Trojan Warriors

The Testimonies

“Objective “Setting Captives Free”

By David Clarke

& Inmate Pastors of New Bilibid Prison Muntinlupa City,


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New Bilibid Prison

The driving force behind this publication is a belief in the ancient prophecy: Rev. 12 verse 11. “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony and they loved not their lives unto the death.

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Trojan Warriors

Inmate Testimonies

There are many volunteer Christian workers within New

Bilibid Prison. Here are two that have written their testimonies for the inclusion in this publication. We are pleased to mention:

Inmate Listings

Inmates Listing: “Trojan Warriors”










R. Nardo (Mayor of Death Row)


Death Penalty

6 yrs

1st September



Anthony C.





17 yrs



N132043 D

Antonio B.



Arson Frustrated Homicide

Death Penalty

(Commuted to 15 to 30 Yrs)

14 yr.

2nd September








14 yrs

17th August






20 yrs 1 day

to 40 yrs

4 yr.

14th October






Death Penalty

5 counts

4 Yr.

20th October







Death Penalty

7 yr.




Basilio B.




15th August



Blessie A. Velasco


Death Penalty

5 yrs

30th September



Bobby S.


Kidnap for


Death Penalty

2 yrs

2nd September



Bonifilo R.


Rape with



7 yr.

15th August




Andrada Y Mateo



14th August






Death Penalty

3 yrs

17th August


Inmates Listing: “Trojan Warriors”



O. Iglea


for Ransom

Death Penalty

6 yrs

17th August



Danny De-

la Cruz


Death Penalty

4 yr.

20th August



Danny H.



Double Life

4 yr.

16th August






counts of Murder and Frustrated Murder

Three life

terms and 10

to 17 yrs.

10 yrs

15th October


N202 P-0139


B. Alacdis


Triple Life

2 yr.

17th April 2002



F. Emroy

Robbery +



11 Yr.

12th October




E. Lucag


Robbery & Hold Up

12 yrs 1Month

to 14 yrs

14 yr.

6th September



E Serndinal



4 Yr.

1st Sept.



Edgar R.




Perpeta (life)

6 yr.

15th August



Edison B.




10 yrs

16th August



Elmer B


Kidnap for


2 Death


4 yr.

31st August




Dizon (Red)


Double Murder and Slight Illegal Det.

Life sentence

on three counts

11 Yr.




Ernesto M.



Death Penalty

7 yr.

3rd September






two counts

10 to 17 yrs

5 yrs

18th August



Garry S/

Rosales Jr.




5 yrs

28th August



Gerry del

O Cave

Kidnap for


Double Death

3 yrs

17th August



Hector R


Robbery with



9 yrs

11th September




Bond O. Bucal

Kidnap for


Death Penalty


3 yrs

1st September


Inmates Listing: “Trojan Warriors”


Jeremy Nestor Dolorosa


Life Imprisonment

5 years

7th Augus



Jose C




Double Life

8 yr.

27th August



Jose M.



for Ransom


9 yrs.

4th September







17th August



Leo B.




10 yr.

20th October



Manuel B.

Gano Jr.

Drug dealing,


Three Life


11 Yr.

20th August



Manuel F.

Atadero Jr.



Double life


9 yr.

1st September



Marcial. L.

llanro Jr.


(Fabricated) 2 counts

Death Penalty

1 yr.




Mario E.

Lazaga Jr.



Double Life


18 yr.

28th August




John Clarke


Child Prostitution

14 to 16 yrs

(commuted to 8 to 13 yr.)

6 yrs

14th August



Moises M.

Maspil Jr.


transportation of Drugs

Life Sentence

5 yr.

10th October



Nilo Ardon


4 Death


7 yrs

1st September




Del Mundo



4 yr.

20th September



Pablo L.

Estacio Jr.


Ransom Murder

Death Penalty

5 yr.

12 Th. October





Murder with




11 years

2nd September



Palmero M.

Carcha Jr.

Robbery with


20 to 26 yrs

(commuted to 10 to 15 yrs)

5 yrs

10th October



Ray Dulfo

See section


False teaching


Inmates Listing: “Trojan Warriors”


Richard E.


Kidnap for

Ransom Homicide

Death Penalty

5 years

20th October



Roberto V.





27th August



Rogie D.



8 to 12 yrs

4 yr.

3rd September




Pag Dayawan


Death Penalty

4 yrs

4th October



Romed M.




(commuted 18

to 23 yrs)

12 yr.

14th October



Romeo R.




9 yr.

18th August



Rommel Deang

Kidnap for Ransom

Death/now life

6 yr.

14th September



Ruben N.




Death Penalty

6 yr.

18th August



Rudy B



Death Penalty

4 yrs

6th September



Rufo M. Llenarizas Jr.

Robbery with


Life (Com) 17

to 22 yrs.

13 yrs

5th October



Sales C




4 Yr.

5th September



Sergio C.


1x Death 6 to

12 yrs



5 yrs

4 yr.



Teddoro R.




6 yrs

30th August



William O.


Robbery with



13 yr.

5th September



Winnie M.



18 to 36 yrs

6 yr.

15th August



Zoilo A.


Rape with


Life on 7


8 yr.

13th August






Death Penalty

6 yr.

22nd October




B. Alacdis


Triple life 120


7 yr.

April 2002







7 yr.

22nd October


Inmates Listing: “Trojan Warriors”


Isaganie M.

Obispo Jr.


24th October 2001







(Special request- Please write to our inmates)

  1. Alfredo R. Nardo


    12th September 2001

    Name: Alfredo R. Nardo

    Prison No: N98P-1349

    Dorm: 1-C2

    Age: 43 years. 17th February 1953

    Marital Status: Married 7 Kids

    Sentence: Death

    Detained: Since March 1995

    Crime: Rape

    Former Occupation:

    Family Address: BGY 3 Camalig Albay

    “Mayor of Death Row”

    Dear Reader,

    A long time ago, when I was a soldier, I was afraid of death because I knew where my soul would end up. Inspite of knowing there is God; my life was sinful, gambling, heavy drinking and women. You name it, I had it. My life was always like that until it led me to prison with a death sentence.

    The Word of God was shared with me

    And there on Death Row I met someone who shared with me the Word of God and it made me cry especially when he read to me “John 5:13. That says “ I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life”. I realized for my sins that I would surely have gone to hell if I had died in unbelief. I thanked the Lord for his kindness and love for me and accepted him as my lord and Savior.

    I no longer fear death

    Now I no longer fear death knowing I am saved and have eternal life. Since 1998, here in prison, I continually serve Him and even outside of prison in correspondence to my loved ones. Last year, on September 5th 200, I wrote to my wife and told her about the wonderful things in the holy bible and how God changed my life. In her reply she told me about

    a preacher who came by the house and how God changed her life too! God used my testimony and the preacher to save her.

    I studied evangelism Explosion III in New Bilibid Prison and asked in prayer that He grant me wisdom and freedom so I can Preach in the outside world, for I know that there are many sinners just like me, before and the fishers of men are few.

    Once I failed to attend a church service and it gave me a bad feeling so I made a point of attending fellowship and devotion services.

    I affirmed to be put t death

    Even though I was “Affirmed” by the Supreme Court (Certain to be put to death) I was not loosing hope that one day I will be freed from prison.

    Dear readers I hope my testimony gives strength and knowledge about our Lord Jesus Christ. May God bless you all?

    With Love, Alfredo Nardo


    Witnessed by: Michael John Clarke


    1st September 2001 (NBP)

    The Mayor of “Death Row looking” after inmates due to die.


    Trojan Horse CM Speaking to Death Convicts- Alfred R. Nardo (Right- Mayor)

  2. Anthony C. Dolin


    September 21st 2001

    Name: Anthony C. Dolin (a.k.a.

    Andy Tonis

    Age: 43 years

    D.O.B.: 14th July 1958

    Prison Number: 128897-P

    Crime: Drugs (3 Kg. Of Marijuana)

    Year detained: 1984

    Served: 17 years (to date from 1984-2001)

    Recommendation: 15 to 20 years

    Time served with G.T.A.: 20 yrs. 5 months 8 days as of

    September 22nd 2001

    Family Address: 207 Brgy. Bagumbong. Jala-Jala

    Riza Philippines.

    Greeting in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    First of all before I proceed to my testimony, I would like to express my deep gratitude to God, who gives this opportunity through the Trojan Horse Mission team, who encouraged me to share with the world the MARVELOUS WORKS GOD has done to me and the FREEDOM I have in CHRIST. Now I’m free to “…Make known His deeds among the peoples (Psalms 105: 1). Jesus said: “…tell them what great things the Lord has done for you, and He has had compassion on you. Mark 5:19.

    Before Conversion

    Before I was imprisoned my life had no direction. I was deeply involved in gambling, drinking hard liquor, stealing, sexual immorality and other forms of evil personal gratification. My life had been driven and focused on and by

    the things of this world…the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life… which stemmed from the love of money and as an aftermath of which, I and my two relatives were enticed to go with Edward who is very active in selling covertly MARIJUANA, a drug of which is prohibited by law.

    Family Picture


    Pst. Anthony C. Dolin (second from the right bottom

    This picture was taken in Cell 6 at Provincial Jail, La Trinidad Benguet in 1987, when he was 29 years old.

    Under arrest

    Sometime at about 6.00 p.m. of 11th June 1984 as we were in the process of delivering three (3Kg) of Marijuana to our buyer we were intercepted by elements of NARCOTICS GROUP (military men and civilian agents whose primary task is to crack down and arrest persons found selling or in possession of the afore said drug) and subsequently arrested us. Only Edward was able to escape and eluded arrest. We were immediately whisked to Baguio City Jail and five

    (5) days later, transferred to Provincial Jail of La Trinidad Benguet.


    Inside prison I felt is was the end of my world. I felt very much guilty and remorse for such indiscretion and irresponsible actuations that happened to me. The ambition I had once been pursuing vanished into thin air and is now only a mere dream and fantasy of my former life.

    I had been experiencing very hard times adjusting to prison life until one day in August 1984, when a group of Christians came and ministered inside the jail and preached about the good life that Jesus to bring.

    At one point, when I was listening intently to that portion the preacher was stressing that God forgives all our sins and saves us from hell if we put our trust in Jesus. My body quivered that I felt something transpiring inside me. The Holy Spirit was working over my whole being. Consequently, when the preacher asked those who wanted to be saved to stand up, I immediately stood to my feet without hesitation. I came forward and surrendered my whole life to God. I confessed all the sins I committed since birth and acknowledged that I couldn’t save myself from the impending wrath of God unless I receive Jesus Christ the Savior. That very same hour, I accepted and declared Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. That same day was my spiritual birthday. Thereafter, an unforgettable moment happened in my life. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, the peace of God that flooded my heart,

    and the inexpressible joy of salvation from within bursting out of my mouth. My sorrows and fear of death were changed into overflowing peace and joy in the Spirit.

    New Habits

    Through God’s grace I was able to stop gradually my vices and in a short span of time, my old habits and desires for worldly things and worldly pleasures were gone. Instead I delighted myself to reading the bible singing spiritual songs attending bible study fellowship, witnessing and sharing God’s word with other inmates. All for the glory of GOD and exaltation of JESUS CHRIST. What a change our LORD JESUS CHRIST had done to my life despite my past as a sinner!

    Sentence to life imprisonment

    The decision of our case of illegal possession of Marijuana was promulgated on 20th October 1986. The night before I prayed unceasingly and entrusted to Him whatever the outcome of the decision would be. So that when the verdict (LIFE IMPRISONMENT with p20.000.00 indemnity) was handed down I had no qualms or regrets because I knew very well that the LORD never abandoned me.

    God gave me a family

    It was here inside Maximum Security Compound that God gave me a family. On May 23, 1993, I got married to Norita

    V. Casabal and were blessed with four (4) children namely:


    Nathaniel, John Mark, Grace Ann, and Hannah.

    Pst Anthony C. Dolin (2nd from the right bottom)

    Rev. Lucas P Dangatan Jr. Conducting Mr. Mrs. Anthony Norita Dolin Exchanging Conducting the ceremony rings of commitment.

    The Children


    Nathaniel, John Mark, Grace Ann, Hannah

    Training in the Wilderness

    It had never been my dream to become a pastor! It was always my obsession to be a successful architect. But God’s

    plan for me was something great and different to what I had dreamed of earlier. Prison environment has ingrained in my life that molded me to be come forth as pure and shinning gold.



    My award

    In 1993 I graduated from a two year Ministerial Course at the New Bilibid Prison Bible School (NBPBS) now NBP Theological Institute (NBPTI)… acknowledged as the center for Theological and Religious education inside Maximum Security Compound. Consequently in 1994 I became the associate pastor of NBP Christian Church (which shares the same edifice with NBPTI). At the same time I took a two- year course in

    Diploma in Theology (DTH) and a four-year course Bachelor in Theology graduated two years later.

    Theology Degree


    Ptr. Anthony C. Dolin

    receives his Certificate Award after a 2 year Diploma Course in Theology. Left Ptr. Medel, Rev. Lucas Right Mommy Zelma

    I also finished another two-year course in Bachelor of Theology (BTH).

    Pst Anthony C. Dolan receives a gift during the graduation in 1999, after a 2-year course in Batchelor of Theology at the NBP Theological Institute Maximum Compound Muntinlupa City, Philippines.

    Significantly on 13th July 1999 I was blessed by being ordained as one of the pastor inmates under the auspices of the “First Inter-Denominational Christian Ordaining Council, Inc.,” As a result I was appointed as vice president of the Prison Ministries Organization here in NBP.

    Prison Ministry Meeting



    The Interview Board

    prior to Anthony and the Prayer of empowerment after Anthony C. Dolan’s Ordination

    The break for me to share and teach what I studied about God and salvation came when the Bureau of Corrections authorized me in December 1999 to conduct bible Studies in the different brigades/dormitories. Presently I am pasturing and teaching 65 Christian inmates (including one foreigner bro. Michael John Clarke a British National) whom I won for CHRIST: together with Rev. Lucas Dangatan, Jr., who is the Head Pastor and founder of NBP Christian Church and NBP Theological Institute, respectively.

    Authorized to teach


    Receiving a Certificate Award

    Left: Pst. Noel, Pst. Mark (center)

    This was after me completing the 12-week Bible Study Course reading requirement 2 hours per day from Genesis to Revelation, headed by the Arise and Shine Outreach Ministry. Left: Pst Noel, Pst. Mark (center) they now visit us weekly.

    Reflection of the Past

    I once was enslaved by sin but now in CHRIST I am free! As I am pondering with amazement on my past I am very much amazed of the great and wonderful things the LORD JESUS CHRIST has done to this great sinner and violator of HIS divine Laws. Now I am very grateful to God for His grace and power that transformed my whole being to be conformed in the image of His Son.

    Who am I

    Now I belong to Jesus

    Jesus my Lord will love me forever, from him no power of evil can sever; he gave His life to ransom my soul. Once I was lost in sin’s degradation, Jesus came down to bring me salvation, lifted me up from sorrow and shame joy fills my soul, for Jesus has saved me, freed me from sin that long had enslaved me; His precious blood He gave to redeem. (Chorus)

    Now I belong to Him! Now I belong to Jesus, Jesus belongs to me not for the years of time alone but for all ETERNITY.

    Life Verses

    I use to wander off until you chastised me; now I closely follow all you say. The chastisement you gave me is the best thing that could have happened to me, for it taught me to pay attention to your laws. They are more valuable to me than millions of silver or gold; (Psalm 119: 67,71,72).

    Message for the world

    My heart’s desire and prayers to the Lord for all of you: my dear friends; that the Holy Spirit will open your spiritual eyes as you read my life testimony or (life story); that you will see the Lord’s Power and His saving love that He alone can forgive sins, can change lives, and set men and women free from the bondage and power of Satan such as sins. Of man’s

    pride, of rebellion, spirit of unbelief, of being independent to God, of being self centered, of being self-righteous, as well as immorality, greediness, worldly pleasures and other related evil practices.

    You might not be aware of it that your life’s (life) are driven and controlled by these kinds of things. Just like me before, I thought the way I used to live was normal and righteous before a Holy God. I was totally ignorant of these matters, because of the god of this world had blinded me. Until JESUS CHRIST came into my life and sets me free. That was 17 years ago.

    I would like you to know that with God all things are possible! What JESUS has done for me He can do for you? You can’t buy freedom. It cannot be found in any one else except Jesus. God knows that no one in this world can set us free from the power of Satan. You can’t save your selves even your religion can’t save your soul from the wrath of God and Hell. That is why God in His has appointed time sent and gave His only beloved Son in this world to be our liberator. This is what JESUS says: “If the Son will set you free you will be free indeed” (John 8:32) that is real freedom and free, you do not have to work for.

    My dear friends my co-inmates my countrymen and my loved ones I believe that in your heart you know you need JESUS; don’t let Him pass-over you today. Tomorrow it might be too late; He is standing and knocking at the door of your heart, oh! How He wants to come in. Invite Him into your life right now; let Him come in and set you FREE! And

    God will guarantee that if you do this your life will never be the same. I hope you do it!

    To God be the Glory!!! Pst Andy Dolin

    Witness by Rev. Lucas P. Dangatan Jr.

  3. Antonio B. Simolta


    2nd September 2001

    Name: Antonio B. Simolata

    Age: 35 years

    D.O.B.: 17th January 1966

    Prison Number: 132043 D

    Marital Status: Married No children yet

    Former Profession: Farmer

    Crime: Homicide, Arson, Frustrated Homicide, Murder.

    Sentence: “Death” commuted to 15-34 years.

    Years detained: Since July 1987

    Served: Recommendation:

    Time served with G.T.A.:

    Family Address: Bogy 8, Margay Vintar Ilocos Norte

    My personal testimony

    Theme: “He who began the good work within you will keep right on helping you grow in his grace until his task within you is finally finished on that day when Jesus Christ returns.” Philippians 1:6 T.L.B

    I thank the Lord for by his grace I’ve been saved, enlightened, restored and loved. To God be all the glory!

    Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus! My name is Bro. Antonio B. Simolata, just call me Bro Tony. Praise and thank God for all he has done in my whole life from birth until the present. Although I’m a murderer, a sinner, he will consider me as one of all his chosen people I call myself blessed because of his great love for me, I want to give him back all the glory, honour, adoration and thanks giving for he alone is worthy.

    I started my testimony in the year 1987 July 28, that was the day I became so rebellious, arrogant, hot tempered and what I’ve known is to get revenge for those people who were involved in burning our family home and to give justice to my girlfriends rape case and to my elder sister’s pregnancy which is so shameful to the whole family to get pregnant without a husband. It means the man who was responsible for my sister’s pregnancy has run away and never intends to

    marry my sister.

    Hatred and Revenge

    My mind is full of hatred and revenge that I really want to have all justice in my hand alone. Since I don’t know how merciful God is at that time.

    A purose for every thing

    So I did it in my own way, at the end I need to face the consequences for the sin I have committed and the time I realized that in every circumstance there is always a purpose. Gods plan for me is to get to know him. So he put me here in prison. At first when I heard the word of God, I thought he was nothing; I even mocked and insulted the people who came to share God’s word. I ignored them and I even told my companions that here comes the “Praise the Lord, Hallelujah” again. I will just pass by where they are and will never give my time to listen. Until one day I found myself listening to and accepting God as my personal savior. From that time onwards, I began to know God through his words and through my daily devotion and prayers. You know that it was then I realized how merciful and compassionate God is.

    Sentenced to Death

    My sentence that time was the Death penalty, I still hope that one day God will make a way to change it into life and I’m hoping to be free physically one day, for he has promised ‘he will never leave me nor forsake me’. Hebrews 13:5 and

    he promised as well that all things are possible to him. Luke 1:37. As he also told me that as I remain in him and his word remains in me, ask what ever you wish. John 15:7. That’s the time God started a miraculous intervention in my case from the death penalty. He put me to life and from life sentence I believe in my faith by his grace he can make again a favour for me to commute it. Well, it’s all overflowing blessings because the favour is always there.

    Death Row to life

    In 1998 when I moved from death row to life. In 1999 I ask the lord to give me a partner whom I can share with to encourage and to comfort in time of distress. I pray that God will use someone whom can also help me to reach my family about God’s love and salivation and I praise and thank God for truly he is a faithful God. In 2001 the bone of my bones and the flesh of my flesh has arrived. She’s also a believer and God used her to start a bible study in my home place to be held in our house. From the second week of June until the present, the bible study is going on, the “Jesus is Lord” church, Vintar, Ilocos Norte. Last July 28th this year ‘01 I can see and witness continually change me form glory to glory from faith to faith and to my whole family as well. During my wedding day last July God really works. A very unusual and so surprising to let me see face to face all my family and relatives. Especially to my dear beloved parents. You know how I miss them so much and how I love to see them personally again. I can’t help myself crying every time, meditating Gods goodness and faithfulness to me. Sometimes I ask God ‘who am I Lord that you bless me in this way?’ God

    impressed me here in my heart to acknowledge him always and never, never forget his work.

    Promotion to Mayor of Dorm 6B

    This time God promoted me as an assistant major here in dorm 6 B and he ever entrusted me a responsibility as a deacon in our church ‘Amazing Grace church ministry’ at

    N.B.P prison. And he even gave me a woman, a wife whom I can cherish, love and a helpmate to do his work here on earth. My beloved’s wife’s name is Mrs. Leticia Simolata. She’s a big help for me and nothing else I can ask the lord but to give him the highest form of praise and worship, which is due to his name alone. Hallelujah, praise the Lord! You know, since I became a believer of God, I received so many blessings that words are not enough to thank our God. Really God keeps his promise and this time, I declare his Lordship on our life and our futures ahead. He’s a God of everything I do believe he’s a source of everything, he can move mountains it means no matter how difficult our situation, and he is always there to accomplish from which he will fulfill his purpose. As his words in Romans 8:28 that ‘all things will work together for good for those who love God’. Yes, God is alive for evermore. He even gave me privilege to study in a bible school that what I’ve known in the beginning is very difficult in my part, for my English is not as good as others, but praise be to God because he said in his word that when I am weak he makes me strong. He even encourages me that I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me. My prayer always is to be used by God to enlighten people who are in darkness and let them see God and know him like never before.

    Encountered much Pain

    As a prisoner I’ve encountered so much pain, tortured physically and forced to admit things, which are untrue. I even pretended to be put in ‘Bartolina’, which is punishable by a group or individual. I really thought I’m going to die that time for really I cant walk and my companion (inmate) needed to carry me to go to the toilet or everywhere I go until now you can see all the scars and really I take it this time as a challenge to be a good courage to fight a good fight of faith that no matter what, we will serve the lord with all our heart. All those pains are all over and this time I need to do things, which can glorify God’s holy name. I continue to pray thanks to him and yes, I stand in his word in Philippians 1:6 that he who began a good work in me will be faithful to complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. Well, now that I am his, I will be proud to tell everyone about his love. How he colors my world and changed me from grave to glory. He’s been so good, wonderful and kind to everyone who calls upon him in truth.

    God is gracious

    He’s a gracious god, slow to anger abounding in love. I would like to encourage all the readers of my testimony to come to Jesus now, before it’s too late. God will come very soon and God only knows when. The encouragement is to get ready all the time. We must be watchful and alert for his time is near, God is a God of a second chance. The second chance is waiting for us. Just humble ourselves before God and submit to his word and purpose in our lives. Let him do the planning

    the accomplishment for in him there is success and victory over our self-will. I experienced having no peace of mind, no contentment, but with God there is everything we need. He gave me peace, love and contentment in life. Just trust him and seek him first his kingdom and righteousness and all we need will be provided. Who can believe that a murderer like me can still have the chance to be loved by someone else apart from God? Here’s my wife, she accepts me for what I am, she knows that I’m being helpless about anything like finances and yet God touched her heart to love me for what I am. She always mentioned to me that she doesn’t care what people say about me before. What she cares is about my standing to God, about who am I this time in the sight of God. It’s been hard to believe this has happened in my life, but that’s the reality. I only think its just a dream but this time its happening, experiencing life like an ordinary person outside the prison I can consider myself blessed because I have God in my heart to rely, depend and trust on.

    I hope this testimony will help reaching people who are in darkness like me before. To be in prison is not hell, but for me its blessing life because I did get to know God inside the prison. If the killing hadn’t happened I would not know God until this time. But its because God says ‘my plan is higher than plan and my thoughts and ways are higher than your ways and thoughts.’ I do agree with that especially. His word that never goes back empty, but will accomplish from which his purpose. This time, by the grace of God I consider myself with value that being a newly wed couple with my wife, we’re hoping and praying to God that he will always

    bless our marriage and give us children to teach them to fear God. I believe that it is Gods will that we should multiply. You know, we even prayed that God would give twins, (1 boy, 1girl). By the way, let Gods will be done in our lives for we do believe that he knows what we need. In everything we should give thanks for it is Gods will to give him thanks, always.

    All glory to God

    Before I close to this testimony I want to give God all the highest form of Glory, honour, adoration and thanks giving for all the things he’s done and going to do in the near future and I pray that upon this testimony let him alone be glorified and exalted, for he alone is worthy to be lifted up. We love the Lord for he heard our voice, our cry for mercy. Praise the Lord, hallelujah. Amen!

    May God bless you. Regards,

    Tony. Witnessed by: Bro Red Dizon.


    My Wedding day July 28th 2001 At “Amazing Grace Church”

    Pst. Efren Liwanag Solemnized the marriage.

    Mr. and Mrs. Antonio B Simolata at their wedding the maximum compound N.B.P. 28 July 2001. Amazing Grace Church, Ptr. Efren Liwanag solemnized the marriage.

    My dear wife Leticia would like to say a few words of encouragement.

    Sis. Leticia G Simolata Blk 241 lot 2 Uranus st

    Group 2 zones 13, Pembo Makati

    Manila, Philippines 1218

    14 September 2001

    Words of encouragement

    I praise and thank God for giving me this opportunity to give

    him the highest form of praise, glory, honour and worship. I would like to encourage everyone who reads this message to keep on knowing God, his will and purpose. Remaining faithful until the end is a goal. For each and every one of us to remain faithful to God makes our relationship deeper and deeper as God continually reveals himself for everyone who draws near to him. Being a wife of Bro. Antonio Simolata, a prisoner I can say or consider myself blessed. For truly God gave me a husband like him. One thing I always prayed is the continued transforming and changing of us from glory to glory from faith to faith. As we always acknowledge our nothingness apart from God who is always there to teach us hold us and who always is there to remind us of those things which pleases in his sight. As we love God (for he deserves to be loved) for he first loved us, we must always remember everything that makes him happy. Something that if we love someone we can always think about the best for him / her. It is the same with God, he always thinks about what is best for us. First, we must learn to wait, it means we must wait until his perfect time will be given and as we wait we must do something which is glorifying his holy name. Yes we are a creation, human that we could say sometimes we are not strong enough or weak to face trials and difficulties, but do remember his promise, as he said he will never leave us nor forsake us, as his grace is sufficient.

    When we are weak we are streangthened by His grace

    Our weaknesses that when we are weak we are strong his grace is sufficient for you and me and his power is made perfect to our weaknesses 1 Cor 12:9-10 I do believe in my

    faith that as we come to him with a humble heart willing to submit to what he says or commands to us then God was there to help us and give us victorious life’s. As he said in Jer 29:11 he knows his plan for us.

    God has a plan for us

    His plan is to prosper us not to harm us but to give us hope and a future as we commit unto him, whatever we do will gain success. By the way to be a wife of a prisoner is not so easy. It requires more patience, more understanding and self control. I just want God to use me for his glory. I know and I believe that as I obey his words and commands of marrying bro. Antonio B Simolata, the success will share and I also believe that the full blessing was there for us. God controls everything, he knows everything, and he is God everywhere. Jeremiah 23:23-24 ‘He creates all things and commands every living thing to praise him.’ Psalms 150:6 ‘It means no exemptions all is creations must praise him for he made us to praise and worship him in spirit and in truth.’ As I end this word of encouragement, I would like to tell every one that as long as we have breath, there is always hope. I do believe that in every circumstance we receive, there is always a purpose, just obey him and he will fulfill that purpose in our lives. Focus our eyes onto God for he is the author and perfector of our faith. Learn to encourage one another as must learn to encourage ourselves as well. When the times come when we feel so depressed, just trust God. Go unto him. He is always there for us, as he promised to be there always. Like king David says in Psalms 23:4 ‘Though we walk in the valley of death we will fear no evil.’ For he relied unto him that that he

    was with him. His rod and his staff comforted him. Glory to God, praise the Lord.

