own method of communication and is obviously very protective of him. I cannot help it. I am a softy and I have to make an effort not to let tears come from my eyes. This boy, for boy he is, has never had anyone care about him. He is probably happy to have a roof over his head, while the meagre food supply is probably more than he had before. He does not know yet that he is doomed, in a few weeks, to die. Perhaps he is lucky, as 259 others, in this block alone, are under no such illusion.

    Three hours have passed and so we take our leave. Suny accompanies us to the gate. At the door, we are introduced to the ‘mayor.’ I am expecting a gorilla, but this man is small and neatly dressed in a clean short-sleeved shirt with long tan coloured trousers. He looks similar to many minor government officials in the Philippines. We shake hands and

    go down the steps. At the gate, we make our farewells. Suny asks if I can keep talking with his stepson, as he is worried about him. Through the gate and walk across the compound. No such rule applies regarding talking to visitors. Comments are being shouted at us, souvenir$ offered. We are out of the gate sitting in the taxi. The air is sweeter than before. The sun is brighter. We are not talking. Both Earl and I are lost in our own thoughts and trying to cope with our emotions. How could this happen? Why was it allowed to happen? Could it happen to others? More important, could it happen to me? The answer to the final question was a definite ‘yes. ‘In the Philippines today, it can happen to just about anyone

  6. Our Vision for Reform

    It was our vision on the 9th August to request 100 men write there testimonies of all what God had done for these men in New Bilibid Prison. This agreed and when we spoke to Hon Undersecretary of Justice Jose Calida about our Mission and Shay Cullen’s allegations we shared with him our desire to encourage and enable out “Trojan Warriors” now called to go and preach and teach Christ to other Jails.

    The problem of Security was discussed and an alternative was suggested i.e. Prisoners from the Medium Security Compound might be shipped into the Maximum Security Compound and be trained by the Inmate Pastors. This was the beginning of the Teacher Training College eventually to be established.

  7. Meeting the Hon. Director Macala

    Ret/Col. Bureau of Corrections

    It was an honour and privilege to be invited to share our work and ministry with Ricardo Macala and his staff at new Bilibid Prison. At this meeting were shared our vision regarding the “Trojan Warriors” being involved in preaching and teaching the Gospel top other inmate and he was very helpful. He assured us that if we had permission from the President Herself of the Hon. Secretary of Justice then this could be done provided the problem regarding Security was resolved.

    In conclusion we were able to pray for the Director and his staff at (BUCA) and we believe God has answered our prayers.

  8. We pray for the Director of BUCA

    and his staff

    In The Directors Office New Bilibid Prison


    Praying with the Director and his Staff

    Gordon meets Jose Calida the Hon. Secretary of Justice D.O.J.

    This visit to the Director was recorded on video and can be viewed (Click to view) Praying with the Director of New Bilibid Prison

  9. Our Prayer

    Director Macala, we bring you before the Lord and all your staff. We pray that the Living God And Father in Heaven of our Lord Jesus will give this man the Wisdom of Solomon. That he (Ricardo Macala) may conduct his affairs in this prison justly and rightly and that he may be a true servant of the living God. We pray for his staff that they will work with his and for him that they may bring about all the reforms that they desire to do. We pray for the President that in fact the president will have her prayers answered. We know that within this very prison there are prisoners being converted and being saved and they are being Helpful in keeping the regulations and the rules and supporting the director of this prison. So we commend him to you now. Give him the desires of his heart. We ask these things in the Lord Jesus Name. Amen! (4th September 2001)

  10. Fr. Shay Cullen letter of Slander



    Undersecretary Department of

    Justice 1st August 2001

    Dear Undersecretary Jose Calida,

    False Testimony, drug trafficking, moral. Turpitude, bribe paying, undocumented overstaying aliens are apparently above the law as coddler’s arid protectors see them safe from the scales of justice. This is the way we see the situation of German national Hartmut Joost and Swiss national Markus Leo Widmer based on the resolutions of the Bureau or Immigration and Deportation Associate Commissioner. We appeal to you for justice for the children arid the defenders of human rights who are being harassed with false charges of libel by these two suspects.

    Father Robert Reyes spoke out on 30 th July in the letter section of the Inquirer a hard-hitting statement against the TRAPOs of Olongapo City. We have reason to believe

    that they may behind the coddling and protection of two foreigners, German national I Hartmut Joost and Markus Widmer, a Swiss national who are supposed to have been charged by order of the Associate Commissioner of the BID. (See enclosed resolutions)

    One of them is a German national and a leader of the paedophile support group in Olongapo City and charged by the Preda Foundation for I Human Rights for Obstruction of Justice arid is oil trial at present. Joost is. A government appointed liaison oil officer for the city for the foreign community in Olongapo City (see enclosed documents of appointment). He uses this position to attack the PREDA Foundation in letters to the editor and as manager of a web site that is devoted to smearing the good name of the Preda Children’s home and human rights centre in Olongapo City.

    We wrote to Mayor Kate Gordon about her liaison officer German national I Hartmut Joost appointed by the Barangay Captain of Barretto, Marcedes V. Nafarrete in July 1997 and with an issued ID The appointment was renewed again oil 21” February 2000. (Enclosed documents) He is on trial in Olongapo for Obstruction of Justice arid the legal office of the BID has been ordered to charge Hartmut Joost arid Markus Leo Widmer. To date, as far as we know, no charge has yet been made.

    Widmer, the companion of Joost According to the Resolution of the BID Associate Commissioner Widmer is a convicted drug trafficker for whom Joost allegedly gave false testimony in an annulment trial and Joost allegedly gave

    false testimony in an annulment trial and helped renew a visa. During that attempt aided by Joost, Widmer paid 27,000 Php bribe to a BDI official.

    Joost is an undesirable alien because according to the resolution of tile BID he gave false testimony, a crime involving moral turpitude. He is undocumented, overstaying and apparently involved in bribe giving to the BID. Flow can people like these have official positions in Government when the BID has ordered charges be filed against them?

    Nothing has been done yet to bring them both to justice and they continue to file false charges against the Human Rights workers of Preda. Joost has gone on the Public record using his official position as liaison officer to attack the Preda workers in a letter to the editor of Immigration Today. (Enclosed) I le is also the manager of a website that is devoted to attacking the work of Preda children’s Home and Father Shay Cullen. Joost is a bar operator on Baloy beach and his business has been hard hit by the anti-sex tour campaign of Preda.

    Joost is leading the paedophile supporter. His group worked for the release of the convicted paedophile Victor Keith Fitzgerald who is to have a retrial. Sex tourism by foreigners is suspected to operate in Baloy beach. This is where Michael Clarke, the convicted British sex tour operator was arrested. He is in Muntinlupa serving a 17-year sentence. He admitted that Joost has something to do with the sex tour operation (see letter of Michael Clarke). Joost turned Clarke over to the authorities to distance himself from his criminal activities (see brochure enclosed)

    The brother of Michael Clarke, David is a self-confessed criminal who says He is converted and is coming to the Philippines to protest the conviction of his brother. He has sought the help of Harry Joost of Baloy Beach and a paedophile supporter. Demonstrations will be held by the born again group in Muntinlupa and Olongapo jails against the DOJ demanding the release of Clarke and Fitzgerald between the 3rd and 23rd of August.


    Please note:

    This above letter sent by Cullen to Hon. Secretary Jose Calida shows his to be underhand and not honourable. I had sent Shay Cullen a copy of my book Converted on LSD Trip” and kept him informed and still he misrepresented us on our mission. This is slander.

    David Clarke and Gordon Smith visited the Hon. Undersecretary of Justice Jose Calida and put the record straight concerning Fr. Shay Cullen’s activities and the strange e-mail received from Blessed Lord 50.

    Chapter 8 Our Itinerary

  11. The Trojan Horse Mission to the Philippines

Date/time Venue Operation

3rd August, (Friday). Arrival (by Flt EK 21:00 pm). Arrived at Makarti Airport (near Manila) at 10.00 p.m. The airport was old and by comparison with Dubai a shambles. It was hot, not too hot, but clammy. Our host/driver Pst. Chris was not around so we waited and rang Rev. Kim using a taxi driver’s telephone. They would have willingly taken us to where we wanted for a fee. We were taken to a hotel near to Rev. Kim called Robinson’s Hotel, and we were offered a large room at a rate of £20 per night for three of us. Pst. Chris said he would be our driver and be with us the entire trip. We were very thankful, and the car would be about £13.00 per day.

  1. (Saturday). Meeting at Muntinlupa with Coordinators (Pst. Chris, Pst. Luc Dangatan, Pst. Calonzo, and Bro. Michael, Pst, Kim) Called to See Pst. Kim and went to Muntinlupa Prison. It was a large prison at the outskirts of Muntinlupa. The entrance was via a small dingy gateway. Guards in uniform had guns and checked and stamped on our right inside fore arm. As we went through a steel gate along a narrow covered passageway we emerged into the entrance of the prison. Inmates were like beggars; they were beggars. Some crouched on the ground in squat positions. There was no road just a dirt track with vegetation growing around. It was drizzling with rain and smelt bad. It was like an old- fashioned shantytown the sort you would see in a Mexican movie, as seen in 60’s film “East Rider”. It is a massive place a large village, all the building had been erected and added on to and developed over the years. Thousands were detained here. There are 13000 inmates in this Maximum-

    Security prison with 1200 on Death Row. The last execution was by lethal Injection, the person was Alec Bartholome in the year 2000.

    The prison was a former Japanese concentration camp built during the Second World War. It is a massive block with bars and iron railings to prevent escape. It was Death Row. We then had a preparation meeting for the coming days.

    Met the prison Chaplain Msgr. Helley B. Barrido Corrections Chaplain, Bureau of Corrections, Muntinlupa City, Philippines 1776 Tel 569-482 Cell phone 0919 754-


  2. (Sunday) Muntinlupa Prison Ministry (Bible Centre, Michael & Lucas Dangatan) we preached in the chapel where Pastor Lucas worked from, and we were made very welcome. The prison music group introduced us by singing my theme song “Spirit of the Lord come down”. They said it was to be put down as one of their collection of spiritual songs; this was an honour to me. Another song that had been penned by a former inmate was also added. I spoke and so did Gordon without an interpreter.

  3. Monday. 2.00 P.M. Meeting with Atty. Sangalong and an Attaché from the Embassy. Sangalong was not in his office so we spoke to the chief document officer and discovered what the problem was regarding Michael’s good time conduct calculation. I was directed to write to the Prison Director. This I did next day.

This evening we had a call from Rev. Kim as one of the Pastors had a letter from Shay Cullen, addressed to a pastor on our itinerary. He had misrepresented us to the Undersecretary of the Department of Justice, Jose Calida. The Undersecretary wanted to see us regarding Shay Cullen and the contents of his letter. We agreed to see him the next day. Cullen had spread the word that I was a self confessed criminal and had come to the Philippines to protest about my brothers imprisonment, and was seeking to get him released unlawfully. I also received a strange e-mail form a certain Francisco12 that I later believed to be a composition by Shay Cullen.

Shay Cullen was the person who was responsible for setting Michael up. See more details in “Sentenced to Death” by Earl Wilkinson and Alan Atkins ISBN 3-935508-00X Book of Dreams. See appendix 03 Alan Atkins is a journalist and writer from Southampton England but lived in the Philippines.

I had a strange phone call on my cell phone at 3.00 am. It was allegedly from the Philippine Embassy in London asking details about my former criminal record. I explained that at 17 years old I had been sentenced to Borstal Training for possessing a firearm, with my brother, without a license and for malicious wounding. (This was an air pistol and was over 30 years ago). The full story is written in my book, “Converted on LSD Trip” which I had sent personally to Shay Cullen for his help. They said they would be coming back to me and they were not aware I had a visa until October; A visa which I had applied for and had recorded these facts on the

12 See Appendix 03 Blessed Lord 50

application for the visa in July.

  1. Tuesday. We went to the Board of Pardon and Parole, later to the Department of Justice with Pst. Gani. The Undersecretary Calida was called away on other business so we called on the Undersecretary Liwag about the case of Michael and his good conduct time, and he directed me to write to the director of the prison. This I did and enclosed a copy of my letter to him. Spanish Radio interview with Maurice Boland. 0034639196668.

  2. Wednesday Muntinlupa, updated Michael regarding our visits to the various departments. Heard news about Camp Bicutan. Met Attorney Corazon Saluren and the Prison Director along with Sangalong, the prison Attorney. The director spoke to us and said he would go along with what ever his attorney Sangalong advised. We spoke to Sangalong and the diplomatic arrangements

  3. Thursday Muntinlupa prison (Jesus is the Christ Evangelism Movement) We Preached to a very large gathering of inmates and we were made very welcome. The meeting was conducted in a large church building. We prayed for many afterwards and with those that expressed that they wanted to become Christians.

  4. Friday Prison Ministry spoke to prisoners, and Michael shared his testimony

  5. Saturday Main Rally in Muntinlupa thousands expected.

    Slept in the Prison with Michael. This was a real challenge but I appreciated being with Michael. Michael shared his testimony and the musicians sang the Theme Song. We spoke to over a thousand inmates and many were called to this event. Ann Davies was there also with many Korean visitors. I spoke about our mission and shared the gospel and Gordon gave words of encouragement. Many expressed they wanted to receive the Lord Jesus as there saviour. Many prisoners came forward at the meeting. We announced that the Trojan Horse Mission had requested 100 inmates to write their testimonies as to how the Lord Jesus has delivered them from their former way of life. This was to be for published in the book entitled “Trojan Warriors”. This has now happened.

  6. Sunday Bread of Life. CrossRoad77 (7:30 & 10:30): Morning Worship Angeles City Church. Pastor

    Vesper Service Rally hosted by Ptr. Abel Fort with 5 Churches. We spoke at two morning meetings with breakfast in between. We were made very welcome- there were 2000- 3000 at each meeting. I sang my song and it was captured on video. Both Gordon and I spoke. Many indicated they wanted to become Christians after the speaking. We were given a gift of 1000 dollars.

    Went to Angeles City in the evening and met Pastor Abel and stayed the night as his home.

  7. Monday Olongapo City Jail Pastor Nick, Missionary to prisons, Ptr. Monico Crannie, BK 16 Lot 40 6-G-3, Francisco Homes, City of San Jose Delmonte Bulacan cell 09197838304

    NBI Attorney Magno Britannica Olongapo Tel 222-5180 We preached to more than 200 inmates, some of the

    prisoners remembered Michael and many indicated they

    wanted to be saved. We prayed for them.

    The Attorney got the papers we needed from the warden at Olongapo City jail. I spoke and Gordon spoke. Pastor Nick lead the meeting and we prayed with many after the meeting.

    We then went to the NBI and asked for the documents regarding Michael. They gave what they could and they all remembered Michael- I must send a book to the officer there. I was asked to give him a blessing as we left. Booked into a hotel for two nights and spoke to Pastor Nick about his prison ministry.

  8. Tuesday Angeles City & Prison Ministry

    Pastor Nick Spoke to 200-300 inmates and 80 percent wanted to become Christian- we have the video. We visited the Acting Officer in Charge of the Mayor at Angeles City He expressed he wanted to become a preacher. We prayed for him.

    Spokes to the leaders at Bishop Abel’s church and visited three places in Angeles City were the Gospel is preached.

  9. Wednesday Baloy Beach

    Olongapo Church Midweek Service Rally hosted by Christ in You City Church with 10 different Churches -Evangelical outreach.

    Preaching/teaching/drug addicts. We spoke to the main body of the church and we were received well. The prayed for us and sent us with their blessing. Went for dinner with Pastor Samuel and Jocelyn Vercina and his Co Pastor.

    Spoke to Victor Fitzgerald and saw Harry Joost. Stayed the night at Baloy beach.

  10. Thursday Special Gathering in Angeles City hosted by Ptr. Abel For and with 5 different Churches. Christian Life Worship Centre Church of God in Christ. Bishop Abel B Forto PO Box 52131 Angeles City Philippines 2009 011-63-

45 322-1960 fax (011-63-45) 888-2708

Spoke to Bishop Abel’s helpers and leaders and had a farewell meal together.

Met Pastor Rev. Samuel C Vercina the founder and president of Reborn Christian ministries. Took them to lunch at Olongapo. Went to the Prayer Mountain with Samuel and his wife and made a video of the event. Samuel’s vision is

fully shown in this video.

Returned to Olongapo City jail and meet the Full Gospel Mans business mans fellowship in the prison. We exchanged greetings.

Visited the City Hall with Pastor Samuel C. Vercina and his wife Jocelyn to see the Vice-mayor of Olongapo City she was a Christian. We were made very welcome- I am to send her my book. Our greetings were to be passed on the Mayor Kate Gordon and her husband.

Hon. Cynthia G. Cajudo vice mayor and Presiding Officer 2/F City Hall, W.B.B Olongapo City 2200 Philippines.

Tel 0063-47-222-2564

Fax 0063 47-222-4777

83 Visited Camp Bicutan

Immigration Detention and saw Raymond Jackson and Oliver Wisseman they were on Hunger13 strike. This was on the T.V.. I have the audiotape of Raymond Jackson who has now been transferred from Camp Bicutan because of his vociferous remarks and comments.


13 Appendix 03 Hunger Strike Camp Bicutan

Went to see Ann Davis and went out for Dinner in the restaurant

(Danish Collection Alabang Town Centre) 772 1368 7725688 run by Alan Atkins wife. Rang Suny and spoke to Alan Atkins wife Helen.

  1. Friday Manila Update Michael Up dated Michael and Spoke to Attorney Sangalong also the Chief Records Officer at the Prison Mr. Torres. They stated we needed more documentation. Contacted Attorney Corazon regarding the matter and we are to seek the information from Olongapo and Bureau of Immigration. Inartramus. Fort Bonafacio. Took Attorney out to the Danish Restaurant run by Allan Atkins wife. Meet Allan Atkin’s and learned he came from Southampton. I asked him to write a story about the mission.

  2. Saturday Travel to Tarlac Extended or stay until the 9th September. Travelled to Tarmac to meet pastors of the Church in preparation to speak in the morning. Tragedy we heard news of fire in a Hotel killing 68-70 people that morning.

    Meet Pastor Zaldy Gomez who had 8 pastors in training and many churches in the district. We spoke of our mission and Gordon gave instruction from observing the call of Moses.

  3. Sunday Paniqui Tarlac Church Morning Worship hosted by Ptr. Zaldy Gomez with 15 different outreaches.

San Jose Evangelical Church (GMA Cavite) Vesper Rally

hosted by Ptr. Paul Hernandez with 10 different Churches Gordon spoke at the Free Evangelical Church at Talac whilst I spoke at a Church at a remote place. I went in a tricycle and was due to return by 10.00 am to speak at the main meeting but I was detained at the church and was unable to get back on time.

