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Trojan Horse International

Is an Independent  Registered Company providing a means of promoting and selling the Arts and Crafts of performers and artists.

Available on this site are music tracks from various musicians, books, and video footage of performance and topics of interest. 

Trojan Horse also offer the service of recording and publication of video in DVD, and CD formats or downloads.

So for example if you are in a band and want to promote your music contact us on this link.

We encourage and assist in the recording and production of original materiel in Audio CD, MP3 format and Musical DVDs.
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Facebook Group: Borstal Boy MOD Musical

 David Clarke's new book !! This could change your life for the better.

The Mr Clarke Album

: Secretary to assist in promotions and all work associated in our work. Must be versatile interested in music and computer literate. Also be prepared to visit gigs and work for love ( i.e. no money :-)) Request application form from our UK office or email