  4. Antonio Satioquia


    17th August 2001

    Name: Antonio Satioquia

    Age: 56 yrs. April 1945

    Status: Divorced with Children. Now Common Law wife no children

    Prison No: N 96P0023

    Dormitory: 7B2

    Crime: Rape

    Sentence : Cadena Perpeta

    Served: 9 yrs

    Detained: Since August 1994

    Family Cadawag Oas, Albay

    Occupation: Farmer

    Dear Readers

    My testimony is that I was born poor and ignorant about God. I was elected councilman in our area, we called

    Baranggay. In this place I was falsely accused and charged with rape. I am an old man and in my twilight years of my life, I was dishonoured, now I am in prison, you must understand how I felt. But this is a crowded place full of convicted criminals; I met God and accepted him as my saviour and since then served him faithfully. I am happy and contented, thanks to Gods kindness. I am with Son light Ministry under pastor Ray Colonzo spreading the words of God to different Dormitories here in Maximum Compound. God bless you

    Antonio Satioquia

    Witnessed by: Pastor Rogie Candelario


  5. Arnel Espina

    14th October 2001

    Name: Arnel Espina

    Age: 26 years

    Prison No.: N97P-0762

    Dorm: 7D-1

    Crime: Rape

    Sentence: 20 years-1 day to 40 years

    Detained: Since January 18th 1997

    Status Single

    Former Occupation: Xerox Operator and Tricycle


    Family Address: 1269-D Saint Peter St.

    Maricaban, Mulawin Road,

    Pasay City

    Personal Testimony

    When I was in the free society I had no contention in life so I went with some guys who were drug dependent until I found out that I was influenced by what they were doing. At that point in tome I became hard headed and disobedient to my parents, I even thought that I could live alone without them.

    When I was 19 years old I got involved in an incident in our place. And it so happened that there’s one dead and I’m one of the suspects. In my fear, I escaped and hid until this case was solved. The complainant had withdrawn their demands against me.

    Christian led me to the Lord

    I had a faithful Christian friend who led me to the Lord. After my conversion I remembered my shortcomings to

    my parents. Right then, I asked forgiveness and promised to be a good boy to them. But after a few months, as a new born babe in the Lord at that period of time I’m not familiar to the schemes or traps of the Devil. I had fallen into a pit fall of an immoral act to a lady who charged rape against me.

    I was traped

    Due to that immoral act that I committed I was brought to jail in 1997 and in March 1997 the court decision in my case, I was found guilty beyond reasonable doubt. The Judge sentenced me to 20 years 1 day to 40 years. Immediately, the wardens transferred me to New Bilibid Penitentiary of the Philippines in Muntinlupa City.

    One year latter; I enrolled at the NBP Theological Institute and graduated with a Diploma in Theology after two years. God used this bible school for the service of the One who gave a second chance to me. It is a great chance since when I become a prisoner I was able to spend more time and I de

    After my conversion I remembered my shortcomings to my parents. Right then, I asked forgiveness and promised to be a good boy to them. But after a few months, as a new born babe in the Lord at that period of time I’m not familiar to the schemes or traps of the Devil. I had fallen into a pit fall of an immoral act to a lady who charged rape against me. Due to that immoral act that I committed I was brought to jail in 1997 and in March 1997 the court decision in my case, I was found guilty beyond reasonable doubt. The Judge sentenced me to 20 years 1 day to 40 years. Immediately, the wardens

    transferred me to New Bilibid Penitentiary of the Philippines in Muntinlupa City.

    I study at NBP Theological Institute

    One year latter; I enrolled at the NBP Theological Institute and graduated with a Diploma in Theology after two years. God used this bible school for the service of the One who gave a second chance to me. It is a great chance since when I become a prisoner I was able to spend more time and I devoted my time to the Lord and studying God’s word. Now I clearly see and understand God’s plan for my life.

    I am now a deacon of the NBP Christian Church with six others deacons under the leadership or Rev. Lucas Dangatan, Jr. as the founder of the said church and Theological Institute.

    Dear friends, It is my joy to share the goodness and power of the Lord, He saved a wretch like me. All things are possible with God if you trust and believe in Jesus. He is able to change your life as well as your eternal destiny. Friends I encourage you to humble and commit your life to Jesus Christ right now before it is too late.

    SHALOM!!! God Bless You. Bro Arnel Espina

    Witnessed by Pst. Andy Dolin.

  6. Arnel Macafe


    20th October 2001

    Name: Arnel Macafe

    Prison No: N99P-1542

    Dorm: 1-B Death Row

    Age: 35 – 18th June 1966

    Marital Status: Single.

    Sentence: Death ‘5 counts’

    Detained: Since 16th November 1997

    Crime: Rape

    Former Occupation: Driver

    Family Address: No 1 Saint Joseph St., St Tierra, Vista

    Bubo, Parans, Marikina City

    20th October 2001 Personal Testimony Dear Reader,

    My life was a disastor

    Before I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour my life was a disaster and with no direction. My family were neither rich nor poor. I did my own thing and was disobedient to my parents. I was hard headed and I now know that I was in fact a spoiled brat.

    I now recall that in my late teens I was hooked on drugs. Marijuana was an everyday habit and in order to support my habit I ventured into all kinds of crime. I thought I was a big shot so I started pushing; selling all kinds of drugs to anyone that had the money. I was motivated by power. I drank too much and enjoyed a life of easy women and drugs.

    I was my own God

    My former concept of God was in fact NO concept, I was my own God and religion was something for the weaker kind of people and maybe when I got old I would think about it, but not then, I was ok and strong.

    As the years go by I became worse but what happened in 1997 was something I couldn’t believe! I was wrongly accused of rape ‘God is my witness’. I thought I was going crazy. For over one year while on trial my whole life was a nightmare. I wanted revenge. I hated my complainants so much I vented my anger on anyone that got in my way. I was a walking time bomb with a very short fuse.

    I was sentenced to Death

    My trial ended with me being found guilty and I was sentenced to DEATH! The nightmare had become a reality. I was then transferred to the Slaughter House in the maximum- security compound New Bilibid Prison, DEATH ROW, which housed over 1000 men.

    As time goes by some of my fellow inmates share with me the Holy Scriptures, which leads me to a true understanding of the purpose of what happened to me! God in his wisdom let me get to rock bottom, until there was no place to look but up

    to Him. I then repented for my former life and unbelief and accepted and Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour. I now know that I have ETERNAL LIFE and NOTHING can prevent this coming to pass, even if I do die in the chamber.

    I am now studying God’s word with my fellow brothers in Christ, headed by inmate teachers who have formed their own training courses! I have now forgiven my complainant.

    During August the Trojan Horse mission team from England visited Death Row convicts and really preached with POWER! I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in their words. When they announced that they required TRUE TESTIMONIES to include in their forthcoming book, title the “Trojan Warriors” I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness, knowing that I am able to tell the whole world of God’s wonderful mercy and grace Mark 5:19

    It is my prayer that my testimony is the KEY to your

    Salvation. If you want write to me, it would make my day!

    May God Bless You, Arnel

    Witnessed by Zoilo Ama 8A1

  7. Arnulfo A. Aure


    4th September 2001

    Name: Arnulfo A. Aure

    Age: 40 years

    Prison No.: N201P-0688

    Dorm: X1-B

    Crime: Rape

    Sentence: Reclusion Perpetua


    Status Married 2 children

    Former Occupation: Police Sergeant

    Family Address: None

    My Dear Reader

    I was thought by my parents that there is God and I learned from the Catholic Church the Christian way of accepting it throughout until I came to know who really God is.

    I thought to be kind to others, giving alms to beggars, going to church every Sunday, praying to the Saints and devotions to God in my own way will set me free from sins and be acceptable to the heavenly Father.

    Until one day, while I was then very active in my duty as a policeman because of my heavy work load I had already forgotten my responsibilities to God, while in the actual performance of duty we got entangles with a heavy syndicate and well-entrenched organisation criminals who engaged in trafficking minor children to work in the Metropolis.

    It is in these callings that instead of a job well done or perhaps a promotion of rank, we were falsely charged of rape conducted by a member of the Prosecution Officer. Because of my limited and lack of resources in all aspects coupled with the persecution of some corrupt members of the Prosecution Service of the Department of Justice, these trumped up false charges of rape prospered.

    I then remembered God and asked His forgiveness, “For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.”) Matthew 6:14). These are now my cries,

    agonies and sufferings of my families and loved ones. I am really innocent but God has a plan stored for me. I know that God used this experience for me to realise the truth. I am now a true son of God because I have repented and accepted Jesus as my only Lord and Saviour.

    May God Bless you also. (SGD) SGT. Arnulfo A. Aure SONLIGHT MINISTRY

    Bureau of Corrections Philippines.

  8. Art Pangilinan


    2nd October 2001

    Name: Art Pangilinan

    Age: 41 years D.O.B. 28th December 1960

    Prison No.: N98P1434

    Dorm: 1D- Death Row

    Crime: Kidnap for Ransom

    Sentence: Death

    Detained: Since 1994

    Status Married 2 children

    Former Occupation:


    Family Address: 149 Bo.Pag-asa, Pinamtsaran, San Miguel,

    Bucazar, P.I


    Sentended to Death

    My former life was a mess! I didn’t know Jesus Christ then and what I did was/is abominable to the Lord and contrary to His law. It was my ignorance that led me to DEATH ROW. Guns in my hands, money in my pocket and fear in my heart. ‘That was my Life’ Now it has all changed! The Bible is in my hand and God is in my heart. I can face life and death with a clear head. ‘My cup runneth over’.

    A blessing in disguise

    My detention is a blessing in disguise! Even with the death penalty staring me in the face, I have no FEAR. Knowing full well that Jesus Christ is my Saviour and by God’s GRACE alone has given me eternal life and freed me from the power

    of sin.

    God has changed me and even my family. We now live in harmony, peace and happiness. I praise and thank God everyday. I am happy only when I serve Him.

    Since my “conversion” I have completed an Evangelism Explosion Course and currently studying at the Reformed Theological Seminary which visits here

    Every week since my “conversion” I have completed and Evangelism Explosion course and currently studying at the Reformed Theological Seminary which visits here every week

    Compleating the Course


    Graduation Day Evangelism Explosion III (Right)

    Here on Death Row I help one of the Elders and trainers to preach and teach the wonderful word of God to the other death row inmates who are still in darkness.

    At long last my emptiness is now filled with the love of God. -- Is your life empty? Turn to him with a humble heart and seek this wonderful experience.

    May God bless you my dear reader. Art Pangilinan

    Witnessed by Bro. Michael Clarke

  9. Basilio B. Malarbob


    2nd October 2001

    Name: Basilio B. Malarbob

    Number: N96 P-2907

    Dorm: 13 D B.O.C.

    Age/DOB: 43 years 12th March 1959

    Sentence: Life

    Crime: Murder

    Profession: Woodcarver

    Status: Married

    Family Address: Imelda B. Malarbob, Pitawan, Hingyon,

    Ifueo, Province.

    MY LIFE STORY. August 2001

    Dear Friends in Christ, Readers,

    Greetings to everybody who wants to know Jesus Christ in their lives. From his power, love and mercy to all sinners who would like to receive his cleansing power by his blood shed on Calvary Hill for the remission of all sins. Through Him only we shall receive Eternal Life, in Jesus name, the Son of the Living God.

    I am affirming before the public what God, Jesus Christ, has done for me, turning my sorrows and sufferings into joy, converting me from Paganism to Christianity, from darkness to the Light, - to encourage you dear Readers to make a new decision to accept the Lord Jesus Christ in your life. It is not too late for you to do it, to commit your selves totally to the Lord. If you comply with his commands he will help you and give you abundant blessings.

    I am Basilio B. Malarbob, born among the poorest in our place, Cababuyan, Hingyon,

    Ifugeo Province. Married to Imelda B. Malarbob, God has given us gifts of five children with his blessings, namely Randy, Roldan, Melba, Myrna, and Helen. I love them all very much.

    Because we belong to a poor family, we could not hire a private lawyer to defend my case of murder due to insanity. My previous life had been very miserable and disgraceful and detestable in the sight of God, because of the worldly principles that had control of me. I was engaged in many vices that had grasped me, such as gambling, smoking and drinking. - Intoxicating habits, which included sacrificing to Idols like the pagan, I had become, the most detestable to God. I even carved wooden idols for business, and sold them to antique collectors and tourists. However I was still unhappy, and although I worked hard to support my family, we were still starving and financially hard —up, because I entrusted to pagan gods, the most useless in every thing. 1

    It became more miserable, as I soon became possessed by demons. My insanity led to the neglect of my family, a great pity, and lasted for a long long time. My parents and relatives bound my hands and feet every time I was possessed to stop me loitering and to prevent me from doing harm around our place. The pagan gods did nothing to help, even when my parents offered pigs and chickens or other animals. It was useless.

    So at an appointed day and time it was arranged for me to go to the mental hospital for psychoanalysis and treatment but it was tragic and all in vain. Before the appointed time came I was again under the influence of the devil, and hacked to death one of our neighbors. That mysterious incident led to my incarceration.

    When I regained my conscious mind, my good senses, I

    was surprised to find that I was isolated in a dark room, with my hands bound with chains. I was ignorant of everything that had happened, and did not know why I was imprisoned in that dark room. They told me that I had murdered a man in our community, but I had no idea how or why or what I had done. When they had finished relating the whole story I was trembling with fear, thinking of the situation of my family, parents and relatives. But nevertheless I had to accept my fate and my fortune.

    At first inside the provincial jail, I had no hope to live because of the many burdens, so heavy that my weak shoulders could not bear them any longer It was at this time that I began to wonder who was the true God, who could heal my broken heart, and my sickness and my sore head. I began to renounce the useless pagan gods and to turn to the real God. Then, several Christian ministers came to share the truth of the Word of God, and brought the Love of the real God to sinners like myself. Then I came to know Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who was sacrificed for us, to save mankind from the bondage of sin (Exo.12 1-20 Cor.5. 7.) I decided to love Jesus Christ, receive Him, and accept Him as my Lord and Saviour deep in my heart. That led to my water baptism in obedience to Jesus’ command, a year after my crime, in 1995. Since I entrusted my life to the Lord I have recovered my health and started to be happy and joyful, having a new peace of mind and fearing God. My lost hope has been restored by the work of the Holy Spirit, which gives me inspiration and hope for the future. Since I gave my life to him, I have never again been possessed by demons. I read

    and learned from His words in the Book of Mark (1. 21-28) that Jesus Christ has authority to drive out demons, and by putting your faith and belief in Him you will be cleansed from sickness, iniquities, and have the gift of Eternal Life

  10. Blessie A. Velasco

    image 30th Sepymber 2001

    Name: Blessie A. Velasco

    Prison No: N98P-2214

    Dorm: 1-C Death Row

    Age: 30 years. 29th October 1970 Marital Status: Married no children Sentence: Death Penalty

    Detained: Since Feb 7th 1996

    Crime: Rape

    Former Occupation:


    Family Address: BGY. BAN-AG Alimodian, Iloilo 5028

    Dear Reader

    I will share you my life. When I was still a non-Christian. I was a farmer and although my income was not enough for my daily substance. I indulged myself in smoking, drinking and womanizing. My parents were neither, poor nor rich, but I was not able to finish my studies because of bad influence among my friends, until I became a thief. I had many pending cases against me so I had to go from place to place, all these cases were settled through the use of money, and I knew then that more money meant more power.

    This kind of thinking led me to more serious crimes. This time money can’t do anything. I was imprisoned and later convicted my sentence was death by lethal injection and I was so afraid. I was even more afraid when they brought me to death row, national Bilibid prison. ‘’Oh God” I called and thought this was the end. But the Lord had a plan for me. A group of born again Christians came to me and preached wonderful words to me of love and encouragement that I had never heard before. That changed my, heart, body and soul. From then on it changed my prospective even of death. I am no longer afraid of death as I know when it happens I will be with God in heaven. Thanks to the guidance of the Holy Spirit I have finished the Evangelist Explosion course. I am

    also continually receiving wisdom and daily necessities in life. May God bless you through our Lord Jesus Christ?

    Blessie A Velasco.

    Witnessed by: Pastor Isaganim Obispo.

  11. obby S. Delacruz


    30th September 2001

    Name: Bobby s. Delacruz

    Prison No: N200-P-2771

    Dorm: 1A

    Age: 33 years.

    Marital Status:

    Sentence: Death Penalty

    Detained: Since Feb 7th 1996

    Crime: Kidnap for Ransom

    Former Occupation:


    Family Address: BGY. Buga, San Miguel, Bulacan

    Dear Readers,

    I thought the story of my life was over when they brought me here in prison with a death sentence. I was in shock here in death row. I thought I would be the next in line at the death chamber. Fright and sadness overwhelmed me.

    One Friday morning an inmate in our dormitory approached and invited me to attend church services of Sonlight Ministries Evangelical Christian Fellowship Inc. I was introduced to Pastor Rogie Candelario and that was the first time I heard about the word of God. Happiness fillled my heart and from then on I attended Fellowship regularly. When I received our Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour, sadness turned to gladness. I am not afraid to die anymore, knowing God is there to comfort me. I thanked and praised God for the greatest love for me. I am reading the Holy Bible daily to seek wisdom and guidance.

    Glory to God. Thank you.

    Bobby S DELACRUZ

    Witnessed by: Pastor Ray Calonzo

  12. Bonfilo Martinez


    15th August 2001

    Name: Bonfilo R. Martinez

    Age: 40 years

    Prison No.: N94P-2128

    Dorm: NC-2

    Crime: Rape with Robery

    Sentence: Reclusion Perpetua (life)

    Detained: Since July 1998





    Family Address: Sababga Caramoran Catanduanes Philippines

    Dear Reader,

    Precious greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    It is a great privilege for me to write and give my personal testimony of my experience of salvation. I was born in a Roman Catholic family. There was no transformation in my life, though we were called by God, sin was still in our daily lives. We did everything that was evil, but we kept doing it over and over again.

    Our religion told us it was normal to commit small sins, but killing, stealing, fighting, raping, were acceptable, and even made to believe that we could still go to heaven, if we could confess our sins to a priest once or twice a year. Later on, I found out that this sacrament means nothing and I was bound for hell?

    One day I was sitting in front of a store in our place, and I heard someone testifying to his experience of salvation. I became very curious about the things he was saying. It was the first time in my life that I heard about God! Words like “you must be born again” and about judgement day, heaven and hell. It awakened my soul and from that time I desired to find God and the truth. By the year 1991, the man whose testimony in the store to whom I heard, encouraged me to come to his place with his family. When I saw him, I remembered all the things he told me about the Bible. We often talked together and he shared his experiences and what he knows about the Bible. One day, Pastor U Hamilton during their night time service which I attended with my friends their fellowship and hear his preaching. The spirit of God touched my heart to repent of all my sins. I decided to give my life to God and I did.

    At that moment my life was changed. I know I was forgiven all of my habitual sins and I felt the strength of God and the Holy Spirit was with me to follow him. What a wonderful experience of salvation I had. (1 Tim. 1 v12-17)

    I now thank God daily in prayer for giving me the protection to withstand the fiery darts of Satan and his demons. It is my faith in God that I know for certain that nothing can prevent me from receiving God’s gift of eternal life. I am totally secure. (Ephesians 6 v 12-18)

    God bless you all. Bro. Bonnie Martinez Witnessed by:

    Pastor Reydante A. Calonzo

  13. Carlito Andranda Y. Mateo


    14th September 2001


    Carlito Andrada Y. Mateo

    Prison no.:





    42 yrs.


    Reclusion PerpetuaLife





    836 San Jose St. Poblacion Las Pinas City

    Greetings to all

    I’m glad that I was given the opportunity to share my life testimony and how I was imprisoned for life.

    Since my early age of 13 I tried to go with my friends while attending to my Secondary schooling. I could remember that it was in 1972. At that time I was involved with other people who were hard drinkers of intoxicating liquors, including drugs and later became a drug dependent. This is what we were doing day and night with my friends, until I finished High School in 1975. I was one of the students given privileged by our teacher to continue my schooling in College, and given the choice of courses I wanted. This I did, but I wasn’t able to finish my course, because I choose to go with my former companions rather than devote my time to my schooling.

    Unknowingly, I was already hooked with drugs, and totally ignored the good counsel given to me by my parents.

    Until one day I realized I found myself in agony inside the prison bars. In this kind of situation, my heart was filled with distress and repentance, that’s when I thought of God to whom my parents had taught me from my childhood. It’s only now that I am in prison that I began reading the Bible were I found all the answers to my questions in life. I came to know that God is a forgiving God that hears and answers our prayers.

    Two years later I meet Michael Clarke who is a British national. He became my very close friend. We set up a small tent just near the NBPTI Chapel, where Bro. Michael is attending worship services with Pastor Andy C. Dolin. It became our meeting place for sharing God’s words and our past experiences in life and the Lord. I didn’t accept Jesus Christ at that time. I’m only a believer of God who creates everything in this universe. But now, I believe that God is working His own plan for me.

    When the Trojan Horse Mission came to the Philippines to visit us, the “Captives”, Rev. David Clarke and Gordon Smith an Evangelist from England, held an Evangelistic Crusade inside the Maximum Security Compound of the penitentiary last August 11, 2001. Rev. David Clarke mentioned many things to me, about God and even sing a song entitled “Spirit of the Lord Came Down”, that inspired me very much.

    At that moment I felt that the Holy Spirit was convicting

    me, and I couldn’t even restrain myself to cry the tears of joy that flowed from my eyes. During the Altar call, God draws me to come upward to the stage and I made a covenant with the Lord, that I will devote to Jesus Christ the remaining portion of my life, and received Him personally as my “Lord and Saviour”.

    Now I’m a “Born Again Christian”, and Praise the Lord. It is my prayer that whoever reads this will be blessed with the gift of Eternal Life and Freedom from the power of Satan.

    Carlito M Andrada Witnessed by:

    Pastor Andy C. Dolin Associate


  14. Celso Daluz


    17th August 2001

    Name: Celso Daluz

    Prison No: N200P-1598

    Dorm: 1-A Death Row

    Age: 26 years. D.0.B. 12th March 1975

    Marital Status: Single

    Sentence: Death Sentence

    Detained: July 1998

    Crime: Murder

    Former Occupation:


    Family Address: Zamboanga Del Norte

    Dear Readers,

    My job when I was still in the free world required me to climb high rise buildings and I was always afraid. Not knowing what will happen to me in case of an accident. I was always wondering that if I fell down would I go to heaven? Now I am happy because I know I have eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Then everything changed, when I was imprisoned and sentenced to death I thought it was the end of the world for me, but it is not, a friend shared me the word of God And that was the start of a new life. I go to church services, bible studies and nightly devotions regularly. I have a peace of mind now and most of all faith, hope and love.

    I spend my time now reading the holy Bible and truly I have found out, we cannot live by bread and water alone but by the words of God

    I am not afraid of dying knowing that I am saved and will go to heaven because I accepted, Jesus Christ our Lord, as my saviour.

    God bless you. Celso Daluz. : Translated by: Zoila Ama 8A1

  15. Christopher O. Iglea


    17th August 2001


    Christopher O. Iglea


    25 years


    Prison No:





    Kidnap for Ransom


    3 Death Penalties



    Since 1998


    180 Santos Compound Better, Living Subdivision,

    Paranaque City 1711

    Dear Readers,

    A simple life, that’s all I want. When I was still in the free society I had so many friends because I was easy to get along with, a cheerful man they say. I had always time for my friends but no time for God, until one day I was involved in a very serious crime, kidnap for ransom, and was sentenced to die by lethal injection. Three times to die, that is horrible, isn’t it?

    It was late 1995 when they brought me to death row, maximum-security compound here in Muntinlupa City. I was only 18 years old, so young to leave this world, the happy days were over.

    Until one day somebody invited me to attend a church service, telling me that it will be a big help for me. It will clear my mind of anxiety and trouble, he says, and it will give me peace of mind. God was so good to me. Ever since I accepted Him as my Saviour and surrendered my life to Him my whole being changed. He strengthened me. I am now not afraid to die, just in case I lose the appeal.

    So long, I will end my testimony by saying that I entrusted my life to Him, our Lord Jesus Christ.

    God bless you. Christopher IGLEA

    Witnessed by: Pastor Ray Colonzo

  16. Danny Dela Cruz

    image 20th August 2001

    Name: Danny Dela Cruz

    Prison No: N98P-2378

    Dorm: 1D - Death Row NBP

    Age: 50 – 14th May 1951 Marital Status: Married with 4 kids Sentence: Death

    Detained: Detained since 1998

    Crime: Rape

    Former Occupation:

    Family Address:

    Former Teacher

    “My life’s testimony” Greetings Dear reader,

    All my life the thought of DEATH has always haunted me: Is there life after death? Is there a spiritual world? Is

    there a heaven? Is there a hell? These were the questions that always troubled me and I am certain that everyone at some point in their lives have had those thoughts. The fact is that I was very scared of death and I didn’t want to die.

    Everyone must die sometime which is the reality that cannot be avoided, but most of us tend to avoid this fact and put it on hold for sometime in the future.

    In 1998 the impact of the reality of death hit me like a ton of bricks! The judge told me that I would be taken to a place “Death Row” and my life would be taken by way of EXECUTION.

    I ask you dear reader to try to imagine the feeling of EXECUTION.

    I ask you dear reader to try to imagine the feeling of looking at death face to face. Can you really imagine this? I don’t think so….

    Within hours of being sentenced to die, I was transferred to Death Row here in the maximum-security prison in Muntinlupa City. My head was shaved and I was allocated a floor space in the Death House, which was already overflowing with over 1,000 other poor souls facing the same fate. Some were already crazy, some half crazy and were walking around like zombies. Several had just been executed and the fear of death was everywhere.

    Yes, the sting of death was upon me and I too was beginning

    to go insane, until one day I met another inmate who radiated an actual presence of peace and confidence. He told me that he was a Christian and that Jesus Christ had saved him from this torment and had in fact given him Eternal Life and this could be mine also if I humbled myself and confessed that I was a sinner and accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. more and more of this wonderful news.

    Over the next few months I felt myself being drawn by an invisible force to this newfound friend. I was hungry for A short while later I surrendered my life to God and felt the Holy Spirit bearing witness with my spirit that I too was now a child of God and by Grace alone I had been granted Eternal Life.

    I now know the answer to my big question of what happens when we die…. If we continue in unbelief and after our physical death our soul/spirit will on judgement day will be thrown into Hell “the lake of Fire” where it will be tormented day and night for eternity, just like the poor souls in death row who were crazy or zombies, which in fact is just a slight taste of this horrible fate. It is God’s way of warning people of what is in store if they continue in unbelief. (Read John Chapter 3)

    I now know that God has a plan for everyone. In my case he used the fear of death to draw me to Him. Nobody know the way God works, but one thing I am certain.

    of is that it is my duty and delight to spend every breath that is left in my body in preaching the wonderful Gospel of


    I plead to all of you dear readers to dwell on my every word and ask God right now to come into your life, (tomorrow it may be too late)

    Since my conversion, God has blessed me be allowing me to attend a weekly T.T.S (Reformed Theological Seminary) and I am taking my Bachelor of Science in Theology. I have also become a trainer for the prisons Evangelism Explosioteam and most recently voted overwhelmingly to be the Christian leader here in Death Row D-1.

    I wish to send my special greetings to Suny Wilson in England who in 1999 was acquitted by the supreme court who lifted the death penalty from him. He too was a true Christian “praise the Lord”.

    It is my prayer that every reader of my testimony will be cut to the heart by my words of truth (the sword).

    If you feel like writing to me, I would be delighted to hear from you.

    Regards to all Danny

    Witnessed by Bro. Michael Clarke.

  17. Danny H. Moreno


    16th August 2001

    Name: Danny H. Moreno

    Prison No: N92P 3056

    Dorm: 7-C

    Age: 29 years.

    Marital Status: Married no children Sentence: Double Life

    Detained: Since Feb 7th 1996

    Crime: Rape

    Former Occupation: Farmer

    Family Address: San Pascual, Masbate City

    August 16th 2001 Dear Readers,

    Prison does not change a man, but God. I came to this prison with a double life sentence in 1992 and only in 1999 my whole life changed when a friend invited me to attend Fellowship under Sonlight Ministry. Formerly my life was a mess. I was troublesome even outside prison. Many hated me for that, but I was afraid to die, but not any more, I am a changed man now.

    I am now performing duties as a deacon in our church and as a prayer leader in our

    brigade, and outreach station to different dormitories here in maximum security |

    Compound. Never been so happy in my life for the love of God for me.

    “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart and you will find Rest for your souls.” Matthew 11: 28-29.