We took a video of Pastor Zaldy speaking about the work at the Church in Tarlac.

We then travelled to San Jose Evangelical Church and spoke in the evening. This was a big assembly in Cavite,

Heard the bad news that Pastor Samuel and his wife we amongst the many Christians killed in the fire in Manila.

82 Ministerial Mission complete

  1. Monday we visited the DOJ’s Office. Pastor Gani and his Grandmother who was a government lawyer. Sent Fax to Reynaldo Bayang -Michael. Went to see Ernesto Dizon of the Board of Pardon and Parole. Got no further than we knew already. Papers with manifestations and directives had to be obtained. If they were never done then Michael would have no good time allowance. I was directed back to the Director of the Prison.

  2. Tuesday

    New Bilibid Prison. I had another strange call allegedly from the Philippine Embassy in the middle of the night asking

    if I had any details and evidence of my convictions with me. I explained no as they were over 30 years ago. I was then asked when my visa was up to I said we were returning to England on the 9th September. Our departure was due for the next day.

  3. Wednesday Departure (23:55 by Flt EK) Visit extended to 9th September. To deal with Michael’s matters and attend the funeral of Pastor Samuel and Jocelyn Vercina.

    Obtained the filed document of Michael offer to do work from 164 Olongapo District Jail telephone 224 42 40 and had to see the former warden the next day to obtain to directives. Supt. Wilfredo L Navarette 3rd Floor Mc Building San Matias St, Tomas Pompanga 045 961 38 42.

    Went to the Wake service of Samuel and Jocelyn and was spoke to the congregation. Showed the video of Prayer Mountain.

    Meet the Full Gospel Man Businessman’s fellowship and was invited to their meeting on Saturday. Carltito 6 Ocamp Full Gospel BMF Olongapo City Chapter Chaplain. Office Address Ridgecrest Hotel (5th Floor) 15 Magsaysay Drive Olongapo City. Home address 37 -7th St West Tapinal Olongapo City Telephone 09176644191 224-8808 (C/o Jojo Tazon Prison Ministry Chairman)

    Stayed the night at Baloy Beach. Gordon and Chris went back to Manila to get the air tickets the next day.

  4. Thursday I was asked to Speak at the meeting of pastors and leader meeting in Olongapo where Rev. Samuel was the president. I shared Samuel’s vision and last wishes regarding Pray Mountain.

  5. Friday New Bilibid Prison 10.00 am preaching on Death Row. There were 319 inmates in this cell. We preached the gospel and many of the inmates put their hands up expressing a desire to be saved. Pastor Nic Crannie helped with the appeal.

    Worked out our schedule for next week. Saw Mr. Sangalong and the Chief Record Officer Mr. Torres. He assured us that Michael would get GTA for the time he was under appeal. He also gave us a week to obtain the other documents from the NBI and BID.

  6. Saturday Full Gospel Mans Business mans fellowship in Olongapo City.

Sunday 26th Preaching at 8.00 am Victory Christian Fellowship and at 11.00 am. The Korean Church of Joseph Kim.

Pastor Kim and his wife took us out to launch that evening and we took video footage of them telling us all about their work in the Philippines. They had been in the Philippines as Missionary’s for 13 years.

  1. Monday Went to The Department of Justice and with the help of Pastor Gani we saw the Under Secretary of Justice

    Jose Calida and shared with him our mission and the affair of Shay Cullen. We discussed the letter Shay Cullen had sent which discredited our mission and the strange e-mail from Francisco.

    We discussed my recommendations and suggestions regarding prisoners from the Maximum prison going to speak and preach to the other prisons. Jose Calida agreed and suggested we write a proposal with details but felt for security reasons it may be required the Medium or Minimum security risk prisoner could be taken to the Maximum compound for instruction other that the other way round. He also agreed to write the forward to the book “Trojan Warriors”.

    He gave me a letter to seek the aid of an Attrny in the NBI Inrtramoura. We then saw Atty. Sonia Tuico (office number 5260966) 5260966 and she was able to seek the help we needed from the National Bureau of Detention regarding Michael detention. We then went to the NBI with the letter form the Under Secretary of Justice and got the help we needed we briefly saw Andrea Domingo the Chief Commissioner and wrote an official request to obtain Michael’s papers. We lodged them at 5.00 p.m.

  2. Tuesday Went by Taxi to the NBI for 9.00 am and obtained the appreciate paperwork regarding Michael. On the way back we spoke to the taxi driver and Gordon prayed with him and he said his wife was a Christian. They had both been Roman Catholic’s but he realized this was all wrong. He prayed with Gordon and expressed he wanted to become a real Christian. We gave him our details and went our way


30 Thursday New Bilibid Prison. Took papers to Attrny Sanglang and then saw Mr. Torres. He said he would do the calculations by Friday September 7th. Spoke to the Assistant Director, Julio A. Arciaga, Cell 0919 7728489. Office 809 97 75, who offered us all the help we needed. We await the fax from the Department of Justice giving permission for the video next day.

  1. Spoke on Death Row to the doubly confirmed inmates. Three inmates wished to be saved. One prisoner was a catholic and the other a Muslim these were the last two in there wing to be come Christians- i.e. The whole of that wing were now Christians. A lady mission worker asked if we wanted testimonies of other prisoners. We arranged to visit her mission fellowship the next day. Her husband was on death row. Took pictures of Lethal Injection Chamber.

  2. Friday No permission for the Video footage of inmates or testimonies.

Spoke to the Assistant Director Julio Arciaga and The Director Secretary Teodora M. Diaz and arranged to video the Director on Tuesday 4th September 2001 9.00 for the documentary video. Invited Chaplain Msgr. Helley B. Barrido to on the video.

Spoke to Michael’s sister in law Edith Rinen and made provision arrangements to see her.

  1. September Saturday Trip to Olongapo City

  2. Sunday Speaking in Rev Samuel Vercina’s Church in Olongapo City.

  3. Monday Confirm our visit to the President. Book appointment with the Board of Pardon and Parole Mr. Bayang. Visit Embassy

  4. Tuesday Video at New Bilibid Prison. After several phone calls and faxes we got the permission to video inmates in New Bilibid Prison. At 4.00 we received a call from the director’s office and were able interview the Director, Col. Ricardo Malaca, we were able to pray for them all asking God for wisdom for the Director to govern the 23,500 inmates his is responsible for. See the video full footage available. We were made very welcome. It was a delight to be there. Michael was the video camera man.

  5. Wednesday Board of Pardon & Parole in the a.m. visit the President in the Afternoon. Our appointment was not arranged so we spoke to the Assistant executive secretary regarding Michael and deposited letters with the Records Office for the president regarding the prisoners and call for help we had received. Discussed with Pastor Gani the para legal secretary for New Bilibid Prison at the Department Justice the proposition of bringing a parolee from New Bilibid prison to preach in the United Kingdom. News that Victor Fitzgerald had been released on bail pending his new trial.

  6. Thursday Visit Michael’s in-laws. Bread of life Church

    to collect the testimony tape. In Manila and New Bilibid Prison if possible.

  7. Friday Video more testimonies at New Bilibid Prison and visited the restaurant, Prince of Wales, Makarti City, to see Earl Wilkinson.

  8. Saturday We Visited the Child Orphanage “Shalom Bata” run by Ernie 821 2671 Gate 2 Merville V Washington

    6. A born again believer. 36 children all under 3 years old are looked after. Alan Atkins introduced us to Ernie and Shirley.

    Took video footage and can be viewed on Youtube Here is the Link (Click to view) Shalom Bata Video.

  9. Sunday New Bilibid Prison and depart for the United Kingdom 7.00. Receive a farewell from Alan Atkins and family, which shows him to be not too far from the Kingdom of God. We now call Alan Atkins (Luke) for he was the correspondent for the Apostles on their mission. Alan unwittingly or other wise has become our correspondent. He has written well and fare.

David Clarke & Gordon Smith.

83 Press Release reporter Alan Atkins 11th September 2001

Chapter 9 Trojan Horse Mission

4th August- 10th September 2001

Preaching to prisoners including those on “Death Row”, New Bilibid Prison, and Philippines. By Alan Atkins.

(Correspondent from Manila)

When first learning of the intended visit by self-styled evangelists and former Lecturer, David Clarke, from Fareham, Hampshire, and Gordon Smith from Merley, Nr. Bournemouth, England, to the Philippines, a number of resident foreigners were angry and dismayed. This was not for the fact that the pair wanted to share their experiences of conversion to Christianity that was their business. Rather, it was the deeper motive of purportedly attempting to assist in the early release of David Clark’s brother, Michael Clark, from the hell-hole that is called New Bilibid Prison, where he had been sentenced to serve 14 years. The angry resident foreigners, all of whom are involved in fighting to obtain justice for many foreigners falsely convicted in a country where the justice system is decidedly faulty to say the least, believed the visit would be detrimental to their own efforts.

Initially, the pair was to be accompanied by Albert Wilson, the Dover resident who had obtained acquittal and release from a death sentence just eighteen months previously. It was believed that certain local vigilante organizations, which had been screaming after his acquittal, would have drawn adverse publicity, which would have hampered the efforts of the locals.

German, Harry Joost, and Britain, Alan Atkins, had dispatched angry missives to David Clark stating that they both could not see just what good the mission would achieve. Both believed that it would set the cases of incarcerated foreigner’s back, as living here for many years, they fully understood the Philippine psyche. Vocal criticism by foreigners would lead to the Filipino authorities digging in their heels, just to show whose country it really was.

David Clarke, in particular, had a genuine reason to visit. There is little doubt that his brother, Michael Clark, convicted of running tours for paedophiles, was cleverly encouraged to make a silly, facetious remark while being secretly filmed by a British television company needing sensationalism. The case was gleefully seized upon by the self-styled “peodophile- busting priest”, Father Shay Cullen. Cullen, who has a huge property overlooking Subic Bay, obtains millions from donations to support his children’s home, which, incidentally, only contains between 26 and 36 children at any one time. Michael Clarke is only one of the high profile convictions he has obtained against alleged foreign paedophiles. Each conviction is accompanied by fan-fare overseas, mainly in Germany and Italy, and results in a massive inflow of cash.

Many of these convictions are being questioned. The nemesis of Cullen is German national, Harry Joost, whose Filipino wife owns a small restaurant on a local beach. Joost initially battled Cullen over the conviction of what Cullen claimed to be the first foreign paedophile to be jailed, Australian Victor Fitzgerald. Over the years, Joost has worked to get the appeal granted. Just last week, Fitzgerald, after

eight long years, was released on bail with a re-trial ordered. Fitzgerald’s accuser, who was then only 13 years old, but is now 21, issued an affidavit three years ago. It is a horror story. She tells how she, and two other girls whose cases against Fitzgerald were dismissed for lack of merit, were kept prisoner in Cullen’s children’s home and continually coached in the evidence they would present and how to act hysterical while in front of the judge, etc. How she and one of the other girls escaped and went to the Olongapo mayor’s office, but Cullen had warrants of arrest issued and they were forced back to the home. She gave many more detailed events of coercion and admitted that her evidence was all lies, given under the threat of never being released from the home.

In an unusual move, the local bishop and twenty-one priests appealed to the Court of Appeals stating that they believed that Father Cullen’s methods were “questionable.” For his troubles, Harry Joost has been the victim of vicious attacks both in the press and on Internet from Cullen, who has labelled him the leader of a “paedophile protection ring.” Other cases have emerged, and local observers are now saying, “When is a paedophile not a paedophile? When he is convicted by Shay Cullen.” It is interesting to note that Father Shay Cullen has been nominated by a Scottish M. P. for the Nobel Prize. The Fitzgerald re-trial may well decide him to withdraw this nomination, quickly. (See NBI Report 1996) APPENDIX 01

David Clark, learning some of this, had every right to visit the Philippines and assist his brother. Michael Clark now claimed to have also been “re-born” being baptized in an oil drum in the prison yard. David Clark, before arriving, did

make one concession to local fears.

Discussions dissuaded Albert Wilson from visiting with him, so one problem was out of the way. David Clark and Gordon Smith duly arrived and met with their Philippine hosts and coordinators, to begin a massive program of preaching not just in Bilibid prison, including to prisoners on Death Row, but also in various areas within reach of Manila, including the cities that used to host the huge U.S. bases, Angeles City and Olongapo City.

In these places, they not only preached in various non- conformist churches, but inside the jails. To the amazement of their local critics, they achieved an amazing success, especially in the prisons. Literally hundred of prisoners expressed that they wanted to learn more about the Gospel and themselves “be saved”. The religious will say this is a miracle. To the cynical, analysis tends to indicate just how big a failure the Catholic Church has been in the Philippines. In the Philippines, well over 80 percent claim to be Catholic.

See article “An Honour and a Privilege” 29th April 2002. Indeed, most will have been baptized in a Catholic Church.

Yet as over 54 percent drop out of school in primary, and even

those who go to Mass will only listen to the homily, most of them know very little about Christianity. The fact that two very ordinary men, not wearing the “magic” vestments of priesthood, relate in simple terms, stories and the meaning of what is in the Bible, must have a huge impact. For the first time in their lives, they understand what being a Christian

really means.

What makes it even better is that David Clark readily confesses to them that 30 years previous, he was an incarcerated criminal, and that he discovered Jesus on an LSD trip. These men could, and did, relate to him. He was one of them, once. David’s book “Converted on LSD ” has just been published, which tells the whole story.

One of the saddest parts of their trip was that while in Olongapo City, they met with a very genuine couple with five children, Pastor Rev. Samuel C Vercina and his wife Jocelyn. The couple took them to a hill in nearby Bataan, the area forever recorded in history for the notorious “death march” during Japanese occupation. Here, David filmed the couple talking about their vision for the hill they had named, Prayer Mountain. Two days later, the couples were killed in a dreadful tragedy, one cause by the corruption in the Philippines. They had been, with scores of other Christians, staying the night in a small hotel in Quezon City, just north of Manila. Fire hit the hotel, which, against regulations had no fire alarms, fire-escape egress blocked with rubbish, etc. and they, together with nearly 80 others, suffocated in their sleep. This hit the British news on 12th August.

To their admitted surprise, the mission has had a two- way effect on both Clarke and Smith. Their mission was an attempt to inspire others into Christian living, yet a visit to Shalom Bata Rescue Centre in Merville Park reversed this and instead inspired them. Established by British born-again Christians, Ernie and Shirley Fable and supported solely on

donations raised by the couple in annual extensive tours of the U.K., The centre receives abandoned babies, cares for them and arranges for their adoption to families all over the world.

  1. Shalom Bata Childrens Home


    Ernie and Shirley Fable “Shalom “Bata” (Click here to view)

    Shalom Bata Rescue Centre

    Currently there are 36 children, all below the age of 2-years in residence. Both Clark and Smith admit to admiration and inspiration from this Christian couple who live Christianity rather than talk about it. They were saddened to learn that Ernie is himself now suffering from a sever illness, yet the couple still carry on, caring for the unfortunate and abandoned.

    The critics have been silenced and instead applaud. Both David Clarke and Gordon Smith carried out their mission with

    dignity and respect for the Philippine people, and in fact, had proved to be a credit to the British people. Positive results have been achieved. They have suggested a scheme where prisoners can enter the ministry and preach in other prisons. This is under consideration. If their scheme is adopted and prevents recidivism, then their mission will indeed have been worthwhile.

    Alan Atkins

    11th September 2001

    Chapter 9 Preaching in Angeles

    and Olongapo Cities

  2. Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah

Our mission was to share the good news of Michael’s conversion to Christ in those jails, where Michael had been advertised his holiday tours and then was detained in Olongapo District Jail in 1995. It was my purpose to share in these cities that Michael had be converted to Christ. His advertisement appears below. Michael made use of all the local businesses to promote his business see his original advertisement Appendix 01614.

It was a common report that these cities were like Sodom and Gomorrah due to its sexual immorality. Girl bars and


14 Appendix 16. Michael’s Advertising “Paradise Express”

nightclubs. This I where the world famous Subic Bay was situated which brought a lot of trade to the people before the American pulled out in the early 90’s.

  1. Introducing Bishop Abel B.Forto

    Bishop Forto was our host during our visit to Angeles City. It was here we shared the gospel and good news of Michael’s conversion to Christ. Bishop Forto was the pastor of the Church of the body of Christ in the Philippines.

    Bishop Abel B. Forto


    Abel Forto Angeles City

    The Pastor of the Church of the Body of Christ. He is also the senior Pastor of Christian Life Worship Centre Angeles City. The Chairman of AUCCM. They had a common goal

    which was to turn Angeles and Mabalaka Cities upside down for the Lord Jesus Christ

    He was very kind and helpful to us and took us to meet his co-workers and church members. It was our pleasure to visit the small meeting rooms and people in his care who were engaged in mission out as out reach workers. Some of these worked in Moslem and very poor areas of the City. It was our privilege to meet and pray with them.

  2. Volcano Pinatobo Erupts

    These e Cities were struck by the natural disaster when the Volcano erupted brought destruction upon the cities and economic trade. For this reason it was often said Go d had acted as he did to the Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in ancient times. It was in these Cities that Michael sought to capitalise and bring more trade in the form of tourism. In this way he felt he was doing a good thing in bringing trade and tourism for the people of Angeles and Olongapo Cities.

  3. Our visit to Angeles City Hall

Our courtesy call took us to the Chief Administration Office at City Hall who stood in ad Deputy Mayor in his absence. Bishop B Forto was a student of the man doing Science Law in he younger days. The Chief admin office expressed his desire to become a preacher of the Gospel on our meeting him.

Angeles City


City Hall Angeles City Chief Admin Officer

89 Our visit Angeles City Jail

After our curiosity visit to City Hall we went our venue at Angeles City Jail. In this jail we spoken to over 230 men, many were in for drug related crimes. We spoke to them through a wire fence having fed the whole camp with food for the day. These were very responsive and Gordon spoken to them giving his testimony. At the end of the meeting Nike asked the men if they would like to respond in a positive way to the Good new of Christ and him crucified. It was to my amazement and pleasure that more than 80 % responded by a show of hands.

We realised that there was much work to be done in terms of follow up and so we visited the small church engaged in out reach work under the care of Bishop Able.

88 We visit the small out reach Churches

A samll Church in Angeles City


Gordon Prays for the Sister and Brothers


  1. Angeles City Jail 14 th August 2002 Preaching in Angeles City Jail

    Nick Caranay our Interpreter 235 Inmates Angeles Jail

    We delight in the Response

    It was a delight to see men responding in a positive way to the Gospel. These men in Angeles City jail were expressing a wish to follow Christ. There were 235 inmates in this prison and many of them were held due to drug related cries. We

    realised that after care and support workers were needed for follow up.

    Click to View Preaching in Angels City Jail

    Chapter 10

    The Trojan Horse Mission Office

  2. An office obtained

    In order to function effectively it was decided to open a fully functioning Mission Office based out side New Bilibid Prison. This is where our President Rev. Lucas Dangatan now operates. This office has become the hub of our operations in the Philippines. It is to serve as a function room and Hostel (for 10 people-Students) for visitors and guests.

    From: Lucas Jr. Dangatan <> To: David Clarke <> Date: Sunday, January 20, 2002 6:49 am

    Subject: Re: New Bilibid Prison-Personal Invitation Dear David,

    Michael was happy that he spoke with you on the phone and has told me about using your website to invite students or groups to visit the Philippines.

  3. Paradise Express back in Business

    It’s a great idea! Paradise Express is back in business! My new home/office, which I now occupy, has a large upper room, which is multi- purpose - i.e., Fellowship, teaching, and now it will be the barracks for the students. The Trojan Horse Christian Mission Hostel, Philippines. Group of ten no problem sleeping on folding beds. Michael says that 7 pounds sterling per head per night to include breakfast and evening meal should be mentioned on the web. Also, the students can attend our training classes. I will also take them on excursions to other jails.

    The profit gained through the hostel will be used to support all outgoings together with supporting our outreach officers/ warriors when they are released from prison.

    Michael has sent you a letter in the snail-mail giving you further details, but the message is to promote the Hostel concept throughout the world via the web.

    What is/are your suggestion/s regarding this “Hostel business”? By the way, the ceremonial opening of the office will be on Saturday 26th January starting from 2:00 p.m. not on the 27th. Our speaker is Pastor Jeff Harrison, a German- American missionary here in the Philippines

    Thank you and God bless you. Yours in Christ,

    Pastor Lucas.

  4. Function of the Office

    This Office would also serve also as accommodation for released inmates, one of which is to be our senior teacher Pst. Andy Dolin who is due to be released in the near future.

    Lucas, Andy and William


    The Office in the Prison

    The office would serve all our out workers one of which is to be William C. Poloc who will be our first field worker.

  5. Our further vision

    This book is only the first of a never-ending series of “Trojan Warriors”. Data will be constantly processed via our Mission Office when required using the “State of the Art” computer system.

  6. Testimonies

    Testimonies are welcome from all walks of life. It do not matter who you are of you country, If you feel the Holy Spirit prompting you put you pen to paper of finger to keys and spill you heart out giving us as much personal data as possible including a recent photograph. This will be a sure sign from Heaven that you have been called into “front Line Service”. None prisoners are equally invited to be involved.

  7. Executive Clemency

    The Office can help prisoners in this matter. This concerns all prisoners whatever country you may be in. We have professional representation for all “Trojan Warrior” and for this to be successful we need your personal file to be as comprehensive as possible. This is the role of the mission office.

    The Office will also help with Good Time Conduct Allowance for all your confinement as a detention prisoner. This has been a problem in the New Bilibid Prison, which we are looking into and in due course the “Trojan Warrior” Officers will be briefed in full.

  8. Visiting England while on Parole

    This is something, which is in the pipeline! We hope to be able to sponsor small groups of “High Calibre Trojan Warriors” who have been released on parole. We will keep

    you up-dated. The purpose of this is to enable you to preach/ speak and give your testimony to inmate in British and other foreign prisons. It is envisaged that some will work in other prisons in different parts of the world. We are already involved in British Prison Ministry and this is only a part of our expansion plan.

  9. Help Line for Ladies

    Sis. Claudette Mc. Staples has been a Christian volunteer in New Bilibid Prison since 1985. As a women she is fully aware of many problems that fall upon inmates girl friends and wives, especially those with children. She has kindly offered to be a good listener to any one in despair! Financial problems are not her department as her small business only provides a modest living to enable her to visit the prison on a regular basis. However if you burden is heavy and you feel that life is just too much to handle, it could be that having a chat with her could be the solution.

    Please contact the mission office or ring her on 698-8799 or ask a “Trojan Warrior” Officer. To make an appointment for you.

  10. News Letters

    We intend to circulate either a monthly or quarterly newsletter to all Trojan Warriors. To make this successful it need full participation from every one. So please keep the

    information coming into the Mission Office. We cannot do it without you.

  11. The Invasion

    This is one of our major goals. The brief outline has been disclosed at the end of Michael JOHN CLARKE’S testimony. “Feedback from you is urgently needed.

  12. International Operations

    A ship called the Redeemer has been offered to Link4Life (International). It is envisioned to bring this ship into full time Christian Mission work. It will be based in Portsmouth and equipped for all kinds of mission work. A federation of organisations will be involved including other international Christian Ministries.

  13. The Ships Redeemer and Procyon


    The Redeemer and Procyon

  14. Mexico and Spain

    A sister ship “Procyon” is moored in Mexico and we have been offered her service as a base to work in the Jails in Mexico. Our long term views is to send former inmates from New Bilibid Prison to work within Spanish cultured Prisons, in Asia and Europe, to establish Teacher Training Colleges. The Teacher Training College in New Bilibid Prison being the proto type model. We expect and encourage some of our men to go and live within such jails, on a voluntary basis to do this work. Tentative approaches have already been made in Spain and announced on Onder Cero Radio. Which broadcasts all over the Costs De Sol. Call “Maurice Boland” 0034639196668 for the story.

  15. Bringing the Redeemer to Portsmouth

The former Captain of the Redeemer is Alistair Sutherland15 of Bournemouth who initiated our concurrent work involving the Redeemer. Alistair has also been the former Chief Officer on the Doulos, The Captain of The Good Samaritan and worked with The Procyon and The Anastasis

Alistair’s vision is to bring the Redeemer back into Christian Mission work for full time service. We have been offered the ship (at a price) by the company owner and have visited him in Belgium and we are engaged in all necessary legal and practical procedures to bring the ship to Portsmouth. Our vision is to equip the ship for local rehabilitation for all


15 Appendix 17. For Credentials

the disaffected including former criminals and drug abused victims. This will involve working with the Local Authorities at Portsmouth City Council. We would also wish to use her for worldwide Christian Mission work.

David Hathaway, the current director of www.Eurovison. org, has encouraged us and suggested we could take the Redeemer not only to any part of the world, but to the Black Sea between Europe and Asia, which is an ideal stage post for evangelical out reach. We intend to bring our Trojan Warriors into worldwide mission work.

105 Job opportunities

Once prisoners are released it is almost impossible to find someone to employ them. This is why we need you new life in Christ to be recorded. The office can then in return contact your parole officer endorsing a copy of your file and ask him to contact various employers in your area asking them to give former inmates a new start. This is why you f=data needs to be continually updated. When your employer reads your story in the book you testimony may well help you in the future. Many doors may be opened to you because of your personal testimony of what the Lord has done for you.

106 Pen Pals

This is something we encourage very much and we will develop this side of things. We know every one involved in the publication of Trojan Warriors would be delighted to

correspond with the outside world. We know some prisoner go for months or years without a letter and to have someone to contact them from the free society would be a blessing from heaven.

  1. Ceremonial Opening

    Due to the very importance of the Mission Office and our long-term goals it was felt appropriate to make a calibration of the opening of the Mission office.

    The Ceremonial opening of this office took place on the 26th January 2002 to which V.I.P.’s were invited and came.

  2. Invitation to the President

    Trojan Horse International Christian Ministries Inc., Phils. 21st January 2002

    Attention of:

    Office of the President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Manila

    Dear Madam,

    Re: Ceremonial opening of Trojan Horse International

    Ministries Office

    You’re a cordially invite to attend our opening ceremony Of the above mention Ministry Office on Saturday 27th

    January at 2.00 p.m. Please R.S.V.P. To our President Rev. Lucas P. Dangatan whose contact details are mentioned above.

    Our speaker is Pastor Jeff Harrison, a German-American missionary here in the Philippines.

    The new Office address is: 17 Tulay Bato, San Antonio, National Highway, Binan, Laguna, Philippines. Telephone 049 5118682. E-mail:

    Mobile 0063 9177482710.

    It would be a privilege for you to attend but if this is not possible please send a few words of encouragement to Rev. Lucas P. Dangatan.

    Please visit our web site: http://www.trojanhorse. that will give you information about the good work of reform going on in New Bilibid Prison.


    In the Lord Jesus Christ’s name, Yours Sincerely

    David Clarke. Director of Ministries.

    VIP’s invited: Hon. Director Ricardo Macala, Undersecretary of Justice Hon. Jose Calida.

  3. Presidential Response

    The response to our invitations was good and a very courteous reply was received from Malacanang Place, which was as follows:


    FROM: APPOINTMENTS-OFFICE PHONE NO.: 7362469JAN. 24 2002 10:11 a.m. P1

    Mr. David Clarke Director

    Trojan Horse International Christian Ministries Dear Mr. Clarke:

    Thank you for inviting Her Excellency President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to the ceremonial opening of your new

    office on January 26th 2002.

    We regret to inform you that the President will not be able to grace the ceremonies because of her international engagements.

    Thank you

    Very truly yours,

    Constancia P. de Guzman, MNSA, Ph. D. Appointments Secretary

    January 21, 2002-08-14


  4. Sending Men on Mission work

    “Trojan Warrior” Pst. William O. Poloc is our Principal Head Teacher, in the Teacher Training College, New Bilibid Prison, Maximum Security Compound, Muntinlupa City, Philippines.

  5. is function

    His function is to train out reach mission workers for work

    in City and District jails, upon their release from prison.

    His “Nick name” is Dr. Poloc and is due to be released sometime this year (2002).

  6. His Mission

    He will be our first “Trojan Warrior” to go into the field. He will work in close relationship with our President Pastor Lucas Dangatan, giving him feedback to all obstacles and dangers that may be encountered by future warriors.

  7. Field Manual

    He will be responsible for writing the “Trojan Warrior Field Manual”.

    Stop Press

    Dr. Poloc was released in August 2002 Praise the Lord

    (Click to view) William or First Trojan Warrior

  8. Prayer request

    Dr. Poloc’s hometown is Baguio City, which is very mountainous. His problem is restricted mobility, due to having only one leg. This leg he lost due to his criminal

    activities and was shot at close range. Our prayer is that Lord will provide an artificial leg. This will enable him to fulfil his commission and main mission objective “Setting the Captives free” through the preaching and teaching of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are looking to God to answer our prayers.

    Gordon Smith and William Poloc


    Gordon Prays for a new leg for Dr. Poloc

  9. The Trojan Warrior (Tract)

    All Trojan Warriors are former prisoners. Many of which have been incarcerated for decades in the notorious New Bilibid Prison. The name Trojan has been adopted from the Greek legend: Helen of Troy.

    Each Trojan Warrior is actively involved in fulfilling the Lord’s Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20) They have also experienced the many pressures and difficulties in life and can, without any doubt, relate to detention prisoners and society in general whose lives have been thrown into a state of confusion and despair.

  10. Objectives

    The main objective of every Trojan Warrior is to free you from anxiety and lead you to a deeper understanding together with the only solution and answer to the big question of: “Why are people suffering”? (Acts 4:12)

    The Front Cover of the Book


    The front cover of the book

    Do you find this picture intriguing and would you like to understand what is a Trojan Warrior.

    As you can see, the Trojan Warrior is truly a person you can relate to and will happily spend time with you on his regular

    weekly visits. Alternatively, if you are suddenly transferred to the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa, write directly to Rev. Lucas P. Dangatan, Jr. Who will send a Warrior directly to you.

  11. New Bilibid Prison

Upon arrival, each prisoner spends a few weeks in R.D.C. (Reception and Diagnostic Centre), after which they will be transferred to either Medium or Maximum Compounds. Medium Compound is for prisoners serving less than 20 years. While Maximum Compound is for those serving more than 20 years together with those whose sentence is on appeal.

Contrary to what you may think, Maximum Compound is the better of the two compounds. It has better sleeping conditions as well as housing our N.B.P. Christian Church and N.B.P. Theological Institute which was founded in 1989 by a former prisoner, Rev. Lucas P. Dangatan, Jr., Which is now almost run completely by inmate teachers, and has obtained worldwide acclaim.

School Enrolment

This is not a problem for prisoners in Maximum. However, those in Medium can by application via Pastor Dangatan be transferred to Maximum as a full time student.

What next?

Think hard about what you have read and remember that

there is a God and that the Bible is Fact not Fiction.

Head Office

Rev. Lucas P. Dangatan, Jr.


Maximum Security Compound Muntinlupa City, Philippines. E-mail: CP#: 0916-5249530

Additional Information

Rev. Dangatan is also the President of the Trojan Horse International Christian Ministries (Phils.); Inc. Who’s International Head Office is in the United Kingdom

11 Hayling Close Fareham Hampshire

PO14 3AE


United Kingdom

Telephone: 0044 7970 755567

Fax: 0044 7970 755568

Vocal Message: 00447970755566


  1. The vision for the future

    Here is a letter received from Michael in 2001, which resulted in me writing to Richard Brandon of Virgin Air ways. We will wait upon the Lord to fulfil His purposes.

    The Invasion

    (Michael J. Clarke‚s vision, former travel promoter:

    Paradise Express)

    Since I wrote my “Message to the World”, the Holy Spirit has been dancing on my soul with unbelievable Force. The message I am getting is “Paradise Express” will be reborn! It involves the second phase of the “Trojan Horse Mission” which means that once the Warriors in the horse had opened the gates to the City, the rest of the army that were in hiding invaded in force, which resulted in victory. “Paradise Express” will charter a complete 747 aircraft to transport around 400 specially selected front-line evangelists for a two-week invasion. Low cost hotels will be commissioned and the Victory Liner Bus Company will provide land transportation.

    The objective being is a 3-day assault on Sin City (Angeles City), which will, and with a victory celebration service and altar call in the grounds of Clark Air Base, which is located in the centre of Angeles City.

    During this 2-week invasion, the Special Forces will saturate both NBP Maximum and Medium Compounds of over 15,000 inmates.

    This massive assault mission will generate worldwide

    T.V. and media coverage, together with the full support of both governments. The financial side will be very Simple to achieve by using the basic principles I learned from Sir Freddie Laker, the pioneer of sky-train in the early 70’s.

    The total packager price per head will be so low; it will create shock waves throughout the travel market.

    This whole operation can be put into operation from H.Q. Computer terminal in England. All we need is the anchorman in the Philippines, which we already have

    Rev. Lucas P. Dangatan Jr. I truly believe that if David circulated this concept

    On his website and asked for serious feedback regarding how to recruit the special force, he would be surprised at the response.

    In the meantime, I pray that all my brothers and sisters in Christ will be motivated by the Holy Spirit to pray for my early

    release from prison in order to Spearhead the INVASION!

    Yours sincerely : Michael J. Clarke.

  2. Office in Jerusalem

(With the Lord help this will happen)

It is the desire of the Director and team to have a Trojan Horse Office in Jerusalem. That selected inmates of our “Trojan Warrior” team be selected and trained in order to go and found other Teacher Training Colleges within other National Prisons. According to the pattern already established and registered by Trojan Horse International

C. M. In New Bilibid Prison. This will be with the help of international Government and secular caring groups. This will take place upon their release under parole. They will be “Sent” to live and establish such colleges within other Maximum Security Prisons wherever the Lord opens the door.

We teach the truth that the Lord Jesus is coming again and the WORD of the Lord will go forth from Jerusalem. We also invite all Kings, Rulers and National leaders to the “Feast of Tabernacles” in Jerusalem 2003.

Come celebrate and give thanks to God for the good work being done in their Jails and countries. These works are gifts from God. Be our guest.

David Clarke (Director) & Michael J. Clarke (Executive


119 A Trojan Horse Wedding

We believe we have been called to represent Christ and His Church by our marriages as Satan is seeking to destroy this institution during these Last Days. See our beliefs regarding Christian Marriage.1


This is the first marriage of a “Trojan Warrior” of the Trojan Horse International Christian Ministries. It is requested that the fellow guest “warriors1’ would kindly wear their uniform, as this wedding will be a special feature in the ministry’s forthcoming book titled “Trojan Warriors”.

Mark 10. Verse 9.

What God has joined together let no man put asunder.


I. Opening Prayer

11. Declaration of Purpose

  1. Declaration to Marry

  2. Scripture Reading

  3. Homily

  4. Marriage Vows

  5. Message in Song

  6. Exchange of Rings

  7. Signing of Marriage Contract

  8. Charge to Parents/ Principal Sponsors

  9. Prayer of Dedication

  10. Message in Song

  11. Pronouncement

  12. Benediction

  13. resentation of Newlyweds

  14. Closing Prayer




DANGATAN, JR. (Presiding Minister)

“What God Hath joined Together

Let no man put asunder.”

Wedding Photographs


The Wedding: Trojan Horse Style

Chapter 12 A Plea Gloria Macapagal

Arroyo the President

  1. Our Appeal to the President

    As a consequence of our concern for the well being of Alfred and other inmate we felt constrained to write and beg the President of the Philippines to show mercy on Alfredo Nardo one of our “Trojan Warrior’s”. Here is our letter:

    Cc. Hon. Secretary Justice Hernando Perez 1st August 2002

    Salutations: Dear Madam President Macapagal- Arroyo

    Re: Plea for Executive Clemency for Alfred R. Nardo Inmate New Bilibid Prison N98P-1349

    Alfred Nardo is one of our “Trojan Warriors” scheduled for execution on the 16th October 2002.

    We write of his behalf seeking your gracious favour in extending the unmerited favour of your Clemency. We understand your have the power to show mercy in such cases as Alfred Nardo. Alfred Nardo has been converted to Christ and has demonstrated his repentance towards God and form his sins as expressed in his written testimony. We beg you to read his own testimony that is including with this letter. This was written at our request when we visited the Philippines on a preaching tour in August 2001.

    Cordial Invitation

    God Willing we will be visiting your beautiful County in October 2002 on our second Mission to the Philippines and will be preaching in:

    New Bilibid Prison, The penal colony on Indoor Island, Two jails in Bagnio City,

    Mt. Province, Olongapo City Jail, The Women’s Correctional in Mandaluyong City,

    And the Church Crossroad 77 Bread of Life, Quezon City.

    We would be honoured if you would be our very special Guest at our meeting in the Bread of Life Church Quezon City and also at our evening meal at the “Danish Connection”, at Alabang Town Centre. Our guest speaker will be Andrew

    McCooey, a lawyer and Minister of the Gospel, will be giving a speech/lecture on the subject “Money is their God”. Andrew is an International Lawyer representing “Freedom Now” and specializes in representing “Death Convict appeals”. In every case that he has undertaken he has been successful. His latest client was Albert E. Wilson and Englishman, who were acquitted by your Supreme Court on 21st December 1999. Albert Wilson had been under the sentence of death in you prisons for a period of three and a half years.

    Your presence would specially appreciated and it would be our privilege to have you along with other special guests and V.I.P’s. which will include the British Ambassador and Ernie and Shirley Fable of “Shalom Bata” Children Rescue Centre. R.S.V.P.