    Thank you. Danny H Moreno

    Witnessed by: Pastor Ray Calonzo

  18. Inmate: Edwin Detabali Tubiera


    12th October 2001

    Name: Edwin Detabali Tubiera

    Prison No: N93P-2573

    Dorm: 9-C1

    Age: 15th February 1956

    Marital Status: Married

    Sentence: Three life terms and ten to 17 years

    Crime: Three Counts of murder and frustrated Murder

    Former Occupation:

    Former Policeman

    Family Address: Brgy. San Vicenta, San Fernando City La

    Union 2500 Philippines

    Personal Testimony

    When I was a little boy, I was very fond of going fishing in the sea and some fishing places in my hometown. I always did this after my class in the elementary, especially so during the weekend. I’ve been an active little boy and always on the top of my class and always received an honour during commencement exercises in my elementary school.

    I wanted to be a Medalled Policeman

    At that time, I really want and dreamt to be successful and be medalled police officer. And so, when I finished my high school I went and enrolled in the College of Criminology, University of Baguio, and Baguio City, Philippines. It was my late grandmother who financially supported my study in college, and through my self-discipline, endurance, and strong determination and with help, of the Almighty God; I was able to finish my course in four years with high marks.

    On June 1990, I was recruited as a police officer in the IntegratedNationalPolicehereinthePhilippinesandwasgiven the rank of Patrolman. Subsequently, I took and underwent the six months Police Basic Course Training, in the Police Training Centre located in Baguio City, Philippines. After my training, I was assigned in the Integrated National Police Field of RECOM I, and we did some combat operations against the New PeoplesArmy or armed elements of the Communist Party of the Philippines in the far flung places of the provinces of Iiocos Sur and Iiocos Norte, Philippines. I only experienced one running gun battle with these lawless elements and this occurred sometime in the month of September 1991 at the mountainous place of the town of Batac, Iiocos Norte. After a few months I was transferred to San Fernando City Police Station in the province of La Union. Philippines and I was assigned in one of the Police Sub-Stations, which is near my residence and manned it together with my co-police officers who were assigned in this Police Sub-Station.

    Contact with crooked Police Officers

    While I was there, I came into contact with some crooked police officers and I was strongly influenced by them and I became so stubborn, arrogant and proud. I became addicted to all kinds of alcoholic drinks. I became a chain smoker, spending three or four packs of cigarettes in one day, and I went always to nightclubs and bars and took out young and beautiful prostitutes and brought them to motels for a whole night of sex. I became aggressive violent too when it came to handling the treatment of those people who we arrested for violation or infraction of laws especially those who were

    charges for crimes of theft or robbery. I really forgot and failed to share some of my earnings to my parents and other family members because I always spent it in sustaining my bad vices.

    I realised my life was bad

    One day I realised I am leading a bad life and I decided to change but I could not do it on my own strength. I knew my life was a picture of a miserable life. A life that has no meaning, no direction, no peace, no hope and no God at all.

    A bad dream

    And on day in June 1992, while I was sleeping at home, I had a dream and I dreamed that I was in a place surrounded by a very thick and very very white clouds and in the center of that place I saw an image of a man standing not too far from me and he was wearing very very white cloths, sports a long golden hair and his hands and face produced gleaming lights while he is calling me to come close to him. While I am moving towards him I covered my face because I was glaring at the gleaming lights coming form his hands and face and suddenly I was awakened. I was amazed and hardly breathed and sweated profusely. I tried to remember my dream and tried my best to understand its meaning and message but I could not fathom it.

    Implicated in gruesome Murders

    After a few days, I was implicated in a gruesome murders

    of three shoplifters, (thieves) in our place which was sensationalized by the press and media people here in the Philippines and it became headlines of every daily news paper and tabloids for almost one and a half years. Before my arrest, I felt so really depressed and hopeless, and I even nearly reached to point of committing suicide, by using my Calibir .38 service revolver to blow my head off just to end my life and to escape the very difficult and tough time that I was facing, but all of a sudden there was such a lightening flash that entered into my mind where in I taught of God. Called unto His holy name.

    I call in trembling words

    And I uttered trembling words asking for His grace and to forgive me all my sins, and at that moment I changed my mind and did not push through then plan of committing suicide. After a few hours my fellow police officers came into my residence and advised me to report immediately in our police station because there would be a police line up to be conducted by the team of investigators who were investigation the gruesome murders wherein policeman from our station were their prime suspects as it was allegedly stated by the lone survivor of these gruesome murders. Many high ranking police officials Many high ranking police officials, press and media people, civilian and government employees and other policemen were present when this police line-up was conducted and unluckily and unfortunately I was one of the five policemen who were identified and pinpointed of the lone survivor as responsible for these gruesome murders, and then they immediately arrested us and placed us in a

    holding cell while we were awaiting for the arrival of police officials who were going to transfer us in another jail. I under went a very unjust and unconstitutional questioning and interrogation by the head of the investigating team conducting an investigation in these cases and he even forcefully banged my head on the wall wherein I lost my sight for a few minutes and I really felt dizzy and vomiting. After a few days, the fiscal holding these cases filed a complaint against us with the charge of three counts of MURDER and one FRUSTRATED Murder. And then he elevated this to the court and the court recommended no bail for us because the evidence against us was very strong. Just like any other accused, I asked the services of a lawyer to defend me in court, but before the trial started I had a prediction that I will loose my case because the judge would handle and try my case will believe the statement and testimony of the survivor and beside this, the press and media people kept on publicizing unfavorable and biased news against us. After a year of marathon and well-publicized trial, the judge who tried our case set a time for the promulgation of the decision of these cases.

    Declared Guilty beyond reasonable Doubt

    During the promulgation of the decision, many police officers, media people, students, government employees, and many others crowded the court. The judge declared us GUILTY BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT and sentenced us to serve THREE LIFE IMPRISONMENTS for the three counts of murder. And serve TEN YEARS to SEVENTEEN YEARS for the frustrated murder. After the promulgation of our sentences we were heavily escorted back to our cell

    by heavily armed prison guards and policemen to ensure our safety. And on the following day, our case hit the HEADLINES of every newspaper here in the Philippines and many hard hitting newspaper columnists bombarded us with unsavory and humiliating remarks, but there were people still coming in my cell who gave a comforting and encouraging word and I came to know that they were born again Christians. My parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends, especially my girlfriend gave me also encouraging words during this turbulent and tough time that I’m going through. And one day while I’m busy doing something in my cell, two men came to me and requested politely to have some talks with them and which I readily and immediately accepted without any question and then I moved toward them and these two men extended their hands to me for a handshake and then they introduced to me their names. The first man I forgot already his name but I still remember the name of the other man as Atty. Casuga, a practicing lawyer and a member of the Baptist Church in Baguio City, Philippines. Both of them asked many things about myself, my family, my cases, my condition and my religion, and I answered them politely and with truth and humility.

    Ex Convict came to help

    After this, the first man started sharing his testimony to me and told me that he was from Fiji Island he was an ex-convict and served 17 years imprisonment in Fiji Island Prison for the crime of Robbery with Homicide and he became a born again Christian in prison, and now he was of missionary works sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost souls especially

    those who are in jail and prison. And then he slowly, concisely and clearly shared me Jesus Christ, about WHO HE IS, HIS WORDS, FAITH, RESURRECTION, and ASCENSION

    AND EXALTATION using passages of the Holy Scripture. And through the intervention of the Holy Spirit in my life, I was truly enlightened and fully understood what he had shared to me, and I am to know then the amazing, marvelous and wonderful love of God to me through his begotten son Jesus Christ. I realized and understood too, that I am a SINNER and in great need of a SAVIOR because I was truly endangered by the FIRE OF HELL. And so, at that very moment, I made my ever-greatest decision in my life, by truly repenting for all of my sins and truly receiving JESUS CHRIST in my life as my LORD and personal SAVIOR. Right then and there, I know a miracle had happened to me, because I felt and experienced the unfathomable and expressive joy and peace that reigned in my heart and mind. I know at that moment, I was TRULY SAVED by GOD (John: 47) and he blotted out my transgression (Psalm 51:1) and wrote my name in heaven (Luke 10:20). On the night of that very day, I am now doing the things, which I truly hate to do when I was not a born again and I renounced too all my bad vices and habits. I began reading and studying the Word of God with a delightful and joyful heart (John 5:39; 2 Timothy 2:15) and started memorizing and meditating too the verses in the Holy Scriptures which truly speaks to me (Ezekiel 18: 21-23) and truly touches my heart (Matthew 9:13). I began to worship, praise and thank God in all my prayers, and as days go by, I became more zealous in attending Christian Fellowship inside the jail even though many prisoners were insulting and

    mocking me (2 Timothy 3:12) and I found out that I am now keep on growing and growing in my faith in Christ Jesus and I always delightfully shared my faith to my parents, brothers, sisters, and other visitors when ever they came and visit me in jail.

    New Bilibid Prison

    On September 11, 1993 I was transferred here in New Bilibid Prison Maximum Security compound, Muntinlupa City, Philippines in order to serve my long prison term, but that’s nothing to me because I know that in this place God will do something good to me and for the GLORY of HIS POWERFUL NAME. Prison officials placed me in Dorm 9-c1 where in I came to meet and know Pastor Andy C. Dolin who happened to be my dorm mate and at that time he was studying in the N.B.P. Theological Institute. Subsequently, he became my prayer partner and always prayed with him in my room or in his room with Bro. Rogel Rivera. Pastor Andy is the one who encouraged and motivated me to study in the

    N.B.P. Theological Institute. While I’m studying, the more I came to know God in a very deeper and wider way and the more I understand deeply his words, his plan and will to me that led me to live all life worthy of the Lord that please him in every way (Colossians 1:9-10), and besides this the more that I’ve got that burning love and desire to SERVE GOD in my own humble ways through his graces and I became now bold and without shame in proclaiming the Living Lord of God (Acts 4:29, Romans 1:16). On December 1995, through the long kindness and faithfulness of God to me, and despite of my hard condition here in prison, me and my girlfriend

    got married here in prison a the N.B.P.


    December 4th 1995 The Wedding Solemnized

    Rev. Lucas Dangatan

    Christian Church Chapel which as reverently officiated by our good pastor, Rev. Lucas P. Dangatan Jr. and was witnessed and attended by many people. And on the night of my wedding, my heart and mind were truly filled with peace and happiness and I felt like floating in the air. I’m sure; this was likely the result of my faithfulness and obedience to God. I had no other things to yearn on that night but to offer my highest and heartfelt praises and thanksgiving to God because I truly prove to myself that God is really so good to me and he truly works in my life in a wonderful and majestic way. I can strongly say now that nothing can hinder the grace of God even the thick and long walls of this prison as long as we truly obey him. On the following year, I still pursue my study at the N.B.P. Theological Institute and I learned

    more many things about God and his living and powerful Word. As a result the more I grew in my faith and the more I became trained, equipped and useful in the service of God most particularly in the Bible school and in our church.

    Family Born Again

    Right now, my father and mother and the rest of my family are now born again as a result of my faithful and fervent prayers to the lord and also with the prayers of my Pastor and brethren here in prison. They are now actively involved in the ministry of God especially the weekly Bible of study that they are conducting in our home headed by Pastor Robert Caccam. Whenever they came and visited me here in prison I always brought them in our church and joined us in worshipping and praising the Lord. Actually, I am now engaged in the preaching and teaching of the Word of God here in prison and I am truly happy and enjoy doing it. Presently I am one of the elders in our church (N.B.P. Christian Church) and a faculty member of the N.B.P.’S Theological Institute and Paaralan Buhay (a Bible school here in prison).

    I am now looking forward and focusing on the day when God will set me free from my prison confinement in order to obey and fulfil his commission to me as a FISHER OF MEN (Matthew 4:19; Mark 1:17) in proclaiming the Gospel of God in the whole world. And I now thank the Lord Jesus Christ who SAVED and CHANGED me through his exceedingly abundant grace and for changing my life day by day. All my hardest questions and emptiness and fears in life are gone BECAUSE I FOUND ITS ANSWERS FROM THE LORD


    Lastly, I thank God through the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ for giving me this great opportunity to share his goodness in my life through the TROJAN HORSE MISSION, because I know this will bring blessings to all those who love God and to all who will have faith in HIM, ALL GLORY and PRAISES be to GOD the FATHER. AMEN!

    May God Bless you : Edwin Witnessed by : Pastor. Andy C. Dolin


  19. Dominador F. Emroy

    12th October 2001

    Name: Dominador F. Emroy

    Number: NP3P2528

    Dorm: 3 D1

    Age: 49 years

    D.0.B. 17th September 1952

    Status: Married

    Crime: Robbery and Homicide

    Sentence: Life

    Time Served: Since May 1991

    Profession: Farmer

    Family Address: Brgy. Salung Jebek, Sultan, Kudacet


    Dear reader,

    After listening to David Clarke and Gordon Smith announce that they were going to publish a book with the title being “Trojan Warriors” and they wanted people to give their Testimonies for inclusion, I was delighted to do so as I truly want to proclaim to the world that eternal life can be a reality and not just a story. The Bible is truly the word of the living God, Christianity is the true religion. To believe this and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior is the ONLY way to achieve it.

    My Former Life

    Before my conversion I was a Muslim. I believe in one God Allah, and that is enough for Salutation also Jesus Christ was only a Prophet and man.

    I was also a Rebel Soldier of the M.I.L.F. group fighting against the Philippine Government.

    My Conversion

    In May 1991 I got arrested by the Government for Robbery and Homicide. Although I was guilty of this my terrorist organization because I was afraid that I would be salvaged ’killed’ by them. Instead I told them I was only a normal person in-order to avoid this certain death.

    When I came to N.B.P. maximum I met a fellow inmate who was a member of N.B.P. Christian Church. He shared with me the word of God and Pastor. Lucas became my good friend and I became hungry for more of this Wonderful news that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation. After a short time I realized that my former belief was wrong and repeated totally of my former sins and belief and called on Jesus Christ to save me.

    In 1994 I enrolled in the Bible School and completed a 2-year ministerial course also a 2-year course in Diploma Theology and Bachelor in Theology, which led me to being elected as the Associate Pastor of the Bible School. Since then to the present I am an active member of the church and find great delight in proclaiming the good news to the unbelieving inmates.

    I truly believe that the “Trojan Horse” book series is the will of God and that the testimonies of my fellow inmates as well as mine will penetrate the hearts of many who as still held in captivity by the evil one, Saton.

    I also know that God in his own special way brought me to prison in-order to show me the truth. Although I don’t wish prison upon anyone in-order for him or her to be saved. It is

    my prayer that they will be saved through my words, which are in fact God’s words.

    May God bless you and if you feel like writing to me, it would be my pleasure to reply.

    To God be the Glory Yours Truly Dominador

    Witnessed by Pastor. Lucas

  20. Inmate: Domingo E. Lucag


    21st September 2001


    Domingo E. Lucag

    Prison Number:

    N98P – 2380


    13-D, Bureau of Corrections


    30 years old


    12 years, 1 month to 14 years and 8 months.


    Highway robbery in band and robbery hold


    Family address:

    C-8, Camp Dangwa, Bahong, La Trinidad,


    Greetings to all,

    My testimony starts being the black sheep of the family. I was at the age of thirteen (13), when I learned how to steal and snatch. This became a habit for me that put me in jail many times. And because of such wrong doings, I was a total disgrace to my family.

    Once again, on September 3, 1997, I was arrested with some of my comrades for an alleged crime as stated above. Though I am innocent of these crimes imputed against me, I was never given a change to defend myself in court, despite the insufficient evidences and incoherent witnesses presented before me. In short, I was tried in court and found guilty beyond reasonable doubt and therefore sentenced to an indeterminate term of penalty ranging to twelve (12) years, one (m) month to fourteen (14) years and eight (8) months. Consequently, I was deeply distressed and regretted all the wrong doings I committed.

    Year 1999, I was transferred from my present confinement to the National Bilibid prison. I thought, I would be getting worse being with different people. But fortunately, I came to Christ through a brother who shared with me about Christ. I was really touched by his sharing and when he invited me to accept Christ I didn’t hesitate to respond. From that time on, I felt an inner joy and peace of mind. God has truly transformed me into a new being (from a sinner to a saint). I did attempt many times to change my life but in vain. It was only my experience, through Christ that I am convinced of my transformation. Neither money, not my incarceration had anything to do with my being a new being. It’s only Christ! My lord and personal Savior.

    At present, I am enrolled at the NBP Theological Institute taking a two year course (Diploma in Theology). I now believe that God allowed this to happen to me because he has a better plan for me in the future. Aside from my schooling, I go sharing the Word of God to my co-inmates during my convenient time.

    Dear readers I pray that this testimony of mine will help you understand that you can not change your life no matter who you are. It’s only Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Come to him so that your life will be changed.

    T O G O D B E T H E G L O R Y !

    Witnessed by

    Pastor Andy C. Dolin

  21. Eddie Sernadilla


    1st September 2001


    Eddie Sernaddilla


    25 2nd February 1972


    1 C2 “Death Row”

    Prison Number:


    Marital Status:


    Former Profession:





    Years detained:

    Since 24th October 1998

    Family Address:

    Zone V. Bayamtang, Paagasinan 198


    1st September 2001

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    Greetings!!! Peace of the Lord to all readers,

    I am Eddie Sernadilla of Dorm I-C2 B.O.C (Death Row) Muntinlupa City, with a provincial address of Pangasinan, I am 25 years old. I was sentenced to death by the supreme court, with the case of statutory rape, which I never did. I was not able to visit school to study, I cannot read and write, this testimony was just assisted through my friend who is helping me in these kinds of works.

    I would like to share my testimony on how I found God

    our Saviour in my life. Allow me to view some of my life experiences in the free society, our family is poor where we could only live through hard labour, that’s why at my very young age I have to help my family to earn a living, until such time, I was then a carpenter. Through my hard experiences as helper, from this job, I learnt to mix with adults where I learned vices, like drinking liquor, smoking, gambling etc. Although I was linked with these vices I am still responsible to share my earnings to my family, because I have control of myself and not really addicted to vices.

    Upon my skill as a carpenter, incidentally one of our barrio mate called to do a job in his house, where allegedly I raped his daughter, but I can prove I am not the culprit, I was just a victim of a ‘frame up’ and mistrial because I can’t understand everything and I have no money.

    I was sentenced to death by the judge in our place, now I was affirmed to die through lethal injection. It hurts, very much; I can’t do anything, just waiting for my execution. So from the very start of my affirmation, I was looking for somebody to help me and try to explain what this is all about? Although I can’t read and write, some of my friends offer to help which I know this is God’s answer to my question. He explained about the Saviour, and how to ask true help, and upon reading me the verses, my mind opened and I began to accept God as the true Saviour.

    This time I am trying my best to know more about God, and my conscience is clear, and I did not commit any serious sins as my complainant allegedly accused me. I know God

    is watching us, whatever we do is eventually recorded in his presence, and I really believe his Greatness. He will not let his people be put to harm, instead he saves because he is God, the living God, and there is nothing impossible for Him. As I reflect on the verse which I learned, “if you remain in me, and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and you shall have it” John 15:7

    My brothers and sisters I am appealing to anyone and you, that whoever reads this humble testimony, please extend your hand to me, in one way or the other, help me to over come consequences, because I am courageous enough, and I can cry out “I am not the culprit, I am not a rapist!

    If anyone is interested to go along with my case to continue further investigation, kindly come to me personally and if, send me letters.

    Thank you, God Bless, I am hoping. Eddie Sernadilla

    Witnessed by Zoilo Ama 8A1

  22. Edgar R. Vargas


15th August 2001

Name: Edgar R. Vargas.

Age: 46

Prison Number: N95P-0720

Crime: Murder

Sentence: Reclusion Perpetua (Life)

Family address: C/o Jazmin R. Vargas 259 Blk. 7 Kalayaan

S West Rembo, Fort Bonifacio, MakatiCty

15 August 2001 My Dear Reader,

As I recall my past a few years ago when my life was in complete darkness, I gathered women and begot children to some of them, and never considered the pain I caused my wife and children. My being inconsiderate by manhandling whoever had offended me, reasonably or unreasonable and as days passed by my activities become worse and worse. As if by a wink of an eye, everything ended in this place. My first few months and even in a couple of years of my stay here in NBP (Maximum Security Compound) my life was so aimless. I felt so empty as if I ‘m in a very uncomfortable situation.

One morning, something came across my mind and I found out that I was comparing my past and present situation. My wife’s caring puzzled me, how she was able to still care for me here despite of my abuses. She’s a Christian and became light and salt in my life. Tears fell down from my eyes and

cried with my heart unto God. Since then, I’m lightening and sharing with Christian inmates and silently gathered God’ s word in my mind. Not contented of just hearing, that was the time I learned to read the Bible and best of all, I decided to attend church services until one day as I attended one of the services at I.P.M Chapel, I received Christ as my personal Lord and Savior.

I enrolled in a Bible school and my school activities inspired me and day by day I’m more excited and inspired to know the truth and good news of the Bible, through worship and fellowship with my co-prisoners who transformed sinners like me to become a worker in his vineyard.

To God be the Glory because my whole family are now Christians, my two children and me.

If God is willing, my next project is to share the goodness of God to my brothers, sisters and relatives.

Yours in Christ, Edgar R. Vargas Witnessed by:

Pastor Anthony Dolin Associate Pastor NBPTI Chapel

023 Edison B. Quilantang


16th August 2001


Edison B. Quilantang


31 20th May 1970



Prison Number:


Marital Status:

Married four Children

Former Profession:






Years detained:

Since March 1991

Dear Readers,

Not a bad person, that’s what I thought of myself at first, doing some good, doing some bad, knew nothing about God, I though I was normal.

Life goes on like that, then one day I killed a man in defence but was charged with murder instead and later convicted, when they brought me to national Bilibid Prison I thought it was the end of the world for me and I was going to stay there for life until I die, and I kept on wondering if there is really Heaven or Hell.

My wonderment, or shall I say ignorance ends, when somebody shared mw the word of God. He let me read the Bible, verse for verse and chapter by chapter, then I knew

about Eternal Life and the love of God for me. Now, I completely entrust my life and my loved ones into his hands, and serving the Lord as a coordinator at Sonlight Ministries Evangelical Christian Fellowship.

God Bless You, Edison B Quilantang

Witnessed by Zoilo Ama 8A1

024 Elmer B. Garcia


31st August 2001


Elmer. B Garcia


38 yrs



Prison Number:


Marital Status:

Former Profession:



Kidnap for Ransom


2 Death Penalties

Years detained:

Since 24th October 1998

Family Address:

198 Brgy. Mabini Gerona, Tarlac

Dear Reader,

Formerly I lived according to the course of this world and was murderer and member of a Notorious Kidnap for Ransom Gang. Until was arrested and sentenced to death.

After my sentence was handed down my life was filled with the fear of death, no peace of mind and I couldn’t even sleep well because I was not sure if I would go to heaven when I die.

But during this period of anxiety one of my Christian friends here on Death Row shared the Word of God and encouraged me to surrender my whole life to the Lord. Until such time that I decide to commit my life to Him and receive His gift of eternal life through the Lord Jesus Christ. Since then my fears of death has vanished and experience the joy of peace in my heart.

Now I know for sure that if I were to die either by sickness or by Lethal Injection I will go to heaven. “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints” Psalm 116 verse15.

My prayer to God is to give me the chance and boldness to share the wonderful works that He has done for me through the Lord Jesus Christ. I also thank him for the opportunity of giving my testimony to the world through this book. To the praise of His Glory.

Elmer B. Garcia

Witness by: Pst. Andy C. Dolin

025 Enrico “Red” Dizon


1st September 2001

Case Code: “Cochise-Beebom”

Name: Pst. Enrico “Red” Dizon

Prison No: N92-P-2606


Criminal Case No.: Q-90-15239 and Q-90-15240

G.R No. 106210-11

Age: 40 years. 10th June 1961

Marital Status: Married. 3 Children from my former


Sentence: Reclusion Perpetua (3 Counts)-120 years

Served: 11 Years. With GCTA 13 years 8 months

Crime: Carnapping. Kidnapping. Double Murder. Slight illegal Detention.

Occupation: Police Officer

Family Address: 96 Bgy. San Jose, Matulid, Mexico,

Pampanga 2021

Summary of Information:

When the controversial case hit the headlines of the major newspapers, tabloids (broadsheets) radio and TV networks, in the 90’s, I do not bother to tell my Commanding Officer

and other superior Officers in our unit. This unit being the Intelligence and Investigation Section of the 172nd PC Coy. Based in San Fernando, Pampango in Recom-3. I still did my duties knowing that I could elude arrest. I was confident that I would not be implicated for I knew that the crime was perfect. I stayed in the safe house.

One afternoon my youngest son “Kent Lester” 6 months old suffered a convulsion; his eyeballs were white, violet skin and not breathing anymore. I cried help to the Lord, sincerely for the first time in my life, to please restore my son Kent who is now a grade 6 student, healthy and intelligent boy. He was clinically dead for he had no pulse had stopped. I prayed to God, crying please forgive all my sins and I even promise to go for good and start a new life. As I finished my prayer God answered my prayer my child’s life was restored and that same day I promised myself to confess to my wife that I am guilty of the “Crime of the Century” as tagged by the media. That evening while my wife was watching the television news about the case I came near her, embraced her very tightly and kissed her then with grumbling /shattering voice told her that I am one of the killers and it was about time to surrender and face the consequences. My wife lost her consciousness and when she regained her consciousness she cried again. That night I went to our office to voluntary surrender myself to my Superiors that was 15th January 1991. I spent the night in prayer then I realized that “ when you are at the end of yourself it is the beginning of God”.

Transferred to NBI Cell

On the 16th January 1991 I was transferred to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) cell in Taft Avenue Manila then on the 5th February I was again transferred to Camp Crame Philippine National Police (PNP) Custodial Jail as a devout Roman Catholic then. I spent my time in the RC Church almost every day bringing with me all the time the 2 status of infant Jesus statue on which according to my (deceased wife) now Isabel that the bronze on is 14 yrs. old in her possession and the other was a gift from her of relatives who visited Basilica in Rome.

Recited the Apostles Creed

There I religiously recited the Apostles Creed and Hail Mary out of ignorance because during that time I was not born again. I even drew and made four paint statues of saints, w/c we placed on Grottos on the different cellblock of the custodial compound. Until one day God used an instrument for me in the person of Supt. Roberto T. Bondoe the Jail warden then.

Given a Bible

He gave me a green covered hardcover Bible (NIV) and started sharing the “truth” about the gospel of Jesus. During that time I was one of the co-ordinators of the Roman Catholic Church, so I hesitated to come in the Evangelical Church a wall away from our church. One day I was amused to come near the window and peeped and stayed about 40 minutes. The

preacher’s sermon was about idolatry. I was really disgusted and angry and embarrassed that was why I immediately went home to my cell thinking of the sermon. My cell was only about 10 meters from the statue of Mary in which I was one who made it oh! God please forgive that that scenario opened my spiritual eye. Yes the Pastors sermon is true.

God the Creator of the Universe

God is the creator of the Universe, the maker of all things, then the question raised on my mind was that’s why are we Catholics kneeling, worshiping and praising to these statues which are only made up of woods, cements, plastic, ivory etc. God is Spirit, yes, and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and truth.

Idolotry is foolishness

Isaiah is correct when he stated in his book that “Idolatry is foolishness” Isaiah chapter 44 verses 9-20. But my tradition and belief is divided. That morning 9th July 1992 I went top RTC Br. 88 to face the final verdict on my case. I was wearing all white cloths a suite with two pockets in which the which the two statues were kept believing that they will help me acquitted or vindicated before the judge I stand confidently listening while the verdict on the first and second transcripts I’ve been acquitted For carnapping and Kidnapping.

Rubbish Statues

I said to my self foolish self then these statues have power

but unfortunately before I was able to utter another word to praise those “rubbish statues” the executive judge convicted me on Double life terms for double murder (Reclusion perpetua) 2 counts then and 17-20 years for Illegal detention.

Note: I am already a Christian when I received the Supreme Court that the final Judgement and sentenced me to (3 life terms) on the 6th February 1996. When I received this final judgement I’m them on my graduation for Ministerial Course NBPTI Bible School and planning to take BTh next year. I am told myself that it doesn’t matter to me if I was convicted on earth the most important thing to me is that I/m acquitted in heaven. Amen!

21st October 1992 I was transferred from the PNP Jail in Camp Crame to NBP (Bureau of Corrections) in Muntinlupa City. Here because of temptations, persecutions and other worldly things even thou I am studying in the school of life on 1993 I didn’t finish because riots among rival gangs in which (I am one of the gang leaders of the Preesidio side. I was able to finish by Basic Bible course only the next year of 1994.