    If you are unable to attend it may be you would extend to us favour in a personal meeting with you so we may share our work and special interests with the Philippine people.

    Yours in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ Rev. David Clarke. Ambassador for Christ.

    God Willing we will be with Alfredo R. Nardo on the 16th October 2001.

  2. Stop Press (last week in August)

    We received news today, from the Philippines, that Alfredo Nardo has had a reprieve and the Board of Pardon and Parole

    has made a recommendation to a prison tern for 6 to 8 years. This reprieve we are told was due to our letters amongst others to the President in Alfredo’s case. Praise and thank God for His intervention. Alford’s prayers have been answered.

    Alfredo R. Nardo is one of our trusted “Trojan Warriors”. Unfortunately for him he is scheduled to be executed, by lethal injection, on the 16th October 2002. He is also a member of Link4Life (International) and has informed us on his application form that he is not guilty of the charges against him. Sadly we know from the painful experiences of Albert E. Wilson, Victor Fitzgerald, John Pidden and Michael John Clarke that miscarriages of justices do happen in the Philippines. We believe this could also be true of Alfredo Nardo.

    Alfredo is also the “Mayor” on Death Row and has been a “Death Convict since March 1995. His testimony was give us on the 1st September 2001 and is as follows:

  3. Inmate Alfredo R. Nardo

    His Testimony

    Mayor of Death Row

    Name: Alfredo R. Nardo


    Prison number :N98P1349 Dorm: 1-C2

    Age: 43 17th February 1954

    Married 7 Children Crime: Rape Sentence: Death

    Family BGY 3 Camalig Albay 1 st September 2001

    Dear Reader,

    A long time ago, when I was a soldier, I was afraid of death because I knew where my soul would end up. In spite of knowing there is God; my life was sinful, gambling, heavy drinking and women. You name it, I had it. My life was always

    like that until it led me to prison with a death sentence. And there on Death Row I met someone who shared with me the Word of God and it made me cry especially when he read to me “John 5:13. That says “ I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life”. I realized for my sins that I would surely have gone to hell if I had died in unbelief. I thanked the Lord for his kindness and love for me and accepted him as my lord and Saviour. Now I no longer fear death knowing I am saved and have eternal life. Since 1998, here in prison, I continually serve Him and even outside of prison in correspondence to my loved ones. Last year, on September 5th 200, I wrote to my wife and told her about the wonderful things in the holy bible and how I changed my life. In her reply she told me about a preacher who came by the house and how it changed her life too! God used my testimony and the preacher to save her.

    I studied evangelism Explosion III in New Bilibid Prison and asked in prayer that He grant me wisdom and freedom so I can Preach in the outside world, for I know that there are many sinners just like me, before and the fishers of men are few.

    Once I failed to attend a church service and it gave me a bad feeling so I made a point of attending fellowship and devotion services. Even though I was “Affirmed” by the Supreme Court (Certain to be put to death) I was not loosing hope that one day I will be freed from prison.

    Dear readers I hope my testimony gives strength and

    knowledge about out Lord Jesus Christ. May God bless you all?

    With Love, Alfredo Nardo


    Witnessed by: Michael John Clarke


  4. The Mayor teaching the gospel to “Death Convicts”


    Death Convicts

    Alfred R. Nardo (Right- Mayor) Lethal Injection Chamber

    on the right

    The Death Chamber


    The Lethal Injection Chamber

  5. The Lethal Injection Chamber

    This Chamber was constructed after riots in New Bilibid Prison after the inmates destroyed the “Electric Chair”. We were given to believe is was a more economical means of execution and the Philippines Government could not afford to build an new Electric Chair. See Olga Robertson’s book “The Men in my life” all 9000 of them. Available from the Trojan Horse International Office.

    Michael teaching on Death Row


    “Death Convicts” responding positively to the Gospel

    (Michael on the left)

  6. Michael encouraging men on Death Row

    Our Ministry included preaching the Gospel to men on “Death Row”. Above is a secret picture, which was taken in “Death Row”, of “Death Convicts”. In this dorm there are 319 men. Many of these responded positively to the good news of salvation by the Lord Jesus Christ, during our Mission to the Philippines, in August 2001. August 16th 2001.

    Inmates Impression of the “Death Bed” Draw by a Trojan Warrior


    Inmate Artist’s impression of the “Death Bed”

    The script reads: “For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord”

  7. Membership Application Form Link4Life

    On Alfred’s application for Link4Life (International) he states he is not guilty of crime for which he is to be executed for. Here is his application form:


    Top of Form



    17 Tulay Bato, National Hi-way, San Antonio, Binan Laguna. Tel: (0049) 511-8682, Fax No: 511-8682, CF N0:



    Those who have submitted their written testimony need only complete this form and answer the question below:


    Alfred R. Nardo

    N98 P 1349


    Dorm 1C2, Death Row, New Bilibid Prison (Maximum Security Compound) Muntinlupa City, Philippines.



    Tick the box if you have submitted

    your testimony


    In order that your testimony will have a good impact, please answer the following questions. These answers will

    be included in your Testimony. Please answer the questions on the back of the form if you need more space and return to the Mission Office.





    Are you guilty of the crime you

    have been sentenced for?



    Are you guilty of a crime or

    wronged anyone?



    Do you feel the sentence you

    have been given was right?



    If you have the opportunity what

    would you say to you victim’s relatives?



    State how God has dealt with

    your sins.

    Trough His blood


    Do you agree with the Death

    Penalty for any crime?

    Anti -Death Penalty


    Mission Office: 11 Hayling Close, Fareham, Hampshire,

    PO14 3AE,

    United Kingdom.

    Tel: 0044 7970 744467

    Fax: 0044 7970 755568

    Dial the story: 0044 7970 755566


    Chapter 11

  8. Dealing with Doctrinal Issues and false teaching

    Our teacher training College was functioning as it should but not without it’s problems. One of our men Raymond

    1. Dolfo began to express views of the Lord Jesus Christ and the way of salvation that brought great concern to the teachers. I was told that they felt his name or testimony must not be included as a “Trojan Warrior”, because he was in serious error and telling others of a newfound way to God. He taught that there was no Hell and every one will be saved in the end.

  9. I write with a suggestion

    I felt that it would be more sensible to give this man the opportunity to explain himself rather than be too severe with him as I remembered the scripture regarding helping those who had gone astray. I wrote the men suggesting they give him the opportunity to write his views down and explain them. This was agreed and I sent the following letter to the teacher and the next letter to Raymond. It would be good to read his testimony which I include but not amongst the “Trojan Warriors”.

    From: David Clarke <>

    Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2002 23:40:36 +0100

    To: “Lucas Jr. Dangatan” <> Cc: Gordon Smith <> Subject: Raymond B Dolfo

    Dear Trojan Warriors,

    Re: Raymond B Dolfo

    Praise God for men like this. Not that is good but from this I believed the two edged sword of truth will defeat Satan who is the author of all error. This error is common throughout Christendom. Use this occasion to establish the truth.

    Get Raymond to write out his beliefs and select two juniors

    skilled in faith and in the Word to answer the errors. We will publish the mistakes and show that we seek to recover the men in error to rely totally on the Lord Jesus Christ and what He says. We are not into sentiment but truth.

    I feel however I would like you to tackle the problem as follows: Please give Raymond this letter. I believe we will have to deal with many such cases. This is our heritage to defend the truth.

  10. This is my letter sent to Raymond

    To: Raymond B. Dolfo, New Bilibid (Maximum) Prison, Dorm 7D1, Muntinlupa City Philippines. 1st April 2002

    Dear Raymond,

    I am sorry we did not get to finish your video at New Bilibid Prison last August. However I wish you well and that you find peace in the Lord Jesus Christ.

    I would be grateful if you would write an open letter stating those things that the Trojan Warriors are saying about your beliefs about heaven and hell and the way of salvation, etc. Please use Bible references as best you can to explain yourself and give the reasons for your beliefs and get any help you can. I am sure this will help.

    Please find enclosed your testimony. I am enclosing a personal copy of my book “Converted on LSD Trip”. I do hope this will help you in your search for truth and


    Yours in the Lord Jesus Christ name. David Clarke Director of Trojan Horse International Ministries.

  11. Raymond Dolfo Testimony


    Name: Raymond B. Dolfo




    Dorm: 7D1

    Age: 56 years. 30th August 1946



    Separated. 7 children

    Sentence: Two life sentences

    Detained: Since February 1994

    Crime: Large scale Illegal Recruitment





    20th August 2001 Dear Brethren,

    Political Organizer

    MA. Rita Dolfo, Bay, Ligao. Alby.P.I.

    I am writing my life testimony, so that I may tell the whole world, how our Lord Jesus Christ turned my past dead life into a wonderful transformation in God’s grace, of peace, joy and happiness with my fellowmen.

    My past dead life was full of sins doing things that God didn’t like me to do. I did not recognize my neighbours and

    didn’t care for what they want. All I knew was I was confident in my self and I did not need them in my life for I didn’t ask any help from them because I knew I had plenty of money to spend for my needs. To the extent that I even forgot the Lord Almighty. What was important to me was money; money and that was all. When I prayed it was all for money and forgetting to ask God for forgiveness for my shortcomings with my fellow man.

    But God has his own way of punishing people like me. In 1986 God gave me a big legal problem for infidelity and put me in jail. God took away from me all His gifts. My house, cars, business contract etc. The only thing left on me was the cloth I was wearing the day I was arrested by the police.

    In jail I realized all my sins and atrocities with my fellow men. I cried so loud to God for His deliverance and made penance for my sins. One early morning in the summer of 1989 a group of born again prison outreach team handed me my first Holy Bible. I had never read the bible in my life and when I came to read the very first chapter of Genesis, that I learned Gods plan for man. While in jail the bible became my constant companion. I initiated the bible study session in my own cell with my co-inmates and it went good. I felt God was really using me to spread the words of God to my fellow men.

    The indulgence of reading the holy Bible from Genesis to the last word of Revelation gave me a nice gift from God. My legal problem was removed and I was released from confinement. Before I left my cell to rejoin the free society

    with my family, I made a covenant with God, that I would conduct a World Peace Mission Centre in the Philippines. The painful aspect of this mission was I would just walk my way to other nations to ask for small donations for this purpose, just to feed me on my travels etc.

    When I was released from jail the first thing I did was to draw a straight line on the map of the world and compute how long it would take me to return to the Philippines. My computations say that I will painfully walk for ten (10) straight years and would pass through war torn nations like Iraq and Iran, India and Pakistan with many deadly obstacles. Realizing my painful task I began to ask the Lord for modifications, if God would consider a covenant with Him in a sitting position instead of standing.

    God is really very considerate and He has his own good plans for me. Before God gave me His second phase of action for my commission ship as Gods singing evangelist. I remember being in church praying to God to teach me where to start my mission. A very soft whisper came, and was telling me to start with the “Theatre”. I was astonished with this message. What has the theatre to do with my doing the mission? Does it mean I will exhibit a show to the public and give its proceeds to charity?

    Early in the morning I rose up and went to every metropolitan theatre telling the owners and administrators of my intention. But because of financial problems they were not able to put me on contract. I presumed that was not God’s will to use the theatre for my mission.

    In 1994 I was again jailed for Large scale Illegal Recruitment and this time I was really innocent for my crime. During my silent mediation with God I was asking Him for plans ahead for me. While in jail I continued in my bible teaching in all cells. Finally in 1989 God first revealed His plan for me. The soft whisper came again to me one night while I was half asleep. Telling me to include my singing during my bible study. At first I objected to God for my singing because I didn’t know how to sing and I cannot even play or strum the guitar. The soft voice was very insistent: “just do it and you will do it”. That week I re-programmed my bible teaching that includes my singing in between every part, consisting of contumacy and spiritual songs. It went all right and I discovered my new God given talent of singing and later on I was already working on composing my own songs.

    In 1998 on the past calibration of New Year I made my first attempt of performing my first solo Concert entitled “Genesis”. During that concert which I offered to the Lord and mankind I heard the words of the voice of the Holy Spirit of God: “Start from the Theatre” then I realized whilst singing on stage what I was doing. I am the theatre indeed and was performing a song to God and all mankind.

    At present I am still in prison and awaiting my final release from confinement. My covenant with God was for me to walk ten (10) straight years around the world for my mission. But God modified it by putting me instead here in prison for ten

    (10) straight years in order to be equipped prior to my big task of singing as Gods ambassador of good will to all prisons around the world.

    Now I am studying evangelism and taking a two-year course in B.S. Theology at the NBP Theological Institute. From time to time during outreach ministries in dormitories, I sing my songs that I compose and begin sending my messages of God’s gospel through my pet card bearing the Koronang Tinik Mission mark.

    May those who read my personal testimony be blessed in the name of Jesus Christ my personal Saviour?

    Brotherly love

    Bro. Raymond B Dolfo.

    Witnessed by Pastor Andy C. Dolan.

  12. Letter from Andy Dolan re: Raymond B. Dolfo

    Dear Brother David,

    Greetings to you in the name of our dear lord Jesus Christ. I would like to inform you concerning Dolfo. Three months

    ago he shared to me his newfound formula, which is for him, it is the only way to salvation to man’s problem. These formulas are “love God; Love your neighbour and love your self”. So I tried to explain to him not all people could do this command unless they are born again. Aside of this matter he doesn’t believe in the existence of hell, the sinless ness of Christ, the Holy Bible as inspired by God and that salvation is by grace through faith and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

    For these reasons after careful explanation and refutation of what some the truths in the scriptures I perceived that he isn’t willing to know the truth but rather he accuses us that we are wrong and his views are right. That’s why I convinced him not to continue his theological studies because it is useless according to him he is only interested in methods and not the truths, which we are teaching. But in spite of his views we love him and are praying for his deliverance.

    Thank you and God bless you! Pst. Andy Dolin.

    It was this testimony I was asked to exclude for the list of Trojan Warriors.

  13. Letter from Raymond B. Dolfo

    Dormitory 7D-1

    Maximum Security Compound Bureau of Correction Muntinlupa City

    27th May 2002-08-14

    My Dear Rev. David Clarke, Christian Greetings!

    Hello Rev! I am very sorry my reply to your letter came so

    late the problem I got no money for postage. I asked the help of your brother Mike to help me so my letter could reach you.

    Here are my beliefs about SALVATION and HELL: SALVATION: All mankind will perish and are all saved

    from their sins.

    Regardless men will follow the path of righteousness and so they/we are all saved (John 3:16; 3.36)

    When man broke away from God he was cursed to the ground and his gift of life everlasting was removed from him by God, thus man is experiencing death without let-up. (Gen 3.17).

    When Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us from our sins the “life everlasting” formerly given to us by God was restored. What God has caused to die and perish is our physical being, not the soul and much more the spirit that dwells in us; because they came from God and they are a part of God.

    If man dies it will be the time for him to receive the second coming of Jesus into his life, because his life everlasting waiting for him in “Paradise” will be returned to him in a glorified body different from his former physical being (Luke 26:43) (John 3:36).

    Jesus Christ after his resurrection was in a different body, evident that Mary Magdalene when they visited Him did

    not recognise Him also and his disciples, until another had inserted his finger to the marks of His wounds that he believed is was Jesus Christ who had risen from the dead.

    HELL: I don’t believe that there is a HELL being illustrated in the Holy Bible as a place of torment for the sinner in the last judgement. Neither did the book of Genesis speak of a Hell created by God for the sinners. Even He did not think of making a place like it to punish the sinners (Jeremiah 7:31)

    The word “Hell” originally came from the Hebrew word “Sheol” which was used by Jacob in Genesis 37:35, Sheol” meant “Grave”. But its translation from other words in different languages translate it as follows:

    Original word Germany

    Sheol Hoelle

    French Inferno

    American and British Hell

    Spanish Inferno

    Portuguese Inferno

    The last two words “Hell” and “Inferno” were used by unscrupulous intellectuals to sew fear among believers purposely to amass wealth during the past and even until now

    it is being used to deceive many people.

    Going back to “SALVATION” we often exchange views with your brother Mike about the subject. It was from him that I heard “what if I am living in the mountains 1 am worshiping adoring the “SUN GOD” as my idol. I did not hear of Jesus Christ. Can I be saved? My answer is “YES”. Regardless where you are staying righteous or a sinner during your days on earth, you are “SAVED”!!! Because God loves us (John 3:1). Every one is saved regardless.

    Our duty so far as servants of God is to teach the path of righteousness among men. At least it will keep the balance of all things on earth. We all know that it is God who has the sole right to remove our lives or to punish the wicked. He will not be able to do it by floods and lightening alone. He could also use man against man to remove the life of me and give the life of another. It is time in the case of a murderer and Physician. Least we are all an instrument of God here on earth to perform His will for His own glory. Regardless if they are wrong or not. That is the essence of God given “Free Will” to all His creatures, both heavenly and earthly. This ended my position on “SALVATION” and HELL”. Hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

    On another hand sad I want to tell you Pastor Anthony Dolan persuaded me associate Pastor at NBTI not to continue my studies at the said school, for the reason of what was my stand and belief on what I have learned from school. Particularly on the “Doctrine” which I am formulating.

    Just recently I have discovered a mathematical conceptualized formula to resolve the PEACE problem on a global level. My hypothesis was derived from the book of Matthew 22: 37-39 which simply states:

    “Love God”

    “Love thy neighbour” and “Love thyself”.

  14. Conclusions

The warriors have dealt with this issue well and we hope Raymond will be recovered from his error. The men have dealt with the issue in love and Raymond is now a real friend of Michael. We do well to do the same in our Churches.

Chapter 12 Prayer Mountain

  1. Rev. Rev. Samuel and Jocelyn Vercina

    Rev. Samuel Vercina accompanied us to Angeles City and Olongapo District Jail. Rev. Samuel was our host and helper during our visit to Angeles City and Olongapo Districts Jails to preach the gospel to the inmates. He took us also to meet the Vice Mayor Cynthia of Olongapo City. We actually hoped to have planned to see the Mayor Kate Gordon who unfortunately was away on business that day. However we shared with the Vice Mayor, Cynthia, the nature of our visit and we learned she too was Christian and she blessed us as

    we left.


    Barretto Olongapo

    Rev. Samuel &Jocelyna Vercina and the Warden of Barretto Jail

  2. Prayer Mountain

    Pastor Samuel and his wife took us to what they call “Prayer Mountain” which is a spot of land on a mountain in Olongapo City were many evangelical Christians have come together to build a place for men to spend time in prayer for the peoples of the Philippines.

    During our visit Pastor Samuel share his vision and gave me his last drawing of the sanctuary they were building. It was his desire to speak out the Word of the Lord from Prayer mountain and all evangelical Christians unite in the cause of Christ. The great tragedy was just days later he and his wife were killed in the Manila Hotel fire in August 2001.

    The proposed church building


    Sanctuary with Prayer Rooms

    (March 2001)

    Pastor: Samuel C. Vercina Olongapo City, Philippines.

  3. Death March

    The site of this building is on the very road that is referred to the Death march where solders were made to march when captured by the Japanese in world war II

  4. A tragedy for Olongapo City

    This is the tribute we gave to Samuel and Jocelyn Vercina Tribute to Rev. Samuel and Jocelyn C. Vercina

    Founders of Reborn Christian Ministries Inc. 35-21st Place West Bajac-Bajac

    Philippines 2200

    Tel: N0 (047) 224-8495


    Olongapo City

    Samuel and Jocelyn

    From: David Clarke and Gordon Smith of the Trojan Horse Mission to the Philippines 22nd August 2001

    Samuel and Jocelyn tragically died on Saturday 18th early in the morning at Hotel Manor, Quezon City Philippines.

    We first met Samuel on Monday the 13th August at Angeles City Jail. He accompanied us on our mission to speak to around 300 prisoners in Angeles City Jail. Samuel was the Pastor of Reborn Christian Ministries and the Church met in their house in Olongapo City.

    Both Samuel and his wife Jocelyn had invited us to preach at the Church In Your City Church (Pst. Albert and Pst. Benjie’s Church) on Wednesday night where we shared the Gospel with many in that place.

    Samuel was also the President of Olongapo Christian Ministers’ Association OCMA President-FY 2001 and he

    and Jocelyn took us on a curtesy visit to meet the vice-mayor at Olongapo City on Thursday 16th August.

    The vice-mayor is: The Hon. Cynthia G. Cajudo Vice mayor and Presiding Officer

    2/F City Hall, W.B.B Olongapo City 2200 Philippines.

    Tel 0063-47-222-2564

    Fax 0063 47-222-4777.

    Rev Samuel and his wife took us to “The Prayer Mountain” located at Bangal, Dinalupilian, Boundary of Olongapo City and Bataan.

    They both shared their vision and reason for the work regarding the construction of “The Prayer Mountain”. We took video footage of Samuel and his wife as they shared their vision and aspirations. It is almost like their last will and testament regarding their work in Olongapo City.

    Samuel shared his vision and said that the mountain had been constructed for the use of all the body of Christ and to the Glory of God so that together they could complete the work of God in the area taking the Gospel of our Lord Jesus to all around.

    It was Samuel’s wish that we take the video footage back to the United Kingdom and share the vision to all.

    Our prayer would be for his work at “Prayer Mountain” to go on and so fulfil the desire of many and Samuel’s Vision.

    Yours Sincerely in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. David Clarke Evangelist

    Gordon Smith Elder

    We have full video footage and picture and photographs relating to Samuel and Jocelyn and the Prayer Mountain.

  5. Five Orphaned Children


    These are the five orphaned children lets without father or mother.

  6. The story continues

The testimony of the men in New Bilibid Prison can be

read in Trojan Warriors, Testimonies. Available on or web site of Publications office.

Chapter 13 The Testimonies

Now read the 66 teatimonies in Part two of Trojan Warriors.

Appendix 01

The National Bureau of Investigation Report

Dated: (NBI) June 1995

Retyped by Jason Zambale, Subic, Zambales DISPOSITION FORM:

When answering please refer to security classification (if any)

Corresponding Entry No. SUBJECT: MICHAEL J. CLARKE

(Alleged Paedophile) TO: RD, NCR


This pertains to an investigation conducted, pursuant to

the instruction of the Director on the newspaper (publication linking the NBI to a paedophile syndicate and naming a certain MICHAEL CLARKE, a British national as member of an international sex ring engaged in recruiting children for the purpose of child prostitution and inducing people to be clients of child prostitutes.

During the later part of the first week and the early part of the second week of June 1995, newspaper publications about the NBI involvement in an international sex ring almost stole from the limelight the case about the Kuratong Baleleng Gang alleged rubout. Almost all newspapers of local and national circulation published in bold black and white on the front pages the report that some NBI officers and agents were protecting an international sex syndicate as can be gleamed from the following different newspaper captions which, incidentally were also broadcast on the radio and shown on all television channels in Metro Manila and the provinces:








RING (Annex K)





With all the unsavoury publications about the NBI, the Director ordered the immediate check of the NBI records to find out the names of agents who are assigned to investigate cases on paedophiles. And the undersigned agents as a consequence thereof was directed to immediately submit a report on the cases he had handled.

Since 1994 up to present, only three cases involving

paedophiles were referred to the National Capital Region (NCR) for appropriate action. These are:

The referral of the Department of Justice sometime in the early part of 1994 to check on the presence of a suspected paedophile in the island province of Marinduque. SRA ANTONIO SUAREZ and SJ GIL MICIANO who were

assigned together with the undersigned to work on this case conducted the surveillance. The duo found the information to be not true anymore as the said alleged paedophile is now happily married to a Filipina and had settled down in that province for good.

The request of Fr. SHAY CULLEN of PREDA FOUNDATION of Olongapo City sometime in March 1994 to arrest a suspected paedophile who was then making arrangements to have a young girl for sex with his undercover operative who posed as a pimp in Barretto, Olongapo City. The arrest did not materialized as the undercover operative of Fr. Shay Cullen who promised to provide the girl for this alleged paedophile failed to get the girl who was acceptable to him.

The request of Fr. SHAY CULLEN sometime in November 1994 for assurance in the rescue of young American from Olongapo City who was allegedly being kept among other young girls by a German paedophile in a house at the Glorietta Subdivision in Pasig, Metro Manila. The undersigned Agent, together with SA RUEL LASATA, SRA ANTONIO SUAREZ, SJ NIDA VILLANUEVA and GIL MICIANO

and a certain ROLLY an undercover operative and member

of the staff of Fr. Shay Cullen who led the team to the place conducted the surveillance for a possible immediate rescue operation or for the purpose of applying for a search warrant. Our efforts turned out, however, to be fruitless as no Amerisian, no young girls and no paedophile were seen in the address pointed to by ROLLY, the undercover agent of Fr. Shay Cullen. Later, the undersigned learned from Rolly that the mother of the alleged victim had already talked to her daughter who expresses willingness to go home and not proceed with her desire to go abroad.

A report on the above-mentioned operation had earlier been submitted to the Director, copy of which is hereto attached as (Annex R).

From the newspaper publication it could be defined that it was FR. SHAY CULLEN who complained to Senator ERNESTO HERERRA that NBI Agents including a ranking regional office allegedly were tipping off the sex ring so that when their group asked the NBI team to help them conduct surveillance in Manila and Olongapo, the suspect and the children disappeared. It is very clear also that it was FR. SHAY CULLEN who told Senator HERERRA that NBI men are protectors of a paedophile syndicate. Obviously he was referring to the undersigned Agent and other agents of NCR including the chief.

The Director apparently irked by the report immediately directed our Olongapo City Sub-Office (OLSO) Agents to bring to Manila MICHAEL CLARKE, a British national, who is allegedly a paedophile doing his trade in Olongapo

City, Angeles City and La Union for confrontation with the agents.

On the morning of June 6, 1995 OLSO NBI Agents who chanced upon MICHAEL CLARKE whiling away his time at a Sari-sari Store in Baloy Beach, Olongapo City, invited him to come to our office for interview. He was turned over to the Director who asked him searching questions pertaining to his activities in the Philippines and regarding the alleged involvement of some NBI men. After finding nothing to link his Agents to the alleged Paedophile syndicate, the Director turned over said MICHAEL CLARKE to the undersigned Agent for an in-depth investigation regarding his activities in the Philippines.

MICHAEL CLARKE denied having known and NBI agent or official and vehemently denied being paedophile or having sold or induced anyone to have sex with young girls. On the other hand, FR. SHAY CULLEN who also came to the office of the Director, revealed that MICHAEL CLARKE had admitted, in an interview, having induced some British nationals to have sex with young girls and he promised to submit to the undersigned agent copies of the video and audio tapes of the interview together with the corresponding affidavits of the persons who took the tapes. Until now, however, despite several promises, Fr. SHAY CULLEN failed to make good of his commitment. In fact, the undersigned agent on the suggestion of Fr. SHAY CULLEN prepared a written request but to no avail. Copy of this request is hereto attached as (Annex S).

At this juncture, Bureau of Immigration and Deportation agents came and presented an Order of Arrest (Annex T) issued against Michael Clarke ordering his immediate detention to face deportation proceeding for allegedly being an undesirable alien.

In an interview at the NCR, MICHAEL CLARKE disclosed that he arrived for the first time in the Philippines on February 4 1995 with BRUCE TEASDALE, a friend whom he met in Thailand sometime in 1993. They came to the Philippines purely for a holiday and stayed at the Vistillana Hotel in Balibago, Angeles City. During their stay in Angeles City they took time to go to Baloy Beach in Olongapo City for two days. While in Baloy Beach, he befriended CARLITO BALOY and FRANCISCO PEREZ with whom he talked about anything. It was during his friendly conversations with FRANCISCO PEREZ when he though of doing business by inviting friends and interesting persons in their country to come and tour the Philippines particularly Angeles City, Olongapo City and La Union. In doing so he would be earning an income as a travel operator and additional income from operators of hotels, beach resorts and bars of the Philippines who would also give him certain amount of percentage as commission for very tourist that he would bring to their place. After he returned to England on February 5, 1995 he immediately established the PARADISE EXPRESS, a business firm organized to promote travel to the Philippines, concentrating solely on Angeles City, Olongapo City and La Union. Brochures (Annex U) pictures and warm ups depicting the Philippines as a “Fantasy Island” were printed

and sent to friends and acquaintances all over England. He also advertised his new business in national newspaper duly approved by the advertising standards in their country. As a result thereof, every interesting parties inquired by telephone day and night. On April 28th 1995 inspired by favourable response of potential tourists, he came back to the Philippines to clear way for the otherwise promising business enterprise thus he put up. Before he left to the Philippines, two clients who introduced themselves as TAYLOR and a friend telephoned him day and night asking leading questions about the Philippines. Some of the questions they asked of him were:

  1. Are the girls in the Philippines beautiful?

  2. Is it possible for the girls to be their companions during their holiday?

  3. Do you have any photographs of the girls?

  4. Do you have any photographs of nude girls preferably young girls?

Mr. TAYLOR told him that money is not a problem and they wanted young girls and insisted on asking their photographs. When he told them that if you have money you can buy anything, they immediately came to his office and bought a round trip ticket to the Philippines. Two days after he arrived in Angeles City his first two clients also arrived and he welcomed them at the Southern Star Hotel in Balibago, Angeles City. On their first day, he escorted them to the

different places in Angeles City especially to the different bars and karaoke joints in the place. The next day he went alone to Baloy Beach Olongapo City to see Francisco Perez. At Baloy Beach they talked about business and agreed to organize a group of excursionists from Angeles City that would avail of the facilities of the cottages of Francisco Perez and he would a have video coverage of this excursion which he intended to be shown to prospective tourists in England. As they were talking in the beach cottage of Francisco Perez his two clients from London arrived and demanded. “MICHAEL WE ARE IN THE PHILIPPINES. WHERE ARE THE YOUNG

GIRLS TO FUCK?” In reply by way of a joke, he pointed to the young girls on the beach who were having a picnic with their families, but as he pointed to them, his clients – who turned out to be T.V. reporters from England on undercover operation to entrap him in the company of young girls or in the act of offering young girls to clients for sex – took pictures of him and the children on the beach. Thereafter, newspaper publications and radio televisions stories came out all over the country branding him as a paedophile engaged in child sex trade.

In the meantime, Fr. Shay Cullen through Senator ERNESTO HERERRA submitted videotape allegedly on the activities of MICHAEL CLARKE. Undersigned agents together with four legal officers viewed the tape for the purpose of evaluating its evidentiary value. However, nothing on the tape were seen which would warrant the filing of criminal charges against said MICHAEL CLARKE

LYNETTE MAY DELORIA, the information officer of

Sen. ERNESTO HERERRA who was responsible for some of the press releases about this case and who was monitoring our investigation promised to contact the witnesses and submit affidavits and tapes to support the charges against MICHAEL CLARKE, but until now, just like Fr. Shay CULLEN failed to make good of the promise to present or submit evidence.

To check on the statements of MICHAEL CLARKE, the undersigned agents together with SRA Antonio Suarez and SJ Nida Villanueva went to Angeles City and Olongapo City to interview the people with whom Michael CLARKE had in one way or another, talked or to dealt with. Our interviews with different persons, includes Mrs. Teresita Fong, the owner of Vistillana Hotel, JUN BENEPAYO, a travel agent at the Vistillana Hotel, Oscar Maricundo, the caretaker of Flamingo Apartment Annex where the girlfriend of Michael Clarke, Jeff Duncan, the General Manager of Southern Palms Beach resort in Bauang, La Union. Francisco Perez and Carlito Baloy of Baloy Beach, Olongapo City. Front desk employee of Southern Star Hotel who was very well known to Michael Clarke and several floor managers and receptionists and waitresses the at the different cocktail lounge, bars, karaoke bars, ago-go bars and restaurants in Angeles City among these are the Executive golf, Executive lounge, Woodys, Temple of Rock, Ziggy’s, Queen of Happy Hooker, Queen of Diamond Lounge and Bars and Dreams Ago-go Bar, Margaretvilles Restaurant and Pub and the karaoke Omae in Balibago, Angeles City gathered nothing that would establish that MICHAEL CLARKE as a paedophile or is engaged in recruiting children or inducing someone to have

sex with children. In fact, one Lani Gondan, a floor manager (mamasang) at one of the bars mentioned that MICHAEL CLARKE refused when he was given a 21-year-old girl and preferred a 35 year old as a drinking partner in the bar.

CLAIRE BULAN, a 28 year old girlfriend of MICHAEL CLARKE with whom the latter lived together in her apartment for one week until he was invited by NBI agents and arrested by BID agents, said that MICHAEL CLARKE is not a gay, a paedophile, or in any way engaged in the business of selling, inducing or offering young girls for sex. Claire Bulan surrendered with the consent of Michael Clarke, all belongings, of Michael Clarke including documents regarding his person and business for inspection and security to find out if there is anything that will link him to the charges mentioned above. These documents included among others are the following:

A poster entitled “ A CHANCE OF A LIFETIME” about the Paradise Express party/excursion to Baloy Long Beach, Barretto, Olongapo City (Annex V).

A write-up entitled Angeles City, Philippines Island Holidays the ultimate Adult Disney World (Annex W).

A write-up entitled Angeles City, Philippines the ultimate holiday for adventurous men, stay “n” save program produced and marketed by Paradise Express (Annex X).

A Xerox copy of Eastbourne Herald Newspaper dated May 20 1995 bearing newspaper caption entitled “CHILD SEX

HOLIDAYS T.V. TRAP” (Annex Y) and Eastbourne Gazette dated May 31 1995 bearing newspaper publication entitled “CHILD SEX NOW MAN’S DEATH FEAR” (Annex Z).

Brochure entitledAngeles City, Philippines Island Holidays the ultimate Adult Disney World, produced and promoted by Paradise Express (Annex).

A photograph of Michael Clarke and Bruce Teasdale together with the girls in Balibago, Angeles City (Annex BB).

A handwritten advertisement entitled Angeles City, Philippines (Annex CC)

A letter addressed to Michael Clarke from Mrs. Gloria Kerr of Queen of Diamond Lounge (Annex DD).

Again nothing was uncovered from these documents, which would show that MICHAEL CLARKE is a paedophile or is engaged in child sex trade.

Indeed, there is nothing in the posters or in the brochures distributed by Michael Clarke, which would mean that he is inducing clients to have sex with children in the Philippines. The only portion in the brochure which may interpreted as dealing with young girls is the portion which reads:

“Come a short jeep ride into “SIN CITY” to a very special establishment the OK CORRAL where dozens of headstrong fillies are tottered. At 10PM you choose your mount returning to the beach for an all night supper-bash (booze and food on

lap) the following morning you return your filly and head back to Angeles for yet another day in Paradise. In case you feel the need for a “lay down our private beach cabin is freely available”.

Young girls as used by Michael Clarke could mean girls above 18 years old who still look young. Note that these girls who are working at the nightspots in Olongapo City are with working permits and therefore must be at the age allowed to work under the law. Aside from this nothing could be gleamed from the brochure, which would in any way mean that MICHAEL CLARKE violated the law on the special protection of the children against child abuse. Apparently the girls he was referring to in his brochure are the ago-go dancers and receptionists in the bars with working permits who may be taken as partners by customers. But this is just the natural cause of business to Angeles City and Olongapo City even without Michael Clarke. Definitely, however, nothing was gathered to establish the fat that Michael Clarke recruited young girls below 18 years of age and offered them to clients for sex. What he did was simply to include in his brochure the existing amenities offered by the different night clubs, bars and other entertainments in Olongapo City and Angeles City to attract more male tourists but not actually or solely for the purpose of sex. This can be deducted from the following documents recovered from the possession MICHAEL CLARKE or his girlfriend Claire Bulan and from Mr. Jeff Duncan, General Manager of Southern Palms Beach resort herein marked as (Annexes EE – EE2)

Also attached is the photograph of MICHAEL CLARKE

and his only child JESSICA (Annex FF) names and addresses of persons we have contacted in Angeles City (Annex GG). Perusal of these documents yielded nothing, which would prove in any way the charges that Michael Clarke is a paedophile or is engaged in any form of business constituting child abuse.

Likewise, attached as part of the report are the Affidavit (Annex HH) of Claire Bulan girlfriend of Michael Clarke and the Sworn Statement (Annex II) of Bruce James Teasdale friend of Michael Clarke. In their respective statements they said nothing, which would establish that Michael Clarke is a paedophile or a member of child sex syndicate.

Xerox copy of the passport of Michael Clarke who showed that he was already overstayed in the Philippines as a tourist and the passport of his friend Bruce Teasdale are hereto attached as (Annexes KK and LL) respectively.

Also attached as part of this report, is the press release (Annex OO) addressed to agent MAMERTO ESPARTERO informing later that Michael Clarke has a gun.


There is no truth to the report that NBI men are protecting paedophiles and has been “tipping off” the syndicate so every time there was an operation the result was always negative. Fr. Shay Cullen who made these allegations made a big lie and acted, as he is not a Christian. Indeed he is so unfair, unjust and very much unbecoming as a priest.

Likewise, there is no truth in the report that MICHAEL CLARKE, a British tourist in the Philippines is a paedophile or is engaged in child sex tour business. MICHAEL CLARKE simply tried to attract tourists to Angeles City and Olongapo City by promoting the already existing amenities in the different nightspots and beaches at these places. He simply wanted to earn something from tourists who would book with his company the Paradise Express and get additional income from the owners of the different establishments in the Philippines who promised him a certain amount of incentive for every tourist that he would bring to their place. Definitely, however, MICHAEL CLARKE did not recruit girls below 18 years of age for sex nor induce anyone to have sex with girls below 18 years of age.