Part 2

I committed all sins under the sun

Before I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ I was living a life full of sin. I hate to reminisce on my dark past for I do not wish to remember. I do not even want to think on who and what kind of person I was. I consider my old self as one

of the worst of sinners. I can conclusively say yes because as far as the sin issue is concerned I did almost or rather committed sin in almost every possible way under the sun “out of Ignorance”.

Amaizing Grace

But before I proceed on this written testimony of mine on how God divinely transformed my life I would like to give him all the glory, honour and praise for His amazing grace and mercy towards me.

This testimony on how God divinely changed my life is DEDICATED: TO THE GLORY OF GOD, and Isabel

(deceased) my first wife who died of breast cancer by whom I have three sons namely: Karl Zymon, Kelvin Ace and Kent Lester. Also to my second wife Sheryl and to all the Christian pastors and brethren who encouraged and helped me to draw closed to King David’s greater son. The one who is greater than Solomon-The King of Kings and Lord of Lords- Jesus Christ.

From my teenage years and adult period of life I had been involved in street fighting. Drinking sprees, gambling. Pot sessions using prohibited drugs. I also went on robberies violent and illicit sexual affairs of perversion.

It became worse when I joined the uniformed society (PC/INP) now Philippine National Police (PNP). I was assigned to different police stations and commands such as The Pampering Striking Force. One of its Provincial Drives

against Counter-Insurgency and other organized criminal activities. I was assigned at the PC/INP/PNP Headquarters 172nd DC Coy’s: Intelligence operative. I have earned and awarded military medals and commendations. I did well at the early stages of my police career serving my country by means of protecting their lives and properties. I was engaged in many operations and insurgents and criminal encounters in the field of warfare in which I felt I was super human out of my experiences with the Police Service.

I used my advantage (my position and uniform) to abuse my authority. I told my self that I would earn a lot of money this being the Devil’s Influence. I was transformed from a “LAW ENFORCER” to a “LAW BREAKER”. I engaged

and involved myself in all kinds of criminal activities such as:

A Gun runner

Extortion and giving protection to gambling and prostitution dens Having sexual affairs with married women (sexual immorality)The worst of all IDOLATARY. Hired killer. With all this I was not satisfied I wanted lots of money so I began to kill people for a fee in which several lives were taken by my hands.

Then God divinely intervened in my life, for he had a divine plan a glorious plan in my life as stated by the prophet Jeremiah (Jer. 29)

“For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, says the

Lord, thoughts of peace and not evil, to give you a future and hope” (NKJV)

Sanctification by grace alone

Of course being a Christian I’ve already experienced the lowlands (meaning) I do still commit sins, because we’re on the process of sanctification but the grace of God is sufficient enough that even though were facing problems, persecutions, conflicts, in the Church, and fellow workers and brethren God is ever merciful and faithful.

Then I confessed my sins to you and don’t hide guilt. I said, “ I will confess my sins to he Lord, and you forgave my guilt” (Psalm 32 verse 5).

“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness”. (1 John 19).

My whole being, praise the Lord the Lord and do not forget all His kindness, He forgives all my sins and heals my spiritual sickness. Now I’m on the “Mountain Tops” enjoying the joy of my salvation.

A young lady blessed me. A Christian, who really fears God. Who in spite of all odds, humiliation and persecution to other people accepted me and loved for a very good reason: I even told her to think 100 times before she married me but he told me that she is not interested on the dark side of my life but she is interested in what God is doing in me now and what

God has got for me in the future. We exchanged our vows last June 10th 2001 at my Dormitory Cell 6-B, Solemnized by Rev. Lucas Dangatan. God is good all of the time. My wife’s name is Sheryl Gamba-Dizon. 24 years old, from Irosin, Sorogon, on the town of San Julian. She graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Major in Economics at the Divine World College in Legaspi City. She is now taking her masters degree at the University of Philippines on Los Bans Laguna taking up research development management.

Election and Predestination

For God did predestinate (Greek. Proovizo) is for Him to decree or foreordain the circumstances and destiny of people according to His perfect will. (Rom. 8:29-30) “For whom he did foreknow He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren”.

“Moreover whom He did predestinate them He also called, whom He called these He also justified and whom he justified He also glorified”.

It takes 3 1/2 years before God put me in my mother’s womb as a living creature

At the age of 7 years old I was drowned at Mt. Arayats Old Lagoon. Some people unknown to mw after they saw the incident hurriedly dived in a deep and stinky old lagoon they successfully rescued me but I was still unconscious. This was the second time that the Lord God moved in my life.

I was in grade 4 when I was accidentally hit and bumped by speeding “La Mallorca” bus halfway of and old vintage bridge in Lagundi on Mexican town domestic road. I was hardly hit; I can’t remember where I fell what happened next after I was thrown on the left side of the road. Then passengers were screaming and staring at me while in my unbelief I’ve not suffered any confusion or abrasion or scratch and this is the 3rd time God moves in m y life.

Sometime in 1980 while we were cruising on a motorcycle Kawasaki 360 cc with my friend Brandis I was riding on the back and was accidentally hit on the left side by speeding Toyota Celsta. The accident actually happened at the crossroads of Villa Joseph in Balibago City of Angeles, Philippines. In this accident I was hardly hit on the right leg hardly hit I may say because I actually saw a rubber guard that was attached at the front portion of the car not only these. I and my companion Bradis fell on the asphalt pavement and the bike turned turtle and several vehicles speeding on the road miscalculated and did not hit us. The car drivers brought us to hospital. St. Francis Medical Centre in San Fernando Town. They cast my right leg up to my limb but God once again moved in my life for the 4th time because I did not fracture my bones were intact and my X-ray examination showed slight wounds on the outer side of my body.

Manu deliverences by God

I can’t count if I tell all how the many times the Lord saved me. I was involved in gang wars, rumbles. I have been in the Striking Force and the Intelligence Community and

have engaged in many encounters to the subversive rebels and element of organized crime, I’ve been a subject of much association’s plots and ambushes while in the Police Service. Twice the Lord saved me in Maximum-Security prison. Two groups of assassins now I surely and absolutely believe the Lord is with me and has a divine plan in my life.

That really God has a divine plan in m y life “ In him also we have obtained an inheritance being predestined according to the purpose of Him who works all things according to the counsel of His will”.

I fervently believe that I was predestined like the rags to riches story and what actually happening to me is more that a story. I was predestined according to the council of His will and Jesus Christ is my inheritance.

God choices to save

For God to elect is for him to choose for salvation and or service a people or person; the choice is not based on merit but on His free sovereign love.

Even my deepest thoughts and even my wildest of dreams really cannot fathom Gods divine plan for me. Imagine from the very womb of my mother to a sinful life I used to live in and to those circumstances accidents, prison life personal life and spiritual life’s experiences of ups and downs even I’d hit rock bottom. He did not leave me n or forsake me. From Killer to preacher! I really can’t believe it. So my family and friends do. But its true God love is really amazing. To

summon it all, “He chose us in him before the foundation of the world that we should be before him in love having predestined us to adoption as sons by Jesus Christ to himself according to the good pleasure of his will.


Function/ Activity




song leader

Philippine National Police Jail

Evangelical Church



International Prison Ministry



Basic Bible




President Batch


Prisoners of Christ



Source of Light

Correspondence Course

Back to the bible

Correspondence Course






Vice President

Student Course

New Bilibid Prison Theological






Assistant Pastor

Panworld Blind Missions Inc.

Coordinator P

Prayer Life Seminars of the



Study- Batchelor

in Theology 3


Material Studies.



Christian Brigade Fellowship




Chronology of Ernesto (“Red”) Dizon Achievements

Pastor. Licensed Minister

Item Function/


  1. Building


  2. Bible Study


  3. Sunday School Teacher

  4. Bible School


    18th November 1999 Sonlight Ministries, Inc.


    (Death Row)

    a. Bldg 1-A, 1-B, 1-C, 1-D.

    (Death Row Brigade)

    (PNP) School of life.

  5. Coordinator (VFC) Values Formation


  6. Liaison Officer


  7. General


    Member on



  8. Spiritual Adviser


  9. Chairman BC

    Intentional 32

    Fist Inter Denominational

    Christian Ordaining Council,


    Batang City Jail International 32

    Inmates Assistance Council

  10. Outreach Pastor Amazing Grace Christian

    Ministries. Inc.

  11. Brigade Mayor/ Chief Petty Officer

Dorm 6-B Drug pushers, traffickers, users Dormitory



Name Life Cell/Death Row

  1. Antonio


    Deacon, A6CM- Asst. Chief

    Petty Officer Dorm 6-B

  2. Luis Baquiran Deacon, A6CM

  3. Alfred


  4. Rodney


    Pastor, A6CM


  5. Gerry Valler AGCM

  6. Rommel Deag AGCM

  7. Alex Bartolme Executed 2000

Teachers 1992-1999

  1. Pst. Daniel C.


  2. Pst. Roland


  3. Pst. Gilbert


  4. Pst. Daniel


    Principal (PNP) Pst. In Charge

    Basic Bible Course ‘’

  5. Pst. Barros “

  6. Pst. Polly “


  7. Pst. Mac “


  8. Pst.

  9. Bro. Librada “


  10. Sis. Corazon “




    Name Met on Ministers Course

  11. Rev. Lucas


  12. Rev. Bobby C.


  13. Rev. Joseph Y.


  14. Rev. Aduardo P.


  15. Rev. Verana

Principal NBPTI

Presbyterian Church of Philippines



Seminars Bible Ministry Group

91-94 Choir member International Prison Ministry Graduated: Sunday School Class (IPM)

Basic Bible Course (PNP) President Batch 14 Prisoners of Christ

95-96 Appointed Asst.


PanWorld Blind Missions. Inc.

Graduated Diploma in Theology (NBTI) Vice President Student Council

96-97 Completed Pastor’s Internship

94-97 Co-coordinator Prayer Life Seminars of the


96-98,99 BTh.


Studies) 3 years

98-99 Appointed Pastor

94-99 Correspondence


Christian Brigade Fellowship Inc.

Philippine Source of Light

Back to the bible

99 Deacon SMECF Elder SMECF

Pastor 18th

November 99


Periods Seminars Location

Prayer Life

Seminars of the

Philippines Christian

Growth Ministries


Explosion III Turning Point

Int’l. Inc. IPM Sunday

School Sonlight

Ministries, Inc.

Item Other Activities Location

  1. Building Co-


  2. Bible Study


  3. Sunday School


  4. Bible School


    Death Rows 1-A, 1-B, 1,C, 1-D

    Death Row Dorm 1-B SMECF


  5. Liaison Officer FIDCOC

  6. General


    Members of



  7. Spiritual Adviser (BC) 32 Int’l.)

  8. Chairman




    (BC) 32 Int’l.)

  9. Outreach Pastor AGCM/Dorm6-B

  10. Brigade Major Chief Petty Officer Dormitory 6-B (Drugs)

  11. Para-Legal


for Prisoners

Welfare and



  1. Ernesto M. Ibias


    3rd September 2001

    Name: Ernesto M. Ibias

    Age: 34

    Dorm: 1-B Death Row Prison Number: N96P-1418 Marital Status: Married 3 Kids Former Profession: Farmer

    Crime: Murder

    Sentence: Death Years detained: Since 1994 Served: 7


    Family Address: Barangay Laguna, Mabitac, Laguna.

    I am brother Ernesto M. Ibias, 34 years old. Married and have three children. I was born in Barangay Matalatala, Mabitac, Laguna. Before they locked me here in prison. My life is not good, as any one would desire it. I joined a gang wherein I learned many kinds of vices and underwent many kinds of trouble in the street or anywhere my group would go.

    Comes the year 1994, a nightmare that turned my world upside down. An event that I did never explain even in my imagination. Somebody just charged me with murder. They sued me in court and I was tried and heard in court for two years. An hour before the promulgation of my case final judgement, I am so happy because of my expected 100 percent I’ll be acquitted. The reason is I know myself I am not guilty of the crime because I am really innocent. It shocked me my whole life and I felt that every bone in my body was broken, when the judge proclaimed that I was guilty of the offence and sentenced me to death. From that time, hope for everything in my life was gone.

    They immediately transferred me here at Maximum Compound, New Bilibid Prison, Muntinlupa City, and Philippines. My mind still can’t focus right. I am just following any command or instructions from anybody. I just eat any food they would give me while I don’t feel any feeling of hunger.

    Until such time, a co-inmate of mine came to me and patiently kept talking about Jesus Christ and the words of God, which he read in the Bible. At first it had no effect on my

    mind but he insisted on telling me that in Christ I have hope. Maybe because of irritation I ask questions and he answered in a manner that satisfied what I wanted to ask. From that time we always talk about Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. It was the first time to experience the good feelings that I never experienced in my life. Now I focus my interest and life to Jesus, and earthly life do not bother me now, I know that if I am executed I will be with God and nothing is lost. While I am still a citizen on earth, its only temporary, m y permanent citizenship is in heaven. May God bless you.


    Witnessed by Pst. Andy C. Dolin.

  2. Fernando Gujar


    22nd August 2001

    Name: Fernando Gujar

    Prison No: N97-2913

    Dorm: 1-C2 Death Row

    Age: 48 years

    Marital Status: Single. No children

    Sentence: 10-12 years to 10-17 years

    Detained: Since October 1998

    Crime: Two counts of murder

    Former Occupation: Construction Worker

    Family Address: 38 Poblacion, Infante, Quezon.


    I was a former catholic that prayed to the wooden images made by human hands, with earthly desires. I did not need my parent’s instructions and admonitions. I preferred women and gangs as my constant companions and because of these friends I killed two people and my family disowned me, for I had a nice job. What hurt me most was during this tumultuous affray my friend deserted me. Mind you, that was not my quarrel, it was his dispute and he left me for dead and I awoke in jail after one of the enemies hit me in the head.

    It could be an easy one, if they finished me off, as l realized now the event of what happened and I thanked God for that. When I was convicted and brought to National Penitentiary and a friend invited me to join their Christian Group, I readily accepted his invitation. I am now the runner/usher of the Sonlight Ministry and currently studying evangelism explosion so that I can spread the word of God, not only to other inmates of this prison, but to my friends and loved ones


    God bless you, Fernando Gujar

  3. Garry S. Rosales Jr.


    28th August 2001

    Name: Garry S. Rosales Jr.

    Age: 63 yrs. 23rd January 1939

    Status: Married Ten Children

    Crime: Rape

    Prison No.: N98P-3640

    Detained: Since March 1997

    Sentence: Life Imprisonment

    Dorm: 7B1

    Family Address: C/o Erlinda S. Rosales Fir-Rite C. Inc.

    Bagong Barrio, Caloocan City, Metro Manila

    Occupation: Driver

    Greetings 28th August 2001 Dear Readers,

    When I was in the free society, I considered myself to be quite normal. Getting drunk and involving myself in gambling. I had no real concern for anyone but myself. When I had money I would use the services of many women just to satisfy my sexual desire.

    Prior to my conviction I was the personal driver of a high government official and was very jealous of his life style and would do anything to achieve it. As you can see my alleged case is rape. The complainant being my niece, who stated while my wife was in Manila she stayed in our house to accompany my daughter who was lonely. She said that on December 16th. 1990. I got very drunk, which I do not deny because that was my daily habit. But she said that during the night about 4am. I threatened her with a knife and raped her 3 times. Charges were filed against me and because I couldn’t produce any witnesses the court found me guilty and imposed a sentence of (20-40 years). When I got sentenced in 1998, I had already spent many years in jail both pending trial, under-trial and after being sentenced I was brought to the ‘Big House’ NBP Maximum Security Compound Muntinlupa City.

    After my arrival I began to fall apart! I just couldn’t face the future until one day in January 1999. Bro. Jerry Servando who is an elder at Sonlight Ministry New Bilibid Prison Manila. Phil. came to speak to me because he could se I was over-loaded with problems. He was very understanding and preached the lovely words of Jesus Christ to me and told me that the solution to my problems lay in the hands of Jesus Christ. Bro. Jerry invited me to attend the Sonlight Fellowship Ministry, and after a short time I accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour and Lord. I became very hungry for God’s word and spent a lot of time with Bro Jerry, and studying the Bible and one verse that stood out was Math.21: 22. Which tells you to take all your problems to God and pray with confidence that he will give you what you need.

    During the following years I began to experience a deep sense of joy whenever I sang the songs of praise and worship to my Lord and Saviour. Even though I had lost almost all of my teeth due to decay and old age it didn’t stop me! In fact Rev. Joseph Kim often asked me to sing solo during his ‘Jesus in the Christ Fellowship’ every Thursday. My favorite song has and always will be is ‘God will give you what you need’. About six months ago I was speaking with Bro. Michael Clarke, who is from England and fellow inmate. He told me that every time he heard me sing every word penetrated his soul and brought tears to his eyes. Since then Michael Clarke has become a good friend and once I remember telling him that my only prayer is that one day the lord will bless me by providing a complete set of new teeth (dentures) in order to sing more praises to the Lord.

    Trojan Horse Mission 2001

    On August 11th. This year, Michael’s brother David Clarke along with Rev. Gordon Smith spearheaded the ‘Trojan Horse Mission’ from England and held a wonderful crusade here in Maximum.

    I sing my favorite Song

    During this crusade Michael gave his testimony and then invited me to sing my favorite song, but before I began to sing he asked me if I truly believed in the words ‘He will give you what you need’ my reply was yes! One day He will because He is faithful. At that moment an envelope appeared from his pocket with the words written ‘Your prayers have

    been answered’ it contained P2000. Pesos equivalent to the amount of £30. Being the exact amount for a complete set of dentures. ‘Praise the Lord’.

    I sing a solo

    I then sang solo like I have never sung before and I am convinced that my voice was empowered with the Holy Spirit and many souls were saved on that day. Michael has since told me that he will soon be released and will join his brothers ‘Trojan Horse Mission’ on full-time basis when he returns to England.

    It is my prayer that God will entrust both David and Michael together with Gordon Smith who is the elder of the mission with extra special gifts to continue their mission in fulfilling the ‘Great Commission’.

    My final message to you dear reader is Please, please believe me. Eternal life can be yours too! Confess that you are a sinner and ask forgiveness, entrust your life to Christ and believe His every word.


    May the Lord God be with you. Garry.

    Witnessed by: Michael J. Clarke

  4. Gerry O. Cave


    17th August 2001


    Gerry O. Cave


    33 years.


    12th July 1968

    Prison Number:



    1A Death Row

    Marital Status:


    Former Profession:



    Kidnap for Ransom


    Death Sentence

    Years detained:

    Since October 1998

    Family Address:

    Bgy. Quinaoyanan Bani, Pangasianan

    Dear Readers,

    I knew nothing about God and I was so afraid to die. I was afraid, because I didn’t know what would become of when I die.

    I was a farmer and my life was simple one during the height of el nino (the drought) that was in the year of 1988 and there was no work in the field. I was forced to accept a job as a housekeeper offered by a friend. I went there to clean the house, cook for them, doing house hold chores. There was nothing in particular that aroused my suspicion that this was a safe house for kidnappers. My friend put me in the dark until the police raided the house and I was among the arrested.

    Terror was an understatement of what I felt, especially when I was convicted of kidnapping and sentenced with the death penalty twice.

    I was in a state of shock for a week when they brought me in death row

    Maximum security compound here in Muntinlupa City. Until some one shared me the word God, they explained to me that there is life after death. Ever since that day my perspective in life changed. I am not afraid to die knowing God is there waiting for me, God works in a mysterious way and I am very thankful for his love for me. Amen.

    God bless you Gerry O. Cave : Translated by Zoilo Ama 8a1

  5. Hector R. Maqueda


    11th September 2001

    Name: Hector R. Maqueda

    Crime: Robbery with Homicide

    Sentence: Life

    Year detained: March 1992

    Served: 10 years

    Previous Occupation:


    Status: Married

    Family address: Bugy San Antonio

    Ginayangan, Quezon Province, Philippines

    September 11th 2001

    My sincere greetings to every Reader,

    To all my fellow Christians and my beloved friends, who are not saved from the wrath of God. May the Grace and Peace from the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all?

    God has a Plan

    It is an honour to share with you my testimony, especially to those who have not as yet accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. Which means quite clearly that their Lord is Satan and through ignorance are still in bondage. The Holy Bible says in Revelation 12:11 that my personal witness to the TRUTH can free you from this bondage!

    My Childhood

    My story starts when I was only three years old and I feel that it is very important to start here because it will clearly show that God has a plan for everyone and the works in such a way that it is impossible for mere humans to understand! We are told that God is LOVE, so why does he allow calamities to come upon us. Why, why , why? He did to me at my tender age of three. Why, why, why? You will know the answer as my story unfolds.

    I was born in 1968 and grew up in the country province of Quezon. My parents lived off the land by growing and grinding sugar cane. The sugar-cane grinder was powered by a carabao water buffalo. It started one day when I stayed behind just to watch the grinder while the rest of my family went to the house for breakfast. I was only three years old at the time.

    I loose my hand

    As I was alone I thought I would help my parents by

    feeding cane into the grinder, but all of a sudden my left hand, which was feeding the grinder was being eaten by this huge contraption. At the time I didn’t feel the pain. All I remember was the desire to free my hand. I then used my right hand to recover my left hand, but this too began to be eaten. Pain then shot through me and I screamed at the top of my voice for help. At that moment the sill old carabao stopped in her tracks and the huge grinder came to a halt. The next thing I remember was my family rushing me to hospital. Days later I realized that the doctor had amputated completely my left hand and also a finger and thumb from my right hand.

    I feel ashamed of my deformed body

    As a young boy I began to feel very ashamed of my deformed body and as I grew older this feeling got worse because all my friends had girl friends and were having fun, but I was rejected because of my deformity, and I too began to hate myself and full of self-pity as to why I had to suffer this shame. I felt what was the purpose of life if I couldn’t enjoy it? It was then that I began to drink, hoping to ease the pain and fine the answer. I then went on to smoking dope “grass” as well as many other illegal drugs…. but all to no avail!

    During this period I was in high school where I met a woman who shared with me the Gospel. She said that Jesus Christ died in order to reclaim His lost children who are in captivity to “Satan’s Kingdom” and my ugly appearance does not matter to him, all He wanted is me to believe in

    Him and that He often works in funny ways and in my case it could well have been my accident in order for me to humble myself!

    Anyway the words of this dear lady seemed to penetrate my heart and I began to meditate on her words, but my family were of no help because they are unbelievers so I continued in my life and seeking happiness in worldly pleasures, which were the habits of my family and friends.

    A life of Crime

    This continued for several years, which also led me to a life of crime in order to support my worldly vices. Then in 1992 the long arm of the law finally caught me, which ended in me being sentenced to LIFE Imprisonment in 1993.

    Life imprisonment

    During the period I spent in the city jail prior to being sentenced, one of my cellmates encouraged me to read the bible, which was pocket size, and over a period the words of the dear lady who first shared the words of God began to make sense. “ God was calling me”. I then surrendered my whole life to him and became very hungry for more of this great ministry.

    After my sentence in 1993 I was transferred to the notorious New Bilibid Prison and became a member of N.B.P.C.C. Headed by pastor Lucas and pastor Anthony. I then became a Deacon, Librarian, Treasurer and finally an Elder, together

    with studying and completing my Bible Study courses and theological courses.

    God’s Blessing

    In 1998 Pastor Lucas whose wife works in Israel had a friend named Thelma, also a Filipino overseas worker. She became a pen pal and in the year 2000 she surprised me with a “visit” which I can only describe as “love at first sight”. This wonderful feeling was without doubt mutual and within months we planned our wedding, which took place last March 2001. Thelma is now pregnant “ Praise The Lord” and because conjugal visits are allowed.

    Another blessing, which has come upon me, is that inside this maximum security prison which houses over 13,000 men. We are able to build small eateries because visitors are permitted five days a week, all day! And over the last few years I was able to build a thriving enterprise, which with the help of my wife supports us, both in a modest way that covers our every need.

    I meet Michael Clarke

    In 1998 I met Michael John Clarke who is also a prisoner but originates from England. For over two years he sat every day in my place in his home made deck chair reading hundreds of paperback books. He was very lonely because his Filipino wife had just died of cancer and he was very bitter for being sentenced to 14-16 years for a crime that was fabricated against him, something that is very common in

    the Philippines. Anyway during the early part of year 2000 he became a new person! He abandoned his paperbacks and announced that he too had accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour. He then joined our church and devoted his time to studying most of the books in our library and on September 16th 2000 he was baptised in a make shift water tank along with 25 other new believers. He told me that the Holy Spirit had dragged him to confess his new life in Christ.

    Calvinistic TULIP

    Michael, like me and most of our church members hold Calvinistic views T.U.L.I.P. Total inability of man to save himself, unconditional Election, Limited atonement, irrisistable grace, perseverance of the saints. Everyone who Has been re-born is solely by the GRACE of GOD, and once saved NOTHING can stop us from entering HEAVEN when we die. God will allow us to suffer the consequences of our sins if we stumble on our journey and at times allow Satan to have his wicked way with us, but whatever happens the SOUL is forever secure.

    Michael’s brother’ visits

    Michael’s brother David has been a Christian for over 30 years (although we learned that he did turn away from God for a period of3 years in 1991 but the Lord Jesus delivered him again) and has his own Prison Ministry in England; and last month he and his friend Gordon Smith came here to proclaim, “Jesus is the Christ”. The Missions name is

    the “ Trojan Horse Mission which comes from the Greek legend; where the Athenians build a wooden horse and place it without the Trojan stronghold with warriors hidden inside the horse. The curious Trojans of Troy brought the horse into their stronghold and out jumped the Greek Athenians to take the stronghold to set the Captive Helen free. From this legend comes the saying “beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

    During their visit they held various crusades and won many souls for Christ. When they announced that they were going to publish a book named the “Trojan Warriors”, and needed men to give their written testimonies. I was cut to the heart, as I know that this too is part of God’s plan that He conceived in His Counsel in eternity before the world was formed. David and Gordon have now returned to the U.K. and have recruited Michael as marketing director and have left his to organise the draft copy of the book. Michael is now working on overdrive with this task involving several other inmates; especially pastor Anthony Dolin who helps with the translations.

    We are all praying that Michael will be released before Christmas in order to join David and Gordon in England to put the final touches to the book and get it published. All prisoners who supplied their testimonies receive a free copy. I too expect to be released on parole sometime in the next couple of years, God Willing. It is my delight to have shared with you how God has been so merciful to a wretch like me.

    YOU too can have this wonderful BLESSING if only you BELIEVE with all your heart. “CAN YOU”?

    P.S. A book I strongly recommend which explains the

    T.U.L.I.P. is “The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination” by Loraine Boettner.

    May God Guide your every move Hec

    Hector R. Maqueda.

    The Wedding


    Mr and Mrs Hector R. Maqueda’s. Wedding Day March 1st 2001. N.B.P. Christian Church. Ptr. Lucas conducted the ceremony. By the will of God.

  6. James Bond O. Bucala


    1st September 2001

    Name: James Bond O. Bucala

    Age: 29 years. 29th August 1972

    Status: Married 2 kids

    Prison No: N201P-0237

    Dormitory: 1D Death Row

    Crime: Kidnap for Ransom

    Sentence: Reclusion Perpetua (life)


    Detained: Since 1998

    Family: Sababga, Caramoran, Catanduanes, Philippines

    Occupation: Electrician

    Dear Reader,

    My worries were endless and I lived in constant fear. My life was full of troubles with no peace of mind. I was totally lost. I had no idea what life was about. I didn’t know and I didn’t care!

    I was member of a notorious kidnap for ransom gang and my various activities were detestable in the eyes of the Lord, abhorrent to the extent, even my family suffered extremely. Until one day I met the long arm of the law and sentenced to Death on 2 counts. I was scared to death, trembling at the mere thought of dieing! One day another inmate approached me and shared with me the word of God, words of encouragement with love and true friendship, which gave me strength, hope and inspiration, with a deep sense of serenity that I had never felt before.

    It was then that I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour. The fear of death was gone! I had been given eternal life ‘Praise the Lord for his mercy on such a sinner’. Even though the high court has still to affirm the lower courts decision, my former fears have left me.

    God continues to bless me daily. Only recently I received a letter from my wife saying that she too had accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Saviour and she would forget the past and stick by me forever. She too loves me forever and will never leave me.

    I now serve the Lord as a song leader in my dormitory as well as being an Elder in our congregation. We have a nightly service and I sincerely with all my heart try to win other lost souls to Christ.

    I am currently studying by way of an Evangelism Explosion course, which has recently been made available to all Death Row convicts.