24 The reports about NBI agents protecting paedophiles and about MICHAEL CLARKE as a paedophile is the workings of Fr. Shay Cullen who obviously only wanted publicity to get more foreign support or donations for his foundation in Olongapo City. And he is doing this at the expense of the NBI. Note that he has an edifice in Olongapo City more beautiful than a castle in Europe. Where does he get all the money to construct this?

FR. SHAY CULLEN thinks that he has the monopoly of knowledge on what is to be done to fight child abuse in the Philippines and as such as he dictates on what to do. Another disregard of the fact that NBI agents have the training in the investigation, arrest and prosecution of any violators of law. Worse is that when Fr. Shay Cullen does not get what he wants or what he says he would use his column in the newspaper or

his connection with the high government officials to denounce the agents working on the case as what had happened to our Supervising agent Magno Britannico of Olongapo City Sub- Office. In this connection, the report of Supervising agent BRITANICO about a paedophile in Olongapo City and about Fr. Shay Cullen is herein made an integral part of this report and marked as (Annex PP).

26 Based on the result of this investigation and on the report of Supervising Agent MAGNO BRITANICO, Fr. Shay Cullen may be deported for being undesirable alien.

he report about MICHAEL CLARKE having a gun is not also true. The undersigned agents are already in possession of the alleged gun of Michael Clarke, but the same is just a toy gun.


IN VIEW OF THE FOREGOING, it is respectfully recommended that this case, for lack of evidence to establish truth, be considered closed and terminated and that this report together with the report of Supervising Agent Magno Britannico be forwarded to out legal and evaluation division for study as to the possibility of initiating deportation proceedings against FR. SHAY CULLEN.



Appendix 02

“Chance of a lifetime”



The Poster Placed at Baloy Beach

Appendix 03

“Blessed Lord 50”

This e-mail shows up the sinister ways of it’s writer. David Clarke believes the writer is Fr. Shay Cullen.

From: Francis Evangelista <blessedlord50@hotmail. com>

To: <> Date: Saturday, August 4, 2001 9:19 am Subject: About Michael Clarke

Dear Brother in Christ the Lord,

I have met your brother Michael during my visits to prisoners as the Lord said when I was in prison you visited me. Praise the Lord. His conversion is truly amazing and he tells me that you will be coming soon to conduct worship and Praise. We will be there, members of the Church, Blessed of the Lord praise and worship, when will it be?

Your brother recounts all his sins of the past and indeed they were many. How he brought customers to a certain place on Baloy beach in Olongapo. He told me of his companion, a certain Harry Joost from Olongapo who helped him in life of sin and who continues to this day and who has not to turned to the Lord and repented but still does nefarious evil with children and women that are abhorrent to the Lord our God.

I have preached in Olongapo and know of the dens of evil and the ungodly places like Baloy where evil walks like a Lion going about roaring. Michael tells already that God justly punished him and it was true that he had sinned and brought sex tourists to the beach and gave them young girls to consume in lust.

Surely the wrath of God will descend on all those who refuse his grace and like Sodom and Gomorrah will be consumed by fire. But that is the fire of sin, the AIDS that burns up the body because of ungodly ways.

May he be saved? Satan is working in Harry Joost, Michael says. But God used this Joost to turn Michael over to the

hands of the authorities for his repentance. But this Joost continued his evil ways. He must be brought to repentance and to the Lords justice. Praise the Lord for your coming. You will be the instrument to convert the sinners of Baloy. We must preach Gods holy gospel.

Michael says that Joost was the one who led him along the paths of sin on the Baloy beach. For it was he who invited the young children to his establishment where the sex tourists went and were ravishely invited by Michael in his days before turning to the Lord. We must go to Baloy beach

and preach God‚s Holy Word to the sex tourists and against the life of sin that Michael now rejects. Praise the Lord and may his grace be with you in your mission to bring repentance and salvation by the hand of the Lord.

Brother Francisco Blessed of the Lord Note from the author

Any converted sinner to Christ from sin and crime does not wish death and burning upon others sinners. They have the mind of Christ and wish all men to come to repentance and faith in Christ themselves for salvation. The writer of this e-mail IS A STRANGER TO THE SALVATION of which we speak and declare.

I replied to this e-mail immediately believing it was genuine

but discovered the e-mail address was no longer in use. I sent a copy to Fr. Shay Cullen on the 5th August 2001.

David Clarke. Hon. Director of Trojan Horse International

  1. M.

Appendix 04 “The men in my life” by Olga J. Robertson

2nd Forward January 30, 2002

It was with great joy a privilege to receive this personal copy of Olga’s Story. The story of her work in Muntinlupa City, National Penitentiary, and Philippines. The most notorious, New Bilibid, Maximum Security Prison, Philippines.

We realized, after just one visit to this prison, the seed of Gods word had already taken root, in the hearts lives of many of these men incarcerated in one of Asia’s largest prisons.

The Trojan Horse Mission Team visited the “Maximum Compound” in August 2001. It was soon realized that some one had sewn the good seed of God’s word in the hearts of this, Far Eastern, National Penitentiary. Olga’s story tells us as just how it happened.

Killers, murderers, gangsters, Rapists and some of the nation’s most desperate men had received the word of Christ.

It was our privilege to share with these men the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ on this occasion and on the 11th August 2001, God moved us to commission One Hundred

(100) men to be “Trojan Warriors” and commit to writing their life giving testimonies.

The story of Olga is a most moving story and a must to be read by all who have the burning desire to fulfill the great commission and preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to every creature.

We bless God and praise His Name to have the privilege to be a co-worker with them who have gone before us. The increase, which was from such a small beginning, is in fact as Jesus said 100 fold. One Hundred “Trojan Warriors” testify to the saving grace of Jesus Christ in their lives.

Our President Rev. Lucas P. Dangatan is just one of the men chosen by God to carry on this glorious work. Lucas J. Dangatan is mentioned by name in Olga’s summery of the ex-convicts now working full time in the ministry. (Page71).

Glory to God in the highest!

At the time of writing there are 1506 prisons in the Philippines (there are only 150 prisons in the United Kingdom) and they are full however the hotels are empty.

David Clarke, Director of Trojan Horse International Christian Ministries. Inc. Phils.

Appendix 05

Articles of Religion We maintain:

That the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are given by inspiration of God and are the only rule of faith and practice and that these scriptures reveal the one true and only God who is self existent, infinite and eternal. That there are three self existent co-eternal persons in the Godhead namely the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost and these three are one God and that the Lord Jesus Christ is very God and very man in one glorious complex person.

That God is the creator and sustainer of both spiritual and material worlds.

That the eternal purpose of God in Christ is to manifest his glory.

That Before the world began God did elect a certain number of the human race unto everlasting life and salvation whom He did predestine to the adoption of Children by Jesus Christ of his own free grace and according to the good pleasure of His will.

That God created the first man Adam upright and all his posterity fell in him. Adam was responsible for the fall of humanity.

The effect of the fall left mankind ruined; this included his mind will and affections. Both Adam and his wife Eve were affected in different ways.

That the Lord Jesus Christ in the fullness of time became incarnate and that he really suffered and died as the substitute for his people (the whole world a term used in scripture, expressing both Jew and Gentile). He made all the satisfaction for their sins, which the law and justice of God could require as well as made a way for the bestowments of all those blessings, which are needful for them for time and eternity.

That the justification of Gods elect is only by the righteousness of Christ imputed to them and received by faith without consideration of any works of righteousness done by them and that the full and free pardon of all there sins and transgressions is only through the full free pardon of all their sins and transgressions is only through the blood of Christ according to the riches of Gods grace.

That the eternal redemption which Christ hath obtained by the shedding of his blood is special and particular that it is only and intentionally designed for the elect of God who only can share its spiritual blessings.

That regeneration, conversion, sanctification and faith are the work of the Almighty efficacious and invincible grace of God the Holy Ghost.

That marriage was ordained of God to reflect the relationship between Christ and his Church.

That all those chosen by the Father, redeemed by the Son and sanctified by the Spirit shall certainly and finally persevere unto eternal life.

There is and was resurrection of the dead of the just and the unjust and that Christ will come a second time to judge the quick and the dead. There is everlasting punishment for sinners ouside of Christ and He will introduce His own people into His kingdom and Glory where they shall be for ever with Him.

That baptism of believers by immersion and the Lords Supper are ordinances of Christ to be continued until His coming again.

For the consideration of Inmate Pastors Teacher Training Collage, New Bilibid Prison. Note from the Director

May I suggest that articles of religion are not put up to cause division or controversy but rather use them to prompt the truth as it is in the Lord Jesus Christ? It is unreasonable to expect all people to see and agree on things all at once. Let every one be prepared to learn.

We could include the words used in baptism or dipping i.e. In Jesus name (His authority) I baptize you in the Name of Father Son and Holy Ghost.

I would like our Inmate Pastors to find scriptural quotations

for references. This could be a study conducted for bible students and inmate pastors.

Appendix 06

Plans for the Ship Redeemer


The Redeemer and Langston Harbour

Following Trojan Horse Ministries successful experience in the Philippines Jails it has been decided to adopt a ship ministry in a pilot scheme in Portsmouth UK.

The path has been opened to bring the ship of 46 meters and cabin capacity of 40 in (4 x 6 berth, 2 x 3 berth, 4 x 2 berth and 2 x 1) berth Cabins to a disused wharf in Langston Harbour close to the city centre but well apart from immediate neighbours. The berth is close to Portsmouth College and contact has been made with the College to ascertain if it would be possible to have their co-operation in training with some of the anticipated students who will be on the ship.

Help offered to all walks of life

The project is to help people from all walks of life that have suffered from dysfunctional family life, those that are asylum seekers, refugees or prison backgrounds. We also seek to help those that are drug abuse victims. We seek to rehabilitate ex-prisoners and drug and substance uses from all backgrounds.

Open Access – none excluded

We operate on an open access approach. We seek to promote integration in Society by means social activity using all existing agencies (and new initiatives) that have been set up to achieve similar objectives.

Three tier program

This is seen as a three tier program with those who have already made some headway in rehabilitation as being a teacher as well as a learner group, covered by a small resident core of pastoral adults who together will counsel and encourage raw recruits who have just been released from their addictions and or dysfunctional backgrounds.

It is anticipated to extend the vision to work in the Pacific and Caribbean with sister ships as the project takes off so that the work can truly be a link to Trojan Horse International C. M.

Working with all local authorities

The program will be in close contact with national and local bodies with the responsibility of monitoring the progress to see that all relevant statutory requirements are complied with.

Part of the program will be to train people in basic navigation and ship skills, also practical and administration skills. And to maintain the ship in good order.

International vision

A further vision is to see the ship sail round the UK visiting other ports and doing the same work. It is also planned to co- operate with a similar group who work with youth in a sport and recreational context. Such as football and other team activities that plan games and activities locally and overseas.

Feedback is welcome. Please contact David or Capt. Alastair:

Appendix 07

Foreigners on Hunger Strike



ALL 104 foreigners detained at the Bureau of Immigration detention centre in Bicutan, Taguig have gone on hunger strike to protest the alleged lack of medical attention.

The mass action followed the death of an Indian detainee last week, which the detainees claimed was the result of this kind of negligence.

Canadian Raymond Jackson told the INQUIRER that the foreign detainees all decided to go on hunger strike after Indian Satnam Singh died reportedly of heart complications on Aug. 9.

“Singh died last week because officials Of the Bureau of Immigration denied him medical attention,” Jackson said. “What happened to him might happen to any one of us, which is why we decided to start this hunger strike.”

The doctor assigned to the detention centre, Dr. Elsie Libran, denied the detainees were not being given proper medical care. Lobrin also said she had been updated on the Singh case and that she recommended his transfer to a hospital.

Jackson said since the death of Singh, the doctor has been seen everyday at the detention centre. “Since the case has been made public, the doctor is here everyday. Before that, we hardly ever saw her. We don’t think she is qualified to attend to us, plain and Sought for comment, Dr. Lobrin said: “Some of the detainees are attacking me because the easiest way out for them is for me to recommend their confinement or check up in a hospital outside. But I cannot do that without a justifiable medical reason.”

The detainees, Jackson said, have been suffering from an assortment of respiratory and heart diseases.

Aside from the lack of medical attention, the detainees are also protesting their denial of due process, their detention without bail, the alleged corruption and extortion activities of BI of officials and the use of discretionary powers of the BID Commissioner in relation to their cases.

Simple,” Jackson said. The detainees earlier protested that they have been illegally arrested and detained and that their cases have not been acted upon by the BI while they languish in jail.

“We will continue with our protest until media is allowed inside so we can air our grievances and until President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo takes action on our cases,” Jackson said.

The Canadian added they have taken their grievances to immigration officials but they have not acted on them.

Until their demands are met, the detainees, Jackson said, will take only water or fluids. “There is nothing violent at all with our protests”. This is just a peaceful way to make our grievances public.

Appendix 08

Lucas P. Dangatan Hon. President

Trojan Horse International Christian Ministries, Phils. Inc., Teacher Training College



NAME: Lucas P. Dangatan, Jr.

Present Position President of New Bilibid Prison Teacher

Training College, Muntinlupa City, Philippines.

SEX: Male


DATE OF BIRTH: November 1, 1956

PLACE OF BIRTH: Sagada, Mt. Province, Philippines CITIZENSHIP: Filipino

ADDRESS: 324 Purok 3, Riverside, Central Guisad,

Bagulo City, Philippines



ELEMENTARY: St. Joseph Elementary School

Antadeo, Sagada, Mt. Province, Philippines (SY 1967-1968)

SECONDARY: Easter High School

Central Guisad, Bagulo City, Philippines (SY 1973-1974)

COLLEGE: Maranatha Bible College of Theol. and

Missions (B.Th.) Kennon Road, Baguio City, Philippines (SY 1988-1989)




Maniia Theological College (M.Div.) Old

Sta. Mesa, Manila, Philippines (1999- 2000) Manila Theological College (D Min. candidate)

LANGUAGE: Tagalog, lgorot, llocano, English

SKILLS: Driving, Carpentry, Typing, Teaching,


SPORTS: Basketball, Chess,

HOBBIES: Reading Books, Playing Guitar. MINISTERIAL


CHURCH ELDER: NBP Christian Church

Maximum Compound, Muntinlupa City, Philippines (2 years - 1983 -1984)

JUNIOR PASTOR: Episcopal Renewal Centre

Guisad, Baguio City (4 years - 1986 -1989)




Tel-Aviv, Israel

(1 month - April 7 - May 7, 2000) Pan-World Blind Church

J.P. Rizal S., Cubao, Quezon City Philippines (6 years - 1995 -1999)

HEAD PASTOR NBP Christian Church

Maximum Compound, Muntinlupa City, Philippines.



NBP Theological Institute

Maximum Compound, Muntinlupa City, Philippines.

PROFESSOR: Manila Theological College

Old Sta. Mesa, Manila, Philippines.

PRESIDENT Teacher Training College New Bilibid

Prison. Appointed by Trojan Horse International Christian Ministries. October 2001.



Exemplary and outstanding performance as mentor of Religious Education. Awarded by:

NBP Theological Institute Student Body Organization Bureau of Corrections March 24, 2001

SPECIAL AWARD Commendable display of professionalism

and unremitting support Awarded by: Gen. Pedro G. Sistoza (Ret.) Director Bureau of Corrections November 6, 2000.





Appendix 09

Most supportive, accommodating and

considerate meritorious, exemplary and commendable performance. Awarded by:

First International Ordaining Council, Inc. July 15, 2000.

Commendable leadership, exemplary

performance, indubitable loyalty, integrity, devotion and dedication, and unequivocal support Awarded by: NBP Christian Church

Officers 1997-1998

Magna Cum Laude Maranatha Bible

College of Theology and Missions Kennon Rd. Baguio City, Philippines. Awarded by:

Rev. Winfield Kelly President

Maranatha Bible College of Theo. and Missions March 1989.

Trojan Horse Office International Officers


Hon. Director David Clarke

Executive Director Michael


PA to Directors Alastair


President Lucas Dangaton

Pastor Gordon Smith


Vice President Fernando


Reg. Assistant Southampton

Carol Massey

Auditor Isagani Obispo

Secretary Betty Tamayo

Treasurer Gina Kiwang

The Staff

Appendix 10

Teachers and Trainers


The Teachers

Appendix 11 Trojan Horse Teaching Assistants


The Assistance

Appendix 12

Michael and Fe’s Marriage Certificate


Appendix 13

The Biblical View of Marriage

Marriage after the future pattern of Christ and the Church

God from the beginning of creation instituted marriage. Adam was made first and Eve was made from Adam’s flesh and bone as a help meet for him. After they had fallen into sin God spoke reprovingly to Adam for harkening to the voice of his wife after she had sinned in the Garden of Eden. God also spoke to the women prophetically saying,

Gen 2 18.

I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband and he shall rule over thee.

Gen 3 17

To Adam he said because you have harkened to the voice of your wife and disobeyed my voice he cursed the ground saying in sorrow would he eat of it all the days of his life. Thorns and thistles would grow and in the sweat of his brow would he eat bread. Until he die.

As women suffer in childbirth and thorns and thistles grow and men have to work by the sweat of their brow so this curse remains and has not been removed because God uses this for his own glory. We may learn from it if we listen and hearken

to his voice. The man needs to learn of Christ how to treat his wife because of the cures. This has now been revealed in the New Testament and is our wisdom to follow.

Ephesians 5 22

“ Wives submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be subject to their own husband in every thing.

Husbands love you wives even as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it. Etc. So ought men to love their wives as their own body. He that loveth his wife loveth himself.

For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.

1 Cor. 12 3

Before God the head of every man is Christ and the head of the woman is the man and the head of Christ is God.

There is clarity about the position of man and women before God. In this light we can view marriage.

The is no direct indication in the scripture as to how a marriage is entered into but it is generally agreed that the man and woman wishing to marry should:

1 Make marriage promises in public before witnesses.


Must do so willingly


That there is a leaving the parental home



cleaving too each other.

  1. That the intention is for life

  2. That Partners cannot leave the marriage

  3. That a marriage can only be dissolved if: Adultery takes place and that only by the injured party. Divorce does not have to take place if adultery happens.

  4. The unbelieving partner wishes to leave (this leaving being an act of the will and ceasing to behave as a married person) and the believer releases them.

  5. The legal part to marriage and divorce is only a technical aspect. It is not the actuality. Just like a death certificate does not make the person dead nor does a birth certificate give life to the baby, neither does a marriage or divorce certificate make a marriage or give rise to divorce.

    Christian marriage involves the marriage partners promising each other certain things. The following marriage vows are derived from scripture and are long-standing

    Christian beliefs.