    It is my prayer that you too will find peace with the Lord. If he saved me--- he can save anyone!

    I will respond to any letters. May God be with you. James bond O. Bucala

    Witnessed by Michael Clarke

    P.S Praise the Lord for the British “Trojan Horse mission” that visited us last week, their words had POWER

  7. Jeremey Nestor Dolorosa


    27th August 2001


    Jeremy Nestor Dolorosa


    24 years



    Prison No:







    Life imprisonment

    Family address:

    3rd St. New Bo. VMC, Victorias, Negros

    Occ. Philippines


    On the 25th February 1995 there was an incident that happened in our village (a murder case). At that time I was in school when the two policemen got me inside the classroom. They told me that I was a suspect for a murder that happened in the village. I was shocked, because I was innocent of the alleged crime imputed upon me. They brought me to jail without warrant of arrest and proper investigation. ~

    On September 16, 1996, after a long trial, my promulgation came and I really was 3 expecting an acquittal and finally am freed from confinement. But my hope vanished. I was sentenced by the court to suffer life imprisonment, which

    I couldn’t accept. As days go by I was asking God why He allowed these things to happen to me. I was confused at that time, looking for an answer. I thought I was going crazy. On September 3, 1999 I was delivered to the National Penitentiary at NBP Prison in Muntinlupa City. I wasn’t familiar with the situation ahead of me because this is my first time to see the real prison in my life. When I was outside with the free society I only saw this place thru the television set and in the cinema. Now I’m one of the characters moving herein.

    After a month, I was invited by a fellow prisoner to attend a Christian Fellowship. When I heard the word of God it pinched my heart. I realised that I’m guilty and I can’t restrain my tears falling from my eyes. Then I repented of my sins. I asked forgiveness to God and received Him as my personal Lord and Saviour. After this incident I felt the joy of the Holy Spirit pouring into my heart and I begun to seek God by way of reading the Holy Bible and praying. I thanked God that He changed me and saved my life from sin and the curse of hell.

    Now I’m studying in a Bible School inside the prison compound taking a B.S. Theology four-year course. If God is willing it will be finished in 2004. My desire is to become a pastor some day and serve the one who loves me and gave His life for me. All for the glory of God.

    May God bless you also Jeremy N. Dolorosa

    Witnessed by: Pastor Andy Dolin Associate Pastor NBPTI.

  8. Jose C. Bangcado

    image 27th August 2001

    Name: Jose C. Bangcado

    Prison Number: N97p-1951

    Dorm: 13-F

    Age: 39

    D.O.B: 26th March 1962 Marital Status: Separated ‘Annulled’ No. of children: 1

    Sentence: Double life

    Crime: Double murder

    Total time in: Detained since July 1993

    Former profession: Policeman P.N.P

    Family address: Yaway, Aritao, Nueva Yizaya,


    27th August 2001


    I am Jose C Bangcado, 39 years old, presently confined at dorm 13-f Bureau of Corrections, Munitulupa City, Philippines.

    Personal Background

    I come from the mountainous place of Barangay Lubo, town of Kibungan, Province of Benguet, Philippines, where I grew up eating camote and walking barefoot during my younger days. I finished my elementary grade in our Barangay, but its not easy for my parents to send me to the City for my High School Studies because they are poor. Despite this situation, I asked them to support me in whatever they could afford. Due to my desire to get off from the clutch of poverty, I went to the city of Baguie for my dream to study. I finished High School in four different schools transferring from one place to another.

    Life Before Conversion

    I enrolled in college after high school graduation although I understand that the source of the expenses I will need is uncertain. At this juncture, my life started to be controlled by the power of Satan. While studying I became a marijuana dealer, my connections grew and grew until I joined a Muslim syndicate for many illegal businesses. I bought and sold fake peso bills. Later the group trusted me so I found myself selling guns (paltik) Muslim made. As years went by, I graduated from College, and immediately joined the Philippine Constabulary (PC). While still performing my duties, I continued with my illegal business.

    One day while we were on a mission patrolling a remote area, part of the Cordillree region, we encountered a heavily armed group wherein my two legs were both peppered with

    bullets and caused me to lie in the hospital for a long time. While at the hospital, I prayed to the lord very hard and promised him that I will change my bad ways of living and be a church attendee if ever God would let me walk again, (during that time I was sitting in a wheel chair). I was healed and managed to walk without using my crutches, but I did not fulfill my promises to God, I didn’t walk into any church.

    1991, I became a member of the Philippine National Police because the Philippine Constabulary was no longer in effect. Everyday whilst performing my duty, the greed of money, the lust of flesh, and the pride of life are in control of me. I do not like to hear or entertain the word of GOD or JESUS CHRIST in my ears or in my mind, although I know that he is the Supreme Being. On July 11, 1993, I was locked up in jail due to a case of double murder and double frustrated murder. After four months at Baguio City Jail, my cellmate encouraged me to attend a fellowship, so since that day I became active in listening and reading the words of God. Until 1997, I was transferred here at the maximum-security compound, new Bilibid prison, because I was sentenced to double life imprisonment. At that time I felt that some of my friends, my relatives and the people I expected to be at my side defaced their face at my site. Even my wife, she just sent me a copy of the annulment of our marriage contract and said goodbye. I understood and said in my mind that they have no hope for me to be out of prison and be with them again. Although my daughter, my aged father, my brothers and sisters, cousins and other relatives also encourage me by their regular visits.

    Repentance and Conversion

    One night I looked around my room, my belongings, my clothes, and everything I have including my penny in my pocket and my whole body, it came into my mind that all these things are not mine its not my property but all are from God, and if he wants, he can take it anytime. I recall all my sins and all the things I have done in the past, it came to my senses that I deserved the wrath of God, I deserved the punishment and I deserved my present situation, I ask for mercy and forgiveness for all my sins, water falls from my eyes so I lie down in my bed and slowly surrender everything, I completely turn over all body parts to God, and say these silent words in my mind: “God you can take me now”, you are in control over my life. I lost my consciousness in a peaceful sleep. I woke up in the morning with very light feelings, relaxed feelings, confident and peaceful.

    Life after Conversion

    My desire for material things, my desire for a good future in life, easy kind of living, fear for any bodily harm and the fear of death are no longer destroying my mind. I now believe that God is stronger than death. The focus of my concentration is in Jesus. My love and desire for anything else turned to my love and desire in reading the Bible. Until comes a time I find my self-studying in a formal Bible school, here inside prison. I thank God; I finished my two-year course “Diploma in Theology”. I graduated on March 24 2001. I am now pursuing my other course, “Bachelor in Theology” to complete a four year degree. God is now equipping me

    in many ways and I am yielding in all his ways. I am now serving in a local church as deacon. (New Bilibid Prison Christian Church).

    Yes I am still in prison but I am happy as you can see, for I know this world is not my real world, I am just a foreigner. As the Scripture says: “In my father’s house there are many mansions” and in 1cor. 2:9 it says: “No eyes saw, no ears heard and no mind conceived”. This is the place where Jesus Christ prepared for you and me. “IF ONLYYOU BELIEVE”.

    My Challenge

    Believe in him, repent all your sins, receive him with all our mind, heart and soul, and then you can follow his command. You are now in the right world of Christians.

    May God bless you all. Jose C. Bangcado

    Witnessed by Pastor Andy C. Dolin

  9. Jose M. Franco


    4th September 2001

    Name: Jose M. Franco

    Age:: 51 years

    D.O.B.: 26th November 1950 Prison Number: N95P-2447

    Dorm: 13-B

    Marital Status: Married 1 child

    Former Profession:

    Warehouse Supervisor

    Crime: Kidnapping for Ransom

    Sentence: Life

    Years detained: Since July 1993 Served: 8 years

    Family: Sampaloc, Manila 1705 Tuazon, Sampaloc,

    My Personal Testimony

    Before I received eternal life into my life I was so depressed, because of the situation I was in. I am a convicted criminal serving a life sentence and so what would a convicted criminal like me expect in his life but to feel empty and helpless?

    Aspirations Shattered

    The day when the judge read my sentence for the crime I had supposedly committed, all the aspirations for my future life, and the dreams for the welfare of my family, were totally shattered. I felt there was no more use in living in this world. It seemed that day as though I was facing a blank

    wall. Throughout the next couple of days I was beginning to realize the gravity of the sentence imposed upon me and I also realized the consequence that this conviction brought into my life.

    After a few days, while I was waiting for my transfer from Makati jail to the new Bilibid prison in Muntinlupa there was this young fellow, a cell-mate of mine, who continuously shared with me about eternal life until I received it! From that day on many changes have happened in my life. Now that I have received Jesus Christ into my life, the giver of eternal life, I don’t feel empty about my life any more and I even have hope about what God has in store for me in the future.

    Moments before I was transferred from RDC (Reception Diagnostic Centre) to the Maximum Security Compound, fear overwhelmed me, because of the notorious stories every first time prisoner hears. So I prayed, the most desperate prayer I had ever made in my whole life. I simply asked God to take care of me and amazingly this simple prayer was answered. I was brought to a Christian dormitory and knew God had answered my prayer. Right from the moment I stepped in at the front door of the dormitory I knew I was in a good house.

    A good house

    The following day a fellow Christian in the dormitory invited me to attend a Christian fellowship service in one of the neighboring dormitories, and from then on the almost daily invitations for spiritual services I attended have

    somewhat filled the emptiness of my life. Through all this daily exposure to Bible studies, prayer meetings, worship services and fellowship services I have become aware of how important I am to God. By continuously hearing and reading his words, it has brought about a close relationship between him and me. The more I know about him the closer the relationship has become. I have even discovered that God is full of promises and this has put me in the position to hope for the best. Every single moment I feel I am with him, so this encourages me to move ahead. As I have continued the relationship I have with him he has filled the void in my heart that I used to feel. This eternal life that Jesus has given me has put substance into my life and it has given me a new and real purpose for living. At this point in my life I know for sure that if I were to die today, or at any time, my place is secured in his eternal heavenly kingdom.


    I praise God for this opportunity to tell the world of this wonderful gift that the Lord has given to me. Mark 5 v 19-20: Jesus did not permit him (the man delivered from demons) to go with him, but said, “Go home to your friends and tell them what great things the Lord has done for you, and how he has had compassion on you.” And he departed and began to proclaim all that Jesus had done for him; and all marveled.

    Proud to be a Trojan Warrior

    I am proud to be a “Trojan Warrior” and it is my duty to

    obey my Commander-in-Chief, Jesus Christ.

    Regards, Jose

    Witnessed by Pr. Andy C Dolin.

  10. Leonito T. Baquiran


    17th August 2001

    Name: Bro.: Leonito T. Baquiran

    Prison Number: N97p-1951

    Dorm: 13-E

    Age: 28

    D.O.B: September 22, 1973

    Marital Status: Single

    No. children: None

    Sentence: Life sentence

    Crime: Murder

    Former profession: Tricycle driver

    Family address: #38 Maguigad St, Atulaya Norte,

    Tuguegarao City

    17th August 2001 Dear Brethren,

    Before I received Jesus Christ as my personal lord and savior, my life then had no direction at all. At an age of 14 I was engaged in drug taking, drunkenness, gambling and

    involved in street fights. Though then I was still studying, my parents know that I was not doing too well with my studies. They were getting information from one of my teacher’s who is their cousin. They are also informed of my vices, but instead they give me their parental counseling every time I reached home, but I ignored all their efforts. Never the less, I still pursued my secondary education and continued my college studies. Unfortunately I didn’t obtain the degree that I desired because a case of attempted murder was filed against me in court. The more my vices became very persistent and I stopped my studies. Being out of school, the more I became acquainted with people doing illegal activities.

    To cut a long story short the prosecutions case against me fell apart and the case of attempted murder was dismissed. One night, after a drinking spree with my friends, an unavoidable circumstance happened. Our group was involved in trouble and in that incident I was stabbed on the right side of my body, and cornered by my enemy. I felt very nervous during that time and what was on my mind then was death and I’m really afraid of it because I had no idea what lay beyond death’s door. Fortunately in my defenseless position, I recognized my older sister between my rival and me. She calmly talked to the guy with tears flowing out of her eyes and he later left.

    Eight months later another street fight occurred in our place and this took us brothers behind bars. After five (5) years of very frustrating court hearings the final decision rendered an unfavorable result on our side, and we were sentenced to suffer life imprisonment. I was very confused where my fate would lead. Until one day, I was transferred to the National

    Penitentiary at Muntinlupa City. Lots of rumors came to me about the life situation in the maximum-security compound, to be full of troubles. When we were inside the penitentiary, the Prison Guard Officer at the Overseer’s Office gave us our designated Dormitories to stay. I was very fortunate to fall into the hands of a Christian cell leader who was a Born Again Believer. We call him Mayor or head of the cell.

    On Sunday, our Mayor invited us to attend worship service, which I obliged. During the worship service, I was blessed, on the way they performed their song and praised to the lord. More so on the spiritual message or word of god that was conveyed to us by the Pastor. Before the closing of the worship service, the Pastor made an Altar Call for those who want to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. I availed that wonderful opportunity, and rose up from my seat towards the altar. During the altar call, I surrendered and confessed all my sins to god. After my acceptance with the Lord God Almighty, I felt relieved of my problems and anxieties and I cannot express the joy of gladness in my heart. As I read my Bible I discovered that Christ gives me the full assurance of salvation written in the book of John 6:47. Its really an amazing grace for me, and now that Christ is in my heart, I’m no longer a lost sheep, but a totally forgiven sinner “home at last”. I no longer fear death, because I know if I were to die right now, I would go to be with God in heaven “My eternal life is secured with him”.

    Dear reader, this opportunity as I believe God is using me as an instrument to plant the seed of truth in your heart, and it is my prayer that in due time you too will be re-united with

    our father in heaven. But for this you have to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. We don’t know when our time to pass from this world will be. Surely, we’ll all die soon, but the question is, what lies beyond us after death? God promised us that if you believe in his son Jesus Christ, you will never perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16).

    Avail the gift that God offers you! Surrender your life to him and he will mark you with the Holy Spirit he had promised. Follow the way (Jesus Christ) and surely you’ll be on the right path.

    God bless you.

    Your brother in Christ, BRO/TOTEE

    Witnessed by:


    Associate Pastor, NBPTI

  11. Leo B. Cabug


    20th October 2001

    Name: Leo B. Cabug(

    Age: 40 years(

    Prison number: N96D-0826

    Dorm: 9A

    Crime: Parricide

    Sentence: Life

    Profession: Construction Management

    Detained: 1991

    Marital Status: Widower

    Name: Bay-bay Kayas Alabel Sarangan Province

    20th October 2001 Personal Testimony Dear reader,

    Before I received God, sin ruled my life because of money and then there was a time I walked with faith because of a beautiful woman. Anyway in that time money brought me wisdom to buy a beautiful woman, a car to show off with

    which I thought was everything, even my friends seemed happy because of my life. After this I received so many problems with which I cannot cope alone. My life seemed without joy or purpose or fulfillment. I believe fear is my personal enemy and I still find myself struggling with it from time to time. How does one overcome deep-seated fear? I’m so desperate at this time to talk to someone and I don’t know whom to turn to. I want so much to be loved and to love someone. One of the most serious causes of unhappiness is strife and struggling. I was always in a state of mental agony. I prayed and tried to discuss my problems with my wife, but things seemed to be getting worse. I married her because I felt obligated.

    Often this and other problems seem to have been brought on by wrong choices. People bring a lot of troubles on themselves. That’s why this is the cause of my wife’s death

    One day my friend shared with me about God and his promises and I asked about my problems and is it possible to have faith under such conditions. He told me that if I believe in Christ, I would be free form the bondage of sin and have eternal life. Wow, Wow! I praise you lord, I praise you, I praise you lord! I thank you very much, thank you very much for saving me from hell I now have eternal life. This is a joy in the presence of god over the sinners who repent and turn

    from sin, I rejoice with the angels in your decision.

    Anyway despite my sufferings as a prisoner, I am happy to be here because God is with me. Actually, when I received God the desire of my heart was to worship the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. ‘Phil 4:18 hallelujah ‘praise the lord, in your presence oh lord I worship you day by day.

    Actually, I’m one of the graduate students for evangelism explosion this coming December 15th 2001.

    Almost every day I come up against cases in the newspaper among our acquaintances or in our lives because I’m the one suffering this case, but in my life I’m the innocent victim. But this time I know this is for Gods purpose, Amen! Praise the lord, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah! In thy presence oh Lord I praise you almighty God, there is none like you.

    Leo Cabug.

    Witnessed by Ptr Andy C Dolin

  12. Manuel B. Gano Jr.


    20th August 2001

    Name: Manuel B. Gano Jr.

    Nickname: Manny

    Prison number: N96P-0133

    Dormitory: Dorm6B, MSC-NBP,BOC

    Sentence: 3 Life Imprisonments

    Crime: Drug pushing and Malversation of Public Funds

    Occupation: Book Keeper.

    Status: Single

    DOB: Age 37. 27/12/64

    Family Address: Naliwan, Poblacion, Hingyon, Ifugao 3607,


    Time Served: Detained since 1990

    Date: 20th August 2001

    Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.

    I am Bro. Manuel B Gano Jr., single, 37 years old and a resident of Naliwan, Poblacion, Hingyon, Ifugao, Philippines, presently a prisoner for the last 12 years.

    From childhood until adolescence I was raised in a pagan family. However, sometime in 1983 my parents were converted to Christianity. But this did not influence me to be a child of God due to my disobedience to my parents. Hence

    my life before I became a Christian was very miserable. It was due to the vices, which I had acquired through the influence of friends. My vices contributed most to my incarceration. I was a patronizer of bars, clubs and gambling places, and my passion for the opposite sex was great. To sustain my vices I was forced to steal or appropriate money entrusted to me as a government employee. Furthermore, engaged in the sale of prohibited drugs (marijuana), I went AWOL. I was charged in Court and finally convicted.

    In prison my life became worse because I considered myself already useless. My concerns were but worldly pleasures so I continued to live a life full of sin and enjoyed doing it. However in 1996, here at the Maximum Security Compound, Bureau of Corrections, where I am presently serving my sentence, I had the opportunity to listen to the Good News about Jesus Christ preached by a man of God. Some months passed after hearing God’s Word before I put my trust in Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour and Lord of my life, in July 1996. I was baptized in water on March 16th 1997.

    From that time on I experienced great changes in my life. Unknowingly, I renounced my vices, put to an end my illicit sexual relationships, and stopped the various activities that I loved to do but which are not pleasing to God. Furthermore, my heartaches and wounded feelings were relieved and cured. Confusions in my life vanished and I am now living a life full of hope, despite being a prisoner.

    Many questions that I asked God were also answered

    through his Words. I now understand why I am now here in prison – because ‘God loves me and has a plan for my life’ Jeremiah 29:11. Nowadays I experience peace of mind despite the weight of my sentence, unlike the days after my conviction – for surely God’s promises will come to pass. He said in His Words ‘Nothing is impossible with him’ Luke1:

    37. His Words are great assets for me, relieving me in times of suffering and hardship. Truly I have tasted the Lord’s goodness in my life, ever since I became a Christian. My needs were met, and during the times I encountered trials and problems He has always been able to comfort and aid. His spirit gives me the strength to face trouble and the wisdom to do the right actions to be triumphant. Moreover God’s Grace is not just to me alone, but also to my loved ones. What God is doing in our lives is incomparable. Words are limited which give glory, honor and praise that are accorded to him alone.

    My hearts desire is now to spend the rest of my life serving the Lord, who has been very kind to me all through the years, forgiving me my sins, and giving me a meaningful life. Verily, God is the capable one that can totally transform man’s sinful life into a Holy one, simply through His Son Jesus Christ. Without Him in our lives we cannot taste a peaceful and abundant life here and hereafter.

    Above all, I do not fear death anymore as I did during my first days in prison. Many people in this world fear death, but a child of God has nothing to fear. Now whatever happens to my life, as a child of God I know that I shall be resurrected to be with the Lord eternally in his heavenly palace?

    Dear Readers, are you still living in sin? Do you want to be free of the sin captivating your life and be spared from the dangers of going to hell upon death? Make a positive decision now, not tomorrow, you must be born again. If you want, pray this prayer wholeheartedly:

    ‘Lord, I know that I am a sinner. I believe that your son Jesus Christ, died for my sins. Please forgive me for my sins and make me into a new person. I receive your son Jesus Christ, and trust him as my personal Saviour and Lord of my Life. Let your spirit reign in my heart to direct and guide me, that I will do what is pleasing to you Father God. Lord I commit my life to you today, In Jesus name, Amen

    May God Bless you. Manuel Gano, Jr.

    This testimony was witnessed by Pastor Andy C. Dolin.

  13. Manuel F Atadero Jr


    1st September 2001

    Name: Manuel F Atadero Jr

    Age: 34 years

    Prison number: N99P-0523

    Dorm: 13E

    Crime: Double Murder

    Sentence: Double Life Sentence

    Profession: Mason, Carpenter

    Detained: February 1992

    Marital Status: Married

    Family Address: San Vice Buguey, Cagayan Valley, Philippines.

    1st September 2001

    Dear Readers,

    First of all I would like to thank the Lord for the opportunity he has given to share my life story to you for the glory of his name. I was a drug addict and drug dependent for 12 years. But during those years, I was not being satisfied, though I had a lot of friends. I only found out that my life became more miserable. On June 14th, 1990, I had committed a crime due to the influence of drugs after a few days I was arrested by the law enforcer, I was tortured by some policeman, and they brought me to provincial jail extension, at Apari Cagayan, Philippines. In that jail there were Christian services, I remember that I was twice invited in that service. Though I heard the word of God though different preachers, I still did not commit my life to Christ rather, I continued my worldly life style with my new inmate friends.

    Eight years since my incarceration, at last my promulgation was read but the decision is unfavorable to me because I was given a double life sentence imprisonment. During that time I worried about my life. They transferred me here at the maximum-security compound, new Bilibid prison, Muntinlupa, Philippines. About a year later on December 19th 1999, a believer in Christ invited me to attend worship service where I heard a message that caused me to believe in God. During the altar call, I committed my life to our lord Jesus Christ, I believed in him that he is God, and in his redemptive work. That day God changed me from being a sinner, a drug dependent to a follower of Christ. Now by grace alone through my faith in him I know I am saved and am now fully satisfied.

    My beloved friends, if you have not yet committed your life unto Jesus, or you’re still depending to someone else, I would like you to please read and understand what the bible says; ‘Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved’. Acts 4:12. Could you commit your life to Jesus right now?

    May God bless you!!! Manuel

    Witnessed by: Ptr. Andy C. Dolin

  14. Marcial L. Llanto Jr.


    1st September 2001

    Name: Marcial I. Llanto Jr.

    Age: 53 years

    DOB: 23rd April 2001

    Dorm: 1-B Death Row

    Prison Number: N200 P-3423

    Crime: Rape (two counts) Fabricated

    Sentence: Death

    Year detained: Served:

    Previous Occupation: Major in Philippine Air Force

    Status: Married 2 children

    Family address: none

    Life Testimony

    My warm and bless full greetings to all.

    I first learned to read the words of God in the holy bible

    when one of the elders of the church of God in Christ Jesus invited me to have a bible study with him, seeking first the glory of God and His righteousness in the Bible. Having a lot of trouble and worries in how to provide the needs of my family because I was then separated from my job in the Armed Forces of the Philippines. I accepted and had the bible study, setting aside the worries and troubles. Then God showed me His goodness. Even though I was jobless, my family never starved. Day after day God provided food for us, provided us enough to money for the needs of my children who were then on their elementary grades. Fully accepting God I was then baptised and later on in an unexpected moment, I received news from my wife to report to camp Crame for oath taking as an active officer of the former Philippines Constabulary.

    Having come back in the active duty assigned in remote towns doing the task of counter-insurgency, I then forgot to open the bible, devoting my effort to impress my superior officers, but in spite of this God still loves me and protects me and my men from bullets of the insurgents. I was then assigned in Aklan, an insurgent infested area. Years passes from this place I was then re-assigned in Capiz still doing the counter-insurgency task. On this place, God baptized me with His Holy Spirit during the church service of the churches of God, born again church. Receiving the Holy Spirit, I received the gift of discerning and the gift of healing a kid (two years old) of my best friend, who was diagnosed to have cancer of the brain. In spite of this, I only took it for granted and still devoted my effort to my job plus the silent killing of lawless elements as ordered to do my superiors and indulged my self

    in fornication. Being a law enforcer, owners of beer houses and nightclubs freely gave me women. Years passed with this kind of life, by Gods plan I crossed the path of a Congressman apprehending his illegal loggring and other Congressman doing the trade of drug pushing. A bribe came offering me but instead of accepting it, I pursued filing the case against them in court. The political pressure kept on pressing me and placed me on a non-performing duty status. When the P.N.P. law as made effective, I opted to join the AFP leaving the job as a law enforcers, then I was placed with the Philippine Air Force stationed at Villamor Air Base, Pasay City. In here I returned back to God attending the church service of the (Jesus Is Lord) which is a full Gospel Christian Ministry but still with pride of being tough as leaned from my former job as law enforcer. From Villamor Air Base I was reassigned to Mactan Air Base then to the VISCOM a Camp Lapu- Lapuin Cebu City. On this place after the church service of the anniversary of the Jesus Is Lord, over all head of the JIL, Bisho Eddie Villanueva said to me that God wants me to serve him, this was then seconded when I was re-assigned back to Villamor Air Base, an elder of the church said that God called me to serve him. I then opened my bible study in the office where I handled with others elders preaching the gospel of God instead of me doing the preaching. As God’s plan, I was falsely accused of a crime and was in jail at Pasay City Jail. In here I started doing the preaching of the other prisoners but with less faith in God to save me from prison, relied so much on the work of my council. From this jail to my dismay I received a death sentence and was transferred here on the Death Row of the Bureau of Correction, NBP. In

    this place I learned more and deeply the word of God taking the Ministerial Course and Evangelism Explosion, having the desire to personally preach the word of God to the lost souls back to God and give my full faith and trust nobody but to God though His only Son JESU CHRIST. Glory to God, God still shows love to me and on His plan, I will be out of this jail to mightily preach His word, devoting my time and effort for God’s glory instead of men.

    Regards Marcial.

    Witnessed by: Michael John Clarke.

  15. Mario E. Lazaga Jr


    18th September 2001

    Name: Mario E. Lazaga Jr.

    Age: 49 yrs.


    Prison Number: 140217-P

    Crime: Double murder

    Sentence: Double Life

    Year detained: August 1983

    Served: 18

    Previous Occupation: Former Soldier

    Status: Single

    Family address: Brgy, Aplaya, Sta. Road.

    Dear Reader,

    Before I was saved I was enslaved by many vices, such as lust, gambling and heavy drinking. I can still remember maltreating some of my companions when I was drunk, especially after I became a soldier (Philippine Constabulary). I was only 21 years old at that time. When I became a soldier I was one of many that were victimised by false worship. I worshipped idols and depended on my amulets (anting – anting) – believing that these things had the power to save me from bullets and death. Although I was totally controlled by these things, I thought I was secure.

    On 21st August 1983, I was one of the suspects in the double murder case of ex-senators Benigno Aquino and Rolando Galman. During the time of President Ferdinand Marcos, we were all acquitted by the Sandigan Bayan, (special Court) on December 2nd 1985

    Unfortunately, when ex-president Cory Aquino became the President of the Philippines, she re-opened our case. This time all my companions and I were convicted by the Court

    and I was sentenced to ‘Double Life Imprisonment’.

    I am honestly innocent of this crime. That is why, during our promulgation, I felt a negative reaction because God had allowed these things to happen to me. I was filled with bitterness and anger towards all the false witnesses.

    On June 10th, 1990, we were brought to the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City A few months later I was persuaded to attend a Christian Fellowship meeting near our dormitory. The meeting was led by Bro. Jose Villanueva. When I heard the Word of God that he preached that day, I decided to surrender my life to the Lord. During the Alter Call I repented, confessed my sins, and humbly received Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. After saying the sinner’s prayer I was assured by the Holy Spirit that all my sins were forgiven. From that day, God changed my life.

    I began to read the Scriptures, and slowly a deep understanding came about which I had never known before. Example: ‘ the eternal security of the believer’, ‘the Deity of Christ’. These things led me to enrol at the NBP Theological Institute in 1991. By God’s grace I was able to finish 3 Courses upto 1999.

    I am a former soldier, but now I realise that God made me a ‘fisher of men’ and my aim now is to win many souls for the Lord.

    To God be the Glory!!

    I pray that you too will be saved. Signed: Bro. Mario E . Lazaga Witnessed by: Pastor Andy Dolin (Associate pastor, NBPTI)

  16. Michael John Clarke


    14th August 2001

    Name: Michael John Clarke

    Age: 54 yrs.

    DOB: 27th September 1946 Previous Occupation: Managing Director Status: Widower

    Dorm: 8-A

    Crime: Promoting Child prostitution “alleged”

    Sentence: 14-16 years

    Family Address: 11 Hayling Close, Fareham,

    Hampshire, England. PO14 3AE.

    Dear Reader,

    I am the older brother of David Clarke

    As you may have gathered, I am the older brother of David Clarke, the team leader of the Trojan Horse Mission and it is my privilege and honour to use this opportunity to tell you that the Bible is FACT and not fiction, and Jesus Christ is ALIVE.

    In this testimony I will only highlight certain parts of my life, as David has already covered some of it in his book Converted on LSD trip’

    In addition to this, I invite you to access our web-site ‘Michael’s Story’, which shows quite clearly how God allows evil, (which in my case was the fabricated criminal case brought against me) in order to show that he is the Almighty God. Everything that happens is the bringing to pass of His Divine plan, which was conceived in Eternity.

    Prior to my first visit to the Philippines in February 1995, my concept of Christianity only believed that there was a God, and that was enough. I considered myself to be ‘normal’ and in control of my own destiny – how wrong I was!

    As a tourist I first stayed in Angeles and Olongapo cities. I was amazed at the abundance of ‘Girlie Bars’ and nightlife. It was crystal clear that sex was on the menu at a very low price.

    Paradise Express

    On my return to England I formed my very own ‘Paradise Express’ travel business, the aim of which was to offer low cost holidays to my fellow countrymen. I thought I was on to a winner, because there are no such things as ‘Girlie Bars’ in England.

    To cut the story short, within a few months my business was up and running and I returned to the Philippines to welcome my first influx of customers.

    On June 5th 1995 I was arrested for promoting child prostitution,andlatersentencedto14to16years’imprisonment. I have, and always will, protest my innocence. There were no child victims or child complainants; my reference to girls was only a general reference to girls as in ‘Spice Girls’, the pop group. I was not promoting children; I want to establish that in your mind.

    After this, as you can imagine, I was very bitter and full of hate. Why, why, why have I been wrongly convicted, I would ask myself. I just could not understand why God would allow such a thing. Suicide was constantly on my mind.

    A foreign Christian Missionary worker who encouraged me to seek the Lord for the answer to this big question then gave me a bible.

    For the next few years I read the bible, and attended numerous so-called Christian gatherings, all of which seemed

    to differ in their interpretation of the Scriptures, which left me more confused.

    My friend Suny Wilson

    One day my friend Suny Wilson was acquitted from Death Row, and on his release gave me a book ‘Mere Christianity’ by CS Lewis. After reading it my eyes were opened to the truth. Everything began to make sense and I was drawn unknowingly to ‘Jesus is the Christ’ fellowship. Rev. Joseph Kim was the head pastor. He could see that I was thirsty and over a period of several months loaned me a vast array of books, which he assured me, would illuminate my mind further regarding this great mystery of mankind’s creation.

    By the grace of God alone

    I soon realized that for the last four years the Lord had been pulling me to him. He broke my yoke of bondage – I was saved from the power of Satan and given eternal Life. God revealed to me that he had to let me taste a little bit of hell in order to save my soul. By God’s Grace alone I was saved. He gave me faith and the ability to repent from my former life.

    After I was reborn, the Holy Spirit became very active in my life, and taught me to forgive the people responsible for my wrongful conviction. The power of Christ led me by force to a makeshift baptism in a 45-gallon ex-oil drum, in order to proclaim to the world that I was indeed one of God’s chosen people. With me were 24 other believers who were

    baptized unto death and new life in Christ.

    I have now devoted my life to the Lord and urge everyone to read, study, and meditate on some Words of scripture: The Book of John, chapter 3. Humble yourselves and ask God to come into your lives.

    If anyone feels the need to write to me, please do not hesitate, as that would be a sure sign that God is drawing you near to Him. Please use my address in England for correspondence. I pray to the Lord that he may Bless everyone who reads this book and I ask the Holy Spirit to guide them to the Book of Revelation 12.11

    Signed by: Michael J Clarke, Ambassador of Christ. Duly witnessed by: Pastor Andy C. Dolin, Associate pastor,

    NBP Christian Church.


    Message to the World (August 11th 2001) From Michael J. Clarke

    It is my pleasure and to the GLORY OF GOD to proclaim that by God’s Grace I have been saved from the power of sin and hell. Through FAITH and BELIEF that JESUS IS THE CHRIST I have now been granted ETERNAL LIFE.

    This same offer of Salvation is available to anyone who truly believes. The Bible is FACT not fiction and I implore everyone to read, study and meditate on John 3 and ask the Lord to have mercy on your soul.

    It is my prayer that my plea will also touch the hearts of all the bar owners and operators in Angeles City who knew me in 1995 when I was operating my Paradise Express travel business. Even though they know that I was charged and convicted for a crime that was totally fabricated, it doesn’t alter the fact that the life I was then living was saturated in sin. My master was the devil, of which I was totally ignorant. It is my duty to tell you that you are all being totally deceived and living in a false paradise. Take heed of my words of truth and change your life’s direction, with JESUS at the helm. I am not telling you to abandon your business! Just change the menu, kick out sin and promote tourism of a different nature in this beautiful country and your rewards will surpass your wildest dreams.

    I have now completely forgiven my complainant and pray for his soul. I realize that God allowed him to be used by Satan in order to bring about my salvation.

    At 10 am on August 12th I will be giving my testimony live on the Internet, God willing, here in Bilibid Prison. My brother David is the team leader of the ‘Trojan Horse Mission’ whose aim is ‘Setting captives free’.

    For further information: Or e-mail David:

    Please read also the NBI Report mentioned below:

    (The National Bureau of Investigation’s Report on this site will shock you.) See Appendix Trojan Warriors The Story

    After this report it was expected Michael would have bee acquitted. See the following Letter: Written by the Tourist Liazon Officer, Olongapo City, Harry Joost.

    (Habakkuk 2:1-4)

    May god Bless you all, signed Michael John Clarke.

    Believe it or not By Michael Clarke


    We are at war and as Christians we become members of ‘God’s Army’. We are all involved in this warfare whether we like it or not, and whether we are aware of it or not. Heaven’s war is now on EARTH and it’s no joke!

    The Bible clearly tells us that the ‘origin’ of this war began in the cosmic realm, before the creation of man, in an

    ‘Angelic’ rebellion against the ‘Lordship of God’

    How could such a rebellion happen in the presence of our God Almighty? The Scriptures help us with this (Deut 29-

    1. ‘The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but those things are revealed which belong to us and to our children forever.’

      This war will not end until the final judgment of evil supernaturalism. Until this final judgment, Satan, together with 1/3 of God’s former angels that he managed to persuade to join him, will continue and become positively worse. - ‘The number of fallen angels is unknown’

      Assured of victory

      Although the Scriptures clearly show that God will have the final victory in this war, the battle will continue with Satan’s army doing its utmost to try and stop mankind being re-united to its rightful Father, God Almighty.

      Be prepared

      Once we accept this reality we need to condition ourselves, so to speak, and put on our ‘Spiritual Glasses’ of Warfare. If we underestimate this warning we will, without a shadow of a doubt, become casualties of war. The Bible itself is a training manual for all God’s Army. However, to make us more efficient, God has inspired many Christian writers, who have had first hand experience of life in the mission-field, to highlight the importance of this training, together with the

      dangers that await the unprepared. God’s message on this topic is readily available in Christian bookstores and public libraries. Good instruction on this subject awaits all that are prepared to join a Bible study class.

      Knowing the enemy (2 Cor. 2-11)

      ‘Lest Satan should take advantage of us, for we are not ignorant of his devices’

      Unfortunately many Christians have a false sense of security! They tend to focus all their attention on Jesus and ignore the abundance of scriptural warnings. When this happens the adversary is delighted and his ‘soldier demons’ will attack

      (1Pet 5-8) ‘ Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary the Devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.’


      Scripture clearly shows that it is possible for true Christians to be devoured by the Devil because the warning was given directly to them, but this does not mean that we shall loose our salvation because that is impossible. We shall suffer calamity for not abiding in God’s armor. To confirm this read 1Tim 3-6 and 2 Tim 2-26. Also Paul warns us of this reality in 2Cor 11-3.

      The War

      This is best described as a ‘sin war’ in three dimensions:

      1. Sin is personal, it comes from within. It is our fallen nature, which is always inclined towards evil. The classic description of this inner warfare of our flesh against the indwelling Holy Spirit is found in Gal. 5 16-21.

      2. Sin is social, it comes from without. This is the problem of the world with all its temptations. The classic description of social sin is found in 1 John 2 15-17.

    3 Sin is supernatural; it comes from above, directly from Satan and his demons, principalities and his powers. Eph. 6.12

    The third dimension is the most difficult to understand and to handle. It is also the most frightening:

    DEMONS. What are demons? God has not chosen to reveal the origin of demons, but it appears that they are not in the same class as the fallen angels, but are somehow directly associated with Satan’s rebellion and are members

    of his Army. Having said this we can conclude that demons are individuals with supernatural evil powers.

    My main concern is to draw your attention to the reality of these powers. To underestimate this fact is fatal, just as to overestimate the problem could also make things difficult for Christians. Satan can and will take advantage of both these

    situations. However if we reject these powers, we must come up with another reason for the Son of God having come into this world.

    Having said that we can be sure of ample protection, not only from the direct indwelling of the Holy Spirit, but also the ever present protection of God’s own Angels and their powers, which, according to Scripture is twice that of Satan.

    Demons are best described as evil spirits assigned to individuals on a personal level, whose main purpose is to influence the individual’s mind and to control their will. This is what the Scriptures mean by ‘demon possessed’ This does not mean possession, as this implies total ownership. Satan and his demons don’t own anything apart from their own evil. They are usurpers. God owns everything. However God holds all persons responsible for their own actions, and it must be understood that there are different levels of denomination, ranging from mild to very extreme.

    Can Christians be demonized?

    Most believers would hold the negative view based on the assumption that the Holy Spirit will not or cannot dwell in the same body as demons. There is not a single verse of Scripture, which states that true believers cannot under any circumstances be demonized. On the contrary, Scripture is full of warnings of such a possibility.

    The presence of the Holy Spirit does not, of itself, prevent denomination, just as it does not, in itself, prevent the Christian

    from sinning. The Holy Spirit is not afraid of demons, and will enter the body of a believer even if they are there. All believers prior to conversion have become demonized to some degree, and, the amount of sin and the amount of power it had over them will determine the amount of power needed to completely free them from this bondage of sin. In a lot of cases it is a matter of the person still dwelling on their past, which is used by the demons to torment them.

    Church history

    A study of the writings of the early church fathers reveals that they understood that the Christians could be demonized. Because of this they created a ‘Lay order’s exorcists who took new believers through deliverance after their conversion to Christ and before their public Baptism.

    Worldwide contemporary experience is now unanimous in the view that some true

    Christians under unusual conditions of sin can be demonized. It is also possible for a believer to have picked up a demon or demons after conversion, through their own sin and/or the serious sin of others committed against them. It could also be caused by heredity, parental rejection, and contact with demonized persons, curses and even rock music. These are just some of the ways that the demons gain entry either before or after conversion to the body or the mind and hide deeply within the person’s structure. It is through lack of discernment and ignorance that Christians render themselves so vulnerable to demon attack. Example: Let us assume that

    our body is a house, and in that house there is a basement, which we shall call our inner structure. In this basement there is ‘garbage’ which in our case is our emotional and/ or spiritual ‘garbage’. Demons are like rats – they feed on ‘garbage’ In some cases this garbage has been there for years and will take a lot of time and effort to remove. If it is not removed the demons will continue to feed. Likewise if the rats are removed and the garbage remains, they will surely return, with others, and continue to feed.

    TheAnswer: In most cases a person can handle this problem themselves. The new life of every born again believer is in constant battle with the old self, and in this battle the Holy Spirit which is inside them is constantly bringing to the surface all this deep- rooted garbage, which is brought before the Lord by way of repentance. This is ‘sin garbage’

    True Repentance: If you only repent ‘ about’ or ‘over’ this ‘sin garbage’ it will remain like food for the demons to feed on! You must repent from your sins, which will leave them dead. This is very important; otherwise it will have no effect. Your repentance must be a sincere pledge …you must clean the basement.

    Final words: Please heed my warning! This war is Real. If you feel that you want to know more about this warfare I highly recommend the following books –

    Christian Warfare by Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones Defeating Dark Angels by Charles H. Kraft

    The Devil’s Disciples by Jeff Godwin (a must for parents)

  17. Moises M. Maspil Jr

    image 10th October 2001

    Name: Moises M. Maspil Jr.

    Prison No: N94P-2851

    Dorm: 6B

    Age: D.O.B. 19th August 1965 Marital Status: Married two children Sentence: Life Sentence

    Detained: Since November 1996

    Crime: Illegal Transportation of Prohibited Drugs.(Marijuana)

    Former Occupation: Driver

    Family Address: 35 Sumulong St,

    Holy Ghost Proper

    Baguio City, Philippines

    Dear Readers, Greetings to all.

    Before I came to know Jesus my life was a mess. I was born into a middle-class family, but when I was young my father was killed by a military man, Whilst he was alive our

    livelihood was ample, but when he died our situation turned into a dilemma. There were nine children in the family, so in order to survive, help my Mum and continue in my studies I had to do something. I went into several jobs- shoe-shining, selling newspapers, being a bag boy etc., but because I had this feeling of emptiness and was searching for the comfort of a father, I learned to drink wine, and soon became a problem to the community. Now my jobs were helping to support my vices, but when I went to college I had to earn more in order to continue my studies. My goal was to gain enough knowledge to avenge my father.

    Then one day I met someone who told me that if I wanted to have more money I could do something for him. Then I asked him, “What is that?” and he asked me to transport marijuana leaves from the mountain down to the city of Baguio. Because of my ambition to finish my studies and also to support my vices, I agreed.

    To cut the story short, I did this several times until, one day, someone informed the Narcotics Agency and I was caught. A case was filed against me and I was sentenced by the lower court to life imprisonment. After three years this was affirmed by the Supreme Court and I was transferred from Baguio city jail to the Maximum Security Compound, Muntinlupa City, Philippines. During this time all my ambitions collapsed - I thought it was the end of my life.

    However, I thank God because it was during this dilemma of my life that someone shared the Gospel of Christ with me. God always works at the right time in the right place! I

    accepted Jesus into my life in 1994. 1 really do believe what the Scripture says: “Before we are formed in our mother’s womb, he knows us.”

    During all these years of my life here in Maximum Security, I have spent time studying God’s Word in order to know Jesus more. Because of my feelings and my desire to learn more about God’s Word, I went to study in a formal Bible School here inside prison.

    An ex-convict from here, called Pastor Lucas, who was himself converted whilst in prison, founded this Bible School. Just after his release he went to study in a Bible school in Baguio City, and when he had finished his degree he came back and put up a Bible school here, inside this prison. According to missionary visitors, this is the first time they have heard of a formal Bible school inside prison. It seems there are no others anywhere in the world!

    Anyway, by God’s grace I finished the Bible course and, over a period of five years, gained a Diploma in Theology and then a Bachelor of Theology degree. But during my studies I encountered so many problems. Sometimes there were riots among gangs and although I never got involved personally it meant that classes were suspended. Also I suffered mind pressure, loneliness and hardships, which cannot really be avoided, but I praise the Lord that during these times I really experienced the strength of these words of Scripture: “He will never leave us nor forsake us.” Jesus came that we might have life and have it to the fill. He will give us comfort and protection, and best of all, he has a plan for us, a plan to give

    us hope for the future and eternal life.

    The miserable life I had encountered turned into rejoicing through knowing Jesus Christ, and I really do enjoy my Christian life. I had thought that those vices were the answer to my problems; I thought they would fulfil my ambitions and make me successful. Thank God, he has saved me from certain destruction.

    Right now I am on staff as a teacher at the Bible School and am also pastoring the Death Row dormitory. These prisoners are scheduled for execution by lethal injection, but praise God, our President, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, has suspended these executions for the time being,

    At this time of writing I have been incarcerated for almost sixteen years. I more than qualify to be commuted and even released, and as far as the law and the judicial system is concerned, I am qualified for parole. So I am praying right now that those officials concerned, from the Department of Justice, might see my situation, review my documents and process my release. Despite this situation I am thanking God, for as the Scripture says, “Give thanks in every situation, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

    If I should be released form prison it is my desire to become a missionary, especially in a Tribal Mission.

    Thank you very much for reading my testimony. God bless you,


    Witnessed by: Pastor Andy C. Dolin

  18. Nilo Ardon


10 th October 2001

Name: Nilo Ardon

Prison No: N99-1554

Dorm: 1-C2 Death Row

Age: 42

Marital Status: Married

Sentence: 4 Death Penalties

Detained: 1994

Crime: Rape

Former Occupation: Farmer

Family Address: Palkan, Polomolok, South Cotabato, Philippines

Dear reader,

First of all, let me share with you my life. When I was still in a free world and not yet a believer of God I did not

follow my parent’s counsel when I was young and I lived separately from them until I reached the age of 16. I was fond of disco, I always went to the disco house with my friends, we gambled, indulged in liquor and experimented drugs with lady friends. My parents heard the news that I was in Palkan Polomolok, South Cotabato, they went there and decided to live there so we could be together. They built a house and told me to stay away from my friends, but I was stubborn, I kept on doing the same things. My parents agreed that marriage maybe the only way to straighten out my life, so on May 20, 1983 I married my sweetheart Jean, I was just 20 years old. Though blessed with children, my wife was not happy, for I cohabited with other women. Our life became miserable when my contract with Dole, Philippines expired. I agreed to work with my wife’s uncle who just arrived from Suralah, Sultan Kudirat. Away I went, and there in a nursery I met many friends who were very fond of me because of my expertise in guitar and singing and there I met a woman called Lina. I courted her and after a while we lived together as husband and wife in Suralah.

I got involved in a drunken brawl and I was momentarily locked up in jail together with some of my friends and was released in no time because of the intervention of John’s uncle who happened to be the warden. The news reached my wife in Palkan Polomolok, South Cotabato who also learned about Lina, and she forced me to go home with her, but that did not change me even with Jean telling me about the words of God and encouragement.

The years went by with my lifestyle not changing and

one night while drunk, I raped a 13 year old girl and was imprisoned with four death penalties. I did not know what to do or who to call. I was worried to death. I was afraid to die and tried to escape prison.?

Eloped with another man, my mind went blank; I was so devastated with what happened. The recent events gave me a tremendous headache and sorry feeling that I ignored Robert Poras invitation to attend church services. He is our cell leader and very insistent on me coming to their fellowship. He shared to me the words of God and also told me that God will not forsake me. So one Sunday morning, I went with him. I was so shy, for there were many visitors, that I chose to sit in a corner, but our leader Poras called me and introduced me to the lady preacher saying that I was a guitarist. Their guitar man was sick at that time, so I took his place and while we were singing a spiritual hymn, cold water seemed to wash over me and I felt lightness in my heart that I began to cry. I did not know what came over me and I cannot explain what I felt. Back at my cell I kept on thinking of what happened at the church it’s so glorious that I wanted to go back in there to sing and play the guitar again. It did not take long before we were back at the church and this time the emotions were stronger, while I was singing and playing the guitar, I tried to close my eyes to prevent my tears from falling, but I couldn’t stop it, and even my nose cried and when the lady preacher saw this, she shouted: “Surrender your sins to God, he will forgive and cleanse you of your uncleanliness, trust the lord with all your heart and soul and give your problems to him. Receive the lord Jesus Christ now as your savior and have

peace and everlasting life”. I could not restrain myself but I knelt down, and asked for forgiveness of my sins and received the Lord as my savior and at that very moment a heavy burden was lifted off my shoulders, as if a thorn stuck in my heart was removed. Death no longer frightens me, for I know that the Lord has already forgiven me and I have nothing to lose, if I die by lethal injection I go to heaven, if they free me from Death Row, I’ll preach the word of God outside.

I thanked and praised God for giving me hope, love and eternal life. 1John 5:13 I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life.

A sinner, worthless, wallowing in dirt, nothing to be proud of, that was me before but he chose me cleansed and changed me. Now I’ve finished a ministerial course, ?

And while here at death row, I preached the word of God and managed to bring sinners to God’s grace, there are (80) eighty born again here on death row ? alone. I call on you dear readers and listen God is knocking in your heart, feel his presence and receive his glory and blessing, believe and you will receive peace, happiness and eternal life. May God bless you.

Nilo C. Ardon Dorm 1-C2 Witnessed by:

Pastor Romeo S. Dianos

  1. Norberto Del Mundo

    image 20th September 2001 Prison Number: 2796-N-97-P

    Dorm: 13-B

    Age: 52

    D.O.B: 6th June 1949

    Marital Status: Married

    No. of children: 4

    Sentence: Reclusion Perpetua ‘Life’

    Crime: Rape

    Time served: Almost 4 years

    Total time in:

    Detention: 4 years

    Is your case on appeal: No

    Former profession: Equipment operator, driver,


    Family address: Malitlit, Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines

    20th September 2001

    Personal Testimony Greetings dear reader, Thanks to the Trojan Horse

    Firstly I would like to thank the British ‘Trojan Horse’ mission team for visiting the maximum security prison here in Muntinlupa City. It was very encouraging to us all to be assured that as Christians we belong to the universal body of Christ and that other Christians who live over 10,000 miles away are really concerned about us. When David and Michael Clarke announced that they were writing a book named “The Trojan Warrior” which would cover in great detail their 5 week crusade to the Philippines and that the Christian prisoners could have their Testimonies included, gave me a wonderful feeling inside my heart knowing that I am facing many years in prison God still requires me to obey his orders in proclaiming to the world the wonderful news of salvation that is available to anyone that believes and accepts Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. It also means that you are not only saved from the power of sin, it also means that you have ETERNAL LIFE.

    Before I became a Christian I had so may worries in my life. The thought of DEATH terrified me and me being a prisoner on DEATH ROW with the Supreme Court affirming all my appeals I had to accept that soon I would be put to DEATH. I was filled with a fear which is impossible to describe in words. It was mental torture. I was so afraid I thought I was going crazy, it was awful.

    Not too long after my arrival to DEATH ROW a Pastor came to my cell and shared the wonderful news of Jesus Christ. This gave me great comfort and I asked him to pray for me. He told me that I had to be the one to call on the Lord. He then helped me and led me through a short prayer of repentance and acceptance and at that very moment the fear of DEATH was replaced with PEACE. I knew that even if I were executed I would live with Christ in heaven for eternity, “what a comforting feeling” praise the lord. A short while after I had the opportunity to confess my faith and belief to other inmates by being baptized in water.

    Unexpectedly my DEATH SENTENCE was modified to Reclusion Perpetua ‘life’ because the President intervened with an act of grace ‘clemency’ for those who were next in line to the DEATH CHAMBER.

    Latter I was transferred from DEATH ROW to building 13-B where the Mayor ‘leader’ is a Christian. I then met many more Christians who encouraged me to study further the word of the living God.

    In June 2001, I enrolled at the N.B.P Theological Institute, headed by Pastor Lucas and Pastor Andy. I am now taking a 2 year course in Diploma in Theology and I am a member of the Amazing Grace Christian fellowship.

    Now I know that God had a plan for me and I realized that it was only by GRACE that I was saved I now intend to proclaim this wonderful GRACE to the world. So I am mow asking you dear reader especially if you are not a Christian

    to ask yourself this question, where am I going when I die?

    If you care to write to me, it would be an Honor to reply. To God be the glory.


    Witnessed by Pastor Andy C. Dolin

  2. Pablo L. Estacio, Jr.


16th September 2001

Name: Pablo l. Estacio, Jr.

Age: 29 yrs.


Prison Number: 140217-P

Crime: Kidnap for Ransom with Murder

Sentence: Death Penalty

Year detained:


Previous Occupation:

Family Address: 042 Hambone Street, Tondo, Manila,

Tondo. Manila

Dear Readers,

I am Pablo Estacio and I was born and raised in a place known for its notoriety: Tondo, Manila. I was only 12 years old then and already smoking marijuana and after a year or two became addicted to cough syrup. I was mischievous and naughty, but open-handed. One day a beggar came to me and asked for alms. While the beggar ate he told me what will I become some day and gave me an amulet. He told me I will be successful in business, will become rich, popular in women, but being brave I must be cautious for I can kill people and it happened because of this amulet. At age 18 years old I became very bold, engaging myself to various illegal activities, like swindling, robbery, drug pushing and gambling. My group or gang known as “Jhun Combo or Jhun Arrow” became infamous, hunted down by the police. We engaged ourselves in a more serious crime, together with a Chinese woman named “Tess” and “Nick”, named the local “Bonnie and Clyde”, we did the “Kidnap Me” scheme. Now she is in the women’s prison and I am here at death row. Here I met a friend, Rommel Deang, and he introduced me to the word of God and in his day and night insistence I joined the Sonlight Ministry. It changed my life in all perspective. I surrendered my life to the Lord Jesus Christ and accepted Him as my Saviour. Together with my family I served the Lord as a Band Leader and Choir Director in our church. I am happy serving the Lord and I am not afraid to die knowing the Lord is with me. I thanked the Lord for all of this. God bless you all. Amen.

Pablo L Estacio Jr.

Witnessed by: Pastor Ray Calonzo

047 Palmero M. Carcha Jr.


10th October 2001

Name: Palmero M. Carcha Jr.

Age: 23 yrs.

DOB: 5th July 1978

Prison Number: N98.P-1499

Crime: Robbery with Rape

Sentence: 20-26 yrs. Commuted to 10-15ys

Year detained: September 1996

Former Profession: Helping Street Children Social Welfare

Marital Statue: Single

Dorm: 7D1

Date : 10th October 2001

Family Address: Harmony Hills Sub Div. San Jose

Delmonte Bulacan

10th October 2001

Greetings to you in the Name of Jesus:

I was seventeen years old and my life was full of troubles with not direction. I was a street child begging alms in order to sustain my worldly pleasures. When I reached the age of 18 I was already doing hold ups on Jeepnies and busses in all places. I was pleased with this monkey business activity.

On September 26th 1996 I was charged for a crime of robbery with rape, which I did not do. I am innocent of the crime charged against me. I was detained at Quezin City jail that was on 17th November 1996. In April 1998 I was convicted and sentenced to 20 - 26 yrs. A few months later that was on June 17th 1998 the jail warden transferred me from Quezon City Jail to New Bilibid Maximum Security Compound in Muntinlupa. I was place in dorm 2C-2. This said dormitory is exclusively for the “Bahal na Gang”. During those days my life wasn’t changed. I was still doing all those evil thins I did in the free society. One day, while walking near the New Bilibid Christian Church, I heard voices singing and praising the Lord. While looking at them deep in my heart a sudden feeling of conviction and longing for something came upon me. I stayed there to observe in order to feel and understand what the preacher was saying. How to become a Christian. While hearing the sermon my tears began to fall from my eyes, especially when I knew Jesus Christ died for me. So in the first instant I didn’t hesitate to repent from my sins and I received Jesus as my Saviour and Lord. That same moment I felt the indwelling and assurance of the Holy Spirit that I am Gods child. From that time on I have been attending Christian meetings such as Worship, fellowship, devotion.

That was the turning point in my life from being a child of Satan to a child of the living God.

I am now a member of the NBP Christian Church as an outreach co-ordinator and at the same time I am studying at the NBP Theological Institute taking a two-year course in Diploma in Theology.

Dear Friends,

May this humble and short testimony of mine help you to know and understand that there is hope in Christ. No matter how wicked, sinful and bad you are, God loves you. He is always willing to save and change your life. Only humble your self and acknowledge that you are a sinner and come to Christ with faith and be saved. Jesus promises “All that the Father gives me will come to me and the one who comes to me I will by no means cast out (John 6:37).

If you take this step towards the Saviour my friend you’ll find his arms open wide. Received him and all your darkness will end. Within your heart he will abide.

Open your heart and let him come into your heart. Would you do it now?

Polmero Carcha Dorm 2C2

  1. Richard E. Ong


    20th October 2001

    Name: Richard E. Ong

    Age: 39

    DOB: Jan 1st 1962

    Prison Number: N96P-1779

    Crime: Kidnap for Ransom with Homicide (K.F.R.)

    Sentence: Death Penalty

    Year detained: 1996

    Served: 5 years

    Previous Occupation:


    Status: Single

    Family address: Phase 1, Package 1, Block 30 Lot 7

    Bagong, Silang, Galoocan City.