    1. The man promises his bride to love, honour, cherish, care and look after her even as Christ loves and cares for his church. (Christ is his pattern). Col 3 19, Eph 5 25,

      1 Pet 3 7.

    2. The women in return promises to love honour and obey her man (as the church does to Christ). This is the pattern spoken of in Eph. 5 22-24. This order and pattern of promises are only derived from the scripture and has been the order of things throughout the Church age.

These promises are a covenant and they are made before God and in presence of witnesses. It is not a contract but a covenant and should not be broken. Even if partners fail to fulfil their promise they are still bound by promise to fulfil their vows. Even if they ignore their vows they are still married. Each partner is responsible to go the second mile in making the relationship work.

In the marriage all that the husband has is his wife’s even his body and likewise all the wife has belongs to her husband.

This form of marriage is how God intends it to be and I would argue to depart for the scriptural view of marriage is to turn from what God has revealed. I cannot see how any one in their right mind would turn from Gods way of things.

Our word of promise must be as God’s; He always keeps Covenant


Compiled in Jerusalem 24th September 2002 by David.

Trojan Warriors are some of the worst convicted criminals in the world however though the Grace of then Lord Jesus Christ they have been converted and now seek to do all things well. One thing they now desire is to follow the Lord Jesus in every thing. One of the latest attacks by Satan in the World is to destroy God gift and pattern of Marriage. Trojan Warriors maintain, “Marriage is ordained of God and that Children should be brought up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord”. They also maintain that Sex out side of marriage is wrong and harmful to each other. Mark 10 5 –12: What therefore God has joined together let no man put asunder.

Christian View of Marriage (Click to view)

Pictures from the prison marriage





Appendix 14

Shay Cullen

From: David Clarke

To: Fr. Shay Cullen <> Date: Monday, August 6, 2001 7:43 pm Subject: David Clarke - Shay Cullen


I have seen a letter that you wrote to the Hon. Secretary of Justice, Jose Calida regarding me and our mission to the Philippines. The things you have written are wrong and not


I now invite you to a personal meeting to preach the Gospel in Olongapo City Jail.

You must correct what you are saying as it is liable. Please attend to this matter by return.

Telephone 44 7970 755567 of by e-mail

David Clarke.

Further to this letter I wrote to inform Cullen that I would be publishing the whole story about Michael and himself and I felt that it would be in his own interest to put matters right between Michael an my self before is was brought out in the open. Cullen has not responded.

Appendix 15

Captain Alastair Sutherland



Captain Alastair Sutherland


Personal Assistant to the Director of Trojan Horse International

C. M.

Ships sailed; Redeemer, Anastasis, Doulos, Good Samaritan, YWAM Ships and many more.

Captain Alastair Sutherland Unrestricted Certificate

Appendix 16

Paradise Express



Whilst most operators sell worldwide holidays, we specialise only in the Philippines, concentrating solely in Angeles City and San Fernando, which enables us to focus all our efforts into providing high quality, value for money holidays to this “Fantasy Island”. Our expert team will introduce you to an Asia you have never seen or imagined. Whether you are visiting the Far East as an old friend or as a new acquaintance, OUR Asia will challenge your preconceptions, delight your senses and etch everlasting impressions in your memory.

An archipelago of more than 7,000 Islands basking in the waters of the vast Pacific Ocean and the fabled South China Sea. It is an exotic paradise that distinctively blends the best of East and West. The variety of experiences the Philippines offer is truly amazing. Almost any tropical delight you fancy is available. The most outstanding feature is its people! Filipinos genuinely want visitors to have a good time and if you take the time to get to know them, you will not be disappointed.



Setting the standard for quality, service and value for money, our ultimate “Adult Disney World” is now revealed in our exciting Stay ‘n’ Save “Holiday Program”

Appendix 17

Imminent plans

Trojan Horse Mission to the Philippines 2002

Our team, from the United Kingdom, leaves London on the 7th October 2002, for our second Mission to the Philippines, her Jails and Cities. The theme is the same as the book title: “Setting Captives free” and addressing the subject “Money is their God”.

Team members

Albert (Death Man Alive), Hon: Guest

Andy Macdonnell (Manchester-Project Skate Park) Catherine Farr (Portsmouth-Youth Worker)

Dr. Richard Kent (Final Frontier- See Ministries we support)

Captain Alastair Sutherland (P. A. to the Director of Trojan Horse International C. M.)

Gordon Smith (Trojan Horse International C. M. Pastor) David Clarke (Trojan Horse International Christian

Ministries Hon. Director)

Itinerary (If the Lord Will)

Two days at New Bilibid Prison for talks.

The Gathering at safe venue to be announced (Gloria MacapagalArroyo, The President of The Philippines Republic and VIP’s are invited.

Bread of Life Church (1st Sunday-Philippine T.V. Networks to cover).

Main Venue New Bilibid Prison.

Women’s Correction Prison, Mandaluyong City. Olongapo and Angeles City Jails.

Baguio City Jails.

Penal Colony in Mindoro.

A Memorial Service for Pastor Samuel and Jocelyn Vercina at Olongapo City. Amen.

Appendix 18

Testimony Isagani M. Obispo. Jr.


Volunteer worker

August 22nd 2001. (Manila)

It was on the 24th November 1992 when I accepted the Lord Jesus as my personal Lord and Saviour. My younger sister Bengbeng, who was the first to be a Christian in the family, has been praying for me for seven years without ceasing since 1985, that I may become a Christian. The Lord answered her prayer by using my cousin Tess, who also became a Christian, and she led me to a church in Valero St., Somewhere in Makati City. God used her as an instrument so that I may learn to know the truth, which has set me free


It took me three consecutive worship services before I realized the need of having Jesus in my life. The Lord spoke to me through a vision, as if I was in a big cinema watching my life, as the Pastor was preaching his sermon. The Lord let me see the reality of living worldly not to please Him but to please my lust and desire to be famous. As I was singing and glorifying myself with my voice. The Lord told me that am I not ashamed to be using my voice for unworthy things instead of giving my voice in praise and glorifying His name. By this time I was convicted right away as tears flow from my eyes. I wholeheartedly humbled myself before the Lord and went directly in front of the altar, although the Pastor was not yet finished his sermon. The people inside the church was clapping their hands with joy in their hearts because there is one sinner who is coming back to receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Upon accepting the Lord Jesus in my life. I have made a commitment to him the voice that he gave me will now be used just for His Glory. Within a week I was already a choir member of the church.

As I was walking with the Lord, I began to thirst for His word. I found myself involved in different ministries, cell groups, fellowships and sharing the good news even outside the church. Until one day the Lord brought me to New Bilibid Prison Maximum Security Compound in Muntinlupa City. There I was commissioned and ordained as a Pastor. This was the confirmation that I was waiting for a long time. And the Lord heard my voice. As of now I am the 2nd Senior Pastor of the SonLight Evangelical Ministry and also the Department

of Justice Head Pastor and also the Officer In charge of the Paralegal Services for the welfare of the prisoners inside Muntinlupa Jail. As of now I am also involved in other jails in Manila.

Pst. Isagani was appointed the Secretary for Trojan Horse International Christian Ministries.

This ministry commenced 24th October 2001.


image Republica ng Filipinos KAGAWARAN HG


Department Justice Manila

This is to certify that MR. ISAGANI M, OSBISPO JR., Stenographic Reporter III is an employee of the Department of Justice and has been assigned at the Legal Documentation and Library Services Division since 1989.

Issued this 13th day of September 2002 for whatever legal purpose it may serve.


Chief, Legal Documentation & Library Services Division

I have no regrets in my life now that I have Jesus and everything to me is so complete, nothing else matters except doing what pleases my Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST, To God be the Glory.

Isagani Obispo



Cartoon Gani the Preacher

My old nature as a singer Ptr. Isagani M. Obispo, Jr.

DOJ Overseer RVO Bucor

Sonlight 2nd Senior Head Pastor.

The one and only Elvis Presley Philippine “look and sing alike”

Appendix 19

Testimony Sister Claudette Staples


A women aglow Sis. Claudette

Sis. Claudette Mc. Staples Volunteer Christian Prison Worker

#8 - Abad St., Chrysanthemum Village San Pedro, Laguna

Philippines Tel. 698-87-99

September 19th 2001

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, “Joy unspeakable are the only words I can use to describe the sensation that came over me after listening to David Clarke and Gordon Smith announce to the Death Row convicts on their recent crusade here in the New Bilibid Prison and various other prisons and venues here in the Philippines that they intended to publish a series of books, titled “The Trojan Warriors” and needed true life giving testimonies of anyone that wanted to tell the world about the wonderful GRACE of GOD and that the Bible is not a fairy story and that Eternal life is offered to everyone that humbles themselves and believes and accepts Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.

Physical death comes to all of us whether we like it or not and at times it comes when we’re least expecting it! Just this week approximately 3,000 lives were lost in the horror that came upon the World Trade Centre and Pentagon in the United States. But let me tell you something! The Soul or Spirit of a person never dies. It either goes to hell or is tormented for all eternity, far beyond our human imagination, or it goes to Heaven to abide forever in a state of Bliss, equally beyond our comprehension.

It is my prayer and to the Glory of God that my following testimony will shake your very soul and compel you to ask yourself this question. “Where is my soul/Spirit going when my time is up?”

I am very proud to be a “Trojan Warrior” and my orders come directly from the supreme commander in chief Himself ‘Jesus Christ’ (Mark 5:19) “Go home to your own people. Tell

them your story - what the Master did, how He had mercy on you.” The decision you make as to where you end up must be made while you’re alive in your physical body; there is no second chance, so think hard.

The concept of the “Trojan Horse” book series is to me the best thing that has happened in Christianity since “sliced bread” - - so to speak. My devotion to serving the Lord seems to have been put into overdrive.

I now have a heavy burden to help girl friends and wives of prisons, especially those with children whose lives seem to be falling apart, with no hope for the future.

As you can see I have enclosed my phone number as a Help-line for those in need. My offer to help is not financial as my modest business only provides a roof over my head as well as enabling me to visit New Bilibid Maximum on a regular basis. However having said that my heart is open to all, I have been on this planet for 52 years and I have had my share of troubles. I may not hold the instant cure to any particular problem but I do promise to be a good listener. Jesus Christ is the only solution to every problem and I will be willing to share with anyone at anytime His wonderful Gospel of Good News.

I wish to use this opportunity to encourage every “Trojan Warrior to give themselves totally to this exciting and spiritually rewarding venture, the “Trojan Horse” mission founder has launched without our participation it ill fail and God Himself will hold us responsible!

The concept of “book sales” as the major means to support the mission is absolutely marvellous and how it’s our duty to assist whenever we can. It may well be that you can put forward ideas of ways to generate and market sales or it may be that your in the printing business and wish to offer your service at a special cost. Getting the books

Printed in Tagalog ‘Filipino’ would overcome a major hurdle, ‘Any ideas ?’

I will now continue to expound on certain portions of my life, with the sincere hope that the power the Holy Spirit will reach the very core of your soul and convince you that all my words are in fact the words of the Living God reaching out to you.

If anyone feels like writing to me I would be happy to reply.

My younger days

My early childhood as I can remember can only be described as unsatisfactory due to the poor relationship with the family. My father and my mother part ways when I was a little girl at I I years of age. I was left to take care of my young brothers and sister of few months age. My mother had a fatalistic attitude and my father had another, they were simply incompatible. I grew up a mother and a father to my younger siblings and the financial support came from the income of our farmland with the help of some of my relatives. The implication was that nothing could be done, further more I seemed to feel

that I had irreversible psychological trauma as a result of my parents’ separation, with this I could not expect to have a good relationship with God or man. I was controlled by my feelings and emotions as I grew up a sentimental person, so I reap sentiments, until then it was like travelling down a dead end street. Until the time when the Lord. Having Jesus Christ within gives a new principle, an entirely new attitude, new motivation new capacities for love, new obedience, and new values to up-hold. The personality change that Christ can bring to an individual through personal conversion is a very well known phenomenon. The apostle Paul said, “Therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation, old things are passed away, behold all things becomes new (2nd Cor. 5:17)”, here is a woman obsessed with a worry, is there any hope for change? Certainly but change is not likely to come unless and until the worrier believes they can change. But this turn may not come until one has faced the fact that their worry is directly contrary to the word of God, which says be careful or anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your request be made known to God, and the peace of God which passeth all understanding shall keep your heart and minds through Jesus Christ Phil 4:6-7. The more and more shining path is for me and for those who believed change is possible for them through Jesus Christ.

God was calling me ‘But I didn’t realize at the time’

An awful depression seized me one morning, when I was in that stage of sleeping and waking. I felt that the whole world was falling to pieces; overwhelming discouragement

was all over me. I cannot imagine, as I get up struggling only I realized that I was on a boat going to Bacolod City. Surely far from home and my little children. I’m sorry but I have to so this once and for all.

The reason I did this was because the father oil my children was caught in the act by my own eyes that he and a friend of mine who used to be his secretary were having an affair and already had a child. I was under demonic attack at the moment I discovered their affair. A suicidal spirit was coming upon me to the extent that I almost jumped off the boat that was taking me to Bacolod. Thank God there was that blink of light that flashed through my mind telling me my children need me and I thought I cannot allow the sharks to devour my flesh just because of this man whom now I consider as my darkest past. There is somebody better than him. He did made a fool out of me from the start by convincing me that he was single and would marry me. Until such time that I discovered everything was a lie. He was already married and had several affairs with other women, too. It was very late for me to turn back but at least it was better late than never. Even so I continued to keep the relationship, for 13 years of sorrow and loneliness. I bore five children. One was taken from me after 26 years.

Alone but not Alone.

Appendix 20

Michael’s Letter to:

Hon. Under Secretary of Justice Jose Calida DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE


June 1st, 2002 Atty. Jose Calida Undersecretary

Department of Justice Padre Faura St., Manila

Your Honour,

I trust by now you have been inspired to write the much needed foreword to our forth coming book: Trojan Warriors. I am very confident that it will be very helpful and encouraging to many, as this has been written it for the glory of God.

On another matter, I respectfully seek your professional advice.

Paedophile priests in the Roman Catholic Church are

now being exposed throughout the world in great numbers. Millions of dollars in HUSH money has been paid to victims.

The question I ask is: Do priests become paedophiles or do paedophiles become priests? I believe in most cases it is the latter! They enter the priesthood knowing they will be protected. Anyone trying to bring criminal charges against them are laughed at. The courts, as well as the populace will NOT entertain such claims because a priest in their eyes is equal to God Himself.

You yourself are somewhat familiar with my case and sentence of 14 to 16 years imprisonment. You also have the complete dossier on Fr. Shay Cullen, which

Includes charges against him of child abuse and rape, all of which have been


I ask you to please kindly study the enclosed paper: “Money is their God” as well as the NBI Disposition Form. After which I would value your opinion of how to obtain concrete evidence to verify my testimony of everything that happened during May 1995, together with the service rendered by my state appointed Attorney, and is it possible for the Department of Justice to initiate a Top-level investigation?

It is not my intention to have my case re-tried! But I do intend to expose all British nationals involved in this malicious fabrication and initiate High Court prosecutions

in London. If successful it could reap enough evidence to bring criminal charges against Fr. Shay Cullen in the Philippines.

I am not saying that Fr, Shay Cullen is a paedophile, But I am saying that he fabricated the case against me, which is not only bad, but EVIL and deserves to be exposed and prosecuted.

My case records have been returned to RTC Br. 74 Olongapo City - Crime. Case No. 268-95. CA GR No. 20265/ Affirmed.

A copy of this letter is to be included in my main story which can be viewed by accessing our main website: http:// which already contains the NBI Disposition Form. The paper “Money is their God” will be entered along with this letter in due course.

I await your early reply by regular mail or e-mail c/o

Copies furnished: British Embassy Manila

F.C.O. London Respectfully yours, Michael J. Clarke

Appendix 21

David’s letter

To: Hon. Under Secretary of Justice, Jose Calida


DOJ Building, Padre Faura, 1004 Manila


Cc: Hon. Secretary H. Perez


From: Rev. David Clarke, Director of Missions,


Re: My brother MICHAEL J. CLARKE, who is presently Serving a prison sentence in the Philippines New

Bilibid Prison. His Prison No.: N96P-2354 Dear Sir,

I trust by now, you have had the chance to study the terrible plight of my brother, as outlined in the last letter and e-mail: NEWS BREAKER.

It is not our intention to file for a re-trial, which could, if granted take years. It could also jeopardize his early release! Clearing his name is of course part of our main objective, which should come about after investigation and exposure.

I appeal to anyone, who may be in a position to help by bringing the under mentioned directly to the President of the Philippines at the earliest opportunity.

The Board of Pardons and Parole have considered Michael’s case very carefully, but do not have the power to over-turn the court of appeal’s decision to up-hold his conviction and sentence. However, they have been kind enough to extend maximum consideration to his petition for Executive Clemency.

In their meeting held on June 7th 2001, they resolved to recommend to the President, that his sentence be commuted from 14 to 16 years to 8 to 13 years.

The resolution embodying the recommendation and other pertinent papers, were forwarded to Malacanang Palace on June 28th 2001, for the President’s final disposition.

The prison Director has informed Michael that his prison record confirms that he has already served over 8 years, which includes excellent good conduct time allowance and if the

President approves this recommendation, he is eligible for consideration for immediate release by way of deportation.

As you can see, this recommendation has been with the President’s office for almost one year.

We had hoped that on June 12th, the Philippines’ Independence Day, like most years, the President would have extended her favour to many prisoners, including my brother Michael J. Clarke.

Once again, it is my prayer that someone will intervene. May God bless you.

Sincerely yours, David Clarke.

Appendix 22

“URGENT” letter to NBI

ATTENTION: Regional Director Atty. Mamerto M. Espartero

National Bureau of Investigation FROM: Michael J. Clarke

RE: Request for Special Investigation

Dear Sir,

I trust this letter finds you in good health and life is being kind to you and your family. I shall always remember your kindness and effort in trying to clear me of the false charge of promoting child prostitution. You yourself took quite a hammering, both in court and in the media, where Cullen made you look like stupid by insulting your intelligence. But I still remember you telling me that one day Cullen would slip-up and expose his weak link. Well that day, may be very, very near! Providing you take me serious and assist in whatever way possible in trying to fit the final pieces into the modus operandi: jigsaw puzzle of Fr. Shay Cullen.

Firstly and foremost, I respectfully ask you to study in great depth the enclosed attachments: THE PACKAGE. After which the following information should highlight the pieces of the puzzle that I think are already in place.

My letter to Hon. Jose Calida dated June 1st 2002, which as of today I have had no reply, mentions the staggering number of paedophile catholic priests being exposed worldwide.

The DOJ’s dossier on Fr. Cullen contains the numerous child abuse cases filed against him, all of which were dismissed as not being credible. The last case was for child rape, which was ordered by the Solicitor General, which resulted in a warrant of arrest being issued with NO BAIL. Cullen immediately went into hiding and became a national fugitive for about six months.

During this period, he managed to PERSUADE the former and ousted President to over-ride the Solicitor General and have the warrant of arrest lifted and the case dismissed. This happened just prior to Estrada being arrested and charged for graft and corruption. The chief prosecutor in his case maybe able to search his bank accounts to see if any deposits were made from Cullen’s PREDA foundation! Cullen for almost a decade been responsible for the conviction of select foreigners as alleged paedophiles, using their conviction to go on world crusades, pleading for money as a Lone Ranger, to support his fight against child abuse, which according to the media has resulted in millions of dollars being raised.

It is common knowledge that bogus fund raising organizations are set-up worldwide in-order to reap huge donations and, according to rumour, terrorist groups have been using this method for years, apart from kidnap for ransom and drug trafficking.

According to the National Bureau of Investigation, Cullen is a Liar, unjust, and very much unbecoming as a priest. He gains mega publicity at the expense of the NBI and lives in an edifice more beautiful than a castle in Europe. The question they ask is: where did the money come from to construct it and where do his millions in donations end up. He also dictates to anyone and uses his column in the newspaper as well as his connections with high government officials to denounce any NBI agent to get what he wants. They also submitted a report to their Legal Evaluation Department for study as to the possibility of initiating deportation proceedings against Fr. Shay Cullen. The same nine (9) page report recommended

the case against MICHAEL J. CLARKE be closed, due to lack of evidence to establish truth.

I truly believe I have given you sufficient grounds to initiate a full scale NBI investigation, especially since you yourself have had first hand dealings with Cullen as opposed to an outsider who may only regard my story as nothing more than some far fetched theory. I also believe that any motion from you to initiate such action would be received with well by your country’s New Administration, since it announced its policy of zero tolerance towards graft and corruption, terrorism, paedophile priests, and drugs.

It is also my view that if affidavits were procured to prove everything I stated happened in my story: “Money is their God”, it would not only prove the true nature of my business in the Philippines, it would also prove that my two bogus clients lied through their teeth, both in court and on camera, claiming that the FAX message I sent inviting them to the beach referred to children. They deliberately lied, as they knew that the girls I was referring to were the 2 A-go-Go girls they spent the night with and the girls at the beach were also adults. The word “children” or “young” was never mentioned.

My brother in England has spoken to a lawyer who feels I could have a good case against them in England providing I can show they had the girls in their hotel as overnight guests, which could result in them spilling the beans and incriminating Cullen, especially with the doctored video film, which is inadmissible in the British courts. This also

could lead to the prosecution of Cullen.

As you may have guessed, I am still in prison but expect to be freed this year.

It is my prayer that in the interest of Justice, you will be able to take positive action. Alternatively and as a last resort, could you recommend a first class private investigator that would do the job for a reasonable fee, together with a rough estimate of the overall cost? This would include you personally meeting him for briefing. I would also expect him to visit me here at Bilibid, to iron out the details.

Please get back to me as soon as possible on this e-mail

< > or if you prefer, you may telephone my very best friend, Pastor Lucas P. Dangatan, Jr. who knows my case well. His CP# is: 0916-5249530.

My brother David is now working hard on the final chapter of his book: “TROJAN WARRIORS”. I will personally have him send you a signed copy, because you have been featured quite heavily ‘in the highest form’, including the printing of this letter. It should be ready to hit the bookstores worldwide latter this year. So be prepared, you have become a star! It would be nice to feature a happy ending, but it may have to end, keeping the readers guessing!

Very respectfully,

Michael J. Clarke.

Appendix 23

Letter from Michael J. Clarke

To PAF/COL. Julio A. Arciaga (Ret) Asst. Director B.O.C. Michael J. Clarke

N96 P 2354 NBP

October 6th 2002

Dear Sir,

I respectfully refer to our meeting of October the 4th 2002 where you expressed great interest wishing to be fully enlightened regarding our Trojan Horse International Christian Ministries and if possible could a plan be put together to involve further involvement with the Bureau of Corrections as you felt in your capacity, as Assistant Director, could lead to greater achievements.

I would now like to confirm that your suggestion was discussed yesterday with my brother Rev. David Clarke, who confirms that such a proposal is in fact in keeping with our expansion program, which would further enhance our prison ministry in the United Kingdom. This will incorporate an exchange program of prison officers from the United

Kingdom to the Philippines and vice versa, including a host service of approximately one-month duration.

If you feel such a venture would be of benefit, the Trojan Horse Ministry would gladly shoulder the cost of a round trip air ticket in order for you to attend high-level meetings with both top prison personnel and Government Officials in the United Kingdom, which would allow you the opportunity of paving the way for a trouble free enterprise with you your self being the main anchor person in the Philippines.

David has confirmed he is already in correspondence with:

Home Secretary: David Blunkett, Home Office 50 Queen Anne’s Gate London SW1H 9AT.

The Foreign Secretary: Jack Straw, King Charles Street, London SW1A 2AH.

Former Ambassador: Alan Stanley Collins, British Embassy, Philippines

Chief Education Officer Prison Learning and Skills Unit: Anthony Harris,

Secretary of State for International Developments: Claire Short, C/O 10 Downing Street, and London, SW1A 2AA.

In view of the aforementioned may I suggest an early meeting in your office this coming Thursday, October 10th between 4.00 pm and 6.00 pm, where you will be able to

discuss our plans, with all the Directors of our Trojan Horse Ministry, as well as being able to view a full video presentation of some of our unsurpassed current projects.

Alastair, Gordon and David


The Redeemer Project

As you can see I have forwarded copies of this letter to Hon. Under Secretary Jose C. Calida and Director Ricardo

B. Macala who should willingly support such a project as it was they that wrote the two masterfully written forewords to the first in a series of Trojan Warrior books, for world wide circulation.

Yours Sincerely and most respectfully, Michael J. Clarke

Executive Director Trojan Horse International C. M. Copies furnished:

BOC Director Ricardo B. Macala

Hon. Under Secretary Jose C. Calida.

Appendix 24

The Story of The Redeemer

By Alastair Sutherland

The Redeemer story starts in 1979 when Denys Collins was Captain of Logos One and Maurice Ditty was the Chief Officer and on a transit of the China Sea when some boatloads of Vietnamese victims were found in distress at sea from exposure, attacks by pirates and lack of water, food etc. In those days after the Communists had taken over all the population those who were educated and could speak French and read and write were enemies of the state and persecuted, so those with money in gold banded together and fled in small boats to sea. Pirates raped and murdered them for their gold etc and preyed upon them, and the Logos came upon a clutch of boats overcrowded in bad weather, which had reached a point of desperation. They took them on board to be treated, but during the night the boats capsized and the people, about 100 or so, were left on board and nobody wanted them to land in their territory. This caused a problem, and Maurice and Denys began to get the idea to go for a ship of their own.

As time went on and Maurice and Denys left The Logos and Maurice met up with some of the refugees from the ship who ended up in England. Maurice started a project in London, which led to caring for street people as well as helping the refugees and purchased a house in Woolwich. After some

6 or 7 years of work there and after several attempts to find a suitable ship Maurice finally decided upon the Castor one of seven similar vessels built by the Dutch government after the war. The vessels were designed to serve as offshore pilot vessels while also doubling as naval vessels and were very strongly built and well appointed. The Castor was the first one to be built and was also designed, so I am told, to take the Royal family to safety in event of the cold war exploding into the third world war.

The house in Woolwich was sold and this paid for the purchase of the ship, which was renamed Redeemer and the work of the ship started shortly after with a voyage towards Vietnam. However the ship never reached there and remained in the Mediterranean being based at Malta, which was the first stop after leaving England. Several forays were made over the next ten years to Mediterranean Ports to do Christian work during the summers when enough volunteer supported crew were available. Crew were, like on the O.M. Ship Logos, expected to find financial support to help pay for the running costs of the ship. Getting sufficient crew proved a problem and the ship became financially starved but Maurice used the time in between to do good work in Malta. As a result of his work several efforts were made there bringing the various Christian groups together. Altogether Maurice and Hillary were ten years on the ship and brought up two children on board. Hillary helped financing by taking a teaching post in Malta. In 1997 it was decided to bring the vessel back to England and start again from the beginning to get the ship founded on a sound financial base. Hence she was brought to

Falmouth in July 1997.

While I was employed as a channel pilot I came to faith after piloting a ship into Southampton in November 1979 and I berthed her behind the Doubles, the other OM Ship that had berthed there an hour before. Next day I went on board and spoke to the chief officer and said I thought that God was calling me to work in the ship. But when I saw all the Christians working together in harmony there, I knew I wasn’t ready to live like that, because I was still drinking and behaving in a selfish manner. However I remembered the incident and months later was going to join another ship in Brixham, but bad weather diverted her to Liverpool, and I was sent instead to pilot a Greek ship from Dover to Antwerp. Passing through London I changed trains at Waterloo for Dover and passing through Bromley decided to get off there and call at OM ships office which was there. I knew this from meeting a young woman on a train from Brixham on my way home after piloting a ship some weeks previously to docking behind the Doulos in Southampton. I spoke to the ship manager in Bromley but he did not need a master at that time so I left, but he gave me a picture of the YWAM ship Anastasias, that was fitting out as a Christian hospital ship in Greece. I said I had a good job piloting ships, no crew problems, no paperwork, no hustle with owners, just pilot the ship to her destination in NW Europe get my bill signed by the master and go home. The best job I ever had.

However my marriage was breaking up at that time because of my lifestyle, and that Christmas I had nowhere to go. I joined a Christian group called Abundant life who

were linked with the YWAM ship Anastasias. They had a country house at Infield near Crawley, which was being used to rehabilitate young people. I stayed there two years doing the DIY carpentry work for the house and also piloting ships in between. About then I went to Israel during the feast of Tabernacles. One day after the two years I was about to leave Crawley to pilot another ship to the continent when I called at the post office to mail my pilotage bill. One of the Leaders of Abundant Life was in his car outside in the rain waiting for his wife in the post office. He said to me the Anastasias was ready to sail from Greece. I said ask the Captain if he wants me to help and I will go. I only spoke for two minutes and then went to catch my plane as it was raining and when I called him back from Bremerhaven he said the Captain wanted me right away, so I left everything and went, thus jeopardizing my job. One month later we sailed from Greece.

So I got involved in the YWAM Mercy Ships. I was with them 3 1/2 year and then left to earn more money to support myself as the work in Mercy Ships was voluntary. For two years I sailed on a coaster from Portsmouth to the Channel Islands and France. However I kept up with the Feasts of Tabernacles in Israel and attended them each year and in 1983 decided to stay in Jerusalem. After 3 months I was praying and a scripture came to my mind (Acts 28/11) “And after three months we departed in a ship of Alexandria, which had wintered in the isle, whose sign was “Castor and Pollux.” I remembered that this also was the scripture that helped Don Stevens, the Director of Mercy Ships, to decide to purchase the Anastasias, which was a ship of Alexandria doing cruises

between Venice and Alexandria. The postmaster at French Hill on Ha Hagana Street happened to say to me shortly after this “ Captain when are you going back to your ship.” So I went to a travel agent and bought a ticket to England with the 25 pounds I had with four days to find the rest of the fare. I received a cheque that week so I went to England and stayed with my Naval cousin in Emsworth over Christmas. I bought another ticket to Hawaii for £250 with only fifty pounds in hand, and again I received the rest of the money in time to fly to Hawaii, where I arrived the same day as the Anastasias did from the South Pacific.

Later I was promoted master of the second ship given to YWAM Mercy Ships named Good Samaritan, and went to Jacksonville to help fit her out. However I was always on the look out for a ship to go to Israel, with Jews from Russia. This never happened even though I got linked with a man in Jerusalem called Joe Galuska who wanted to buy a ship. When the time came he could not release the money because his partner wouldn’t agree. The money was tied up in a trust named The Ecce Homo Trust, which consisted of thirteen jewels, the largest of which was carved in the bust of Christ in a large 4-inch ruby and mounted on a white gold Golgotha. It was very beautiful with a tear falling from one eye representing Jesus weeping over Jerusalem. Two prospectors who were prospecting in Mozambique in the fifties had discovered the stone. They had been asked by some native farmers to hunt down a rogue elephant that was damaging their crops, and in doing so happened upon an outcrop of rock, which they later returned to mine.

So I went back to the States and stayed with a friend in Reston Virginia and met another man who wanted to go to South Africa. I teamed up with him and spent seven years there first as master of a ship trading from Durban to the East Coast and then as a volunteer with the ARK Christian ministry looking after street people in Durban. Then one day a brother came in and said that there was a tug in the port needing a master to take her to Capetown so I applied for the job and went to Capetown. I joined another ship there for 4 years until she was decommissioned when I was hoping to get her as a gift for Christian work but the company gave her to a man who had been in the National government to use as a restaurant in Simons town. The Doulos arrived for a six- month refit at Capetown and was asked to join the Doulos when she sailed. I sailed in her for 18 months off and on. But a year or so prior to this, while still in Capetown, I again had the same scripture Acts28/11 and made a note in my Bible and I wrote to a friend in Jerusalem, Glen Haines who had begun a business there named Ships of Tarshish. I said that I believed it was a message to do with that.

After 18 months and some time on the Isle of Wight I was back on the Doulos and calling at Seychelles, and I had a call from Maurice, who owned the Redeemer. I already knew about Maurice from Denys Collins who was Capt with Maurice on Logos One when they picked up the boat people. Some years later Denys was Chief Officer on the Anastasias at the same time I was there when we were in Greece, and we became friends. I also knew about the Redeemer from Johannes Thomsen the Ship manager of the work on the Doulos in

Cape town. He showed me the plans of the Redeemer and gave me a copy. When Maurice asked me to come to the Redeemer I came as soon as I returned to England having disembarked the Doulos in Mombassa and after going to see my old home in Kenya. I was on the Redeemer three and a half years. A few days after I joined in Malta while going through the ships papers I found her name was Castor before. Also a week before we left for England the sister ship Pollux came and berthed behind us on the way from the Maldive Islands to be sold. She called for an emergency for water and to change a crewmember.

After we arrived in England in July 1997 we stopped at the first landfall, which was Falmouth. We berthed the ship at anchor in the Roads and all left except me who stayed on board to take care of the ship. Maurice returned after a week or so and we moved the ship to a buoy in Falmouth and we were there for another month or so. Then Maurice returned again with some crew and we took her upriver to a lay-up berth where she stayed until the next summer. I stayed to take care of the ship and one day when I was scheduled to go to a weekend bible meeting at a country house but I changed my mind and decided to go to Bristol instead where David Hathaway would be speaking and after something of a chain of circumstances met with him and offered him the ship to go and work with Jews and do other Christian work in Russia. A brother from Australia came to supervise for David and we moved the vessel to Portland where she spent 9 months and after a breakdown in communications the ship was offered on sale and bought by Patrick.

I went with the ship to Urk, Holland and stayed with her there until autumn 1998 when I returned to England to get married and make a home in Poole. However I stayed in contact with Patrick the new owner and did other work for him, also supervising the dry-docking of another sister ship called the Procyon in Tampico, Mexico. It was here I met Capt Ullises the Cuban Capt and took over from him while he went on leave to sort out his affairs in Cuba. I also met Manuel who has a hotel there in Cancun where they were operating the ship on the Yucatan Peninsular. Manuel has a lot of pull in Mexico and Ullises came to faith in Jesus there on the ship and was baptized in the river. I also stayed with the uncle of one of the watchmen on board who was pastor of a Presbyterian Church in a village outside called Mata Redondo. After that I returned to England and continued to work here, but I have always felt that God had a plan for the Ship.

Pictures and more details are available from Maurice. He also got involved, before owning the ship, in visiting some other of the refugees in Malaya and helping them. They also had been very badly treated by the Malays, often murdered in the water as they were trying to get ashore from their boats. The whole story of the refugees is a very ugly one. Maurice was at this time was also trying to help them locate lost loved ones.

Capt. Alastair Sutherland

Alastair’s Vision for the Redeemer (Click to view)

Trojan Horse International (U.K.) C. M.

Michael’s Letter of reply to Alastair Sutherland entitled “Acts 29” dated August 14th 2002

Dear Alastair,

I write to say how much I enjoyed reading your story “The Redeemer”. What excites me most is your closing words that you feel that God has a plan for the ship.

As a fellow brother in Christ I truly believe you are right. For several weeks now, the Holy Spirit has been dancing on my soul with such force, I have been unable to sleep, apart from the odd catknap. The most interesting thing is the words in scripture that the Lord keeps bringing to your mind Acts 28 verse 11:

I say this because Acts 29, although it has never been written, is in fact being carried out in a sense by the writing of your story in one of our forth coming books, which I believe will show quite clearly that God speaks to people in visions in order to fulfil His divine purpose.

To cut a long story short, I believe we are both being called by the Lord to capitalize on our individual abilities, by joining forces. The Redeemer being the headquarters of a joint venture between the Trojan Horse International and your self. This is only the germ of my vision which through faith will become an actual reality.

It is my understanding that you may be one of David’s team members on the October Crusade to the Philippines. This will be a wonderful opportunity to meet which will enable us to speak in great depth.

In the mean time, please enlighten me concerning Patrick, you say he is the owner, but little else. Is the ship still the Holland ? and could you send a scanned photo of the ship including the accommodation plan etc. But most importantly is Patrick approachable to discuss a new venture ?

I wait in anticipation for your early reply. Yours Sincerely

Michael J Clarke

Executive Director Trojan Horse International C. M.

Appendix 25

Alfredo Nardo Hand written testimony


This is a typical hand written testimony.

Appendix 26

Trojan Horse International

Our Ministry Office in the Philippines is situated at The Top Floor (Subject to our Trojan warriors constructing it), 30 Soriano Compound, Putatan, and Muntinlupa City. This Office was offered and graciously accepted by the Ministry by Sister Neola La Dine-Lizardo on 7th October 2002.

An office offered


THTTC Upper Room Office David announces the good news

McCall “Gods Grace” Ministers, which provides a half way home for released prisoners who cannot go home for various reasons. Some may get killed or have no family to receive them. This is for all ages including lady (Women) prisons.

Neola and her husband began this work in 1999 but the vision was imparted to Neola before she married in 1987.

The Office is the hub off all our work in the Philippines

(1300 Jails)

Offering help to all on an open access principle Training in Legal paralegal affairs and practical skills

Accommodation to oversees visitor for ministerial training and work

Conditional Parole help and assisting in immigration status The Trojan Horse Directors believe, through faith that, this

project will, without question become, a reality because the

Bureau Of Corrections Directors are giving their full support which will show the world that their policy maintaining that rehabilitation is the only answer to society’s dysfunction due to criminal ways.

We invite and welcome all governmental and social welfare departments for constructive feedback and cooperation.

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