    October 20th 2001 Dear Reader,

    Before I received God as my personal Saviour I experienced

    a lot of trials and hardships in my life. I grew up without experiencing a father’s love, because he died early at my young age. I grew up with the heavy load of responsibility,

    Taking my fathers place as a breadwinner for our family. The time came when the heavy load on my shoulders became heavier because in spite of my faithfulness and an open hand, my companions pointed to me as one of their comrades who did this kidnap for ransom case. I now realise that God allowed this evil, in order to show his mercy. Until I was sentenced to death I’m very angry with God. Why did he forsake me all these times, but when one of my co-inmates here in death row told me about Jesus, the Son of God, I got another reason to live.

    He gives me a verse at John 3:16 and Revelation 3:20 and I realise then how much God’s love is. I have received Jesus as my personal Saviour and I know that I have life and eternal life forever and ever.

    God really does work in ways that MAN cannot understand. But I know that I am in HIS PLAN and I have no reason to complain, because I know that one-day I will be with HIM in Heaven celebrating His Glory for all Eternity.

    The question is where will YOU end up? Heaven or Hell. May God Bless You

    Richard: Witnessed by Michael Clarke

  2. Roberto V. Romero


    27th August 2001

    Name: Roberto V. Romero

    Age: 47 yrs. 22nd January 1954

    Status: Married- 3 children

    Prison No: N99P-1999

    Dormitory: 7D-1

    Crime: Rape

    Sentence: Life Imprisonment


    Former employment: Hotel Employee

    Family: Address: L-4 Pos. 428 Caliraya St. Bo.

    Kaligayahan, Nova Liches, Querzon City,


    27th August 2001 Dear Reader

    I wish to share with you my life story of how I became a Christian. But before I do, let me relate to you my old life. Well, before I was saved my life was very much in disarray.

    Of course I knew that there was God, but spiritually I had no real relationship with him. I worshiped Him through my lips only, not my heart though this kind of worship I thought I was saved and righteous before God. But experimentally my deeds revealed my real state before God. I now know pride, greed as well as immorality enslaved me, and it was these evil acts that led me to suffer the pain of life imprisonment.

    Convicted by the Spirit of God

    On September 6th 1996, while I am in a very desperate situation here inside the prison, the Holy Spirit convicted me and I realized all the evil acts I had done in the past against God. Finally, I surrendered my life to Him, confessed all my sins and received Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour. That moment became a remarkable transaction of my life from being a false worshiper to a true worshiper to the Living true God. Beginning that day I made a covenant with the Lord, that I would serve Him totally and forever. I promised that I would proclaim His glorious Name, His love, His grace, His mercy and power in every where the desperate people are in darkness in preaching by the way of singing spiritual songs.

    It was on August 11th 2001 during the Big event of the “Trojan Horse Mission” when we sang a song entitled “Spirit of the Lord Come Down” composed by an English evangelist Rev. David Clarke the team leader of the British Crusade, Upon meditating the lyrics of the song I was inspired and challenged, so I decided once again to recommit myself to the Lord’s

    Ministry through music

    One week later, the church where I am worshipping appointed me to handle the music ministry. I did not hesitate to accept; because I now know it is the Lord’s will to be used in this special service.

    I thank the Lord for the things that have happened to me and I thank Him for all the talent and spiritual gifts He has given them, to be used for the glory of His Name.

    To God be the glory: Roberto V. Romero Witness by:

    Pastor Andy C. Dolin.

  3. Rogie D. Candelari


    3rd September 2001


    Rogie D. Candelario


    37 yrs. DOB 21st October 1963


    Married 4 children



    Prison No.:


    Detained: Since January 1997

    Sentence: 8 to 12 yrs.

    Dorm: Building X1-B

    Family Address: 7 Central Kalayaan, Brgy. Balagbag,

    Paasay City, Philippines.

    Occupation: Policeman

    3rd September 2001 Greetings,

    Scalawag Policeman

    I had been a scalawag policeman. I used to take and sell prohibited drugs. I was a corrupt one; I did those things in search for happiness, fulfillment and enjoyment of life. One day the Lord dealt with me severely. With the incitement of my mother-in-law, my wife together with my three children left me. The Lord also took away my freedom; I was put in jail for killing one of my men, an informant because he double-crossed me.

    Consequently, the Lord took away my authority and profession as a policeman, my salary, my friends, and almost everything. Only my life was with me. I was convicted and during my incarceration, at the point of severe pain and loneliness, I asked the Lord what He wants of me and wanted me to do.

    Sonlight Ministry

    One day, I went to the SONLIGHT Ministry chapel, a local church inside the Bilibid Prison. I talked to the Pastor what work they might give me so I could help in the church; he

    was kind to give me a break. I never mentioned that I am a believer before this happened but I believed I was.

    For two full years in the church I was involved in preaching and teaching the word of God to other prisoners in different cells while at the same time, pursuing my theological studies. Another year had passed and the Lord had blessed me to finish my Diploma in Theology. Nevertheless, I did not stop right there but pursuing my studies for the degree in Bachelor of Theology by the help of the Bible School here in prison together with s0ome seminaries that have extended their curriculum here.

    Last June 7th, 2001, I was commissioned as Pastor by the First Interdenominational Christian Ordaining Council based in this prison, and the Lord has entrusted to me different ministries while I am serving my sentence. Twice a week I am involved in Evangelism and Discipleship Training Program as Trainer, Lecturer and staff. Once a week I teach the word of God to the Death convicts of which I estimated 30 to 40% of them have already received eternal life. Every Monday I hold a Bible study at the close confinement cells to prisoners who have violations committed while serving their sentence.

    Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ

    I am now very grateful to what God has done in my life since I have totally surrendered to his will. I do not regret that I end up in prison. Because I have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, who has a better plan for me. I never would have become a Minister of God’s word if these things hadn’t

    happened to me. Now I have decided to serve the Lord for the rest of my life, and “I thank Jesus Christ our Lord who has enabled me, because He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry” (1 Timothy 1:12).

    If you wish to write to me, I would be grateful to share with you how awesome and wonderful God we have.

    Thank you and the Lord bless you.

    Rogie: Witnessed by: Pastor Ray Calonzo.

  4. Rolando Pagadayawan


    4th October 2001


    Rolando Pagdayawan


    42 years. 12th October 1958





    Prison No.:



    27th January 1997




    Building X1-B

    Family Address:

    Lot-5-BLK-5Pshase I, Waling-

    Waling, St., NGA Bangk, Davao City



    4th October 2001

    Dear Reader,

    I wish to share with you of how I became a Christian, but before that, let me relate to you my old life. Well, before I was saved my life was very much in disarray, of course, I know that there is God, but spiritually I had no real relationship with him. I worship him through my lips only, not by heart and I thought this kind of worship will save me and I will be righteous before God, and I was wrong. My immoral life took me away from the proper path and later on to DEATH ROW.

    I am Rolando Padayawan, native of Zamboanga Dels. I was a cop in Davao City with the rank of senior police officer (equivalent to Sergeant). I started as a foot patrol in Metrodiscom Police Command, Davao City on 1st August 1985, and there, I learned to extort money, nightlife in beer houses and had affairs with married women. I met a woman named Hazel Delos Reyes and I married her. It was blissful one and I changed for good but along the way, after one year, problems got into it and we separated our ways. It depressed me and changed me even more for the worst. I returned to my old ways with a vengeance, more drinking and gambling. As a Catholic I used to assist in church masses and instead of turning to God I turned myself to more vices, until I met my wife again and she begged for forgiveness and I felt that I still loved her. We lived again together for several years until one day on 16th April 1996; I was accused and charged with raping her daughter by her first husband. I was detained at Camp Domingo Leonor, Davao City and there, my wife visited me who was at that time pregnant by another man. I

    told her I did not rape my step-daughter and maybe this was a ploy so you can live with your lover and I also told her that I still loved her but her reply was far from the topic; “maybe its our fate”. I was beside myself and I said I will fight you in court to death and after court battles I was meted the death sentence instead.

    At death row I was in rage and agonized with it for months and very afraid of the death sentence hanging in my head, like the sword of Damocles, and one night I was even more afraid when an earthquake with an intensity of 6.7 on the Richter scale shook our cell, and I though this was it. I was like that for many days until a friend shared me the work of God, about hope, peace, love and everlasting life. It enlightens me and strengthens me, it gives me hope and courage to face death, and it changed me completely.

    I asked the Lord in prayers daily for guidance and wisdom, so that I can share his words to others. I just finished Evangelism Explosion last December (2000).

    I thanked the Lord for the things that happened to me and I thanked him for all the talents and spiritual gifts he has given me to be used for the glory of his holy name. To God Be the Glory!

    Rolando S Pagadayawan

    Witnessed by Pastor Isagani M Obispo

  5. Romeo M. Ibay, Jr.


    14th October 2001

    Name: Romeo (Bobby) M. Ibay, Jr.

    Number: N93P – 2519

    Dorm: 9D1

    Age: 34

    DOB: January 5, 1967

    Marital Status: Married

    No. Children: Jezreel-Bob-Yovel- Jeruel- Jemimah-Jhewel-keren.

    Sentence: (Life)

    Crime: Rape

    Family address: Blk 1 Lot 5 Daang Bakal Burgos Montalban, Rizal

    14th October 2001 PERSONAL TESTIMONY

    Dear Readers,

    May the blessings of our Lord Jesus, the love of the Heavenly father and the guidance of the Holy Spirit be with


    I am Romeo Ibay, your brother in Christ. I was born in Pasig, City last Jan 5, 1967 but I grew up in Bicol. I belong to a poor family and I grew up with my grandmother because my mother died when I am only seven months old. I only reached third year high school in Gallanosa National High School in Irosin Sorsogon with the help of my uncles. My brother, I grew up longing for the love of my father. Year 1984 month of July when I decided to go to manila and look for my father. We were very, very happy when we saw each other. I had really missed him. But he has a new family and he has to work hard for them so still he has no time to show his love for me. Hatred started to grow in my heart. I became so strict and cruel to my younger sisters and brother because they were the reason why my father can’t give his love and attention, which I longed for almost 17 years. I lost my respect for my father and stepmother. I started to join other During that time. I learned to drink liquor, take cigarettes then later on prohibited drugs and other? We are always in trouble with other people.

    Accused of Rape

    July 1989, I went to Montalban where my eldest sister lived. I found a job there. I decided to change my life, but two months later Montalban policemen came to our home and took me to jail. Somebody filed a complaint against me; she said that I raped her daughter, which is only eleven years old during that time. That’s not true, they are liars. I started to loose hope. By that time, there are religious groups

    entering the jail they are convincing us, giving us hope they taught us how to call god, to pray to the Lord. July 1990, a strong earthquake really shocked us. It was intensity seven. I thought it was? My fellow inmates and I pray hard for God to save us and fortunately nothing had happened to us. We became devoted to many, we prayed the? Every six o’clock in the morning and afternoon and I am the leader in doing this. Every Sunday we attend mass held inside the jail by a priest. We really enjoyed it. Until the time came when my promulgation was scheduled. I am over confident that I would be released from jail. The date came, before we went to the court I faced the image of God and prayed to him to free me because the truth, I didn’t rape the girl, I did not even touch her. On our way to the court I believed that I would release and free from jail. But I couldn’t believe it; I was given a life sentence (Reclusion Perpetua). I couldn’t really take it and became more hopeless. I faced the image, which I am idolizing and told them why have they forsaken me, that they are not a true god. I stop praying to them an even faced them. They can do nothing for me nor save me.

    Until I turned my attention to a pastor which also ministering in Montalban jail. He was bringing with him good news. In the past. I am ignoring him preaching. He is pastor Carlos

    F. Garcia He always told me that there is one true God who loves sinners like me. He gave his life for me, ready to forgive all my sins. I found myself interested to the message. I felt something new within me and I decided to receive Christ as my personal savior and Lord. Praised God for his love and kindness. He is the true and mighty God. And there are other

    pastors who also bring good news to me. Since I received Christ in my life I began to have a new hope and new life and I am very sure that I am saved and have an everlasting life because Jesus, Christ has done it for me.

    Transferred to New Bilibid Prison

    August 31, 1993, I was transferred to NBP. Muntinlupa City to serve my sentence. With God’s grace, I am a student of a Bible School here in NBP I am now happy to serve the living God and be one of the members of music ministry of one of God’s local church under the supervision of pastor Lucas? still with God’s grace, He and With my wife Maryflor? We are hand in hand with god’s grace serving our Lord Jesus Christ. In truth he has not forsaken us, and I see now how good is God. In spite of what has happened in my life, really he has a good plan for my life. How big is the love of God, me a sinners is now a new creation and leading me to his way. Praise God to his kindness, and one thing more thanks God for the privilege that he gave to me, with his faith that he had given me, not only me, God will work in the lives of my love ones and someday we will all be together in heaven, for good. “Believed on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved and thy?” (Act 16:31) and for the scripture says, “Whoever believes in him will not be put to shame” (Romans 10:11) and through our faith God will work.

    It is my prayer that who ever reads this testimony of mine is strengthened in everything. Do not lose hope. At the back of darkness there’s a light. In spite of all our bad past experience after these if we will only trust God, the true God,

    he had a good plan for every one of us. Nobody can change us, not even ourselves, but God can do it for us. We have to put our trust to the Lord, he will never leave us or forsaken us.

    God loves us.

    God bless us all. I love in the name of Jesus Christ. Romeo

    Witnessed by Pastor. Andy C. Dolin

  6. Romeo R. Orio


    18th August 2001

    Name: Romeo R. Orio

    Age: 34 years. March 4th 1968

    Prison No.: N96 P1192

    Dorm: 6B

    Crime: Murder

    Sentence: Reclusion Perpetua

    Detained: Since September 1992

    Status Single

    Former Occupation: General laborer

    Family Address: M. Macallan St. Palapag, Northern


    Dear Reader

    My life was full of deceit and lies with no direction. I was boastful and never accepted I made mistakes. I had no master but myself. I was disobedient to my parents and had no God at all until the unexpected happened. I killed someone.

    I am now in prison for murder but I have much better and wiser. I am contented and it is easy to forgive and I am ready to accept mistakes.

    The Prison regulations did not change me but God did. When I received Jesus Christ as my saviour and asked for forgiveness of my sins. I felt a sudden lightness in my heart it was a miracle. Now hope and strength is upon me every day of my life here in prison. I praise him daily, serving him with gladness in my heart by preaching his words to different dormitories here in Maximum Compound.

    God Bless you.

    Romeo R. Orio. : Translated by: Zoilo Ama: Dorm 8A1

  7. Rommel Deang


    30th August 2001

    Name: Ronnel Deang

    Age: 27 yeard Sept 1973 Prison Number: N97-P0328 Crime: Kidnap for Ransom

    Sentence: Death- now life

    Family address: 2000087 Pulong Bulu, Angeles City, Pamp.


    I am Brother Rommel T. Deang, and I am presently serving life imprisonment here in New Bilibid Prison, B.O.C., Muntinlupa City.

    I praise the Lord for this chance to write my personal testimony as to why I am here and how the Lord has changed me, shown great mercy and moved mightily in my life. I have learned so much and am thankful (as I trust you are) that he has a plan for everyone, including me

    Way back on July 5th, 1995, 1 along with a couple of friends were involved in a kidnapping case that involved homicide.

    We are all now serving time for this crime we committed. This is how it came about:

    1, together with my co-accused, was desperate at the time because we needed money to pay our debts. We had applied through an agency to work in the Middle East, but after getting passports, paying the agency, using some of our own properties as a pledge so that we could borrow the necessary money for our placement fee, we discovered that the agency wasn’t registered. In short - it was fake!

    To pay our debts we first of all planned to hold-up a gasoline station, but fear gripped us so we did not pursue that plan. Instead, with no weapon at hand, we kidnapped a boy for ransom. The boy’s family paid the ransom, and we were able to pay off all our debts, using the rest of the money just having a good time. It was easy money, easily spent for nothing!

    But things didn’t end here. We learnt that the boy we had kidnapped was able to identify us, so now fear caught up with us and we decided to kill the boy. This was the worst moment of my life, to take a life that God had given, but there is nothing hidden that shall not be disclosed.

    In July of that same year the police, tortured, and put on trial, caught us. We were found guilty ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ and were sentenced to the death penalty. I served time in the Provincial Jail and in February 1997 was transferred to Death Row in the Maximum Security Compound of Bilibid Prison.

    I was already a Christian before the crime took place, but I had been blinded and led astray by the desire to have more. I was active and being used by the Lord then. I was a Youth Volunteer Worker, leading Bible courses for the youth who had been entrusted to us by the Lord.

    Then there came a time when my family was facing financial difficulties, so I worked harder and harder to support my family’s needs. I was so caught up with the work that I neglected my duties as a Youth Worker and hardly had any tune to attend Sunday worship service. I was unaware that I was drifting, falling apart and falling away from the Lord. I trusted in my own understanding and not in the Lord’s. That was when one of my co-accused asked me to apply, along with him, for work in the Middle East. The rest you already know.

    At the time we were caught and tortured, my body ached so much that I cried out to the Lord seeking and asking for forgiveness for what I had done. I know that the pain I felt at that moment wasn’t enough to pay for the sins I had committed, but God is so merciful. He heard my cry and forgave me and cleansed me from all my sin, as it says in I John I v 9: ‘if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sin and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” He cleansed me, washed away my sin and accepted me as his child once again.

    Since this time I have devoted myself to serving God in prison. I have been persecuted, accused of using God’s name to cover up my guilt, but in spite of the ridicule I have

    persevered and continue to serve the Lord. When I was transferred here to N.B.P. I continued serving God, studying his Word, taking courses in order to be more equipped for God’s work, and have dedicated myself to God’s call on my life.

    In August 2000 it was confirmed that I should be executed by lethal injection. If I hadn’t been committed to the Lord I would have lost hope or any interest in living, but I had God with me, a mighty God, who can do all things, and it is in him that I put my trust. Life went on as usual for me; I attended my lessons and continued to do God’s work. Having received comfort from the Lord I was able to comfort and encourage my fellow inmates who were also confirmed to die, just like me. Although there were times when I felt weak, God gave me enough strength and courage to face whatever lay ahead. I kept strong in the Lord for he is my strength and he was true to his promise never to forsake me. I prayed for the chance to prolong my life so that I could go on serving him.

    The deadline was April 2001. By this time, if God had not moved in my life, I wouldn’t have the chance of writing this testimony to glorify the Lord. But in December 2000 1 was one of the inmates commuted to life imprisonment instead of execution. Once more God showed his awesome, mighty power in my life.

    I thank the Lord for this gift he has given me. Although I am still in prison, I can continue to serve him. God’s plans always prevail. As it says in Jeremiah 29 v 11: “1 know the plans I have for you, for good and not for evil, to give to you

    a future and a hope.” I believe that my fife will not end up here. Since he has taken me from a sure grave, he can also flee me from the four comers of this camp - in his time.... Amen!

    The Lord has given me so much blessing in my life so that I can continue to serve him. And as a reward, he had sent me a wonderful, precious gift - an angel who has accepted me in spite of my present situation. It is one who has weathered the storms of life along with me, who has stood by me in my most desperate hours; who has prayed with me and who loves me for what I am. She is a strong Christian who has withstood persecution just to be with me, who has accepted criticism and stayed with me. This woman, Virgie, became my wife in September 2001, and now she stands faithfully by my side, serving God. Being a prisoner has not been a hindrance for a man like me to have a good family. As I have delighted myself in the Lord, so he has given me the desires of my heart. Amen!

    One thing I have really leant during my time here is to be content with what I have. As an encouragement to all who will read this, let me say, contentment with godliness is great gain and that the love of money is the root of all evil. What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and yet forfeits his own soul?

    I’ve paid such a high price for that moment of folly. I hope and pray that those who are in the outside world will also come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and not wait until they are behind bars before realizing that only

    Jesus can give true satisfaction.

    To all readers: continue to live by faith in the Son of God. Keep on trusting him for everything, for he is faithful.

    May God, richly bless you.

    Keep in mind Proverbs 3 v 5-6: Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths.

    Brother Rommel Deang

    Witnessed by : Pastor Lucas P. Dangatan, Jr.

  8. Ruben N. Boquilla


    18th August 2001

    Name: Ruben N. Boquilla

    Age: 26 years

    D.O.B.: 13th February 1974 Prison Number: N97-P-2194 Marital Status: Single

    Former Profession: Security Guard

    Crime: Robbery with Homicide

    Sentence: Death Penalty

    Years detained: Since 1995

    Family Home: Sambag II Guadlupe, Cebu city, 6000

    Date August 18th, 2001 Dear Readers,

    I would like to start my testimony here in death row, not in free society which is worthless and nothing much to tell about. “Life is a cycle”. That is what happens to me in my cell, asking the same question over and over again. What is my purpose here in this world? If I die, it’s over, no more, that’s all I know.

    But all that changed dramatically one Sunday morning when I heard someone telling a group of people about God and His words, about everlasting life. Calmness overwhelmed me. I attended the nightly devotion regularly in our Dormitory and always read the Holy Bible, especially Philippians 3:12 that says “Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already been made perfect, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me”.

    Nothing is important for me but Jesus Christ’s teaching and with the help of His presence I am studying Evangelism Explosion III.

    I thank and praise God for His kindness. God bless you.

    Ruben. BOQUILLA.

    Witnessed by: Pastor Ray Calonzo

  9. Rudy Hugo


    6th September 2001

    Name: Rudy B. Hugo

    Age: 29 yrs. D.O.B. 30th May 1968

    Status: Single

    Prison No: N-200P1598

    Dormitory: 1A Death Row

    Crime: Murder

    Sentence: One Death Sentence


    Detained: Since October 1997

    Family Address: Sitid Calaocan, San Rueque, San Manuel,


    Occupation: Printer

    Dear Readers,

    Non-believer of God that’s what I was, when I was still in a

    free society, a murderer, womanizer, drunkard, and Gambler. All the bad Traits that a man can be possessed with you name it I had it. My God was my boldness and my strength, until I was imprisoned for murder and sent to death row, maximum- security compound national Bilibid prison.

    In my incarceration, I begun to know God and accepted him as my Saviour. I surrendered my life to him and all he needed was my repentance and he gave me love kindness and eternal life in return. I studied the bible and served him by sharing his word to unbelievers, that they may also believe and have eternal life,

    God bless you: Rudy B Hugo. Translated by Zoilo Ama

  10. Rufo M. Llenarizas Jr.


    12th September 2001

    Name: Rufo M. Llenarizas Jr.

    Age: 35 Yrs. DOB 2nd July 1966

    Status: Single

    Crime: Robbery with Homicide

    Prison No.: N91P-1568

    Detained: Since February 1988

    Sentence: Life Imprisonment. Commuted to 17-22 yrs.

    Dorm: 5-C

    Family Address: C/o Pastor Lucas Dangatan NBPCC

    Muntinlupa City

    Occupation: Factory worker

    Dear readers,

    It is my delight to share to you this testimony of mine in relation to my former life-style and how the Lord changed my life.

    I grew up from a religious family. My parents are devoted religious and God fearing people. I can still remember how they took good care of me as their loving child. They often admonished me to honor God and do good. But when I grew older I didn’t consider their commands, I became hard headed and disobedient to them. Instead I go with other guys who are addicted with drugs, until I was influenced by what they were doing. I became as addicted as they were. For this reason I wasn’t able to finish my secondary schooling, rather I learned to kill innocent people.

    Robbery with homicide

    On Feb 21st. 1988 I’d committed a crime (robbery with homicide). Due to that incident policemen arrested me and

    immediately they brought me to their headquarters, After thorough investigation they brought me to Lucena City Jail, Quezon Province, and after four years I was sentenced to life imprisonment. During those times the more I became a hater of God, I blamed Him because He didn’t hear my pleadings to Him, and then about a month later the jail warden was ordered by the court to transfer me to Muntinlupa (national Bilibid Penitentiary). As the years go by while I am inside the Maximum compound, I wasn’t changed but my life became worse. It seemed that there is no hope for me to be changed.

    Led to the lord ten years later

    Ten years after, that was 1998, a Christian friend of mine led me to the Lord; he quoted some verses from the scriptures and explained to me what hey meant. After that I came to the point that I must decide to repent from my sins and return to God. I said to him I want to be saved. So right at that moment he led me with a short prayer of repentance (called the sinners prayer) and I committed my life to the Lord Jesus Christ. A month later I signed my membership application to be a member of the Pan World Blind Mission Inc. After one year of being a member of this local church in obedience to the Lord’s commands or ordinance I was one among the members who was also baptized in water, and in 1999 I was also appointed by our pastor as one of the elders of the church. Then on March 31st 2000. I graduated with a diploma in theology at the NBP Theological Institute.

    At this present God gives me opportunity and responsibility as outreach co-coordinator inside the maximum-security

    compound. God willing I’ll be freed in 2004.

    Dear friends I hope and pray that you trust and believe on the Lord so that you may have everlasting life. Just as He promised to those who believe on Him. Jesus said, “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in me has everlasting life”(John.8: 47). Eternal life is a free gift of God you don’t have to work for it. Just receive it by faith. “Believe in the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life”(John.5: 13). This is God’s will that you believe in Jesus. Would you do it right now? If anyone cares to write to me, it would be my delight to replay.


    May God bless you? Rufo.

    Witness by Pastor: Anthony C.Dolin

  11. Inmate: Sales C. Adic


    5th September 2001

    Name: Sales C. Adic

    Prison No: N201-Poo23

    Dorm: 7A1

    Age: 48 years. 21st May 1953


    Detained: Since September 1997

    Crime: Rape

    Marital Status: Widower 1 child

    Former Occupation: Driver

    Family Address: Lipata Paranas Catalogan, Samr

    5th September 2001 Dear Readers,

    I was a drunkard when I was still in the free society. A catholic but not a believer and I would rather drink alcohol than to give time to those preachers who came by the house. One day a relative left a bible in our house. I always read it, but never gave a serious thought about it.

    One day, while l was drunk, I got involved in serious trouble, I stabbed a person and one dead, while seriously injuring another. I was charged with homicide and frustrated homicide.

    I was so afraid when I was in jail anxiety overwhelmed me.

    That’s when I decided to accept Jesus Christ as my saviour and to join the Christian Group doing the works of God.

    I encountered trials, a robber killed my wife, and I sold my house and lot for her burial and gave some money to my child and told her to go home to our province. I continued my devotion to the Lord. I prayed daily and I was acquitted, but an official from the Department of Social Welfare & Development (DSWD) files another case. This time was a more serious crime: rape.

    To make the long story short, I was convicted and sent to National Penitentiary, but that did not stop me from praying, attending church services, praising and singing to the Lord and hoping that one day I will be released to preach His word to unbelievers.

    I am now with Sonlight Ministry, spreading the word of God to different cells and dormitories. I am currently studying Evangelism Explosion so that I can have a better understanding of how to win the hearts and souls of unbelievers through the word of God.

    I pray to God the Father through our Lord Jesus Christ, my saviour that my petition is granted favourably. Amen.

    God bless you. Sales C ADIC Translated by :Zoilo Ama 8A1

  12. Sergio C. Jorolan


    16th August 2001

    Name: Sergio C Jorolan

    Prison No: N99.P.3678

    Dorm: 1-A Death Row

    Age: 24-16thJune 1977

    Sentence: Death + 6-12yrs

    Crime: Double Murder

    Family: Montay Libungan

    Address: North Cota Bato 9411

    Marital Status: Single Former Occupation: None Detained Since: Nov. 1977

    Personal Testimony

    Dear Readers,

    My life was as violent as the place I grew up in ironically called “The Land of Promise”; in my case a promise to obtain what you want by hook or by crook; a place where guns and spilt blood abound. On two occasions I was shot at. Two

    bullets entered my thigh and one in my back exiting in my right chest. In our town murdered people are no news at all. Strafing, bombings, kidnappings and massacres is ordinary news.

    At the young age of twenty I thought I was going to die early. I was accused and charged with double murder, convicted and sent to prison. There I met the Lord Jesus and he changed my life. In Death Row I always listened to the word of God as expounded by preachers, reading the bible daily and I studied in the bible school. I have just finished basic ministerial course and am about to complete a Diploma of Theology. I also studied evangelism explosion (E.E.) given by Dr James Kennedy, also a trainer and member of the Board of Elders, 3 Death Row Christian Communities. Here I felt the presence of the Lord, His glory and Power. Every time sadness set in I prayed and read the bible asking him to strengthen me and give me more time to serve Him.

    Life Verse

    “Not that I have already obtained all this or have already been made perfect, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me” Philippians 3:12.

    God Bless You, Sergio Jorolan : Witnessed by: Pstr. Rogie Candelario

  13. Inmate: Teddoro Laot


30 th August 2001


Teddoro Laot


66 Years

Prison No.:

DP N983641






Reclusion Perpetua


Married 2 children

Former Occupation:


Family Address:

San Pedro, Cabusad, Camarines-



I was a Roman Catholic when I was still in the free world and a member of Venne Bollent Missionary Association (PBEME). I had so many mischievousness ways that they led me to various illegal activities and the activities turned to murders, until I found myself here in Muntinlupa National Penitentiary, sentenced to suffer reclusion Perpetua. Then one day a preacher came and shared to me the word of God. I believed and knew with all my heart that I am saved and have everlasting life.

Thanks be to God I am now a member of Sonlight Ministry headed by Pastor Ray Calonzo and I am with him preaching the word of God to different dormitories here inside maximum compound. Now I continue to study the bible so that I can spread the word of God to unbelievers. Amen.

Cast all your anxiety to the Lord because He cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7)

God bless you.

Tiddoro LAOT : Witnessed by: Pastor Ray Calonzo

062 William O. Poloc


28th Augusst 2001


William O. Poloc


47 years old 3rd January 1954


Married 3 children

Prison No:





Robbery with Homicide


Life Imprisonment


13 yr. 6 months


Since 1988

Family: Address: 207 C. Michael St., Lower Engr’s Hill, Baguio City Philippines 2600

Dear Guys;

Greetings in the sweetest name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Hey guys! If you ain’t be doing right now or maybe something’s gonna be fussing you over, just put on your stuff, get rid of those hanky-pankies from your mind and do allow me to drive you into a footing you can be able to size up….”Who you are, what you are, and where you are”.

Guys, just do me a little favor by going over these few lines. You know I really mean business. I don’t want making any “tse-tse buret-tse” (exaggerated stories) with you neither I go roaming around the bush because I know in some degrees you’re indeed a spoiled brat like me before. Well. If my A, B, C, would hit you directly below the belt, that’s gonna be a sure sign that I made an impact… No pain, No gain. Right!

Life in prison

On August 22nd 1989, I was sentenced by the court to suffer the penalty of life imprisonment for committing a crime of robbery with homicide. Qualified as and insular prisoner, I was then immediately transferred from Baguio City Jail to the National Bilibid Prison. Maximum Security

Compound, Muntinlupa City. The place is a couple of hundreds kilometers away from my home. The legendary hell inhabited by hardened criminals coming from different places of the country. Killings, stabbings and rumbles are common activities and a daily experience caused between gangs before.

Early years a mess

My early years in prison were indeed a mess. I could hardly adjust myself with the unusual and unpleasant environment. The climate was too hot for a country boy like me. I felt sick dealing with different people around. People who know no other things but to invent tse-tse buret-tse just to deceive others. Sometimes I become morally inclined when my family comes to visit. After all, I am back again to my abnormal situation. Life in prison for the past eight years was a bitter experience in my life. Until one day that was in June 1995 I happened to attend a fellowship of born again Christians. I just don’t know what prompted me to get assembled with these enthusiastic people. It was my only first time to join worshiping God demonstrated by dancing and clapping of hands. I really felt irritated and thought to myself that these people had gone all insane. I just wanted to step out of that rumpus place but there was some thing from within that’s gonna be pulling me to stay over. Eventually I tried to relax myself and with curiosity, observe the next event that would take place after the singing. Mean while a man rose from his seat, positioned himself at the pulpit, and confidently delivered his message. I could not understand why at that very moment my attention was focused on the preacher’s message. It was a message of

hope, a hope for sinners like you and me. A hope that isn’t temporary a lasting one authenticated by the blood of Jesus Christ. I was deeply moved and had been responsive by the preacher’s message. It was very interesting and encouraging, however, intimidating. In my perception, I sensed that the preacher was emphatically hurling the message to me. But how did he come to know my spiritual needs? Besides it was only the first time we met each other. Nevertheless, whatever the intent of the preacher in delivering his message, I don’t care. I don’t care if it hurts me, being a sinner. I am drawn by his message and like it. I wanted to grasp everything he’s trying to say. Finally, the conclusion of the preacher ended in a simple statement of challenge, which says. “Brothers, true hope can only be experienced through faith in Christ”.

As I lay on my bed in my little room that very night, the message flashed back in my mind. I tried to recapture and meditate everything he said and found out my self that I am one of the worst sinners living against the will of God. And as a result, I deserve the menacing punishment of hell. The glowing presence of the preacher’s message that morning became real into my mind. I was convinced that through faith in Christ was the only way to elude the consequences of being a sinner.

Accepted Christ in June 1995

It was on the evening of June 1995, that I decided to accept Christ in my little room. Dragged by my will and emotion, I cried to God for the forgiveness of my sins. I asked God to give me a new life. The following day I felt like being

a new man, I perceived that there was joy, peace and hope stimulating over my whole being. After a couple of months I committed myself to a church and was baptized. I really felt God was working in my life and wanted to equip me with his word. So I enrolled then in a Theological Institute and by the grace of God I was able to finish a 4-yr. course Bachelor in Theology. At the same time I endeavored to be active in every spiritual activity by preaching God’s word to other churches here in prison, evangelism, and sharing God’s word to my co-inmates.

Lots of them were surprised to see the changes that miraculously transpired in my life. And this led some of them to come and accept the Lord as their personal Savior.

People over here call me a doctor. I remember a certain Englishman by the name Michael Clarke. Every time he had a problem he used to consult me asking for a prescription. Of course I have got to give the best spiritual medicines that will heal him. In fact that is the reason why they call me the doctor.

Muntinlupa the grave of the living dead

Roam now on, Muntinlupa the former grave of the living dead became the center of evangelism for Christ. Missionaries and Evangelists from different places thronged the place to preach the Word of God. Consequently lots of my co-inmates arose from their graves (spiritually speaking) they’ve come to accept Christ as their Lord and personal Savior.

Guy’s! Have you considered the questions? Who are you? What you are? Where you are? . The Bible says that we are all sinners, therefore, each and every one of us deserves death (torments in hell) but because of God’s loving-kindness he gave us the antidote in the person of Our Lord Jesus Christ to save us from the impending wrath of God.

Guy’s it is time for you to think it over. You’re in danger; you’re in need of a Savior. Salvation is now! The Bible says that … do not boast about tomorrow, we do not know that day may bring forth. (Prov. 27.1)

Leg Required


Gordon Smith saying good-bye to Dr. William Poloc.

Gordon had just prayed to the Lord that one day he would bless him with a leg because he is due for release in 2002 and wants to be a Trojan Warrior Outreach Officer, in the jails in mountain Province in Baguio City.

A Bionic Leg would be a blessing Can anyone help ?

If any one cares to write to me it would be my pleasure to respond. C/o my family home address. September 9th 2001.

063 Inmate: Winnie M Gocoyo


15th August 2001


Winnie M Gocoyo

Prison No:



Bldg X1-B



Marital Status:


18-36 years






Family Address:

Taguig, Metro Manila

15th August 2001 Dear Readers,

I am the eldest son of fifteen children. My parents were very religious in the old tradition practices. I studied hard, enjoying my boyhood and graduated BSEEd. I was not content in my profession. I was urged to enter the military service at the age of 22. I was fortunate to be a member of country’s Police Finest Institution (PNPA). I was so serious

to my police work, but I kept on womanising and drinking liquor as my leisure and recreation.

I forgot to worship God. I felt that problems aroused in our families. Misunderstanding/unnecessary happenings like my children always visiting their doctor and others… occurred in my life. One incident that broke me too much was when I suffered vehicular accident, which caused my amnesia. That was the time I remembered Jesus Christ…. Repentance and uttering promises to serve Him in exchange of my constant healing as my first action. God heard me; within those months revival of my strength physically and mentally was owed to God.

When I went back to my work, I was given a break for a new job and sensitive position, wherein I couldn’t evade practicing earthly life. Seeking for continuous promotion was always on my mind. “Until again I forgot the promises that I said to Jesus Christ”. One day, I with my men encountered with robbers/gangsters – it is the cause why I am placed behind bars. As I meditate, I heard the voice of God. “WHERE IS YOUR PROMIS THAT YOU WILL SERVE ME?” I kneeled

and raised my hands asking forgiveness from God.

Accepted Christ as my saviour

I accepted Christ as my Lord and Saviour last December 1997. Continuously studying and reading His word. I am now one of the Elders of our church Sonlight Ministries Phils. Inc., and involved in different ministries like preaching, teaching, Trainer/Teacher of Evangelism Explosion III Phils.

And music ministry.

Now I’m living a happy life inside Maximum Security Compound, because Jesus Christ is in my heart. “I have been crucified with Christ”, it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh, live by faith in the Son of God, who loves me and gave Himself for me. God bless you all.

Bro. Winnie M. Gocoyo

Witnessed by Pastor Reydante A Calonzo

  1. Inmate : Zoila A. Ama


    13th Augusat 2001

    Name: Zoilo A. Ama

    Age: 51

    DOB: 31st May 1950

    Prison Number: N95P-0483

    Crime: Rape with Homicide

    Sentence: Life Sentence (7 counts)

    Year detained: July 6th 1993

    Served: 8 years

    Previous Occupation: Policemen

    Status: Married 4 children

    Family address:Brgy. Masiit, Calauan, Laguna, Philippines

    Dear Reader,

    Trojan Horse

    After attending the “Trojan Horse Mission” crusade here in the Maximum Security Compound, Bureau of Corrections, their announcement that they needed men to write their testimony, to include in a forthcoming book made me come alive inside, knowing that it would be an honour to tell the world that “Jesus is Alive”.

    I am Zoilo A. Ama a former Police Officer. I have been a happy go lucky guy. I love my family, especially my kids, two girls and two boys. Great kids, all wanting to finish their studies and they did, even without me. I loved my job too. Solving cases here and helping people in their most trying times here and there, and by doing that I garnered eighteen commendations tons and awards in less than thirteen years in the service. I served the Police force as an intelligence officer and I wanted to be the best, so I worked hard and was good at it. There is not an idle moment in my life, to my job, to my family, and to time with my friends, but no time for


    But He works in a mysterious way. I was a victim of injustice, a frame-up and I will tell you about it later and it is very ironic. I wanted every victim to get justice then. But now I cannot get it and I cried to heaven, WHY!!

    Then a preacher came, then another one and so on. to strengthen me to know the God I did not know, and to have all the time in the world to read the Holy Bible and so I know why; “God Loves Me”.

    I met Michael Clarke, a British National, and a brother of Rev. David Clarke the team leader of the “Trojan Horse Mission”. Michael was also a victim of a frame-up and a very frustrated man who was even more frustrated when his only visitor, his wife, died. He sank to rock bottom but I went to his room every night and we talked. We shared how I could see the love of God in his face, “God loves him too”.

    I was a Catholic

    I am now into my eight year of detention. Prior to this I was a Catholic and upon reading the Holy Bible I saw my prior concept of Christianity was wrong. Now my family are Born Again Christians Praise God. The Philippines is beautiful and churches are everywhere, but it is also Satan’s paradise where you can steal and become a Senator. As you can see in the newspapers daily these incredible events as they unfold before your eyes, the plunder, graft and corruption. Kidnappings killings and rapes etc, but all these things, as

    the government says are under control.

    Going back to what I promised earlier. I was an Intelligence Officer then

    And in gathering information in this case of Rape and Homicide I stumbled upon information that led me to a son of a high ranking Government Official and two Police Majors instructed me to lie low, (keep quiet), and when I did not heed their instructions one thing led to another and I was charged with the crime instead. Strange, Hey! Truth is stranger than fiction and they say everything is under control.!

    A little while ago somebody gave me a book entitled “Dare to Fail, Wisdom in Failure”, written by Bi lee P.S. Lim. After reading it I returned the book with a comment. This book is not for me, I am not a failure. This book belongs to those who cover-up the aforesaid heinous crimes and failed to give justice to everyone concerned. Ex-Presidents, ex-Generals, ex Judges, Senators, Prosecutors and Investigators will find delight in your book and I have a question or two for them. Did they have Peace of Mind? Did they truly have God in their hearts?

    Anyway, as you can see I have a lot of time to kill! And if anyone cares to write it would be my delight to share some of my life’s experiences, which I am sure you would find incredible, to say the least, but most of all it would be heart warming to know that someone is thinking of me and who knows…maybe one day we could meet.

    Zoila Amma

  2. Inmate: Jammie Jacob


    22nd October 2001

    Name: Jammie Jacob

    Prison No: N99P-1524

    Dorm: 1-C-2 Death Row

    Age: 50 year 12th September 1951.

    Sentence: Death Penalty

    Detained: November 1995

    Crime: Rape

    Former Occupation: Farmer

    Family Address: BGY. Tabon-Tabon, Daraga Albay, Bicol

    Dear Reader,

    Call me Jammy, a farmer and native of Albay, Bicol. My earnings of P4, 000 annually was not enough for my big family so I looked for other work. We wandered from place

    to place looking for greener pasture, and we always found ourselves wanting. It was very hard for a man like me who had not finished high school to find a better job.

    Years went by like this and hardship in life drove me to alcoholism then to gambling and women and I neglected my family. Then, one day, my family accused me of raping one of my children. I was charged and imprisoned. They brought me here at Death Row, National Bilibid Prison.

    I am innocent, but who would believe a wretch like me. I felt I was crazy and I did not know what to do. One of the inmates approached me one night and shared me the word of God, and I felt a sudden rush of joy in my heart, contentment and peace of mind. I decided to follow and serve him with all my heart. If given the opportunity, to be free again, I will live by the will of God and I hope to be with my family and share with them the wondrous works of God. May God bless You.

    Jammie Jacob

    Jemmie Jacob


    Witnessed by: Pastor Romeos Dian May God Bless you

  3. Inmate: Domingo B. Alacdis


Name: Domingo B. Alacdis

Age: 45 years

Prison No.: N200-P0139

Dorm: 6-B NBP

Crime: Drugs

Sentence: Triple Life 120 years Detained:

Status Married 3 children

F o r m e r


F a m i l y


17th April 2002 Dear Reader,


KMA La Trinidad Benguet Province

Before I became a believer in Christ I considered my life was under the control of this world. Why? Because I just wanted to become famous in my profession, gain wealth by trying to sell marijuana, dealing with gambling and other vices that I tried to experience in my life. That is how I obtained happiness and contentment, through my hardship and sacrifices. Until such time as the CID6 Narcotics Unit arrested me in Baguio City.

Come unto me

But on day, when I was in jail, missionaries came to conduct evangelism inside the jail in March 20th 2000 with the support of the B.J.M.P. CAR. I am one of those who was convicted, when the speaker spoke about the burden of man Matth.11:

28 “Come unto me those who are heavily laden and I will give you rest”. I came forward in front when the speaker called (Alter call) after delivering his message. These who want to confess their sins and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and receive everlasting life. It was the beginning of my life. I came to realize that I am a sinner and came to know the real meaning of life to man and received everlasting life. That what ever happens to me I have the assurance of eternal security, which has been guaranteed by the evidence of the Holy Spirit taking up residence inside my body?

NowIknowtherealmeaningoflifeIhavearightrelationship with Christ and enjoy peace of mind and experience the joy of Happiness whiles still in prison. Knowing that there is life after death, as the bible says, 1 John 5:15 and Acts 4:12 He that believes in the Son of God hath everlasting life.

At present I am now studying at the Son Light Ministries NBP for evangelism of those who are not yet saved and give challenges to my fellow Christians to learn about God’s Word and to all the world, for this is the will of God John 8: 32 Surrendering the flesh and total commitment is a way of following the commandments of God. The Opportunity for my Testimony to be included in the Trojan Warriors compiled testimony book is a great privilege and to God’s glory. It is my pleasure and prayer also that those non-believers who happen to read my life story will be given encouragement and realize that “what happened to me is fact and can happen to you also.

As you can see I am a Trojan Warrior and upon my release

I intend to go into full time fieldwork as an outreach officer for Trojan Horse Ministries. I will penetrate my local jails and use this wonderful book along side the bible to testify to those who are still in “bondage” .I have confidence that the Lord will bless the Trojan Ministries in abundance and all His support will be accommodated accordingly.

May God bless you Domingo B. Alacdis

Whiteness by Pst. Andy c. Dolin.

067 Inmate Charles Bancal


30th August 2001

Name: Charles Bancal

Prison No: N200P-2092

Dorm: 3 D-1

Age: 34 years. 20th March 1967

Sentence: Life

Crime: Rape

Family Address: Talisay, Pandan ,Antique

Marital Status: Married one child Former Occupation: Salesman Detained Since: Nov. 1977

Greetings Dear Reader

In the evening of April 11th 1994, I was in the house of my brother attending the birthday party and my niece. I left the house of my brother at 10.00 o’clock that same evening and I went to my home (from Brag san Brag san Mining Bradly address of Miming Province of Pan Dang of Antive) Where the alleged crime took place at Brag Talisay which is two km and no motor transport to get there and back.

In this situation there is no guarantee that the un cooberative testimony of the victim is reliable. In this testimony I was identified as one of the perpetrator of the crime. The testimony is to be questioned especially when the mother is will to drop the case for the consideration of the sum of P100, 000:00. I testify (to this). I did not pay, nor my family this amount P100, 000:00. In short the court sentenced me to life. (Reclusion Perpetua).

My life before this was full of aggravation. I was so uneasy, from the start negativistic minded because of my family, I was so unfaithful. I gathered girls to go to beer houses with my friends. We sang along.

Roman Catholic

With regards of my background I am a Roman Catholic the father of my family. I have one only child name Marlow.

One day a pastor came and he shared the words of God and that time I accepted Jesus Christ in my heart. I have now eternal life. And my life there was something changed my life from it full of hope and happiness. I also learned to be good to him. I learned to care my co-believers and my self too. God’s word it may encourage in ever steps of my life there was changes in my life. He taught me how to pray before I go to bed and before I go to church. Even in my personal way of life. As a Christian I am very thankful that I received God who came to my side in times of defeat in my life. As well as my family each one of use has gift give by God, and I believed that pain will surely cured.

The blessings and graces will continue flowing from by His instruments. God is faithful to us of great love surround and I feel His presents of all time every now and then, and now I have faith. Fear not cos God is with us. Who can be against us? God is always present, whatever do. I have to stand up for Jesus and must walk in faith, through his guidance and power of his great love, wisdom. I learned to love and be loved because of Jesus. I surrendered all to him, my problems pertaining to my old life, to controlling what I have done. The eyes of the Lord are watching, seeing in the place where you belong whether good or bad.

From now on I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation whether well fed or hungry, living on plenty or in want. To those who could not understand I

learned to accept (my wrong conviction) in a wrongdoing.

I ave concerned to those who are yet to received Christ. I am comparing my self before it is a big difference. They do not have eternal life as I know. As for me Jesus is my first priority to my life, I life up his name in claiming the victorious blessings.

I spit of this there was a challenge of the word there was already in the beginning. In do not gave any attention to un-useful things that can make you down of my life as a Christian. We must know the real essence to test you whether your spirit truly are from God. And we must be careful our thoughts must be humble- be humble as a growing Christian. Be present of mind to spread of his word in order to give our God the glory, this is the day to glorify him.

Because people now are being practical to God so we must be careful of what we are saying from our mind to God not in the world. We are the light of the world we are the examples or instances to see for by works and it will bring you a new life to you to face the reality.

So that the world will not penetrate. There is a saying that if God is in us, who can be against us?

Lastly I decided to enrol in Bible school to gain most knowledge of Jesus Christ

To God be the Glory


Ray Calonzo.

Appendix 68 Isagani M.Obispo. Jr.

Religious Volunteer


22nd August 2001

I am a new creation in Christ 2 Cor. 5: 17

Name: Isangani M. Obispo, Jr.


Prison No. N/A

Crime: N/A

Sentence: N/A

Years Detained: N/A

Contact Details Mobile

DOJ Fax: 0063 2 5249740

0063 9174368340


Sister prayed for me

It was on the 24th November 1992 when I accepted the Lord Jesus as my personal Lord and Saviour. My younger sister Bengbeng, who was the first to be a Christian in the family, has been praying for me for seven years without ceasing since 1985, that I may become a Christian. The Lord answered her prayer by using my cousin Tess, who also became a Christian, and she led me to a church in Valero St., somewhere in Makati City. God used her as an instrument so that I may learn to know the truth, which has set me free indeed.

The Lord spoke to me through a vision

It took me three consecutive worship services before I realized the need of having Jesus in my life. The Lord spoke to me through a vision, as if I was in a big cinema watching my life, as the Pastor was preaching his sermon. The Lord let me see the reality of living worldly not to please Him but to please my lust and desire to be famous.

Gloryfing my self with my voice

As I was singing and glorifying myself with my voice. The Lord told me that am I not ashamed to be using my voice for unworthy things instead of giving my voice in praise and glorifying His name. By this time I was convicted right away as tears flow from my eyes. I wholeheartedly humbled myself before the Lord and went directly in front of the altar, although the Pastor was not yet finished his sermon. The people inside the church was clapping their hands with joy in their hearts because there is one sinner who is coming back to receive

Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Upon accepting the Lord Jesus in my life. I have made a commitment to him the voice that he gave me will now be used just for His Glory. Within a week I was already a choir member of the church.

The Lord brough me to New Bilibid Prison

As I was walking with the Lord, I began to thirst for His word. I found myself involved in different ministries, cell groups, fellowships and sharing the good news even outside the church. Until one day the Lord brought me to New Bilibid Prison Maximum Security Compound in Muntinlupa City. There I was commissioned and ordained as a Pastor. This was the confirmation that I was waiting for a long time. And the Lord heard my voice. As of now I am the 2nd Senior Pastor of the SonLight Evangelical Ministry and also the Department of Justice Head Pastor and also the Officer In charge of the Paralegal Services for the welfare of the prisoners inside Muntinlupa Jail. As of now I am also involved in other jails in Manila.

Appointed Secretary to Trojan Horse

Pst. Isagani was appointed the Secretary for Trojan Horse International Christian Ministries.

This ministry commenced 24th October 2001.


Republika ng Pilipinas KAGAWARAN HG KATARUNGN

Department Justice Manila


This is to certify that MR. ISAGANI M, OSBISPO JR., Stenographic Reporter III is an employee of the Department of Justice and has been assigned at the Legal Documentation and Library Services Division since 1989.

Issued this 13th day of September 2002 for whatever legal purpose it may serve.


Chief, Legal Documentation & Library Services Division

I have no regrets in my life now that I have Jesus and everything to me is so complete, nothing else matters except doing what pleases my Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST, To God be the Glory.


My old nature as a singer


Cartoon Gani the Preacher

Ptr. Isagani M. Obispo, Jr. DOJ Overseer

RVO Bucor

Sonlight 2nd Senior Head Pastor.

The one and only Elvis Presley Philippine “look and sing alike”

Appendix 69 Testimony

Sister Claudette Staples



Sis. Claudette Mc.

Staples Volunteer Christian

Prison Worker

#8 - Abad St., Chrysanthemum Village

San Pedro, Laguna Philippines

Tel. 698-87-99

A women aglow St. Claudette

September 19th 2001

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, “Joy unspeakable are the only words I can use to describe the sensation that came over me after listening to David Clarke and Gordon Smith announce to the Death Row convicts on their recent crusade here in the New Bilibid Prison and various other prisons and venues here in the Philippines that they intended to publish a series of books, titled “The Trojan Warriors” and needed true life giving testimonies of anyone that wanted to tell the world about the wonderful GRACE of GOD and that the Bible is not a fairy story and that Eternal life is offered to everyone that humbles themselves and believes and accepts Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

Physical death comes to all of us whether we like it or not and at times it comes when we’re least expecting it! Just this week approximately 3,000 lives were lost in the horror that came upon the World Trade Center and Pentagon in the United States. But let me tell you something! The Soul or Spirit of a person never dies. It either goes to hell or is tormented for all eternity, far beyond our human imagination, or it goes to Heaven to abide forever in a state of Bliss, equally beyond our comprehension.

It is my prayer and to the Glory of God that my following testimony will shake your very soul and compel you to ask yourself this question. “Where is my soul/Spirit going when my time is up?”

I am very proud to be a “Trojan Warrior” and my orders come directly from the supreme commander in chief Himself ‘Jesus Christ’ (Mark 5:19) “Go home to your own people. Tell

them your story - what the Master did, how He had mercy on you.” The decision you make as to where you end up must be made while you’re alive in your physical body; there is no second chance, so think hard.

Trojan Horse Book Series

The concept of the “Trojan Horse” book series is to me the best thing that has happened in Christianity since “sliced bread” - - so to speak. My devotion to serving the Lord seems to have been put into overdrive.

I now have a heavy burden to help girl friends and wives of prisons, especially those with children whose lives seem to be falling apart, with no hope for the future.

As you can see I have enclosed my phone number as a Help-line for those in need. My offer to help is not financial as my modest business only provides a roof over

my head as well as enabling me to visit New Bilibid Maximum on a regular basis. However having said that my heart is open to all, I have been on this planet for 52 years and I have had my share of troubles. I may not hold the instant cure to any particular problem but I do promise to be a good listener. Jesus Christ is the only solution to every problem and I will be willing to share with anyone at anytime His wonderful Gospel of Good News.

I wish to use this opportunity to encourage every “Trojan Warrior to give themselves totally to this exciting and

spiritually rewarding venture, the “Trojan Horse” mission founder has launched without our participation it ill fail and God Himself will hold us responsible!

The concept of “book sales” as the major means to support the mission is absolutely marvelous and how it’s our duty to assist whenever we can. It may well be that you can put forward ideas of ways to generate and market sales or it may be that your in the printing business and wish to offer your service at a special cost. Getting the books printed in Tagalog ‘Filipino’ would overcome a major hurdle, ‘Any ideas ?’

I will now continue to expound on certain portions of my life, with the sincere hope that the power the Holy Spirit will reach the very core of your soul and convince you that all my words are in fact the words of the Living God reaching out to you.

If anyone feels like writing to me I would be happy to reply.

My younger days

My early childhood as I can remember can only be described as unsatisfactory due to the poor relationship with the family. My father and my mother part ways when I was a little girl at I I years of age. I was left to take care of my young brothers and sister of few months age. My mother had a fatalistic attitude and my father had another, they were simply incompatible. I grew up a mother and a father to my younger siblings and the financial support came from the income of our farmland

with the help of some of my relatives. The implication was that nothing could be done, further more I seemed to feel that I had irreversible psychological trauma as a result of my parents’ separation, with this I could not expect to have a good relationship with God or man. I was controlled by my feelings and emotions as I grew up a sentimental person, so I reap sentiments, until then it was like traveling down a dead end street. Until the time when the Lord. Having Jesus Christ within gives a new principle, an entirely new attitude, new motivation new capacities for love, new obedience, and new values to up-hold. The personality change that Christ can bring to an individual through personal conversion is a very well known phenomenon. The apostle Paul said, “Therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation, old things are passed away, behold all things becomes new (2nd Cor. 5:17)”, here is a woman obsessed with a worry, is there any hope for change? Certainly but change is not likely to come unless and until the worrier believes they can change. But this turn may not come until one has faced the fact that their worry is directly contrary to the word of God, which says be careful or anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your request be made known to God, and the peace of God which passeth all understanding shall keep your heart and minds through Jesus Christ Phil 4:6-7. The more and more shining path is for me and for those who believed change is possible for them through Jesus Christ.

God was calling me ‘But I didn’t realize at the time’

An awful depression seized me one morning, when I was

in that stage of sleeping and waking. I felt that the whole world was falling to pieces; overwhelming discouragement was all over me. I cannot imagine, as I get up struggling only I realized that I was on a boat going to Bacolod City. Surely far from home and my little children. I’m sorry but I have to so this once and for all.

The reason I did this was because the father oil my children was caught in the act by my own eyes that he and a friend of mine who used to be his secretary were having an affair and already had a child. I was under demonic attack at the moment I discovered their affair. A suicidal spirit was coming upon me to the extent that I almost jumped off the boat that was taking me to Bacolod. Thank God there was that blink of light that flashed through my mind telling me my children need me and I thought I cannot allow the sharks to devour my flesh just because of this man whom now I consider as my darkest past. There is somebody better than him. He did made a fool out of me from the start by convincing me that he was single and would marry me. Until such time that I discovered everything was a lie. He was already married and had several affairs with other women, too. It was very late for me to turn back but at least it was better late than never. Even so I continued to keep the relationship, for 13 years of sorrow and loneliness. I bore five children. One was taken from me after 26 years.

Alone but not Alone.